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Our Founding Fathers knew the score: tyrannical governments disarm the populace to prevent opposition. Once they have achieved that goal, they increase their tyranny. Hence the Second Amendment to the United States Constitution, prohibiting Uncle Sam from infringing on Americans’ right to keep and bear arms. Despite this crystal clear protection, our history is littered with examples of civilian disarmament and its inevitable outcome, from the slaughter of native Americans to slavery’s outrage, to Japanese-American internment, to oppressive regimes in urban enclaves where gun control still reigns. For example . . .

As Mayor Rahm Emanuel faced growing criticism last fall over the city’s handling of police shootings, Chicago Police Department officials laid plans to have undercover officers spy on protest groups, records obtained by the Chicago Sun-Times show.

The police department already had been monitoring the actions and online postings of protest groups in the aftermath of the 2014 shooting of a black teenager by a white cop in Ferguson, Missouri.

Then, in October, the records show Ralph Price, the police department’s top lawyer, signed off on a plan to send undercover cops to “monitor” meetings of four additional groups. They included Black Lives Matter activists, as well as churches and philanthropic organizations.

Gun control. Police spying. And, lest we forget, torture.

Gun control advocates are incapable of connecting the dots. Worse, members of Chicago’s black community also seem incapable of making this connection — despite the fact that America’s gun control laws were born of racism.

The truth about guns remains exactly as it was when the Bill of Rights was signed on December 15, 1791: disarming Americans creates a permanent underclass, ripe for exploitation by power-hungry pols and their enforcers. Chicago is still paying the price for trampling on its residents’ gun rights. And will continue to do so for decades to come.

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  1. The leaders of a criminal government spying on members of a crime advocating hate group…

    Does this actually shock anyone?

  2. This is the Chicago way.

    The Chicago PD was sanctioned for filming a 1982 nuclear freeze protest with former Rep. Harold Washington, just a year after a 1981 court order against such spying.

    In 1996 the PD was sued for seizing documents and videotape, and breaking camera equipment, during a raid of the office of protesters at the Democratic National Convention.

    In 2002 police spied on the American Friends Service Committee that was planning to protest an international trade conference in Chicago;

    Then there was a 2009 investigation of opponents of Mayor Richard M. Daley’s campaign to host the Olympics. That was three months before the federal judge lifted the 1981 court order referenced above, which restricted CPD investigations into protest groups to cases where there was a “reasonable suspicion of criminal activity.”

    In other words: “Forget it, Jake. It’s Chi Town.”

    • Ralph! You’re not dead!


      I was getting concerned you were interviewing a potential new Mrs. Ralph and had been chained to the wall of her BDSM dungeon.

      And didn’t want to leave.


  3. Funny thing about the Burge torture ring and cop fanbois: They’ll tell you that “It’s all made up”… but even if it’s NOT, TORTURE is ok to get confessions from “guilty people”. But if you ask them if it would have been ok to torture a confession out of Jon Burge, they’re suddenly struck dumb. Funny how that is.

    Of course the people who live there, Black AND White must like it. They keep voting for it. I’m 58 and there hasn’t been a Republican mayor in my lifetime. Strangely, for TWENTY+ years, Black people voted for Richard M. Daley, electing and reelecting the man who profited as Cook County State’s Attorney, DIRECTLY from systematic police torture of suspects… the overwhelming majority of whom were NOT of Norwegian descent. Of course too, they elected… TWICE a “community organizer” who exchanged endorsements with that same enabler of torture, and not that pansy Abu Ghraib stuff either, real Klaus “Butcher of Lyon” Barbie TORTURE. It’s like Jews voting for Reinhardt Hydrich.

    But to paraphrase a famous movie line, “Forget it Jake, it’s Chiraq…”

    • Agreed wholeheartedly. I lived in Chicago for 6 years before moving to DuPage county in 2005 (I still sometimes work in the city) and I still don’t get how these people get elected again and again.

      The a-hole who created final solution to the Jewish question was named Reinhard Tristan Eugen Heydrich.

  4. Gun control advocates are incapable of connecting the dots. Worse, members of Chicago’s black community also seem incapable of making this connection — despite the fact that America’s gun control laws were born of racism

    You can only be ignorant for so long before people know your stupid…

  5. Massive civil unrest is almost upon us. The next president will start fixing this or will not make it out of office alive. That’s my prediction.

    I don’t like Trump but he is probably the last chance for this country. We are flocked.

    • Im afraid its going to be “President Hilary Clinton”, electoral collage will never vote Trump. I sure hope Im wrong… We’re flocked, yup

      • Paul Ryan brought to you by the #NeverTrump ass clowns will net Hillary the presidency. Likewise a vote for Cruz is a vote for Ryan.

        The GOP wants to select your presidential candidate, and your vote means nothing to them. Un-Flocking the system means voting for Trump.

        • Trump is an even worse megalomaniac statist monster than Hillary is. At least with her, there will be some semblance of GOP resistance, if for no other reason than she wears a different jersey than they do. With a President Trump, 95% of the GOP will go merrily down the tyrannical path gleefully chanting “Well, he’s an SOB, but at least he’s OUR SOB!” And you’re supporting that insanity? Shame on you.

    • It may not be the “next” President who deals with “civil unrest”.

      In “Obama 2016” Dinesh D’souza claimed the Democrat’s Plan was to control Congress and somehow enable Obama to get elected to more than two terms, but since they lost Congress in 2010 that plot failed. Next up, foment “Civil Unrest” over the screwiest election anyone living has ever seen, declare Martial Law and keep Obama in the White House?

      Not predicting anything…Who in their right mind would dare to do THAT these days?

      • ” Next up, foment “Civil Unrest” over the screwiest election anyone living has ever seen, declare Martial Law and keep Obama in the White House?”

        Replace Obama with Clinton, and that’s what I thought was going to happen in the late 1990’s moving into the 2000 election.

        Something similar almost worked with the election fiasco that was 2000. My goodness, but that seems like child’s play compared to what is going on now and how this 2016 election could go.

        I was apparently young and naive in the 90’s when I though things were about as bad as they can get while Clinton was teh Prez. What’s happened since has been….enlightening. I’ve had a real education on just how screwed up our political system is.

        • “Replace Obama with Clinton” might have been a back-up plan when the Dems lost Congress in 2010, but then Obama and the Clintons discovered they do not really like each other, and Obama realized he did not want to give-up the White House (because: his ego).
          Hilary is not as radical as Obama, no matter how far-left of Bernie Sanders she moves herself, therefore no longer an acceptable successor to him in his view. Just thinking out loud….

  6. Chicago is gonna Chicago.

    It wouldn’t be Chicago any other way.

    Those who live in Chicago, keep your attorney on speed-dial…

  7. Race riots will be the democrat’s “October surprise.” Orchestrated masterfully by the DOJ to bring out the black voters in Obama like numbers. Poor Rahm figured this out months ago, and can’t stand being thrown under the bus. This is him lashing out at them for the betrayal. Remember how CPD let the playdough mafia run wild at the Trump rally? In light of these facts he obviously let that happen, knowing that the optics would be terrible for the dems. A kind of warning shot, letting them know their plan can backfire.

    And they got the message, too; just look at how Bill tried to force a new “Sista Soulja” moment with the BLM hecklers at his rally the other day. He sees the writing on the wall, they are out of control and it’s going to put a republican in the white house.

  8. Despite this crystal clear protection, our history is littered with examples of civilian disarmament and its inevitable outcome, from the slaughter of native Americans to slavery’s outrage, to Japanese-American internment, to oppressive regimes in urban enclaves where gun control still reigns.

    Sorry these examples have more to do with the importation of people and immigration than it has to do with civilian disarmament. Disarming people is a symptom of the larger disease of immigration. But hey…politicall correctness and all.

    Diversity + Proximity = war. Always.

  9. Inner city blacks have been well trained. This is what happens to a population given “free stuff” for generations.
    When white people try to explain how government assistance can and has turned them into dependent slaves they are called racist.

    Now white people are finding themselves in simular circumstances. White homosexuals are willing to give up their freedom for “free stuff” and government blessing of their life style. West Hollywood and San Francisco California cities controlled by homosexuals gave up their second amendment freedom for all the things they wanted government to give them. And just like the blacks they call white conservatives names when they point out the loss of freedom. Homophobe in stead of racist is used.

    White homosexuals say they are like black people. I always said they were ludicrious saying such a thing. But when it comes to demanding free stuff in exchange for giving up civil rights, they are correct.
    The surveillance state is growing under the control of progressive homosexual controlled government in San Francisco and other parts of California.

      • I know you and others would prefer to blame as you say white christian republicans who have sex in the missionary position with the lights turned off.
        But here we hold those in power accountable for their crimes against the people and the constitution.

        You can keep voting for homosexual politicians who are anti second amendment if you wish. But if you expect to get a different results than gun control you are insane.
        California is on its way to forced gun confiscation.
        But don’t worry. You will have progressive homosexual and heterosexual politicians who think like you in charge of it all.

        • Numbnuts, I am a white republican. I vote soley on gun issues. Now, why don’t you go sit down with a therapist and get to the bottom of your fixation with gays.

          I’ll bet the truth will rock your world.

        • Mr jwm
          For half my life I was an independent black voter until the Republican party began supporting vouchers for black children. Then I became a Republican. But anyone who works to deny rights to black people is the enemy.
          Hinding behind who you have sex with does not stop me from calling out hypocrite homosexual politicians who claim mistreatment and then screw the weak because the people in power can do just that if they wish.

          I am not PC.
          It has been white people who have caused such much trouble for blacks. Some of those white people have been homosexual.
          They use who they have sex with as a shield to then deny rights to others.
          They will put you in jail for not baking a wedding cake.
          They will put you in jail for not supporting their marriage.
          And in California they will take your guns away.
          That is why I left Sacramento California. Because they don’t support guns rights for black people. It is quite a turning of the tables. In the south and other fly over parts of the country there are gun rights for all.
          In California only the select few get to carry a gun let alone keep it in your home. Ten day waiting period? Thanks to the homosexual white man Tom Ammiano. I wonder how many stalking victims got killed or raped waiting those extra ten days?
          And yet they vote for him and people like him over and over again.

          In case you did not know state senator Tom Ammiano is very proud of making sure blacks have all the welfare the government can give them.

        • jwm – Perhaps you’ve been asleep pver the last 20years. The litmus test/tests has moved on.

          Your options are Demtard marxist (hate America) or Conservative (litmus is must be pro 2nd, strong national defense, pro family, anti abortion).

      • When homosexuals claim discrimination and then work to take civil rights away I don’t believe in giving them a pass. Other people give them a pass. They give anyone a pass rather the confrontation needed to protect civil rights.
        The willingness to be confrontational has kept us our guns and our freedom.
        Californians have lost the will to be confrontational when it comes to guns. You and others seem to have a homosexual problem when it comes to defending gun rights against homosexuals who want to take them away.

        When so called libertarians, liberals, progressives failed to protect the gun civil rights of the black panther party for self defense their mask came off.
        Free speech and guns go hand in hand. But not for black people apparently.

        There is no requirement for you to be nice to have your second amendment or any other of the bill of rights.

        • I shoot 3gun with a homosexual white man. He is pretty good at it too. Never really considered who he sleeps with my problem. I would have to agree many homosexuals tend to be quite liberal. I think that is largely because they have not been accepted by the conservative republican right wing people because of the connection to evangelical Christians. Many people that are staunchly against guns and personal freedoms simply know little more than what the people around them tell them. So to many homosexuals conservatives are all under the impression that “God hates gays.” Not true at all. I don’t care who you have sex with. It is against what I think is right but that does not make it a law. I judge people on a case by case basis. I try to be accommodating as I can be. I want to draw people in to what I think is best for this country instead of slamming the door in their face because they are not like me or don’t live like me. This is why the left is kicking the shit out of us. We push people away on purpose. Homosexuals right and freedom love who they choose to love is no different than my right to own guns to protect myself and my way of life. It is time for all of us to wake up and smell coffee. Learn to accept other people’s ways of life or learn to give up your freedoms. You cannot win anything without votes. Last presidential election would tell that story. Maybe if more gay people did not feel like we hate them and that we hope they burn in hell for their sins they would be a little more receptive to our message and less worried about us being armed. By the way you know many of the mom’s demand action members are dumbass white straight middle to upper class women.

        • Wade – If the queer wasn’t throwing a degenerate lifestyle choice into the face of others, then NO-ONE would have any objection to it. Because NO[ONE would KNOW. But you know because he made you aware. If he keeps it in his closet or pants and STAYS AWAY FROM KIDS then all is well. If he makes someone aware of these proclivities it is in order to get a response. Call it voyeurism if you like.

          Open Carry vs Concealed Carry.

        • The guy does seem quite traumatized and irritable. Maybe the clown at his birthday party made him sit on his lap too long.

          In all seriousness though. Look anything involving a group of liberals or representing liberal interests. The demographic is very diverse. You look at us and that is not the case. The liberals have figured out how to take a militant group like the Black Panthers and have them lock arms and march with some trust fund baby crying about gay tights. They take angry housewives and have them lock arms and March with gang bangers who feel racially profiled. They have a knack for drawing people in. They understand that the principle of winning elections is about numbers, not so much where they come from. Kind of like the old saying about med school graduates. The guy with the lowest GPA is still called Doctor.

  10. Meh…can I dislike BOTH sides? Everybody sucks in Chiraq. They poison my state and county. BTW there WAS a breakaway movement in the election of Rauner as a nominally Republican governor. It’s not working. Nothing will work. Black lives splatter is just another terrorist group-like the po-leece. Oh yeah- good to see ya’ back Ralph! I was “concerned”…

  11. Urban Blacks are slaves in another way today. While at one time they wore physical chains and their backs had scars from whips.

    Today, the Urban Black Population wears mental chains and is a slave to Government handouts. They are whipped into emotional frenzy to meet a political agenda and wear mental scars that will never heal. They mental scars prevent them from believing — there must be a better way.

    The belief that being dependent on Government is freedom, means they will always be in chains. Freedom only comes when the government see that they are no longer needed and that you cannot be controlled and it is the government that must kneel before the people.

    Even today, Hillary et al are in NYC courting the Urban Black Vote, only after the election to abandon them except for a few crumbs to keep the ruse of caring alive.

    Rise, wash repeat

    • “Today, the Urban Black Population wears mental chains and is a slave to Government handouts.”

      This will likely hit too close to home for some, but…

      Change “handout” to “education” and that statement applies just as equally to middle class suburban whites/black/others as it does “urban blacks.”

      The kind of ‘competition’ minded learning that modern public schools are based on that breeds “sell your mother to make an extra $0.50 of worthless fiat currency” is just as enslaving as any handout is. Cookie-cutter subdivision living under the thumb of conformist enforcing HOA’s is no “freer” (spiritually), either.

      No wonder our nation is in trouble. The underlying structure has crumbled as very nearly everyone has ‘sold out’ personal sovereignty to an external nanny…whether that nanny is .gov giving handouts or Apple or Chevy or Hollywood hawking a new piece of shiny(*) every few months really doesn’t matter.

      (*) The problem with the ‘shiny’ is when it becomes a “have to have” to the degree that people are willing to go into debt to get it, even if the “debt” labor debt not an actual bank loan.

  12. This doesn’t surprise me. Rahm used to be on Obummer’s cabinet. He said on video to never let a serious crisis go to waste. He also said on video “If you’re on the no-fly list, you’re not part of the American family anymore. Your right to bear arms is revoked.”

  13. Given that Chicago police protest groups are gang fronts I think the Police action is entirely appropriate.

    • Yup that’s my thought as well. Chicago law enforcement wouldn’t be doing its job if they weren’t “monitoring social media” and attending meetings of groups that spawn the kind of violence we’ve seen in major cities recently.

      And frankly I don’t see much connection to gun control there. Believe me, the government is also infiltrating and monitoring the actions of outlaw biker groups and militia organizations in the states with the least gun control.

    • The 800lb. gorilla in the room is that the Chicago PD is ALSO a “gang front”. It’s the most corrupt big city PD in North America. Only New Orleans gives it a run for its money.

      Anybody who thinks that a police department that had a home invasion, robbery and kidnapping ring operating INSIDE of its most “elite” unit, FOR YEARS is going to “protect” them from other gangsters is high on something.

      Chicago is one of those Hitler/Stalin deals. Sometimes there aren’t ANY “good guys”.

  14. What? Infiltrate and agitate like war protesters Muslim churches gun organizations?
    This is us Normal us pd intelligence ops

  15. “Worse, members of Chicago’s black community also seem incapable of making this connection”

    Unsurprising, really. Racism doesn’t look like much like racism when it’s wrapped in a handout.

    Drug dealers hook people on drugs and the .gov hooks’em on welfare. For the same reasons: money & power.

    • Recall Chicago area serial killer Alton Coleman.
      During his murder trial, his ex-wife was asked why she didn’t leave him sooner, even though he tied her to the bed and savagely whipped her. She replied with words to the effect of: “He was a good provider and I thought he’d grow out of it.”

      The Democrat party isn’t that good of a provider and they haven’t grown out of it since the days of Nathan Bedford Forrest…

    • It’s FAR less dangerous to the perpetrators where the potential victims aren’t armed.

      Jerry Finnegan might be taking a well ventilated dirt nap if he’d run his police home invasion, robbery and kidnapping ring in Cleveland or Louisville instead of Chiraq.

      • Hardly. In some pro-gun states, the gangster cops have even more support from the Boobus Americanus than elsewhere. Observe the Texarkana forfeiture scam which went on for years. Or the rash of police killings in Albuquerque that nobody condemned because the people being killed were the undesirables.

        Police criminality is designed to brutalize minority groups and isolated individuals such that the majority cheers on their “war on crime”. The status of gun control laws on a state doesn’t make a difference; if the victims may be armed, the police simply ramp up their violence by using military equipment and raiding at the dead of night.

    • I’m from a pro-gun state. The police are still very corrupt. And the “red-blooded pro-2A patriots” support them hell or high water. The same people who spout out the other side of their mouth how the 2A is to protect us from tyranny. Of course, since it’s mostly happening to impoverished minorities, they (mainly middle-class white guys) don’t give a single flying fck.

      • Exactly. Police brutality in this nation is not the inverse of the self-defense capability of civilians. It is a demonstration of state power, which ironically is supported by many people of the pro-2A camp.

  16. Gun control. Police spying. And, lest we forget, torture.
    Gun control advocates are incapable of connecting the dots.
    No. Gun Control advocates are connecting the dots to their Statist Plan.
    You really think Gun Control advocates are interested in just controlling guns?

  17. What is RF gonna’ write about if he quits the “unarmed ” narrative in Chi-town? Unicorns? Chiraq is armed to the teeth…


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