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I’ve got nothing to add to the common sense commentary provided by The War In Chiraq, save this: Facebook is a boon to law enforcement. For good and ill.

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    • How are you more safe? Do you feel more safe when the Bobby comes around with a Billy while the gangsters have machetes? If you are safe, and are a shaven white male, try to walk through some of your Muslim neighborhoods. Tell me how safe you are.

      • Jeff, he’s just another troll spewing FUD and lies to fit an agenda. To him it wouldn’t matter peer reviewed studies have determined most Chriq weapons came from straw purchases. The thugs friends and family doing the dirty work. It wouldn’t matter to Mr UK that the authorities are not prosecuting these purchasers.

        • Hes probably English, just ask how safe the Northern Irish and Welsh felt being “brought to heel”.

    • The calculus changes once you ignore the hood rats, who will kill no matter how difficult leftists make it for honest citizens to exercise their rights. Your argument is fallacious, attempting to conflate allegedly higher violent crime rates in free states (a lie, by the way) with a wannabe thug illegally flashing a firearm in an antigunner’s paradise.

      The UK has a laughably bad violent crime rate, several times that seen in the US, and fudges its homicide statistics in a manner best described as lying.

      Finally, what the hell do gun rights have to do with suicide rates? The highest suicide rates are seen in virtually gun-free Asian countries such as Japan.

    • Is that why every hood rat infested gun control paradise urban area has a higher homicide rate than any conservative area of the country?

    • Honestly I’m not sure why a suicide rate should matter. If someone wants to off themselves, then so be it. I know it’s harsh but everyone has choices.

    • Is it because the gun came from a lax law state since “gun friendly” states have higher homicide and suicide rates than strict gun control states.
      Ignore the States and look at the Municipalities.

    • Just so we’re all on the same page, everybody realizes these are all sock puppets of the same guy, right? MonicaLiesReadyForWillysLunchmeatInDebunk harp on the same points, have the same rhetorical tics, and you if you swapped names from one comment to another, there would be no way to tell something was charged.

    • It doesn’t matter. Most people who are against guns have deeper issues so it’s pointless to argue with them.
      There’s people in this world who want to be told be a higher authority what they are & aren’t allowed to do. For whatever reason they want their God-given free will restricted & that’s a sign of a serious mental illness.
      Generally people who are pro-gun don’t feel the need to tell others what to do & we want to have the freedom to do whatever we want as long as we don’t harm anybody else

    • The UK has been known to fudge crime stats to hide the ineffectiveness of their gun control laws.

    • Ironic that somebody from the UK would complain about “fudging” crime stats. The British government doesn’t “count” murders unless the perpetrator is found and convicted, which leads to artificially low murder rates.

    • You know, it’s specifically BECAUSE of you Brits that we have a Second Amendment.


    • That was also my first thought. My second thought was what is it. Gunsite Scout?

  1. The irony of the TTAG inadvertently supporting Chicago’s gun control fascism by saying this is a “boon”.

    • Well, I consider a thug like this in prison to be a boon to society. If Facebook provides them a means to incriminate themselves, all the better. The gun wasn’t the only thing he was busted for.

      • “The gun wasn’t the only thing he was busted for.”

        Actually it was, but hey, he was a a “thug’ because you dislike his appearance, so no 2A for him, amirite?

        • Race has nothing to do with it. The guy is a known felon and he knows that, right or wrong, the law says he can’t have a gun. So what does he do? He goes on social media bragging about committing another felony and gets popped for it.

          As the narrator points out: How is it that these rappers who always say the Feds are watching them then go and do incredibly stupid shit when they already KNOW the government is watching them?

          You can argue about felons having guns because they served their time and paid their debt, that’s a valid argument. Arguing this guy isn’t a damn fool who deserved to be locked up for outright stupidity on the other hand is a losing battle.

        • “known felon”

          Oh really? What were his previous convictions? Or do you just assume he is one because of his appearance.

          His crime is literally holding a gun.

        • Read “Three Felonies A Day”, the word “felon” has little meaning in today’s hyper-criminalized world. Law-and-order fetishists pretend the law is still about justice, hah!

        • @More:

          As I said, if you want to hash out if felons should get their gun rights back after paying their debt to society, that’s an argument to be had. However, if the guy does have a felony record, the law as written says he cannot possess a gun. That’s the law and if he posted a video of himself holding a gun he was most certainly in possession of a firearm and that’s illegal.

          The police say he has a felony record and is known to them. If that’s not true then the arrest is wrong and a judge will throw it out because they had no business contacting the guy in the first place.

    • I believe the exact statement was, “Facebook is a boon to law enforcement.” There’s nothing in there about the 2A. Just that cops love the criminals who are dumb enough to serve up incriminating evidence on a silver platter.

      • The correct context here is that Chicago law enforcement is the business of violating 2A, and the “crime” in question is the display of a firearm on an internet video.

        • Listening to the video the crime is he is a felon which makes it illegal for him to posses a firearm.

  2. This guy is just adorable, but no doubt that this all the fault of people who live in Indiana.

  3. Lambo Lo is such a jerk. He should have claimed that he was making an anti-gun statement. He would not be facing charges, he’d be interviewed by Shady Katie Carwreck and BLM would be fawning all over him as an example to oppressed black youth everywhere.

  4. If you don’t want to be arrested, don’t do stupid things with stupid people in stupid places…

    But if you ARE going to do those things anyway, don’t be stupid enough to post them on Facebook. ?

  5. Didn’t bother watching the video but is there any proof that is a firearm and not a replica?

    • My first thought was a Ruger Gunsight Scout but I’ve never seen that rail system on the side for it.

      Second thought is that it’s a SOCOM (16?) M1A with aftermarket parts.

      I’m mainly basing that on the mag shape and size which looks like it’s a .308 mag.

        • They make a grip like that for the Scout, but I happen to own both rifles and you’re correct about the mag well.

          There’s too much space between the front of the mag and the front of the mag well for that to be a Scout, it is however consistent with an M1A.

  6. The police troll social media sites for idiots who take pictures of themselves with drugs, tons of cash, guns, etc.

    Game wardens troll for poachers and growers, and use images to match people to times and places.

    Subtle clue. If you are going to do something illegal, don’t post about it. Don’t tell anyone.

    We are back to the days of “Loose lips sink ships.”

  7. And this my friends is our culture today. Just wait 10 more years to see what it evolves to

  8. Do those idiotic left eye tattoos indicate where to place the laser dot? Or some “cultural
    message? Another Obumer son (if Obama actually had a pair).

  9. I didn’t catch the narrator’s name but I think if he does a great job in a very convincing manner delivered in eloquent street speak to those Chiraq folks about what a dumb ass idiot this guy is and guys like him are. After all, it’s not the guns it’s the people….somebody has to tell them like it is, that is what has to change.

  10. Possession laws are wrong, regardless the person or item. If he forced a trial and I was picked as a juror (terribly unlikely even if the crime happened in my neck of the woods) I’d vote not guilty simply because no one should be arrested for possession of something the government (or other people) don’t like. Sure, if he used it on someone throw the book at him. But not for simple possession, irregardless of whatever the “law” says.

    We could put a stop to the government overreach if more of us were willing to use jury nullification to toss out bad laws (regardless if the guy is a useless thug or not)

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