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Violent crime in Chicago

In the first 24 hours since the Chicago Cubs clinched a berth in the World Series for the first time since 1945, 21 people were shot, seven fatally in Windy City violence. Yes, Chicago – home to decades of the strictest gun control in the nation – has a criminal violence problem. According to, Chicago has seen 3564 people shot and 619 homicides thus far this year.

The city’s leaders blame a ready availability of guns, but that doesn’t square with the real world. In Florida, nearly one in five of the state’s adult residents has a concealed weapons permit (1,818,917 to be exact). The Sunshine State has lots of guns and it isn’t awash in Chicago-style violent crime. In fact, Florida’s firearm violent crime rate is near record lows thanks to that state’s recently repealed 10-20-Life law.

In Chicago the good guys with guns are few and far between — which emboldens the bad guys to ply their trade without fear of resistance. Even if criminals are caught by police, they”re often released on electronic home monitoring instead of being held in jail (including those arrested for armed robbery).

Even if prosecutors nail the perp, the bad guys don’t spend much time in jail. Like the young man who nearly stabbed a good Samaritan to death charged with misdemeanor battery. Or the three gang-banger juveniles who tried to murder people in a drive-by shooting at a public park, firing dozens of rounds at a crowd of people. Those suspects got caught red-handed after a high-speed chase and faced only one to three years in prison for a Class 4 felony.

Is it any wonder why violent crime continues to spiral out of control in Chicago? Chicago’s finest will be working a lot of overtime in an effort to keep World Series fans safe from Chicago violence in the coming days. How great is that?

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    • If the Cubs win the World Series the city’s gang banger population might be reduced to levels not seen since 1990. Go Cubs!

      • If they Cubs lose we could have a War on the North Coast between Chicago and Cleveland gangs! Meanwhile, I’ll be fleeing to Cincinnati.

      • Fear keeps John Boch in business. Why else would anyone take a class from GSL defense training (which has no affiliation with Guns Save Life and does not put any money in John’s pocket whatsoever, despite the similarity of the name.)

        As long as his rubes are scared and look to Big Brother John to explain to them how the world works, he can remain “executive director” and pump out a dozen article a week convincing his members how they could not possibly function without his wisdom to guide them. They will “improve” Illinois carry bill next year.

        • Yawn.
          More sage advice from the anonymous person on the internet who is doing precisely DICK to advance and defend our rights, or even raise awareness.

          You sir, are a useless hater. A sideline troll who has no contributions to offer to his community, so he instead seeks to gain attention by tearing down the work of those who are actually DOING SOMETHING.

          Talkers talk, Do-ers Do. Guess which you are.

  1. A few facts to put Chicago’s violent crime into perspective:

    (1) If Chicago’s political class virtually eliminated violent crime, they would simultaneously eliminate much of their relevance. That would also require slashing the size of their criminal justice system. Why would Chicago’s political class want to reduce their relevance and slash criminal-justice jobs? (Hint: saving money for the taxpayers is not a primary concern.)

    (2) Virtually all violent crime victims are members of the criminal class or low-income class and the ruling class does not care about them. Therefore the ruling class is not concerned about actually reducing violent crime.

    For these two primary reasons, you will not see anything change or improve in Chicago for the foreseeable future … unless the criminal class starts targeting the ruling class en-masse.

    • I disagree. The evidence suggests that the criminal justice system is overwhelmed. Cook County jail is too full, which is why violent offenders are released on home monitoring prior to trial. Light charges and minimum sentences reflect plea bargains because the prisons are full and the prosecutors have too many cases, making clearing cases a high priority. The turnstyle of justice is the result of too few resources.

      • Perhaps the rest of the country could “bail them out” -pun intended. And then they catch up in their jobs and go back to having the safe city that they say (only because they will again have unarmed victims like before McDonald v chicago).

      • “The turnstyle of justice is the result of too few resources.”

        The turnstyle of justice CREATES a shortage of recources.
        If you put a thug away for life, you only need to prosecute him once.
        As soon as you let him out, you will quickly need police, prosecutor, public defender, judge, jury, courtroom and a bed in your local jail.

        Prosecuting criminals works just like most things in life. Do it right the first time, and you won’t need to do it again.

  2. People always do stupid crap when the Cubs do even moderately well. I’m actually surprised chiraq is still standing

  3. Neither team will win this series, one will commit a fatal choke and hand the series to the other. And people will riot. And the disarming of the populace agenda will continue.

  4. Your coorelation to a Cubs victory is inappropriate. Look at the data source again. Your data simply suggests a “normal” weekend.

    • A. Boch doesn’t care, as long as he gets to talk shit about black people from Chicago from his den in a suburb.

      B. He will play it off as a joke.

      • I suspect the headline is tongue-in-cheek in nature. Boch probably doesn’t write his headlines, anyhow. Some of you dudes buy your panties a little tight.

        • No, not really. Most of the BS on this site is never fully criticized. Just the comments or “news” stories that are blatantly incorrect or deliberately contrived are worth mentioning.

      • “Boch doesn’t care, as long as he gets to talk shit about black people from Chicago from his den in a suburb.”

        John Boch doesn’t live in a suburb, his bunker is located 150 miles south of Chicago in Champaign. That’s south as in, The South lost the War Between the States. John hasn’t done a thing to help remove criminal penalties for licensed citizens carrying their piece on a CTA bus, that only affects black people on the south side.

        He is one of the people who personally sold out Otis McDonald at the meeting with the Illinois Chiefs of Police, where the hick crew gave the anti-gun police unions everything they wanted in Brandon Phelps concealed carry bill that could get gun owners killed by cops. No problems though if you’re white and know the secret Masonic handshake. Cops and good old boys form one “Lodge” in those parts of Illinois.

        • Nothing is more pathetic than a Nobody taking to the internet to anonymously talk trash about someone they feel wronged by.

          Seriously. It’s sad and cowardly. Please stop.

  5. “In the first 24 hours since the Chicago Cubs clinched a berth in the World Series for the first time since 1945, In the first 24 hours since stats started being kept & almost every 24 hour period since, 21 people were shot, seven fatally in Windy City violence.

    FIFY. In other words, a Rahm/Zero typical weekend.

  6. Geez, John.

    Unless you’re one of the people who thinks that violence happens in inner city urban hellholes because of the ready availability of guns to law abiding citizens, then this story is not about guns.

    It’s also not about the Cubs, as previous commenters have pointed out. Further, since Illinois has shall-issue concealed carry with state preemption, it’s also not about the failure of gun control. Chicago’s gun laws are much closer to freedom than most of the large cities on the right and left coasts.

    So… while we can acknowledge the abysmal failure of multiple generations of one-party Democratic rule in the windy city, I don’t see any relevance to gun owners, other than, well, stay out of that septic tank if you can, and if you must venture in there, be armed, be trained, and be alert.

  7. I am surprised that I get bad info from Ttag
    Two of our surgeons just went there for a conference with their families
    They both reported that it was a great city and they went out to eat around the hotel and were perfectly safe
    I got the impression here that tourists were targeted
    What’s the truth about Chicago?

    • The truth about Chicago?

      Like any city it has nice areas and bad areas. Reasonably safe areas and not-so-safe areas.

    • strych9 is correct, which also means
      * Sometimes you need to drive through the crime-infested areas to get to the nice areas. Keep your powder dry.
      * Sometimes the sewage leaks out of the crime-infested areas and into the good areas. Thugs have a chance at a better score if they target someone who actually has money and other possessions to steal. Keep your powder dry.
      * The cost of policing the crime-infested areas to minimize the leakage bleeds the taxpayers dry. Chicago taxes are outrageous, like most big cities. The Dummycrats love to “stick it” to the “rich” people who own commercial real estate, which makes everything you might do or see in Chicago outrageously expensive.

      So, visit the city if you want. You’ll need a big wallet, and you’ll need to protect it.

    • I’ve lived in my current home for 30 years. Great older neighborhood many, many blocks away from the problem areas of my city. Until someone was gunned down in the street a few blocks away. Until there were two cars exchanging gunfire in the parking lot of the hardware store I frequent and a midnight gang shootout in the parking lot of a nearby bowling alley. Many of us don’t have financial ability or the desire to move out and away. Is running away the answer? Where do you go when you’ve surrendered every block and there is nowhere else to go? I see a lot of smugness here. You still feel safe in the tourist areas so screw those trapped in the war zones. Until the “war” comes to you, and by what I’ve observed, it eventually will.

  8. I’m just happy it’s a Cubs-Indians series. I’m rooting for the Cubs to finally break the curse, but it’s nice to know that either way, a team will win the WS who hasn’t had one in decades.

  9. It’s never called gang violence, it’s always gun violence. The guns are driving around by themselves shooting people. One cop said gang violence on TV and has never made another TV appearance. The gangs fund and help elect politicians. Everytime a cop shoots someone he or she is front page and soon will be prosecuted. Things will not be changed. The jail is full of guys with minor drug arrests who can not make 200 for bail

  10. “Is it any wonder why violent crime continues to spiral out of control in Chicago?”

    Maybe it’s because John Boch and the hicks who think he is a big brain in Champaign County let state Rep. Brandon Phelps and the NRA put criminal penalties of six months or one year in jail for EVERY violation of their garbage concealed carry bill in 2013. It’s what the police unions wanted, so John and the rest of the Larry the Cable Guy crowd were happy to bend over for the cops, because they are “the good guys” and are “on the same side” as the police. Yes, the rednecks really are that stupid.

    What have Boch and his hillbilly crew done to remove criminal penalties from Phelps carry bill? Nothing, they drive their monster trucks everywhere. It doesn’t matter to them if black people in Chicago can’t carry legally on the CTA buses. Tell us how it works in Chicago from your bunker in Champaign County. Keep talking, that’s your only real talent.

    • Nothing is more pathetic than a Nobody taking to the internet to anonymously talk trash about someone they feel wronged by.

      Seriously. It’s sad and cowardly. Please stop. John Boch and the NRA owe you precisely not a damn thing. If you are unhappy with the current laws, the only person you can have to blame is YOURSELF

      • “In Chicago the good guys with guns are few and far between…”

        Does that has anything to do with the fact that John Boch and his cluster of unquestioning zombies haven’t lifted a finger to remove the ban on public transportation carry, so all the poor black folks like Otis McDonald can get arrested if they pack on the subway to work? No wait, black people like Otis were just used by people like Boch to “get a bill passed” in 2013.

        Back then John was telling his rubes that, “we just need to get a bill passed first” and “it only takes a majority to change the bill once we get it passed.” So now it’s three years later, Illinois has a Republican governor who would probably sign a good bill to remove the criminal penalties from the carry bill, and… nah, don’t hold your breath, that was just all hot air. If the carry bill was actually improved, then cops couldn’t arrest armed citizens in Illinois for hundreds of infractions and gun-free zones, and the lawyers and police unions would lose their money source.

        Is there anyone more dangerous to freedom than a guy like John who misleads his own members, after selling out Otis McDonald? If only John could totally control and talk over anyone who questions his actions in any way, all would be right with the world. Isn’t there a back office file clerk job at NRA HQ that could be arranged for John so he can at least he can feel like he is part of something bigger than himself and his gigantic ego? Washington D.C. watch out!

        • Too long, didn’t read.
          Want to know why? Because you’re a nobody attacking a somebody in hopes that that will make you a somebody too.

          What precisely have YOU PERSONALLY done for gun rights?

          Created any guns rights organizations lately?
          Petitioned your representatives?
          Organized any training classes, marches, demonstrations, or workshops?
          Written any articles?
          Raised any funds to advance the cause?
          Testified at any hearings?

          Pray tell, how exactly do you come by this self-professed authority to judge the efforts of others?

          My guess – you haven’t done a thing. You’re just another anonymous internet spectator trying to ride the coat tails of real Men into the limelight, even if it means tearing down your own team, and undermining your own cause.

  11. How many of these 21 shootings happened North of 55? I’d guess less than 5. The people shooting have next to no interest in baseball, they are protecting their turf and slinging drugs.

  12. The headline to this is very misleading. None of this happened near the stadium or in the wrigleyville area as celebration. I was there for the celebrating. They did a pretty good job of keeping people safe around wrigleyville. I imagine this was on the south side and other parts of the city and had no connection to the Cubs clinching.

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