Chicago Revolving Door: 18-Year-Old Tries Boarding a Flight With a Pistol While on Bond From Earlier Gun Charge

Base image via American Airlines Facebook page. Glock image via Glock.

Chicago’s criminal justice is every bit as dysfunctional as many of its neighborhoods. Violent criminals, including those found illegally possessing and carrying guns, are released with little more than a slap on the wrist. And then they re-offend. Which makes Chicago’s notorious crime problem a mystery no one can seem to solve.

Take Jaden Goldsberry, for instance. He was freed on his own recognizance after catching an illegal gun possession charge in March. He was (allegedly) found carrying a pistol with neither a Firearms Owners ID card, nor a concealed carry license.

Now, the security folks at O’Hare International’s TSA office found 18-year-old Jaden with another .40 caliber pistol in his carry-on. When they plucked it out of Jaden’s bag, Jaden reportedly said, “I’ve never seen that.”

Suffice it to say he missed his flight to Portland.

Haden Goldsberry. Chicago Police photo.

I keep hoping the gun fairy will leave a gun in my man-bag. Heck, I’d even accept a .40.  It has not happened though.

From CWB Chicago:

Police said a TSA X-ray operator saw a handgun in a bag while working at the Terminal 3 checkpoint around 11:45 a.m. Wednesday. Chicago police reviewed the screening images and then recovered a loaded 40-caliber handgun from 18-year-old Jaden Goldsberry’s carry-on, prosecutors said.

Upon seeing the gun, Goldsberry allegedly told an officer, “I’ve never seen that.”

Goldsberry, of the Grand Crossing neighborhood, has been charged with felony aggravated unlawful use of a weapon and felony boarding of an aircraft with a gun. Police said he was booked on an American Airlines flight to Portland.

In Goldsberry’s case, $1000 would have gotten him out of the klink on these new, more serious charges…except for that earlier issue. The TSA incident violated his earlier recognizance bond.

Judge John Lyke set bail at $10,000 and ordered Goldsberry to go on electronic monitoring if he can post a 10% bond of $1,000. Lyke also ordered Goldsberry held without bail on a violation of bail bond charge in connection with a pending firearms case.

How often does something like this happen in the Windy City? Often.

Two-thirds of the released adults [from gun charges] have been re-arrested and charged with other crimes while on bail, the department said.

And therein lies Chicago’s problem. Without meaningful consequences for illegal behavior, bad guys and gals feel emboldened. Meanwhile, the city’s innocent, productive, law-abiding people pay the price for the coddling of criminals.


  1. avatar Tim says:

    He was trying to *leave* sh!tcago. That’s a ‘good’ thing.

    1. avatar No one of consequence says:

      For Chicago, maybe.

      A place he chooses to move to, though? That’s a different question.

    2. avatar Thixotropic says:

      Probably an Antifa boy paid for by Soros going to Portland to participate in the next violent masked ‘protest’ to harm or kill innocent people.

      Too bad Shitcago Welfare Trash like this is just so incredibly stupid.

      Stupidity is Shitcago’s problem. They keep em dumb down on the Suburban Plantation.

      1. avatar Richard says:

        You are 100%++++right!!!
        This web sight is called the truth about guns. I have one question to all honest law abiding Americans. Regardless of your stand pro gun or not: “Why do law honest, law abiding Americans have to be punished for the less than 1% of criminals who use guns for crime??? Here is a solution to look at. Firest require all gun purchasere to be certified in its use. It must be a course that teaches unfriendly target recognition. Also mandatory life in prison (without parole) for committing a felony, shooting or robbing with a gun. 10 years for threatening someone with a gun or banishing a firearm to intimidate. and absolutely no bail while waiting on these charges!!!

  2. avatar Reason says:

    His shirt says it all

    “No Conscience”

    1. avatar I Haz A Question says:

      You beat me to it. I scrolled down here specifically to say that.

  3. avatar Dennis says:

    What a shame we dont have news outlets that would actually report these cases, and shine the light where it’s most needed. The judges who keep releasing these cockroaches should be forced to complete the perp’s sentences!

    1. avatar Hannibal and the Elephants says:

      I fcuked my career choice in this life. In my next life I am going to be born a criminal defense attorney and move TO Chicago. Holy sh!t! With that kind of prosecutorial precedent I would be guaranteed clients long into retirement.

      1. avatar LazrBeam says:

        Or you could come back as an undertaker and move to Chiraq.

  4. avatar Tom Edwards says:

    But he was trying to go to Potland which is not a good thing!

    1. avatar Tom in Oregon says:

      Yup. He was likely coming to participate in this weekends riots.
      I’m staying way away from Portland this weekend.

      1. avatar FedUp says:

        Where did the airfare come from?
        Is this like using Sorosbucks for busing hoodrats to swing districts in the suburbs to vote?

  5. avatar Green Mtn. Boy says:

    As was the case in Philly the Commicrats do not want a effective criminal justice system as that cuts down on their base,think Antifa and BLM,meanwhile claiming the firearms violence problem and the need to infringe upon that which “Shall Not Be Infringed”,nice little Scam they have going.
    The Commicrats would rather infringe on “We The People” rights and so goes their revolving door of justice.

  6. avatar Dave in Houston says:

    this is anarchy inflicted in local areas. It is on purpose by the left to not punish criminals. The DA Houston is doing the same. Many leftist judges were elected and they seem to be united in non punishment. (unless you are a trump supporter.

  7. avatar Biatec says:

    What’s funny about foid cards is I have proof that I have had a background check through state police but I need to wait 3 days on a gun purchase and still get another background check. I already own friggin guns. Why would I need to wait for another.

    1. avatar Baldwin says:

      One more gun could push you over the edge! It gives you time to cool off.

      1. avatar Biatec says:

        Yeah. I’m really glad the state is so responsible with my property and rights. lol

  8. avatar DDay says:

    If someone isn’t a gang member, violent criminal, etc. I look at charges of gun possession without a gov’t permission slip i.e. gun license, conceal carry license, etc. as a BS charge. If he’s carrying a gun for protection not for criminal purposes, I’d acquit on a charge. All states should be constitutional carry, you shouldn’t need the gov’t permission to carry a firearm.

  9. avatar enuf says:

    “How often does something like this happen in the Windy City? Often.

    Two-thirds of the released adults [from gun charges] have been re-arrested and charged with other crimes while on bail, the department said.”

    Let’s try and be factual here. What the news source says is pretty bad, but it is not the above. The full text is here:

    “Chicago police Monday said about 13% of adults released from custody while facing a firearms charge are arrested again for another weapons violation or violent crime while awaiting trial. Two-thirds of the released adults have been re-arrested and charged with other crimes while on bail, the department said.”

    The “Two-thirds” comment is about all forms of crime by those released on bail.

    The “13%” is those who were on weapons charges, got out on bail and got another weapon to be arrested with or did other criminal violence.

    Reality is awful enough, no need to embellish it.

    1. avatar Jason says:

      “Overall, 68 percent of released state prisoners were arrested within three years, 79 percent within six years and 83 percent within nine years. The 401,288 released state prisoners were arrested an estimated 2 million times during the nine years after their release, an average of five arrests per released prisoner.”

      2/3’s is a valid number though perhaps not when narrowed down to this specific instance, though in other contexts it is a gross underestimate.

  10. avatar Baldwin says:

    “If he’s carrying a gun for protection not for criminal purposes…” Protection is not a prerequisite bearing arms.

  11. avatar enuf says:

    Now this is really something special:

    Local citizens got damned sick and tired of being lied to by police leadership and local politicians about crime in their part of Chicago. So they began the above website, publishing the facts of the seriously lousy situation they live with.

    The reports there are worth reading, shows exactly why crime and criminals just keeps singing the same old song in Chicago.

    1. avatar tsbhoa.p.jr says:

      roscoe village hired it’s own private security.

    2. avatar Benjamin McLeod says:

      Several of the listed “crimes” are for simple possession of a gun. Charged with misuse, but no misuse happened, just simple possession. With laws like that, who needs criminals?

  12. avatar David Bradford says:

    “Two-thirds of the released adults [from gun charges] have been re-arrested and charged with other crimes while on bail, the department said.”

    This just makes my head hurt trying to wrap my head around this statement. Where the hell is the “common sense” these people keep talking about? I really don’t think it means what they think(feel) it means. This kid is only 18 but how long is his rap sheet? Why bother writing any laws if you are not going to enforce them against these career criminals? The guy that shot up the 6 cops had multiple, repeated convictions for drugs dealing, assault and felony firearms offences but only spent 55 months in lockup on the gun charge? Why are they on the street? I’m one of those “Old Fat White Guys” and if I inadvertently broke a gun law they would try to bury me under the jail house. This shit is more than stupid, it’s pathological societal suicide by justice system.

    1. avatar enuf says:

      I agree with you, but the quote is wrong. It is not “two-thirds”, it is 13% for gun arrests being re-arrested for a new gun charge while out on bail. The “two-thirds” is for all forms of repeat offending, including non-violent, non-gun related.

      1. avatar pwrserge says:

        Who cares if they’re “non-violent” you’d think that being on parole would be an incentive to keep your nose clean?

        1. avatar Illinois_Minion says:

          Why? Its not like the courts will punish them any more than double secret probation (at this rate)…

  13. avatar Ranger Rick says:

    So glad to see that “Restorative Justice” is functioning as intended.

  14. avatar GS650G says:

    And people wonder why Jussie Smolet walked.

    1. avatar tsbhoa.p.jr says:

      yesterday the paper said, “empire films scene near location of smollet incident.”
      gosh, of all the places within chicago proper, they chose a place with some undisclosed proximity to that other place? wow. news.

  15. avatar J says:

    Illinois and Chicago got to love them for maintaining the criminals status quo in Illinois. Restrictive gun control on us law-abiding firearms owners in Illinois but, if you are a criminal anything goes. Criminals can do anything they want in Chicago and get away with it. Criminals do something bad and have to go on electronic monitoring in home and little to no bail all the time in Chicago.

  16. avatar Chris Mallory says:

    “illegally possessing and carrying guns,”

    If you believe the 2nd Amendment means what is says, then these “crimes” do not exist.

    Now, you might be one of the “but” heads who find exceptions to the Right that are not in the Amendment.

    1. avatar pwrserge says:

      Pretty sure the airlines can tell you what you can and cannot bring on one of their planes.

      1. avatar Mark N. says:

        It is not an airlines rule, it is a federal rule. That makes a difference.

        1. avatar I Haz A Question says:

          …and restricting carry-on guns from planes is not a straightforward infringement; it’s a genuine public safety concern. You don’t want someone performing an ND and sending a bullet through the fuselage of an airplane filled with innocent people as it’s traveling at 600 mph at 36,000 feet in a -60 F exterior environment.

          This is one of the very few “rules” that make sense.

  17. avatar Timothy Toroian says:

    If the gun control people were truly serious and not just after people control clowns like him would what I think he as an abuser of the Second Amendment and screwing around with our rights and freedoms, 10 years for both counts, served consecutively. A third time? Life.

    1. avatar pwrserge says:

      Except that then you’d have mass riots in Chiraq about how a “good boy” who was “just turning his life around” is now in prison for a decade. This is what happens when an entire community doesn’t believe in law and order.

  18. avatar Mark N. says:

    Wait a sec, not saying he isn’t a bad boy, but how can he be charged for “felony boarding of an aircraft with a firearm” when he never made it past the TSA and the CPD?

    1. avatar pwrserge says:

      Technically boarding starts at the ticket counter.

  19. avatar Missouri_Mule says:

    His tee shirt says ‘No Conscience” but it should say “No Brain”

    1. avatar billy-bob says:

      Exactly. Doesn’t he know .40 is too snappy?

  20. avatar I Haz A Question says:


    All people means all people. The only reason any of those thugs you listed are acting out is because they believe they can get away with their shenanigans. If they knew people were armed everywhere and they stood a high chance of leaving a scene in a body bag, they likely wouldn’t start their aggressive crap in a public place to begin with.

    As I’ve said before…let everyone be armed, everywhere, at all times as they choose. The idiots who think they can start trouble will be sifted out quickly as society learns to police itself again, as it did long ago.

    Anyone who says “yeah, but *this group* or *that group*?” is espousing gun control just like the Left does.

    1. avatar I Haz A Question says:

      Hey, wait…why did the entire thread I was replying to suddenly disappear? My reply above was supposed to be posted in response to a sidebar conversation between several users. The conversation was just deleted, resulting in my reply being posted at the end as a fresh comment.

      What’s going on, TTAG? This has been happening more frequently. I didn’t see any reason why the thread somehow broke policy.

      Paging Mr. Knute(ken)…please report to the front lobby, Mr. Knute(ken).

      1. avatar Dani in WA says:

        I’m seeing posts in my email that aren’t there when I go to reply.
        Latest occurance was in the “200 Dems” article where someone replied to my “slide as shroud” comment with the bill text. In that case I just supplied the bill text that specifies that slides don’t count as shrouds.

      2. avatar Old Guy in Montana says:

        Just checking on this thread because I haven’t received any updates all day…both of my comments from yesterday are apparently history along with the thread they were attached to.

  21. avatar Bitter says:

    Thanks NRA!

  22. avatar B.D. says:

    If his first “offense” included a legal firearm, but he simply just didn’t have a CCW. I’d say something like “shall not be infringed”.

    But it’s obvious that was not the case. Especially when you’re dumb enough to put a gun in your bag at the airport like he did. Clearly nothing “legal” going on there.

  23. avatar Demoncrats says:

    Chicago Revolving Door was used in the article title. Anytime Demoncrats (political socialists and their moronic social justice voters) get a toe hole in anywhere the criminals are mollycoddled and then town, ward, city, district, and state goes down the toilet!

  24. avatar Mort says:




    1. avatar Hannibal and the Elephants says:

      But of course you are right. Obviously current “gun laws” aren’t enough. It is already illegal for a convicted felon to be in possession, it is already illegal to bring a firearm onboard a flight. But those laws and others already on the books did nothing to prevent this. That is why we need more gun laws to make it even more illegaler. Make guns more illegaler, but not for AntiFa, they need theirs to Brownshirt in the New World Order. They our our new SA to the…

    2. avatar Dani in WA says:

      LoL, that’s what I see when Vlad is posting.

  25. avatar Alan says:

    Lock this idiot up and throw the key away, as far away as can be managed.

  26. avatar Aleric says:

    Once again the DoJ could correct this by removing every elected official who is violating their oaths of office and every judge who refuses to enforce the laws by ignoring minimum sentencing guidelines.

    1. avatar Dani in WA says:

      Or is derelict in their oath to uphold the Constitution…

  27. avatar IT Shabake says:

    what I don’t understand is how he passed the gate with a gun..
    کابل شبکه

    1. avatar Steve Grumman says:

      The United States is woefully lax in that it does not have controlled access to its airports. The only place access is controlled is when people are actually clearing security to board a flight. As I have said, as a pilot, I see no reason whatsoever for anyone to bring a gun into an airport and support a complete ban on firearms in airports.

  28. avatar Steve Grumman says:

    Suffice it to say, this is yet one more very good reason to completely ban guns from airports and to enforce such bans at the doors of the airport.
    As a pilot, I can see no good reason on this earth why anyone needs or has to bring a gun into an airport.

  29. avatar KGM says:

    TYPICAL. Now the call for more restrictions on good folks. The new worst of the worst, LEGAL LAW-ABIDING TAX PAYING AMERICAN CITIZENS. 99.99% of us.

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