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African Americans have a long and noble history of fighting back against murderous racists. Although Martin Luther King and his compatriots’ campaign of non-violence gets the lion’s share of the credit for ending American apartheid, American blacks were fighting racism with good old fashioned firepower from the moment slaves were freed. In the wake of the Charleston Church massacre, parts of the African American community have rediscovered the importance of their natural, civil and Constitutionally protected right to keep and bear arms. The hashtag #WeWillShootBack is born. Hang on. Is it advocating armed self-defense or revenge? I reckon the latter. You? [h/t John in Ohio]

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  1. Good. The more law-abiding people who are armed, the better – including law-abiding black people (and Hispanic, and Asian, and every other ethnicity).

    But we have to rid ourselves of so-called “gun free zones” in order to make a difference in stopping attempted massacres such as this one.

    • Indeed. It’s difficult to “shoot back” if you had to disarm to go to the location where you now find yourself being shot at.

      Let’s hope that those who are new to the ethic of being prepared for self defense, figure this out quickly before lives are lost.

    • Well, it’s about #$%^ing time. Yeah, turns out that the perfect tool for self-defense might actually be a good tool for, well, self-defense.

      If this takes off, and I hope it does, expect white liberals to demand more gun laws to disarm blacks. Democrats have a long history of instituting gun laws for the express purpose of disarming blacks. Those promoting this hashtag might do well to think about that and align their political support accordingly.

    • Well, it’s about damn time, isn’t it? Come on in folks. You’ll find gun folks to be very supportive of good people protecting themselves, color be damned. I don’t know a thing about twitter, but this is the first hashtag I can totally get behind.

  2. I’m all for minorities (such as myself) to be armed, but when I first heard this hashtag, it sounded more like ,”we’re gonna shoot up a white church”. I did not get the impression that they were talking about exercising their right to self defense.

    • #WeWillFightBack might have given me that concern (maybe). But, shooting back strikes the tone of a firefight, or a single engagement. Also, the reference in the posted note of the Bible not protecting suggests DGU.

      • Sounds like “shooting back” against whites in the context of some imaginary, unilateral race war, and not as legitimate self-defense in a one-off race-irrelevant encounter.

        • I’m looking over the various comments at #wewillshootback. I’m seeing a lot of reference to the Black Panthers , hints at blind retaliation against certain other groups, and many mentions of “stand your ground” that indicate a lack of understanding of that important legal principle. Now is a really good time for the NRA to get into some outreach and get the message out that self-defense and RKBA are universal human rights.

    • That thought crossed my mind as well. Keep in mind, before this church shooting in SC, the primary focus was the black men who were shot by police/private citizens who were (in the ones that were more known) white. So, is she talking about good people being able to defend themselves, or about the grievance industry going after vengeance? Gangs often go for revenge when one of their number is killed, let’s not hope we’re going down THAT road.

        • Except this being is being used to fan the flames of racial conflict. Defend yourself against those who seek to victimize you, not as a revenge tactic because you think Whitey’s keeping you down.

        • I’m not sure it’s really fanning the flames that much… this WAS by all accounts a racially motivated spree killing, so it’s not as though race is out of the picture to begin with.

    • “…when I first heard this hashtag, it sounded more like ,”we’re gonna shoot up a white church””

      Then clarify the hashtag.

      Take” #WeWillShootBack” and make it:

      “#WeWillShootBackLawfulSelfDefense” or


      But that creates annoying long-assed hashtags.

      Maybe “BlackLawfulConcealedCarry” or



        • It directly states only one mode of carry. Of places where concealed carry is permitted by law, aren’t most by permission only? When people delineate only concealed carry, it is biased towards the privilege and not the right.

          #WeWillShootBackLawfulConcealedCarry doesn’t require “concealed” to imply firearms. #WeWillShootBackCarry does the job just fine. #BlackLawfulConcealedCarry doesn’t require “concealed” to imply firearms either. #BlackLawfulCarry does the job just fine too. So, which ones required “concealed” to imply firearms again?

        • *Sigh*

          Whatever makes you happy.

          Those were just suggestions, for cripe’s sake…

          (And who is cripe, anyways? I’ve always wanted to know…)

  3. I do believe all capable law abiding Americans should exercise their right to self defense. Period.

  4. Most folks, regardless of race or religion simply want to live their lives peacefully. And every person, regardless of race or religion has the right to self defense.

    Every shooting should be investigated and if the facts warrent it the shooter should be free and have their gun given back. Regardless of race or religion.

    Having said that, if you’re talking about “payback” murder is illegal and wrong, regardless of the race or religion of the person committing murder.

  5. I just did a quick read through the hashtag. Sadly, it appears to be mostly comprised of #BlackLivesMatter types – in other words, the people who are apparently only outraged by the loss of innocent black lives at the hands of white people, when in reality, over 90% of black homicide victims are kilked by other black people.

    I am all for all law-abiding people arming and defending themselves. I’m not for people stirring up racial strife in the name of lawful self-defense.

    • I read through quite a few myself and while some definitely have the great white hate most of them seem to be coming from the right place. There were one or two that said something to the effect of ‘lets buy guns to scare white people’ but the vast majority seemed to be advocating cc or oc.

    • So, in other words, uppity negroes bother you and you’d prefer that they know their place. Correct?

      • Since you apparently have reading comprehension with words over two syllables, I’ll let Andrew Breitbart take it from here:

        (Skip to 1:44 if your attention span is as lacking as your intelligence.)

      • I won’t call you G.-D….how about DOG….please stop reading stuff in a statement to fit your argument…. It’s makes you sound stupid…he never said anything like that….moron

    • I believe that many of those talking “revenge” are all talk and trying to incite others to do the physical stuff. As such, I trust that this aspect will fall away and the end result will be more black people bearing arms for the same reasons that you and I do. Even though I don’t anticipate some with extreme progressive views to “see the light” overnight, if they bear arms long enough in defense of themselves and their loved ones, some of the flaws and cracks in progressivism that are obvious to us will begin to show through for them. In any event, as long as they are bearing arms in defense of themselves and against tyranny, if matters not to me what their political beliefs are. I anticipate that the voices of those calling for armed revenge will eventually be drowned out by those simply wanting to take responsibility for their own safety. After all, when one bears arms in defense of themselves and family long enough, it’s difficult to go back to relying only on others to do the job. It becomes a jealously guarded personal exercise of a right if one practices it long enough.

    • Chip’s post (directly above mine) only showed up on my computer after it was too late to amend my comment. Perhaps they still don’t get it. I hope most do.

  6. Good for them. Being pacifist and turning the other cheek doesn’t mean you have to stand by and do nothing if you are being slaughtered.

    Gun control in the US stems from racist laws enacted to keep minorities disarmed. It is time for them to tool up, protect themselves, their communities and those they love. They need to reclaim their God given right to self defense.

    • Former Commanding Officer of mine, who leaned a little too much on the religious side, said “yes a the bible relays a good Christian turns the other cheek, it doesn’t saying anything about offering it a second time”.

      • Turning the other cheek has absolutely nothing to do with self-defense against a threat to one’s life, or any other physical assault. Turning the other cheek applies to response to being insulted:

        But I tell you, do not resist an evil person. If anyone slaps you on the right cheek, turn to them the other cheek also.

        Consider that the vast majority of people are right-handed. Thus, if someone strikes you, they do so with their right hand. If someone strikes you on the right cheek with their right hand (while facing you), they are giving you a back-handed strike. Symbolically, a back-handed strike is merely an insult, not a physical threat.

  7. This will be interesting to watch. The administration, and party, has long relied on minority fears to push gun control. Now you have those same minorities pushing ownership to protect from criminals and not trusting in governmental authorities to do so.

    This could play out with a lot of problems for Shannon and friends.

    • Yep, was just telling a friend that the tide is changing. Whole communities that have been brainwashed into being anti gun are waking up.

      The Black pastor on national morning shows saying it was time to strap up must have had high ranking liberals all over the country freaking out. Lol

  8. Good. A few bullets would have saved the tax payers a whole lot of money housing this racist until he gets the death penalty.

    Too bad the elites have disarmed Baltimore. It’s a shooting gallery and law abiding citizens have no right to self defense.

    • The man child admitted to the murders…he’s earned his Breaker Morant moment…it should be televised and a special place in hell reserved for him.

      • Unfortunately, that will not stop endless appeals, and debate/appeals about the appropriate method to put him to death.

    • Baltimore is NOT disarmed. They have no special carve out to the rest of Maryland and are beholden to the same laws as the rest of the state.

      They can walk in any gun store and walk out the same day with practically any long gun of their choosing just like in the majority of the other “free” states. Maryland also has Castle Doctrine inside the home.

      Now if you are talking about handguns and the ability to carry them then you would have a point.

  9. Good I hope this a turning point for those voting blindly along party lines. Your current administration and the hag want you defenseless

  10. Everyone has the right to self defense. Glad to hear of the movement! Protect yourself from crime and crazies!

    Those living in many urban locations will have a rough legal battle to fully realize their rights as we’ve all seen, but it’ll happen.

  11. If the black population is finally waking up to the fact that over 85% to 90% of blacks are murdered by other blacks, and needing weapons to defend against other blacks trying to murder them, good for them.

    But, I doubt that is the motivation for this upsurge in the acceptance of carrying guns for self-defense.

    In the end, the narrative pushed by the liberal/progressive/statist establishment of supporting the victim mentality of the black population, (white privilege, social justice, etc) encouraging an us and them hostility, will be looked back in history as one of the greatest lies, and violation of a people’s dignity told and nurtured by the old media.

    • Much like the Mafioso before them, it seems that gangs generally respect the sanctity of the church. There may be a war outside, but churchgoers and especially churches are left alone. People try to help their communities, but it can be hard to reconcile that the goofy toddler you watched grew up is hustling. When an ostensible outsider comes in and violated your safe space, that’s when you are spurred to take up defensive arms.

      The media may try to play the story for their own end, but nothing is surprising or bothering me at this point.

  12. Are they aware that the people they voted for want to take their guns? Maybe someone should tweet them the infamous bloomberg quote, or even the presidents “white gun laws won’t work in the inner city” routine.

  13. I clicked the link and now I think i’m on a list for it. This doesn’t seem like a typical group supporting the right to bear arms. These guys are more along the line of the Black Panthers.

  14. Whatever your color, creed, faith, or origins you have the right to defend yourself. Shoot, shop, train, carry.

    • Thanks for including that link as I forgot to include it. I first read a story on #WeWillShootBack through PrisonPlanet, followed the hashtag link, and then read the Mashable article. Hopefully everyone will read that last one for sure. To me, it seems clear that this is intended to be about black people exercising their individual right to defend themselves.

  15. Uh yeah it looks more like let’s shoot white folks to me. But don’t leave yourself defenseless in your church while you’re being robbed/shot/raped by your nephew/son,uncle,dad or cousin…the real problem in the black neighborhood-everyone knows the criminals. Happy Fathers Day!

    • There’s nothing wrong with militant resistance. The Bundy Ranch incident is an example. The Militia and Patriot movement of the 1990s are also. When some of us engage in OC marches or CopBlock events, they could be considered militant resistance. Lastly, what is Molon Labe! but a statement of militant resistance to being disarmed.

  16. I would wager folks in the African American community are capable of figuring out what “shooting back ” means for them. They don’t need any help, advice, permission or interference from white people.

    • So why do black people keep voting for the party and the usually white elites, that wants them, and everyone else disarmed?

      • No POTG that I’ve met assume that my overwhelmingly German and Irish blood need any help, advice, permission or interference to exercise my natural right to bear arms and defend myself. Why would my few drops of black and native American blood need it? I was raised for the first half of my childhood in an impoverished environment that consisted mostly of black families. Since I’m a Heinz57 and my upbringing wasn’t in white suburbia, does that make my reasoning for keeping and bearing arms suspect? Sure, progressives of any DNA and upbringing will undoubtedly try to subvert the intent but in the end, more individuals will be exercising their individual right. They don’t need a pass from anyone to do this.

  17. I’m going with the former(defensive gun use). Robert, what are your reasons for guessing it’s about revenge?

  18. Is it advocating armed self-defense or revenge?

    Reading some of the comments from people who have been using the hashtag, I believe it is in the spirit of advocating armed self-defense. However, there will undoubtedly be those who use it to fan the flames of racial discord. I’ve even read comments from antis who want more minorities to carry so that guns will eventually be banned. Regardless, something like this has the potential to increase the number of people exercising their natural right to be armed and defend themselves so I am in favor of it, regardless of what hijacking is attempted. (I am sure that race baiters will try very hard to hijack this.)

    • I’ve even read comments from antis who want more minorities to carry so that guns will eventually be banned.

      I suspect in many cases, they have bought into the narrative that the only reason not to be a proggie is so you can be a bigot. As such, any pro-gunner must be a bigot and will turn on guns when minorities start to carry them.

      Time will show that their analysis of (most of) us is wrong.

      • I’ve said it before and I think (!) is bears repeating: cognitive dissonance is a powerful weapon.

        Keep leading people to the truth. Keep letting them see that what they are being told is a lie. Let them come to the right conclusion on their own.

        That is, in my opinion, one of the most powerful weapons we have in the ‘culture war.’ Sure, it’s slower than beating people over the head with an idea, but it’s more solid.

        And I agree with the numerous comments already made…this is the time for the NRA to break the back of it’s anti-minority image. Actions speak louder than words, and we can show the people in minority communities that …


        The enemy is Statists that use the minority communities to solidify power.

        • I would be very surprised to see the NRA use this opportunity properly to encourage minorities in the exercise their individual right to bear arms, especially long gun carry where permissible under the law. I expect ineffective token measures at the most.

          I am no big fan of the NRA and haven’t been a member for many years. However, I am not an enemy of the organization either. It has simply shown itself to be a statist, politically driven organization that often compromises Liberty for the false idol of perceived safety. For whatever motivations or ineffectiveness, the NRA won’t embrace this opportunity fully. It would delight me to no end to be proven wrong by the NRA on this but statist gestures, light on rights and geared towards privileges, won’t do it for me.

  19. Everybody has the right to defend themselves from criminal elements of any race point blank period. I’m trained and will defend anyone from anybody that will cause harm

  20. It’s about damn time… God gave you a brain, USE IT! C’mon Black People, get off the democrat vote plantation and join us OFWGs in being tool-using humans!

  21. Even if it is revenge, this is the nature of the process… People put up with too much, then over-react, and then end up tempered with time and thought. They should be pissed, having been manipulated and lied to by democrats for so long.

    When they turn back to being tool-using humans, and see all of us Old Fat White Guys are not at all their enemies, but friends welcoming them, wishing only that they had come this way sooner…

  22. Was it Napoleon who said, “never interrupt an enemy when he is making a mistake?” Well, how about interrupting a friend?

    Questioning the intent behind this hashtag is a mistake. More accurately, it’s missing an opportunity.

    First we had the bishop urging his pastors to protect their flocks, and now we have this hashtag that by all means sounds like a call to armed self defense. So, where is the NRA in this, and why has nobody stepped up to offer free introductory handgun classes to the bishop and his churches? Hell, if someone sets up a fundraiser, I’ll contribute to it.

    This is a golden opportunity to refute the notion that the NRA and gun culture are an OFWG club. The Second Amendment is an American value, as are racial equality and freedom of religion. Let’s not sit on the sidelines and debate whether the folks energized by this hashtag have got the right meaning. Let’s step up and show them the way of the POTG!

  23. I propose a hashtag to accompany it, #YouShouldShootBack, used in any replies supporting armed self-defense. It supports those who are using the original tag in the self-defense sense and redirects the conversation in the cases where they aren’t.

  24. Well, doesn’t it just figure that while the people of Charleston, SC, have done a great job of remaining calm and coming together, some other extremist butt-wipe has to drag the matter down to the lowest common denominator. Yeah, I reckon it’s a call more for revenge than self-defense by the same people who urge the random killing of Cops. I wouldn’t grace this person by interpreting this hashtag as calling primarily for anything as natural and rightful as self-defense, but it can surely be spun that way…

  25. I’m all for minorities and any American arming up for self defense. However, I also know that being in favor of gun ownership does not equate to respect for the 2A and the Constitution. Che’s little band of commies sure liked their guns, but I don’t think they were the Constitutional types.

    It’s dangerous to assume that people wanting to arm up equates to them “waking up” about the 2A, and I don’t just mean minorities. It could just mean Obama and Holder’s race war stirring is starting to have an effect.

    That said, the only people minorities are “scaring” by arming up is leftists and antis. Any decent 2A supporter stands by the right of every American’s liberties.

  26. Robert, MLK had guns. He applied for a Alabama permit several times and was denied. He kept them in various chairs stuffed in the cushion. Rosa Parks’ grandpa kept a shotgun handy.

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