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Not everyone has the means or disposable income for the latest and greatest Wonder Nine that’s revolutionizing concealed carry or home defense. But everyone, regardless of means, has a natural right to armed self defense.

Lots of people simply don’t have the dinero to shell out for an STI Staccato, or even a GLOCK 19. Still, they want and need affordable tools to provide for their own personal defense and that of their loved ones.

Cheap, easily accessible handguns exist to meet that demand. Guns like the Hi-Point C9 Yeet Cannon and the Taurus G2s.

If you have limited funds to invest in a pistol, you want to make sure your money is well spent…that you don’t buy something that’s a jam-o-matic that will let you down when you need it most. With that in mind, I set out compare these two inexpensive handguns, side by side, and figure out which is the better value.

Hi-Point C9 vs Taurus G2s
(Travis Pike for TTAG)

I’ll give my opinion at the end, but ultimately my goal is to provide the facts and my experience shooting these two guns. Let’s see if you agree with my conclusion.

Let’s Talk Price

These two 9mm pistols aren’t too far apart. The Yeet Cannon edition of the C9 costs a little extra and that’s really just for the name painted on the slide, so we’ll use the standard C9 model for comparison.

At Palmetto State Armory the Taurus G2s sells for $180. That’s the cheapest I’ve found for online. The Hi-Point C9 is $140 bucks (if you really want that Yeet Cannon version, it’s $170). So there’s roughly a $40 price difference between the two guns. It should be noted that the Taurus G2s comes with two magazines and the C9 ships with just one. That narrows the gap a hair, but not completely.

Buy a second magazine for the C9 for an apples-to-apples comparison (they run about $14) and you’re still looking at about a $26 difference. Not huge, but worth noting.

Concealed Carry

This is probably the most apparent difference when looking at the two guns. The Taurus G2s is smaller, thinner, lighter, and easier to conceal. It also packs one less round of 9mm Luger.

The bigger C9 weighs 29 ounces compared to the G2s at 20 ounces. A half-pound difference is significant. The G2s is also about half an inch thinner, give or take. The G2s is much more concealable in every way and more comfortable to conceal carry.

Hi-Point C9 vs Taurus G2s
The G2s weighs half a pound less and is much thinner (Travis Pike for TTAG)


The G2s features a 2×4-like flat grip similar to the old Walther PPS. It’s not hand-fitting, but not that uncomfortable. I may be biased because I carried a PPS M1 for years.

The G2s grip is also much more aggressively textured than the C9’s and that makes a major difference. The G2s never slipped, even in my sweaty hands. The C9’s smooth grip would move and jump as the day warmed up.

Hi-Point C9 vs Taurus G2s
The C9 has a more hand-filling grip. (Travis Pike for TTAG)

On the downside, the G2s beat the hell out of my big hand. The slide bites me hard enough to tear skin and draw blood. It isn’t fun. Your experience may be different if your paws are smaller.

The C9 produces no real slide bite unless I put my thumb over the safety. I didn’t realize that until recently, but it’s also very easy to avoid. With the G2s I have to actually lower my grip and lose some control over the gun to keep from being bitten.

Hi-Point C9 vs Taurus G2s
The G2s is actually grippy (Travis Pike for TTAG)

Both guns sport a manual thumb safety and the one on the G2s is a much better design. It’s easier to use all around and much more ergonomically placed.

The longer grip size of the Hi-Point makes it easier to eject magazines quickly. The G2s has a rail to accommodate small lights or lasers. The C9…nope.

Hi-Point C9 vs Taurus G2s
The G2s has a much better grip texture than the C9. (Travis Pike for TTAG)


A lot of people seemed to be offended somehow by my use of Winchester Forged ammo in the review of the Taurus G2s. I’m not sure why. It runs just fine in my GLOCKs, my Walthers, my Magnum Research MR9, as well as my CZs. It’s good basic, affordable range ammo…exactly the kind that buyers of these two pistols might buy.

Hi-Point C9 vs Taurus G2s
(Travis Pike for TTAG)

To even things out I tried the same ammo in the C9 and it ran just fine. I had no difficulties with the C9 shooting Winchester Forged, or any other ammunition I put through it.

Neither gun had an abundance of failures, but overall, the C9 has had fewer malfunctions than the G2s. In my experience, the Hi-Point is the more reliable of the two weapons.

I had a problem with a loose front sight on G2s out of the box, but fixed it fairly easily. One big advantage the G2s has is the re-strike capability. After my initial review, the G2s has had no further malfunctions and I would carry it with relative confidence if I had too.

Hi-Point C9 vs Taurus G2s
(Travis Pike for TTAG)


In terms of accuracy, the guns are indistinguishable. They can both get the job done and deliver good accuracy out to 20 yards or so. Beyond that range, you get more into minute of bad guy level accuracy.

Neither trigger is really impressive, but neither is terrible, either. The C9 has a bit shorter pull, but the Taurus G2s pull is lighter. The C9 has a better reset too. Both guns feature adjustable sights.

Hi-Point C9 vs Taurus G2s
Adjustable Sights on both guns (Travis Pike for TTAG)

There is a difference in rapid-fire accuracy. The G2s’s textured grip lets you better control the pistol for faster, more accurate follow-up shots. At least you can on hot summer Florida days. For a typical defensive encounter, you might very well find your palms sweating.

Which Do I Like?

I like shooting the Hi-Point C9 more. It fills my big hand, has less felt recoil and doesn’t bite me when I shoot it. The Taurus G2s gets tiresome due to that slide bite. Again, if you have smaller hands, your experience may be different.

Hi-Point C9 vs Taurus G2s
(Travis Pike for TTAG)

The Taurus G2s is going to be the handier gun. It’s smaller, lighter, and much easier to carry. The C9 is a brick that would be tough for a lot of people to conceal. With an 8+1 capacity, the C9 gives you one more round than the G2s, so there’s that. And the Hi-Point costs a little less, too.

In the end, both guns have their advantages. The choice for you will probably come down to how you intend to use your pistol…home defense or concealed carry. Both are affordable defensive tools.

I’m sure everyone will let me know which affordable gun they prefer below, but I would simply ask that you tell me why. I like reading the reasoning behind your choices.

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    • I have very large hands and I have never had my G2 slide bite me either. That surprised me to read in the article as I haven’t come across anyone that has complained about it either. I’ve also never had it malfunction even once.

      • yeah, seriously. I can’t imagine holding the G2 so incorrectly as to receive injury.
        How can you do that and have any control is beyond me. My hands are rather large, btw, the G2 fits me just fine.

      • The author should have compared the G2C to the C9, not the G2S. The G2C is far more common/popular than the G2S.

        The G2S should be compared to something like the Ruger EC9.

        The G2C is by far the best new $200 9mm out there. That said, PSA has M&P Shields for $250.

        • Absolutely correct. It’s a different gun, different capacity, different grip and it’s the gun that everyone is buying. I bought one just for the hell of it and I’m not sure why anyone would pick the G2S.

  1. Concerning that Winchester forged ammo, I’ve used it without a single failure. I was told by someone not to use it because it’s bad for your gun. I don’t know if there’s any truth to that but I didn’t purchase more after my supply ran out.

  2. This goes back to the advice I tell everybody new to guns. Consider finding a class where they let you shoot three or four guns or once you’ve narrowed down the selection, rent one before you buy it.

    No point in spending 300 or 400 or more only to find out the gun doesn’t feel right. nd isn’t comfortable to shoot.

  3. Yeet Cannon FTW! Plus Hi Point has actual customer service that will go above and beyond to take care of you, where with Taurus you just hope you don’t get a lemon.

    • ABSOLUTE TRUTH even in 8/2021!. Taurus says they’re improving BUT I can say, once it’s proven one of their out-of-box pistols is a lemon, the replacement process definately puts the owner on the back burner..
      I have both a Heritge and a GC2..The Heritage is a complete LEMON..The G2C works for now BUT i’m wanting to replace it with a Canik TP9SF Elite SC in the event, the G2C starts to give me probs…
      As far as a HI-Point, I’m going for a 45 ACP…That’s a huge gun BUT for home defense or a “walk in the woods” OC, I’ll go with that. Unless Hi Point comes out with a 10mm pistol like they’ve got in their carbine..
      PS…The Taurus GX4s have been having some serious delayed firing and slide wiggle/go bang issues.
      Not going that route…Canik is the same price or better and just flat out works with a great trigger.

  4. Love my G2C it’s cycled tul crap ammo to Hornady critical defense and duty ammo’s. Would trust my safety to it as it’s a great gun for the price point. The C9 is it’s ugly reliable cousin that can double as back pack gun oh well if it gets wet the thing survives anything including swamp water without cleaning. Tfbtv and demolition ranch both have videos on their abuse tests.

  5. The Taurus is infinitely better than HP. I’ve had both(not the G2S but several including the great 709 which Taurus replaced with this fat thing). got all my 5 Tauruses to run perfectly.It HELPS to not be inept! Not so my low point 380. Jamomatic junk…at least you can beat your assailants with the HP. Yeet is sheet😏(the carbines are gtg).

  6. Love my G2C’s. One in 9, one in 40. Monotonously reliable with ANY ammo. Big hands here but no slide bite. Yes, Taurus has a horrible customer service reputation. Fortunately, I have not needed service. My Taurus guns just keep on going and going and going and going, etc.

    • I’ve been bit twice with my G2C..I’ve had someone watch my grip..They say my hands are meant for a deeper backstrap SO going even smaller, say to a DB9 OR a P365 SAS is going to be painful for me.

  7. Sorry but I have no idea what “Yeet Cannon” is suppose to mean. Someone please explain to this dummy. Both are them are stash guns. Good to have in emergency because they will most likely work when you need them to.

  8. Does anyone else smell a little anti-Taurus bias here besides me? My first handgun was a C9 and it was fine even though it was big, heavy and ugly,. I currently have a PT111-G2 (double stack version of the G2S). If you can’t shoot the Taurus comfortably, you need to learn how to shoot. I have between 800 and 1,000 rounds through mine with the cheapest ammo I can find and I have never had a malfunction of any kind. Look at a comparison of the Taurus G2C to a Glock 27-

    • Taurus does not have a great reputation for reliability or customer service.

      They are innovative in many ways but have had some real duds from a functioning standpoint.

      I have owned 5 different Taurus products. One pump and 4 semi-autos. 3 were handguns.

      They were all terrible in reliability. And one was unsafe (would fire out of battery).

      I am all for giving a company chance ( or three), but I would not buy a Taurus semi auto and probably wont buy a revolver (almost did when the Stainless 85s were $169).

      If you have a good one….great. I just wont pay my coin to spin the wheel with better options out there.

      • A sub $200 Taurus 85 would be a great option for poor people. Those are generally pretty good revolvers. I prefer a Smith or Ruger, but a Taurus revolver should meet one’s needs.

        • I’ve been very happy with my Taurus 85 snubby. Goes bang every time and handles +P rounds without missing a beat. It’s my usual car gun and sometimes “Get Home Bag” weapon.

          Less thrilled with my Spectrum. Planning on submitting a review on that one soon.

        • I’ve my wife set up with a S&W Model 36 (late 70’s era) and a Taurus Model 85 (2015 mfg). She prefers the Taurus over the S&W. Both triggers are stock, but the Taurus feels like it might be a pound or so less than the S&W. CT grips on both since she doesn’t like to practice very often. Both fire any .38 Spec I put in them all the time without fail. For someone who doesn’t want to spend time learning the intricacies of a semi-auto, a revolver is the best option. I have noticed that the HK speedloaders are a bit awkward with the Taurus, switching to the new Pachmayer Comp speed loader took care of that in short order. A little more expensive, but aluminum body v. plastic says why.

        • Their wheel guns have always been reliable. I’d spend a little extra and go get a 357 even iif all you shoot is 38s. I wish their View with the 1 inch barrel was alittle less expensive though..
          The G2C is okay as I mentioned earlier BUT it’s gonna’ be traded in for a Canik SC asap..

  9. The Hi-Point C9 is the clear winner here. More reliable, cheaper for more cash left to buy ammo with, excellent Customer Service and 100% certainty of MADE IN USA.

    • Clear winner?

      That would be if one gun self destructed while the other never failed.

      This is a close call I think. The fact that the one gun only malfunctioned initially with the cheap ammo is important. The problem with these kinds of reviews is that they rely on one example on which to pass judgement, nature of the beast…

      I have had both. Provided you don’t get a lemon with Taurus, all the other criteria are filled better than the C9 with the exception of capacity.

    • The G2 is lighter, smaller, has a longer barrel, less recoil and is easier to conceal. I’ve never been bitten by a gun in all of my life – and the “malfunctions” aren’t specified ,so I don’t even know what that means.

      The Taurus hands down s the better value and this is the only review I’ve found that says different.
      Yes I own one-

    • I’ll stick with the Glock 43. thank you. The Taurus above looks visually decent, but I will never stake my life on something that looks like it was made in China’s Sum-Ting-Wong District with the words “YEET CANNON” emblazoned on it. Looks like a total throwaway gun.

  10. Hi-Point customer service is top notch. Pistols are fugly but serviceable, and more importantly, available almost anywhere.

    I have a very soft spot for “cheap” guns, as that’s all most people ever have the chance of getting (and that may all they have to protect themselves). Not everyone can afford the time and money it takes to become a tactical operator – most of us just get by with a few range sessions and some gun store counter knowledge.

    • Spray can of carburetor cleaner. All the books and crannies. When try, Rem Oil spray can, or similar. Prop up on paper towel overnight to drain excess.

    • “hi-points are a pain to field strip and clean”

      Field strip? It’s not recommended. Run a rag down the barrel, spray it with some lube. That’s it.

      Sure, you can field strip it if you want to (but not in the field), or you can send it back to Hi-Point and they’ll do it for you.

      • Agreed……….. spray that puppy down good and set it up to drain out onto those blue paper shop towels. LOL not even Bounty does a good enough job of it. Of course both open spray as well as the tiny straw should be used…… get everywhere was was away all the carbon build up. Nothing hard about that………..

  11. I have both c9 and g2s. Both did good in range. The c9 is more comfortable to shoot.
    And as the writer said, I use the W steel forged ammo from Walmart. Really not much difference.

  12. I never owned either model pistol, but I do have experience with Taurus handguns and Hi-Point. I’ll take a Taurus handgun everyday. I suppose you could give me a Hi-Point. I’d keep it until I saw my worst enemy. Then I’d pay him $20.00 to take it from me. I know the meat of this article was a comparison of the two pistols, but the author began the article by saying even those of low income have the right to be armed so they can defend themselves. And they do, but there are other options. A trip to a few local pawn shops or the used handgun counter at any gun store will soon turn up a good, inexpensive revolver.

  13. I have a Taurus G2 PT-111 9mm double stack. It was about $250 when I got it at a gun show a couple years ago. Runs like a champ and is plenty accurate enough for self-defense. Never had a Hi-Point, but am thinking of the .45 ACP carbine as a car gun. I’ve heard good things about their reliability and accuracy.

  14. The big hand issue would have been solved if you hadn’t used the slim version of the pistol. Capacity on the C is better, more mags are available in larger capacities for it too. I was actually thinking of getting a slim Taurus for my wife. It’s made for better concealment or smaller hands. If you have hands like a grizzly buy the Yeet Cannon or a full bodied G2C. The Hi-Point just looks so bulky and is so limited on what you can do with it. If i just wanted something to throw in the car, truck, and didn’t care whether it was there or now, disposable, I’d just get a few Hi-Points and not worry about it. Sorry but there’s nothing about a C9 that’s better than a G2C.

      • I have held both, and that .1 makes a heluva difference. It feels a lot more secure and robust, and holds more rounds. Slide bite has never been an issue either. My buddy has the s and I haven’t seen this issue when we shoot. Plus the grip on the HP is larger than your average double stack gun by far. It’s just hideous.

        • Grips on my G2c have never bit me, accuracy is at least as good as my HP 9mm, and the G2c has never detonated like the HP did. They get points for terrific customer service, sent it in and a few weeks later it came back “good as new”…. but it was “new” when it blew! Needless to say it was gone shortly thereafter and the buyer was warned in advance of its “history”. The G2c just keeps on keepin on. Really glad I can SEE AND count to 20…. Can’t always do THAT twice. Be safe out there!

  15. I felt that it was a very good article. I’ve owned several Taurus pistols and loved them all. They’ve never failed me. That being said I’ve never owned any Hi-Point guns (yet). I use to think of them as just junk, but everything I read about them has been positive.
    If you want to own a gun for home protection or as that gun you have for the woods. Go for a cost effective gun.
    If you’re entering competitions or going to the range regularly then that’s when you want to shell out the big bucks….

    • I recently purchased my 1st handgun. I did do a lot of research and comparisons as I was only looking for something cheap for at the house and as I ride my motorcycle. Definitely do your research but remember that some of the complaints can be from bitter people that are used to the more expensive guns, not sure why they bought the cheap one anyway! So I did end up purchasing the C9 and although I had heard some of the horror stories about jamming, I didn’t get that. Fresh out of the box and 90 rounds (Blazer brand cheapo ammo) with not a single issue. I was very surprised about that to be honest because my research indicated that they get better with time. SO I’M ALL GOOD THERE! They are BIG, that makes them a little scary to some people. They are bulky, that does suck all around is you plan to carry it everywhere. They are heavy, but the weight for me has been a benefit for less recoil.I hadn’t read anything about the HP customer service before so that is good to know. It’s very likely that as a smaller and cheaper line the customer service is what makes the difference. I am planning to look at the Taurus 380 just for on the bike because the C9 is a bit bulky on long rides since it’s just a deterrent for morons out there on the road. In the end, my opinion is that if you are looking cheap and reliable, I have no complaints with my C9. There are other guns out there that are very comparable. Rent if you can and make your own choice not what someone tells you.

      That’s my nickel, spend it wisely!

      • Well said sir. I have at the moment 4 handguns… biggest is my Taurus Judge smallest is my 38 caliber Derringer. In between I have a CZ75 and a S&W 40.
        I would suggest that instead of the Taurus 380 you may want to consider the Taurus 40 caliber. Just cost a little more but the benefit is that it can be converted to a 9mm and other caliber’s. Plus ammo for a 380 is more expensive.
        There’s my two cents….

  16. NO WAY! NEVER!

    Should we just go ahead and ban hands and feet cuz they are more of a Epidemic than rifles of all types including those scary guns? Is beto coming for ur hands & feet too.. when he sees this>??

    In order to implement universal background checks, you have to create and maintain a database that would record every purchase and sale with the serial number of the firearm and the name and address of the buyer. That is the definition of a gun registry!

    I’d also point out at present a national registry is barred by law. 18 USC 926(a)& is explicitly illegal under the Firearm Owners’ Protection Act of 1986.

  17. I personally have one of both, neither give me any trouble. I prefer the Taurus G2 for my carry weapon. I haven’t had a failure from either gun. I have no problem relying on either of them.

  18. Just because you buy a low cost gun doesn’t always mean you run cheap ammo in it. Good ammo isn’t that more expensive. Cheap ammo could fail in any gun. And slide bite ? I guess any yahoo can post a review.

    • What does it matter for practice ammo?

      I would agree defense ammo should be higher quality.

      But I do see a whole lotta people carrying 9mm ball…..hole pokers.

  19. HA …. !!!!
    I found I could conceal carry my C9 perfectly well. I **was** carrying it openly, but then I acquired my carry permit and immediately went to carrying my C9 appendix style. I would be visiting and chatting with friends and when we were about to go our own ways, I would ask them if they noticed anything different about my attire. All said no after giving me a good going over front and back. I would smile and lift my shirt, exposing the grip of my C9. I got many wide eyed looks after that. Depending where you wear it, you can conceal a Hi Point C9 quite well. Nobody even gives me a lingering look or second glace out and about in public.

  20. I understand the price argument, but I would not buy either one. To me a $250 Shield would be the way to go. On PSA’s website it rates 4.8 Stars with 261 reviews. It’s a gun that will last you the rest of your life. S&W also has good customer service, parts are available and the gun will hold its value.

    • Yeah Yeah Yeah…………
      WHATEVER………..🤨 Have had my C9 for years. I use it as my service weapon as well as personal carry. No problems with it at all……. not one! So do I have the ONLY one in history that works perfectly fine????
      🤨 pFFFFFFFt

  21. I have the hi point&the taurus no problem with ether one the taurus holds more & is nice to conceal never had hand bit first day with the g2c ran 200 hundred rounds no problems at all in a 12 round mag

  22. The Taurus G2c costs the same as the G2s and it’s 12+1 rounds x2 magazines.

    A couple things to note about the Taurus G2 firearms. The springs in the magazines are stiff and may cause feeding issues. Keep your magazines fully loaded and after a few weeks they will feed and feel better. The firearms new come with a sticky rust inhibitor. It is wise to thoroughly clean and lightly lubricate your new firearm.

    • You’re totally right. I was going o post that until I saw your comment . I’ve never seen such tight springs. It took me some time getting them done the first couple times….I called Taurus (yes they answered ) they told me it was stiff on purpose and o load a clip and let it sit for about a week or so and then try it..
      It worked
      Im not an engineer but that’s my experience, it’s smooth af now to load

  23. I’ve never owned the Taurus but have an older C9, and we use it for a house gun because it is a little on the heavy side. My wife and I shoot it well, we both shoot all of our weapons to stay sharp. We’ve never had this weapon fail in any way over the years of shooting it. It cycles through every kind of ammo we have run through it. I would trust my reliable hi point with my life.

  24. taurus pt58 pt92c and 24/7 g2 owner
    all have been good firearms
    theyre nice enough ill hand them all down to my boys someday before i die
    i would never hand down a hi point
    i wouldnt want anybody to know that i ever owned one

  25. I’ve totally had that hand bite problem with my girlfriend’s G2s, it’s a beefy thumb webbing issue and it’s made me bleed on several occasions. The thing is to tiny for me to handle fast follow up shots with a normal grip my pinky doesn’t even fit on the clip, it is however tiny enough to point shoot with my finger in the dimple and use the entire grip.

    Haven’t gotten to shoot the High Point but the extreme durability and warranty plus being big enough to actually fit in my hand makes me lean heavily twards it.

  26. I own the yeet cannon version, it can be very accurate if you shoot alot, the problem I had with is that the slide doesn’t lock back if the mag isn’t slapped in correctly, also could be the spring in the mag, I haven’t contacted hi-point yet but intend too. I will say it’s a heavier pistol but it weighs just as much as a S&W40 and not that bad to conceal carry if you have the right holster.

  27. This comment is aimed towards those who have never bought a hand gun before. DON’T pay any attention to those people who keep telling others to save longer or get a better job……. Seriously ??? Get a better job just to afford a more expensive gun??? That’s the first evidence of a moron talking……. I own a C9 and I use it for my service weapon as well as my personal carry. I qualify every year right along side of those willing to part with a huge chunk of change for their exotic guns. Yeah, I USED to get razzed and laughed at in the beginning, but not anymore……. we even have a pot we all put money into for the best shooter when we qualify. I’ve taken that pot just as many times as my fellow officers. I don’t get razzed anymore. Those who put down the C9, I would wager have never owned one or shot one seriously. You honestly don’t have to spend a fortune for a gun. I would suggest shooting one and form an intelligent opinion. The C9 is a great gun and sports a lifetime warranty. ALL guns are mechanical and machines inherently have troubles, though I’ve owned mine, take good care of mine, and it’s continually to serve me very well!!! Don’t pay ANY attention to the gun snobs!

    • I agree with the gist of your post. Maybe not the tone, but it’s an easy thing to get wrong when you’re reading text vs. listening to someone.
      My question is this. Are you stating that you are a police officer that has to pay for his own sidearm and chose to buy and carry a High Point? Serious question, I’d like to know.

  28. This is the most asinine, ridiculous article ever. The mere idea of comparing that POS Hi Point brick with a product from Taurus who has produced 100s of thousands of guns and 100s of different styles is ludicrous. The G2 is a terrific gun made cheaply through a manufacturing g process and labor control, opposed to the Hi Point which is made from cheap bulk material that is poorly designed and poorly finished. I know lots of gun owners and those who work at a a range and none of them will ever own that Hi Point crap.

  29. After all the torture tests that’s been subjected to the C9 and it still funtions……..???? AND YET people are Stupid enough to say it’s a crappy gun…….???? That just plain irrational gun snobbery talking!!! I trust my Life to my C9 every day as my service weapon AND my personal carry!!!!

  30. Hi-point for the clear win.

    1. I’ve found Hi-points to be much more reliable than Taurus handguns (owned/shot 6 of the former, 5 of the latter). Reliability is always #1.

    2. Warranty. Hi-point does their customers right and Taurus ships back the gun without repairing the issue. Speaking from personal experiences.

    3. Broke people can use the $26 price difference to buy ammo.

  31. G2s vs. G2c comes down to sizeof your mitt imo. I have both that i use for different circumstances. Comparison with C9 would be closer to C, but not for EDC. S model wins hands down for my EDC.

  32. I’d rather see some comparisons of a cheap gun with a more expensive one. I have a Canik tps9 the turkish knock off of the walther ppq (think it’s q) and I like it but can’t afford to buy a walther to compare. That’s the sort of stuff to do. So what if two cheap guns are cheap and work? That’s great but doesn’t tell us if we got a bargain or not.

    I think I did but difficult to compare for sure. The hipoints will always be a bit bulky due to the blowback slide. but that to me is a positive as it makes the guns a bit easier on the hand and re alignment after a shot.

  33. Great customer service is not what I want to hear when purchasing a gun!! A half a pound heavier!! And way wider, how would that be a better carry gun? Just get the G2c and you 12+1in the same package basically, havent had one problem with my PT111,its a damn good gun for $180.i dont see how the high point can compete with it,as for slide bite?I cant relate,and for the recoil of course a gun that’s a half pound heavier should have less recoil. My choice is definitely the taurus by a MILE!!!

  34. I could say the same thing everyone else is saying. But I won’t. I own 2 G2’s
    I changed my every day carry from a S&W 9mm M&P to a G2. Fit my hand better, more accurate. I’ve never had a problem shooting any ammo except Remington. It’s the only time it’s ever stove piped (4 times). How much do I like these pistols? I trust my life to them every day.

  35. Thats so funny you did this comparison. Because my first conceal carry and still my backup is my hipointc9 1st gen. But my everyday conceal carry is my taurus pt140. .40 with a armalaser attachment and holster to fit that i got on amazon. I love the accuracy and feel of the c9 but my g2c is so much lighter,maneuverable and the kick is quite heavier but manageable. And its not so hard on the pelvis in everyday all day carry situations like mine. I work fast food and my c9 would press on my groin muscle which was almost unbearable sometimes but id never abandon it. But now that ive got my laser and correct iwb holster to fit,my g2c is my go too. That and my Taurus pt738 ankle.380. But thats another story.

  36. I won both guns, and like them both. The stated differences are correct except for the problem with the slide. The author may need to loose some weight because his hands are too fat. I wear extra large gloves.
    My G2 carries more rounds than my C9. The G2 is easier to carry but there are not enough good holsters to carry concealed easily. I’d like to get a shoulder holster for my C9. The most important difference to me is that the C9 is more accurate out 40 yards.
    I’m happy with both guns.

  37. “YEET CANNON” always sounded like Antifa Wussy talk to me😂. I agree with others though, the G2C is the better gun to compare it to. I’ve fired the .40 S&W version my brother in law bought and it functioned fine. No slide bit with my 2XL glove hands. I’ve not had the chance to shoot the G2C in 9, but the specs aren’t much different. Trigger wise, you’re comparing a striker fire to a single action, so that’s really an apples to oranges analogy. I like High Points for what they are. An inexpensive gun that fills a niche. Plus they make a good cache gun. I do like the PC carbine better than the pistols. Except for the trigger, C9’s resemble that old HK VP70 with the trigger from hell when I look at one. Definitely not HK’s best product release.

  38. I have both pistols and like them both. My only complaint is the new Taurus triggers. I’ve drug my C9 all over creation through mud, snow and sand and it always worked same for G2. No bias just enjoy range time with them both.

  39. Why would they compare the Hi-Point to the 7-shot G2s? At the sane price point, the better 10+1rd G2C, at about a centimeter wider was the better choice! I own both the Hi-Point(that I keep at home), and a G2C in both 9mm and 10mm-Short (that’s a .40S&W). The Taurus is the clear choice for concealed carry. I’m sure some may choose to concealed carry a Hi-Point of any calibre, but may find they could list to one side, depending on their stature. In closing, Carry whatever you want! Both weapons are dependable, don’t give in to the crap that one is more prone to malfunction over the other! Just keep your weapon lived, and “in your pants!”

  40. I got both c9 and g2s in my collection. both shot very well in the range with brass ammo.

    the Winchester steel forged ammo I got from Walmart long time ago has failed to eject problem on the c9 almost every magazine. the empty case sit in the chamber and need to use a stick to punch out. I avoid to buy steel forged ammo now and no more problem.

  41. Interesting article and lots of reviews that just seem to favor one or the other. I wouldn’t want either one of them myself but I am not saying anything is wrong with either of them. I suggest looking at a Sar9 or the Canik models. My preference is S&W brands, but that is just me.
    It is now Oct 2023


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