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Chicago Bulls b-baller Dwayne Wade reckons hearing about the Windy City’s firearms-related homicides isn’t the same as knowing someone who’s gunned down. Just in case this piercing glimpse into the obvious doesn’t hit home, former Bears cornerback turned reporter Charles Tillman assembles a group of Chicago residents who know people who’ve been on the wrong end of a gun. And then reveals that Mr. Wade’s cousin died when she was caught in gangland crossfire.

This mini-doc wants viewers to understand that innocent people (i.e., people who aren’t gang bangers) are victims of Chiraq’s “gun violence” too. Which is both true and, almost, besides the point. If the point is to identify the problem and reduce/eliminate it.

In that regard, apparently love is the answer — in a “it takes a village” kinda way. That and “Put the Guns Down.” Who knew?

Meanwhile, what was the point of Fox Sports tackling this issue? I’m thinking it plumps-up Mr. Tillman’s street cred/marketability and makes the network feel like they’re doing something besides helping pro athletes, the network and advertisers coin cash.

As if you didn’t know.

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  1. Hey leave Peanut Tillman alone. One of my favorite former Bears…the present bunch is horrifyingly bad. And Wade’s cuzin got popped wheeling a baby around. Nothing works in Chiraq- might as well try peace,love and SOUL(train).

  2. I hear you are really good at children’s game involving a ball and a hoop. So what are your thoughts on complex social issues?

  3. Gun violence, gun violence… I guess we don’t give a crap about the 100 people killed in chicago this year alone from things other than guns?

    Maybe we should be a little more inclusive and call it ‘violence?’

    Nah, I forgot, inclusivity is only a good thing if you’re letting people with penises use the women’s restrooms.

    • Nobody ever mentions that the same scheme would also allow people with vaginas to use the men’s room. (Just saying…)

      • They do that already. Never been to the mens room at a busy venue? Women use the mens room all the time because of the lines.

  4. ‘This mini-doc wants viewers to understand that innocent people (i.e., people who aren’t gang bangers) are victims of Chiraq’s “gun violence” too.’

    There will always be the innocent among the victims of violence, but never among the perpetrators.

    • Shouldn’t it be said “Dwy-ane”? I never could figure that one out. Hopefully he puts some of his massive salary to good use sending his kids to a school that’ll teach them how to spell.

  5. I was in my favorite gun store today. It was like a freakin Jackie Chan movie in there. The Glocks tried to jump the 1911s, but plastic against steel – them Glocks were limping but they would not quit

    The AKs were duking it out with the ARs, it looked like the battle had raged for decades. scarred old warriors brawling, nobody remembers what the fights about.

    The Berettas and the Galils had a turf war going over on the 34th street side. the paisanos were holding their own, but them Israelis never surrender.

    I got out the door With a Ruger 10-22 Takedown. a Marlin Papoose tried to jump me, but I hit it right in the sights with the buttstock and got out clean.

    trying to remember that state that – I can’t believe I have to use this word – liberalized their gun laws, and the crime rate went up. It is NOT on the tip of my tongue

    • This is the absolute best way to use that word. Not only is it true to the actual meaning, it pokes a little hole in the prog-fascist agenda every time you do it.

  6. I feel sorry for D-Wade because he lost a relative. I also feel sorry for him because he cannot accept the truth. There is no “gun violence.” There is, however, inner city violence and it’s gotten worse since Ferguson.

  7. “Police said the two men charged with [the Nykea Aldridge] murder — Darwin Sorells, 26, and Derren Sorells, 22 — were both on parole and affiliated with the Gangster Disciples gang. They appeared in court Sunday and were ordered held without bail.

    Derren Sorells was just released from prison two weeks before Friday’s shooting. He was convicted in 2012 for a motor vehicle theft and escape from custody, but was released early. He had six felony arrests in his background. His brother Darwin Sorells was also on parole for a felony gun charge. He was sentenced to six years in prison in January 2013 and was released from prison earlier this year.

    Police said the suspects were targeting a for-hire driver after exchanging unfriendly glances with the man as he drove in the neighborhood. The two later confronted the driver after he walked two women into their building, according to prosecutors. The driver told police the men menaced him and indicated they had guns. They then chased the driver as he ran away, with at least one of the men firing multiple shots that struck Aldridge.”

  8. In a perfect world we could solve all of our problems if we just payed attention to the words of wisdom coming from adults, who make a living, running and jumping and playing with a ball.

    • I still think the game would be more interesting (though less lucrative for the players) if they had to play in their stocking feet.

      • Football would be more interesting if each team could plant 3 land mines on their respective side of the field…

  9. Sports broadcasting has gotten terribly political over the past few years. It has gotten so bad that I don’t watch them anymore. It’s one of the best adult decisions I have made in years. I have much more time and money for other pursuits now, and my mind isn’t clouded by their crap anymore.

    • People are getting flat sick and tired with being preached to when they just want to be entertained, and the pro football ratings reflect that.

      Just STFU and play your sport or sing or act…

    • Remember Proposition B in Missouri in 1999?

      Remember major sports monopolies pouring money into the efforts to prevent licensed concealed carry in Missouri?

      That’s when I quit watching professional monopoly sports.

      NBA, NFL, MLB all hate civil rights, so I don’t give them any money to use against my rights.

  10. This sort of drivel is why ESPN’s ratings are in the crapper. Fox Sports seems to want to follow suit.

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