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It appears that Richard Daley is as good as his word. The Chicago Mayor plans to unveil a package of measures tomorrow that will subvert the Supreme Court’s McDonald decision. “Chicago Mayor Richard Daley will push for a strict handgun ordinance to replace its doomed gun ban,” the AP reports. “[It] will likely include limiting each resident to a single handgun, requiring gun owners to have insurance and prohibiting gun stores from setting up shop in the city.” This according to his top lawyer, who reckons that the one-man, one-gun provision qualifies as a reasonable restriction. You know, cause “one handgun is sufficient for self defense.” But wait! That’s not all . . .

As you might imagine, Daley and his cronies plan to impose every possible restriction on handgun purchases and storage. In addition to keeping gun stores out of the Windy City (how constitutional is that), Hizzoner’s homies will probably prohibit anyone convicted of any criminal offense from buying a gun, keep a “gun offenders” registry and require gun owners with kids to fit trigger locks.

H-h-h-h-hold it. Back it up now. Would Windy City judges issue a warrant for police to check if a child-rearing handgun owner’s weapon has a trigger lock? Nah. That’s way out there, isn’t it? Massachusetts has one of those laws and they don’t check, do they?

Oh, and classes. And a test. And taxes. And bureaucratic heel dragging. And, and, and.

McDonald decision or no, there’s only one way to stop the Mayor and his police pals from stopping lawful gun buyers from buying guns lawfully: remove the pols pushing their gun control agenda. Will there be a backlash? That depends on whether or not voters see snubbing the Supreme Court as a machine move too many. I’m thinking yes, Daley’s gone too far this time. We shall see.

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  1. Respect for the Constitution and Supreme Court decisions is a tricky thing. It's not high on the list of priorities in Democrat-controlled Chicago. This is how progressives believe the law works: when they win, they win; when you win, you lose. That's fair, isn't it?


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