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With a serialized, easily-removed internal chassis, SIG SAUER’s P320 is a truly modular handgun. The ability for the end user to swap between slides and grip frames is a big selling point of the P320 platform, and the aftermarket continues jumping into the mix and upping the modularity factor.

This spring we saw Mirzon at the NRA Annual Meetings, and have finally put their Enhanced Grip Module through its paces . . .

With overmolded, grippy rubber contact areas (according to our lawyers we cannot say GRIP ZONEĀ®) on the polymer grip frame, the Mirzon Enhanced Grip Module looks more SPHINX than SIG. A little fancier, a little nicer, perhaps?

Pulling the guts out of an unmodified P320 and dropping them into the Mirzon grip took all of three minutes. Just pull the takedown lever out of the factory grip then lift the chassis up and forward, out of the stock frame. Reverse the process to install the chassis into the Mirzon unit and you’re done.

Super, super easy. The magazine release is already installed and there’s literally nothing more to it.

Initial impressions when we first gripped this grip at the NRA show were really high. Ergonomics felt spot-on and the traction and control factor seemed top notch. Thankfully, this was still the case some months later with this production loaner unit.

Mirzon says the beavertail was designed to wrap around the shooter’s hand instead of curving up and away from it, thereby increasing control. I can see how this likely limits muzzle flip and I found it very comfortable. That said, I also want to get as high a grip on a pistol as possible and can envision some room for moving the beavertail up a bit higher.

The grippiness of the rubber overmold can’t be overstated. No matter what ammo I shot or how quickly I shot it, the pistol never moved so much as a millimeter inside of my grip.

You know how a lot of beginner shooters “reset” their grip after every shot or couple of shots? That ain’t gonna happen here. You’re glued to the grip module and have complete control over it.

Much of that is inherent in the sticky rubber, but some of it is simply the solid ergonomics. Curves, swells, ribs, and grooves that match the human hand. They feel good — no pressure points and full, even contact everywhere — and they keep the pistol solidly planted.

Twisting or rotating in your grip when firing? Zero chance of that.

No weird rail stuff going on up front on the Mirzon grip module, which is great. The accessory rail is a to-spec M1913 Picatinny rail with four slots, and the front of the trigger guard is squared off and works well with pistol lights.

Furthermore, the Enhanced Grip Module fits all current SIG P320 holsters with the exception of those designed for the sub-compact.

In fact, the Mirzon unit is also compatible with P320 Compact, Carry, Full, X-Carry, and X-Five slides and even with the grip weight and magazine well from the X-Five. Not bad.

Without the X-Five magazine well there’s still some funnel action molded into the grip frame, though again I think there’s room for more of a taper in there. Of course, with the tapered magazine and the fairly wide mouth here I found magazine changes to be extremely fast and hard to screw up.

Mirzon sized the grip nicely to allow magazines to drop completely freely with almost no friction at all, and they insert smoothly. Everything about the ergos, grip angle, magazine well, and more aligned in my brain correctly for rapid and consistent mag changes. The mag release button also worked perfectly for me, from its location and size to its spring weight. It’s spot-on.

Mag after mag of mixed ammo, including NATO-spec and +P stuff, in the Austin heat as well as indoors at The Range at Austin, the Mirzon grip module performed great. It gave me incredible grip and control over the P320 and I shot confidently. It’s also extremely comfortable and soaks up recoil in a big way.

I really have nothing bad to say about it at all other than I didn’t realize it requires 17-round or larger mags (in 9mm; 14+ in .40) and I only had 15-rounders on-hand when the frame showed up.

Unquestionably an improvement in ergonomics and control over the factory P320 frame, the Mirzon Enhanced Grip Module is extremely comfortable and performs great. It’s definitely an upgrade over the standard SIG unit, but whether it’s worth the $159 cost of entry is far more subjective.

Specifications: Mirzon Enhanced Grip Module for SIG SAUER P320

Build: rubber over-molded polymer
Compatibility: all standard holsters, all P320 components except sub-compact (and most P250 models)
Magazines: Gen2 17-round and 21-round 9mm mags plus Gen2 14-round .40 S&W mags
Color: black standard, other colors on custom order basis
MSRP: $159

Ratings (out of five stars):

Looks * * * *
I like the all-black look better, but irrespective of color I think the rubber overmolded sections give the Mirzon unit a higher-end look than the factory SIG one.

Ergonomics * * * * *
This could differ if you have small hands, as it isn’t a small-diameter grip, but it fits my men’s size large hands perfectly and feels fantastic. I’ve seen some positive comments from female shooters as well, so it likely works for a decent range of hand sizes. That sticky, grippy rubber is going to inspire confidence no matter what, and the shape is great. For at least large or XL hands I’m sure you’ll love the Mirzon ergos.

Performance * * * * *
From the drop-free magazines to the fit of the chassis in the frame to the performance on the range, I couldn’t come up with any reason to give this grip frame less than five stars.

Overall * * * *
Realistically the Mirzon Enhanced Grip Module is a five-star product on performance. I’m dinging it a star for what I feel is a high price. This may be unfair considering the cost of development and injection mold creation, etc., but $159 is a huge jump from the $39.99 factory grip module. Is it better? Yes. Is it $159 well spent? Well, it feels better than any stippling job and it upgrades the ergonomics, too, but they do make you pay for it.

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  1. Looks very interesting. I would buy one except that I sold my P320 and purchased an M&P M2 which I like much better

  2. Soft touch rubbers are bound to fall apart and get tacky, rendering the product useless…they simply don’t age well. Wake me up when Magpul makes a grip module.

  3. Erm, okay.

    I think, for the time, a nice set of Talon Grips will do me just fine, thankyouverymuch.

  4. Sorry, the duckbill (reverse beavertail) on the grip module is just dumb. It doesn’t allow for a proper high grip and forces the muzzle down at an awkward angle. I had a 1911 with a duckbill safety and that was the first thing to go.

    If you want a GOOD P320 grip, get the one that’s on the new P320 X Compact. Even Sig recognized that the slightly downward sloping beavertail on their X series of P320 pistols was wrong, so they changed it to a more traditional beavertail on the X Compact. They got the ergos right on that one. And it’s only $50. That’s the grip that every P320 should come with. Hopefully that change makes its way into the rest of the P320 line.

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