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  1. What few shots she actually did get off are negated by the fact that she had her hand on her gun long before she really would on the street

  2. Was that my girl limalife? If it is, she makes all kinds of cool videos. She addresses all kinds of everyday questions. If that is her, she knows her stuff.

  3. That is me (limalife) in this video. I found this post via the “discovery” on my “should you carry a round in the chamber” video that you embedded above.
    In actuality the two short clips put into this video were supposed to be part of a series where I/we DID show how poor of a choice using a firearm this close was, especially unchambered. We had technical difficulties after only a few shots and I did the best I could with the video I was able to get.
    The first scenario we were running (the one you see in this video) is based off the Tueller drill.. Just trying to draw and fire while someone is coming after you and to show how bad it was chambered and unchambered but especially unchambered.
    It’s true, I DID NOT have distance or control. That was not what was being demonstrated and I have never said that this is an appropriate response, only that it was a demonstration of a chambered firearm vs an unchambered one.
    The next scenario we were going to run (which we weren’t able to get) was with my trying to fight for distance or control and showing that in that moment when you DO get distance or control you need your firearm to be ready NOW because the opportunity will close quickly.
    We were going to run a third scenario as well with possibly throwing in knife defense but, again, we just couldn’t get the video and we wanted to make it simple.
    This video has been taken out of context as me demonstrating “this is how it’s done.” It’s not, nor did I intend it to be that way… if anything it is “this is how it’s not done.” Had we been able to get the video we wanted I would have gone into more detail regarding when close is too close and fighting for distance or control.
    I really don’t mind people using the video to demonstrate the need to get off the x or fight for distance or control (because it is a good demonstration of that) as long as they don’t try to put words in my mouth or assume I was using this video as a means to say “do what I did.” It’s just a demonstration of the speed difference and possible consequences of choosing to carry a firearm unchambered. That’s all.
    If you watch my TDI knife FOF video you will see a better example of my advocating “fighting for distance or control” to use a weapon.
    One day I hope I’ll get to redo this video and show a better response but until then I have gotten dozens upon dozens of messages saying that video along has convinced people to carry with one chambered and so I will leave it up.
    On the other hand I get lots of messages, comments and posts like these who wrongly assume and say that I advocate this kind of response to a close quarters attack. I don’t. This was just an elaborate Tueller demonstration that left me with a bruised rib and a very sore spine and not nearly enough video to relay my true message.

  4. Good job of showing the problem with the close and closing encounter. Add to that the fact that most do not practice enough to be accurate at much over 10 to 15 feet, and you have a mess that can get deadly. Thanks so much for making it all clear.


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