Check Out the New Savage Arms B22

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During Mossy Oak’s special event that brought together several of its licensees, we were able to look closely at the new Savage Arms B22.

New to the B Series of rimfire rifles from Savage Arms is the B22, a gun that looks and acts like it should cost more than its $300 price tag (give or take a few since the models vary in MSRP).

This particular gun (the B22 FV-SR) was suppressor-ready and had a nice vertical pistol grip, which made the handling more sturdy and comfortable. The stock’s design had an ergonomic edge to it, without appearing too robotic or modular.

What was really noticeable was the large bolt knob and pre-installed piccatinny rail, which was a nice way to guarantee a good scope mounting process.

A 10-round rotary magazine and Savage’s AccuTrigger technology round out the extra features.

Some of the models have heavy barrels, some are stainless, and (like the FV-SR) come threaded and suppressor-ready.

You can see all the configurations and models available on

The main appeal of the new B22 models is the variation, followed by the price. Gun companies don’t crank out this many new models of guns unless they’ve heard feedback and requests from their legion of customers, which is always a good sign.

We have to give it to Savage Arms; this is a smart addition and a way to continue its positive impression on a good number of firearm owners.


  1. avatar tsbhoa.p.jr says:

    talk about the pause that refreshes…

  2. avatar b725 says:

    So, why are they shooting at the Finnish flag? Is Savage supporting Russia?

  3. avatar Auto play sucks says:

    Auto play sucks
    TTAG is under a self imposed 10 day ban. No clicks from me for 10 days.
    Please change this terrible web site experience.

    1. avatar AMP says:

      AdBlock filter:
      it works for me on Chrome.
      (But I agree they keep doing it despite our complains, not sure if they don’t care or get more “click-money” from it.)

  4. avatar Illinois_Minion says:

    Seriously. All the complaints about auto play video’s and they post more.

    Stop it already. Please.

    1. avatar AMP says:

      AdBlock filter:
      it works for me on Chrome.
      (But I agree they keep doing it despite our complains, not sure if they don’t care or get more “click-money” from it.)

      1. avatar Nigel the expat says:

        thanks for the filter. It blocks the video, but audio still plays.

  5. avatar Ralph says:

    I’m putting in a request for more autoplay videos, just because it pisses off some folks.

    1. avatar Illinois_Minion says:

      With loud video! So it ID’s you when trying to sneak in some surf time while at work.

    2. avatar My Name says:

      I vote for less Ralph. That’s something that would improve everyone’s experience.

    3. avatar CGinTX says:

      What would be really cool is an audio-only auto play “leader” to all videos that was a chorus of the TTAG editorial staff singing very loudly, “GUNS, GUNS, GUNS! WE LOVE OUR GUNS, GUNS!” Just to be sure EVERYONE at work knows what you’re doing instead of compiling that TPS report. I am loving the auto play entries (which btw are currently playing with NO AUDIO) just for all the griping, puleing and biatching in the comments.

  6. avatar Israel says:

    Autoplay is to the eye what the Lego is to the barefoot.

    1. avatar Primed&Ready says:

      ^thank you.
      I am stealing that.

      Spent all day running away from Irma.
      As of 7am NOAA update my house was ground zero.
      Am finally in a hotel (actually sitting in the courtyard; beautiful night) w a nice cocktail in hand.
      Best laugh of the last few days.
      It’s the simple things in life…

  7. avatar Mark N. says:

    I have an old model Savage rim fire, and I really want to upgrade. I do not have an accutrigger (and the mechanism on my rifle cannot be upgraded); the trigger is stiff. Second, the stock grip is not as ergonomic as this, and the grip angle isn’t particularly comfortable. Worst of all, Savage supplied steel five and ten round mags, and the tens in particular just loved to scratch one’s wrist. The new rotary mag is a blessing. But is my rifle is dead nuts accurate with its preferred ammo (35 g. FMJ), and I suspect the new B series will be too.

  8. avatar Cloudbuster says:

    No left hand model. 🙁 Savage does have some reasonably-priced .22LR left-hand bolt models, though, such as the Rascal.

    But Rascal is only single shot.

    There’s also AXIS, but that doesn’t have AccuTrigger.

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