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Well there’s something you don’t see every day. Taurus has taken their still-popular 45LC/.410 revolver, the Judge, and gone gonzo with it. They’ve reconfigured the basic 5-round wheel gun for what they say is cutting-edge home defense.

With its 13-inch barrel, red dot-ready Pic rail, and an accessory rail waaaay out there on the forend, when you think about it, the Judge Home Defender is kinda in the same vein as Mossberg’s .410 Shockwave. Kinda.

Anyway, here’s Taurus’s press release . . .

Taurus Holdings, Inc., a leading innovator in the firearms industry, is proud to announce the forthcoming release of its latest masterpiece, the “Judge Home Defender.” This cutting-edge firearm represents the next evolution in performance, adaptability, and user-centric design.

Key Features of the Judge Home Defender:

Top Aluminum Picatinny Rail: A breakthrough feature that simplifies the attachment of optics and accessories, empowering shooters to customize their Judge Home Defender for precision and versatility.

45 Colt / 410 Bore 3 Inch Cylinder: Offering unparalleled versatility, this unique combination allows users to seamlessly switch between the potent 45 Colt and the versatile 410 Bore, ensuring optimal performance in any scenario.

13-Inch Barrel: Engineered to elevate 45 Colt terminal ballistics, the 13-inch barrel guarantees pinpoint accuracy, setting a new standard for precision in its class.

Forend Accessory Rail: Designed with shooters in mind, the Judge Home Defender incorporates a forend accessory rail, ideal for mounting lights, lasers, and other essential accessories, providing unparalleled preparedness.

Steel Blast Shield: Safety is paramount. The steel blast shield protects the shooter’s support arm, enhancing safety and peace of mind during operation.

Taurus Rubber Grip: Strategically integrated into the design, the Taurus rubber grip maximizes recoil absorption, delivering a comfortable and controlled shooting experience for all users.

The Judge Home Defender represents the culmination of advanced technology, precision engineering, and an unwavering commitment to excellence. It caters to the needs of experienced professionals, self-defense advocates, and sport shooters alike, promising to exceed expectations in every regard.

Unmatched Versatility

With its dual caliber capability in 45 Colt and 410 Bore 3 Inch Cylinder, the Judge Home Defender adapts seamlessly to a broad spectrum of shooting scenarios, from self-defense to sport shooting and more.

Superior Precision

The 13-inch barrel is a testament to our commitment to accuracy. Shooters can confidently rely on the Judge Home Defender’s exceptional precision, whether hitting targets at the range or ensuring pinpoint accuracy in self-defense situations.

Enhanced Safety

The inclusion of a steel blast shield and a Taurus rubber grip prioritizes user safety and comfort, enhancing the overall ergonomic design of the firearm.

Available on September 15th, 2023

Experience the future of home defense with the all-new Taurus Judge Home Defender. Available now at authorized Taurus dealers across the Unites States.

About Taurus International Manufacturing, Inc.: Taurus Holdings, Inc. (“Taurus”) and its subsidiaries continue to evolve and produce revolutionary new products. In addition, new standards for quality and efficiency help deliver reliable and affordable guns to the market. Taurus is based in Bainbridge, Georgia. Taurus is owned by Taurus Armas, S.A. which is a publicly traded company based in Brazil. Taurus Armas S.A. manufactures a wide variety of consumer and industrial products that are distributed worldwide.

For additional information, visit


Caliber: 45LC/.410 Mag
Capacity: 5 rounds
Barrel Length: 13 inches
Overall Length: 19.5 inches
Width: 1.9 inches
Height: 5.8 inches
Weight: 58.6 oz.
MSRP: $729.99



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  1. Kind of a sour spot, IMHO. Three more inches and it could have a folding or collapsing stock. For that matter, plenty of .45s have six-shot cylinders; it’s not like anyone is buying this for pocket carry.

    • It’s got shields to protect you from that. There’s a couple of reviews on youtube that mention that they work well.

  2. I kinda like it; looks like they took the Circuit Judge and replaced the stock with a pistol grip (basically).

    If they made one of these out of the Raging Judge .454, I would plunk down the cash right now and go strutting around with it hanging from a leg holster, that would be the *ultimate* BBQ gun! That’d be badass. You need to use it, you start pulling that thing out of the holster, and the barrel’s that long, man, that’d be like Jack Nicholson’s gun when he was the Joker. And a .454 out of a 13″ barrel would drop a grizzly bear. Make my friends’ Desert Eagles look like cap guns.

    Come on, Taurus, you can do it… Raging Judge Home Defender for the win!

    • I’d love to see someone develop a .454 or .460 based shotshell loaded to the limitations of those cartridges instead of traditional [blackpowder] shotshell pressures, but they won’t unless there was a way to keep it from chambering in other .410s.

      • Do you reload?

        Keep in mind that all else being equal, rpm of a projectile (e.g., a column of shot) increases with linear velocity when fired from a rifled barrel. Faster velocities will make the shot pattern spread more quickly.

        I don’t think the higher pressures of 454/460 would be safe for a column of shot–it might jam in the bore, resulting in a barrel obstruction? Maybe not, but the velocities would really spread the pattern too quickly to be useful. Make it easier to hit the broad side of that barn though, for those who have that kind of trouble.

        • I haven’t reloaded in quite some time, but thanks!

          I don’t necessarily want 65kpsi shotshells, just shotshells freed from the preposterously low 12.5kpsi limit imposed by the number of old .410s. I’m sure there’s a happy medium somewhere.

          What you wrote about velocity and spread makes sense, although I doubt it would be too drastic at defensive ranges – especially if they reduced the twist to a “check the box” rate.

  3. Already did. One of the youtube reviews, the guy cradles it in his left arm, so the cylinder gap was basically nuzzled in his elbow, and he shot it, and said there was no problem.

  4. First reaction was hysterical laughter. Then once I read the whole article, I kinda like it. It’s along the same vein as the Shockwave but with more potential range and accuracy, but obviously less power than 12 gauge. It’s a Taurus too so you can’t shoot 45 Colt +p in it either.

    • I know of a few people that shot the 45 regular loads ( factory ) and had the cylinder burst. I just use #2 shot in mine.

  5. A good camp gunm if your in a place with a lot of snakes.
    .410 is about right,maybe20guage be the upper limit on hand held shotgunms. Perhaps some have had better results with a pistol gripped shotgunm however I’ve found a pistol gripped shotgunm in 12 guage to impractical. A short barreled shotgunm with a stock, in my experience, has been much faster to deploy into action which makes it easier to hit your intended target.
    What is the barrel length needed to burn the powder efficiently in a .410? I believe its 24 inches using a 12 guage 2n3/4 inch shells.
    Perhaps 18 may be the length needed for efficient powder burn in a .410?
    This appears as if it was meant to be held with a forward handhold on the barrel, what of the exhaust gasses coming from the cylinder barrel gap?
    I lament the fact we can not pocess a short barreled shotgunm without having to jump through all the hoops. Stocked and at 13-15 inches they are pretty handy.
    This in my opinion would make a good weapon if chambered in a larger guage for the use in an attempted car jacking.
    Yes a scabbard attached to a bicycle would also have a practical use.
    A very interesting firearmn that is indeed. It would be a “Look at this, want to shoot it.” firearmn.
    After I purchase an M102 this may be on my list of things to aquire.

    • “A good camp gunm if your in a place with a lot of snakes.”

      Yeah. I keep hearing those stories about campers besieged by killer snakes. Snakes everywhere! They say if it gets really bad, save the last round for yourself — it’s better than a slow death from snake venom!

      • Counted over 500 snakes in a nutria-infested boghole one morning in March 63. About half were A. piscivorous.

        That said, did not shoot any.

        Feds cracked down on gator market shortly thereafter, gators repopulated and ate them all. Including the nutria.

        Snarky skank just makes you look stupid.


  7. But everyone failed to answer the most important question of all: can an average person carry and conceal it in cowboy/cowgirl boots?

  8. If the manufacturer were Smith & Wesson rather than Taurus/Rossi,
    and if it had a 6-round cylinder rather than just 5 rounds, then I’d say,
    “Shut up and take my money!”
    But I had experience with a Taurus/Rossi Circuit Judge Rimfire — it’s the only gun I ever bought that was so dangerous (to the shooter), so dangerously defective, and so unreliable (yes, revolvers can be unreliable, if they’re made by Taurus/Rossi) that I took it back to the gun store for a refund, and got one. I actually asked for Taurus/Rossi to replace or refund the defective gun, but Taurus refused to repair, replace, or refund it (way to stand behind your products– not!), so the gun store took pity on me and gave me a full refund out of their own pocket.

    Smith & Wesson, on the other hand… I had a Smith & Wesson Governor, which is a 6-shot revolver that can fire 45 Colt, .410, and also 45 ACP. Even though it had a snubby barrel and a super-long freebore (due to the .410 cylinder), that Smith & Wesson Governor was amazingly accurate at 25 yards (75-feet), and all my shots were on paper at 25 yards with 45 Colt, and I’m just an average shot! That’s awesome for a snubby that can fire three types of ammo (45 Colt / 410 / 45 ACP), and I doubt Taurus/Rossi could match it even with 13-inch barrel. My S&W Governor, with its scandium frame and stainless steel cylinder, also survived a flood without any ill effects (my gun safe wasn’t waterproof, so it got soaked).

  9. Already have a few large 45 caliber revolvers with six shot cylinders. Already have a couple barely legal shotguns in a couple different bore sizes. Might be an interesting range toy or show off to the nit wit brother in law. But not something I am going to spend the money on. If i need a big bore cannon for bear defense I have a couple that fit the bill. If I want a shotty for defense I have an old Mossberg in 12 gauge with the shortest legal slug barrel I could find. the old 45 long S&W I like to carry around the homestead and the old Mossberg 500 can be replaced for not much more than this less than practical hog leg. With solid firearms instead of a questionable quality test gun.
    Now, if someone wants this thing and is willing to part with their hard earned cash, you do you. More power to you and may you find the joy of it. Personally, I’ll take a hard pass.

  10. The barrel is long enough to make it useful at mid-range, but the Shockwave under my pillow, Glock on my desk, and folding backpacker 12-gauge in my bathroom cabinet already have the “home defense” job covered.

    This does, however, seem like a fun way to show snakes and varmints that you don’t like them very much.

  11. A proud judge owner here. I like the outside the box thinking of any gun maker. The Fudds can stay in the 19th century if they wish.
    The Shockwave is already made in a 410 version. At least the judge has 5 shots. The others I think only have 4 shots.
    If the forend can be replaced with m-lok or key mod I’d get one.

    A bayonet would be great as well. 4 or 5 inch blade!!

  12. I would absolutely shoot clays with that. I’m fast becoming a “revolvers do everything” man, including making everyone laugh at how silly you are. I doubt this will sell a ton, but what the hell? Let me find one for $500 and see if I don’t run it in a leather scabbard!

  13. The product development team at Taurus were so preoccupied with whether they could, they didn’t stop to think if they should.

  14. basically a bastardized pistol….I have both the Judge and a shockwave….one is for when you have a little distance…the other for point-blank range….

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