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Chiappa Firearms Prez Ron Norton and I had a long chat this afternoon. Amongst the many subjects discussed: the fact that a lot of people consider the Rhino revolver less than aesthetically pleasing. “The Glock forum calls this gun ugly,” Ron said. “That’s a bit much, you know, considering.” Is it? The grip here is a one-off creation made of olive wood. Ron says walnut and laminate grips are on their way. Meanwhile, one more pic after the jump to finish off gun porn day here at the TTAG.

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  1. I totally agree with Jim. I love how this gun looks. I have been searching for a small carry revolver for a while now, and the Rhino is the ONLY snubbie that appeals to me.

    I love the simplicity of revolvers but have never liked the look of the traditional design. The Mateba and Rhino are the only ones that appeal to me visually. Guess I'm a fan of Mr. Ghisoni's work. 🙂

  2. I think it's ugly but many people also think AR's are ugly. I think AR's are the most beautiful rifles ever created.

  3. I find the design quite aesthetically pleasing and refreshingly innovative in a world of Victorian-looking revolvers. The slab sides and polygonal "cylinder" are nicely complemented by the organic form of the grip. On the longer barrel models, the cooling vents (if that's what they are) lend a futuristic/functional appearance that further enhances the design by breaking up the the silouette and adding visual interest to the barrel. Overall, I find this a much more successful modernization of the revolver than the S&W Night Guard, Model 327 and M&P R8 designs.

    • I agree. Uglier than Janet Reno in a thong bikini. (You're welcome for the disturbing mental picture.)

      I'd still like to try one, even though I'm a dyed-in-the-wool S&W bigot who's attitude towards revolvers is ain't-broke-and-don't-need-fixin.

  4. Ugly is as ugly does. I don't know what everybody is going on about.

    The only thing that that I think is ugly about this gun is that it is a significant innovation in revolvers made and designed in a foreign country. The US is by far the largest consumer and manufacturer of civilian revolvers and is perpetually stuck in the 1960s.

    Someday I may buy one of these guys just to make life interesting, and maybe one of those Russian break open .357 magnums if they ever make it here.

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