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Imagine if we were talking about the right to vote. Liberals would be up in arms (almost) if the City of Chicago created laws designed to make it as difficult as possible for African Americans to exercise that Constitutionally-guaranteed right to vote. But because Mayor Daley’s mob are doing their level best to stop minority citizens from exercising their recently re-affirmed right to bear arms, it’s OK to erect roadblocks. Such as a five-and-a-half month delay in processing applications, as reported by The Chicago Tribune. Like the City didn’t know to prepare for this. Or there’s a deluge of applicants. Anyway, there’s more than one way not to skin a cat . . .

In addition to a $100 fee, applicants for gun ownership must bring the following items to police headquarters:

•Two identical passport-size photos taken in the last 30 days showing the applicant’s face, head and shoulders.

A valid driver’s license or letter from an eye doctor specifying that the applicant meets the minimum visual requirements for having an Illinois driver’s license.

A signed state-approved affidavit from a firearms instructor stating that the applicant has completed a firearms safety and training course.

Applicants also must undergo a fingerprint check when they apply.

“It’s the most accurate way of ensuring that someone does not have any criminal history which would bar them from owning that particular gun,” Weis said.

After receiving the permit, residents will have five days to register their guns with the city, but only one handgun can be registered by a permit holder every 30 days.

Felons are prohibited from obtaining city gun permits, but residents who meet all of the city requirements and live with a felon will be able to get one, Weis said.

Sounds like they missed a trick there. And NONE of this has anything to do with concealed—or indeed—open carry. These freshly-affirmed rights don’t even extend to a homeowner’s porch, yard or garage.

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