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It’s one thing to know that New Jersey denies residents their natural, civil and Constitutionally protected right to keep and bear arms. It’s another to see it. You could say that Orange PD Detective Sergeant Chris Garey is “just doing his job.” And you’d be right. But so were the . . . Do we really need to go there? I will say this . . .

New Jersey Governor Chris Christie is at the top of a state government that routinely even aggressively denies American citizens their gun rights, resulting in the criminal victimization of innocent people. What was it that Edmund Burke said? All that is necessary for the triumph of evil is that good men do nothing. Like that.

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  1. Replace “pistol permit” with “voter registration card” and suddenly people understand what you’re really dealing with.

    • “Replace “pistol permit” with “voter registration card” and suddenly people understand what you’re really dealing with.”

      And I DO, EVERY chance I get: “If voter ID laws are racist, aren’t gunowner ID laws just as racist if not more so?”

      You know you’ve struck a nerve when you reduce an anti-gun cultist to trying to minimize Jim Crow and telling the lie that he’s never heard of “literacy tests” used to suppress the Black vote.

      They’ve told one lie too many, and every day more and more people are catching on and turning away from them.

  2. It’s sad, really. New Jersey used to be a nice waste toxic dump site and a great place for New York to send its garbage. And now it’s come to this.

        • What’s the difference between a lawyer and a snake? When people see a snake in the road, they sometimes swerve to try and not run over it…….better stay on the sidewalk there Ralphie Boy….Chasing those ambulances just might get you run over.

        • “Smart enough to be a lawyer”? WTF does that mean? Lawyers are crooks. How “smart” do you have to be to be a crook? Question should be more like “are you smart enough to NOT be a lawyer?”

        • Well – we wouldn’t need lawyers if you guys didn’t vote in representatives who do nothing but pass tens of thousands of laws incessantly over complicating everyone’s life and liberty. Pat yourself on the back – then pay Ralph when you break one of the millions of laws you didn’t know about.

        • Gentlemen, Let us not forget that lawyers are evil, and if you need one, you want the most ruthless one you can afford.

          That, and, we haven’t won many of our rights back because we asked the gov nicely, and they saw the error of their ways. No, we sued and won…

          Just sayin’…

          (Not a lawyer, nor do I play one on TV.)

  3. “But so were the . . . ” WHAT? the tyrants of history?; the various herpes and AIDS viruses out there?

    Funny, how the A-HOLES OF HISTORY ARE ONLY DOING THEIR JOB, but those that risk everything to do the right thing, the agreed upon thing, the thing that would be a favor to the rest of ya without the stones yourselves, to ‘end’ the mf’s would sacrifice everything they had to get it done.

    Kinda reminds me of a similar story of, ohh, about 230 + years ago, there were a few (famous AND FORGOTTEN) people who did you an unrepayable solid, by finally giving up on the WTF.

    • There’s not an MF alive (or dead) that can give you (dole out) your “right(s)”. If your A-hole neighbor needing a job (someone employed by your government) tries to ‘give’ you your rights. TELL THEM TO IMMEDIATELY PACK THEIR SH_T AND GO HOME. They’ve become F’d in the head and gone Citizen+ on ya.

      THAT, more than any form of weapon known to man, has been the MOST DANGEROUS, AND MOST DELETERIOUS IMPACT UPON MANKIND.

  4. This is the problem throughout the country. Some law enforcement agencies embrace the 2nd amendment and have no problem with law abiding citizens owning firearms. Then some law enforcement feel threatened that a individual has a firearm. You find this in mostly liberal areas, although even some police officers in rural areas give a ccw holder a hard time.

  5. NJ is just another piss ant evil liberal POS blue (D) state in New England that wants to dictate to us. If NJ packed another twelve trillion illegal immigrants within its borders it still would not represent another single square inch of America, or it’s values.

    FUNJ keep your f’d up sh_t to yourself.

    • Woah easy there, don’t pin NJ on us here in NE. They are not a part of New England and never will be! Lol.

      • New Jersey is a poor representative today considering they were one of the thirteen original colonies that founded this nation.

      • NJ is a mid Atlantic state with PA and Del. The northern half is where the toxic dumps are, the southern half is swamps and bogs

  6. Project Veritas videos, the abortion baby body parts videos, now this. I’m glad to see aggressive action being taken to expose evil and ccorruption. This is how to start educating the non gun owning public on how civil rights are being violated.

  7. Somebody needs to give this clown a woodbine attitude adjustment. One it takes him a few weeks in the ICU to recover from. This clown is exactly the reason I will NEVER live in NJ again and will never return except as a member of an armed liberation force.

  8. Typical NJ nonsense. You’re guilty until proven otherwise. I have very little sympathy for most cops, because that’s the attitude most cops in NJ have: anti-gun and anti-rights in general. They absolutely hate having to deal with Joe Taxpayer. Unless of course you owe them money. All of a sudden they take a great interest in you. But doing their job such as issuing a gun permit to a law abiding citizen? Get ready to be ignored and / or treated like a criminal.

  9. The whole state is mobbed up and corrupt from top to bottom.

    And this is what you get.

    This is exactly why the anti federalists insisted on a bill of rights, and good that they did. Who could have predicted that the state would grow to such levels of corruption and tyranny that they would just flat out ignore the words ‘shall not infringe’.

  10. I have never been more disgusted in my life watching this video. He just outright denies the rights of all citizens on a whim with no checks or balances. As a law enforcement officer in the state of NJ, I am ashamed of this officer. As a leo you take an oath to uphold and defend the constitution and apparently there’s no consequences in this state for failing to carry out your oath.

        • Because people in NJ are too scared of thugs like you to exercise their rights. This clown is a perfect example of the corruption I have come to expect from NJ cops. Like the “retired” detective who kept coming in to the show I worked at with an openly carried handgun and spent at least half an hour publicly flaunting the “deadly” hollow points in his backup magazine.

        • Telly me, Ryan, how come last time I applied for pistol permits it took about 4 months? Are you guys using smoke signals to do background checks? Or carrier pigeons? We both know that all you’re doing is checking a few databases on a computer, nothing more. It shouldn’t take more than a day. But instead NJ cops always have an excuse as to why the permits are not ready: “oh we’re waiting on State Police to get back to us,” “oh we’re waiting on the mental health records check to come back from the county,” “oh you’re references have not come in yet,” even though people sent them in weeks or months ago. You get the exact same excuses whether it’s been 3 weeks or 3 months since you applied.

          Again, my only two explanations: stupid or liar. Either all cops in NJ or so incompetent that it takes months just to do a simple background check, or you’re doing it on purpose. You’re lying about the process just so you can deny people their rights. For all I know you might be an exception, but maybe not. That’s the reality in Jersey.

        • Mr. Pierogie,
          Normally it takes less than 5 minutes to do a BGC. The only thing that might make it longer is if someone with a warrant or past arrest has the same name/DOB. Then it might add another 5 minutes.

          This New Jersey Sgt. Totally disgusted me. I’m kinda sorry I watched it because I’m really pissed off now.
          He deserves to be tarred, feathered and thrown on a boat to Cuba.

        • Fairly certain Ryan isn’t the problem, given his comments. There are actually good leo’s out there, believe it or not…

    • I don’t know what area Ryan is from, but even in small New Jersey there are places like the Oranges, near NYC and Newark where I am sure gun owners’ rights are trampled; and there is also rural southern NJ and the hilly area on the NY and PA border. Maybe it is different in the rural areas. I don’t know. TTAG just published the article about the Ulster County (NY) sheriff advising people with CCW permits to carry. We all know that in CA, NY, IL, VA and many other states, there is the big city dominating politics and then the rest of the state. Then again today I saw in a rural area some poor working class person (small cheap car) pulled over by the State Police for marginally exceeding the speed limit just because ….

      • As you noted not all of NJ acts like the cities and liberal districts. Secondly my last permit took 7 months at local pd so I would love to know how this happens as well. I’m not sure how that happens because my department does not deal with permits as it is county level.

        • I live in Clark which is in Union County. Permits take maybe a month. While the permit process itself is unconstitutional, I am glad my local PD doesn’t waste time. Ryan I am also happy to see a NJ officer that supports the constitution. My experience has been… sub par when it comes to that and cops in NJ, even my own officer childhood friends.

      • Just as all of Illinois is not Chicago, all of NJ is not East Orange or Newark or Paterson or Camden. I just spent today, December 7th, at the ANJRPC range in beautiful Highland Lakes, NJ. I shot my WWII era 1911, my Garand and Scoped ’03 Springfield in remembrance of those that perished 64 years ago today at Pearl Harbor. It is a beautiful range that consists of six ranges of various types that reach out to 300 yards. I couldn’t ask for a nicer group of people that shoot there, all 30 minutes from my home. I’m surrounded by lakes (filled with Bass, Muskies, Trout, Walleyes, etc.) and thousands of acres of forest. Today was opening day of bear season, and we have more of ’em than we can shake a stick at.(deer too). OK, it’s not Colorado, but it’s not as bad as you all think. I’ll bet that most people in this country can name a bunch of crappy places (urban or rural) within an hours’ drive of where they live, just don’t go THERE.

        • Shhhh. Just keep letting people think it’s a toxic waste dump (with no surf). The gun laws are undeniably horrible, though. If your Garand was a Carbine, you wouldn’t be posting. You’d be in jail… because “Assault Weapon.”

        • Its a good thing you dont need gas or have to take a piss on your 30 min ride home. And of course, you’ll never get to try the lovely Jimmy Gees restaurant since you can’t stop. btw, if you get into a fight with your wife for spending the day at the range and not cleaning the dishes, good luck getting your guns back.

          Its not bad… if all you do is sport. for those of us that want to protect our family, and home….or play the odds of not getting pulled over with an over zelous PD officer… thats another story I guess.

          You have Evan Nappen kind of money?

          Last I checked, Owning a hand gun in NJ is Illegal….

          Unless! you fall within an exemption. Is that how you want to live? Exemptions are a defense in the court of law, and you could be arrested and tried at any point just for owning a handgun. though unlikely due to precedent.

          *do,do,do*… the more you know.

      • As a former resident of Ulster County and a holder of a FULL carry non restricted NYS permit. I have to say that most of NY is nothing at all like the NYC Metro area. Most rural Sheriffs as the Sherriff is in Kingston are more then happy to help you as to whats needed to complete the paperwork personally as he did in my case. They tell you up front just to sit down and wait. The Sheriff knows he/she works for you and are nothing like the NY state police. It is however the state police who do the paperwork and hold up the works as long as they possibly can. My application to receiving my permit took 9 months. Rural life is a good life. Even in NYS.

    • Yeah..your so disgusted but, he’s your “brother in blue”. A member of the biggest, baddest GANG in the land, and do are you. If firemen don’t go looking for fires to put out…and paramedics are not scouring the land for people to save, why do cops feel they have to constantly patrol actively looking for crime? All you are, are glorified revenue agents who once in a while get lucky…but outside of that you constantly harass the public over stupid shit. Lets face it, you guys are never around when someone actually needs you…you are just like this asshole in the video, part of the problem…you have yours because of your job…so screw everyone else, right? A.C.A.B.

  11. About 20 mins in “there’s no way on earth I would give you a gun maam.”.

    That’s it right there, this man believes this is his right to decide for all citizens. It is not, at least it should not be.

    But this is NJ.

    I’d be curious about the income levels of the people he has approved… know what I mean? Wink wink, nudge nudge?

  12. The guy behind the Camera looks like Alex P Roubian – I saw him at GRPC. He’s a firebrand and force to be contended with.

  13. I would bet that if you are “connected” you could get a New Jersey permit without a problem.

    Note that connected has multiple meanings in modern vernacular and I suspect all of them apply here.

    • There are only 2,000 or less CCW permit holders in N.J. a state with millions of law-abiding residents, the Democrat controlled legislature has refused to release info on who in “public office” holds one. The fact is retired cops don’t need one and the CCW permits are reserved for politicians, their politically connected family members/friends and of course contributors who donate large sums of money to their campaigns. The whole state needs to be flushed down the drain, the GOP-controlled suburban locales are RINO fiefdoms they’re as bad on the 2nd Amendment as the Democrat-dominated inner cities.

      • NJ is so bad that it actually takes the position that retired cops do require permits to carry (the Retired Law Enforcement Officer Permit to Carry), but it’s different than the one regular people apply for and doesn’t go towards that 1,500-2,000 number. It’s pretty much rubber stamped – the state even refers to the retired officer’s “right to carry” – but it wants the final say-so.

        I’ve only seen one non-LEO carry permit. It was issued to the owner of an armored car company, was limited to three guns, and was restricted to the performance of his job duties. Better than nothing, I suppose.

  14. Christie’s always been a grabber, threading the needle between Tastycrat and Fingerlican, but a grabber nonetheless. He sought election to push for an assault weapon ban, for cryin’ out loud, and has pardoned a grand total of like five people from the tender mercies of the gun control system he’s the boss of.

    Also, someone get Joe R some Xanax, he’s really starting to shit up the site with his CAPS LOCK bile…

    • “Send this guy to North Korea … that is where he belongs”

      The ‘Dear Leader’ won’t approve his visa, there’s only room for one dictator in the ‘Democratic People’s Republic’…

  15. I grew up in that thug-filled shithole. Pay close attention, because this is the blueprint for our country under Hitlary. Chris Christie has done virtually nothing to undo any of this and he should be ashamed. These smug know it all petty tyrants are our betters, and know better than we do. I’m sure the criminals a couple of miles away in Newark gladly submit to this scrutiny. This proves what I’ve been saying here in other posts on TTAG.
    You will get a permit if you are connected politically, EOS.

  16. Forgot about firearms, all y’all know you can’t have a pocketknife in NJ either?

    They sure are worried out there about the proles getting all stabby and shooty for some reason. Odd because it’s not the same in other states, and they all seem to be getting by somehow.

    That’s some straight up tyranny right there.

  17. My God I’m glad I live in American instead of New Jersey.

    Montana. What America used to be.

    But please don’t take that as an invitation to move here. Nothing personal…

    • Absolutely. Come here. Marvel at the beautiful flora and fauna. Spend lots of money. GO HOME. Repeat next year. See ya.

  18. Just throwing out a suggestion – by 10 minutes in, I’d seen admission to violation of the Americans with Disabilities Act, Title VII (sex discrimination), and Equal Protection. Bury the mother-bangers in litigation. Defending lawsuits is NOT cheap. Blow out the state’s pecuniary aorta with suit after suit. A handful of decent lawyers, next thing you know the AG’s office is adding six permanent staff, and stuff starts happening.
    You’ll lose some and win some, but this video is solid gold medals in a courtroom.
    Back them up against the wall.

    • Adding six more staff to a government agency is a wet dream for them. It’s NJ… Government jobs are like hitting the lottery.

      Alexander Roubian, who is the president of the NJ2AS, is doing a phenomenal job in NJ. The NRA has long abandoned the state and NJ2AS is the only game in town. Unfortunately, NJ has no gun culture and gun owners have to stay in the closet. Lots of fudds and even the gun stores bury their heads in the sand.

      I moved to GA to GTFO to America but I never many comrades left behind enemy lines in NJ.

    • Isn’t that what the N.R.A. is supposed to be doing on our behalf with the millions we give them each year? Oh yeah, gotta afford all those six figure paychecks for the board first, then gotta pay the call centers were people who have never seen a gun except on tv call at least four times a year asking for more money to help “the cause” even though I rarely see any legal action on our behalf.

  19. @5:18 He’s reading right off the form he says he doesn’t have to give the guy.

    @6:00 you can see he’s anti-gun for citizens. HE’S a decider for who is worthy to protect themselves.

    “I haven’t lost an appeal”

    This guy is such a jerk and worst kind of loser with a ridiculous ego. #bootlicker

  20. What happens in NJ doesn’t stay in NJ. Donate to NJ2AS if you want to stop this garbage from coming to your state. If you want to make a difference, send your money to states behind enemy lines. Fight them there so you don’t have to fight them in your state.

    • Every interview thus far where the press contacted the city of Orange, NJ, their attorney has said they have no comment and that they are “investigating”. We got more for them, since they feel like taking their sweet time. Imagine if the “urban” citizens, as he put it, in Orange, NJ were being delayed or denied in registering to vote?? I think the tune would change quickly

  21. WOW, this video stunned me, I didn’t know it was that hard just to buy a damn gun in New Jersey!
    I’m used to it taking 5-10 minutes from the point I decide I’m buying it, to walking out the door with my new purchase. Looks like I’ll add NJ on my list of states to not live in.

    • The first link is an unofficial page- they are not going to see anything that gets posted there. It would be smarter to post on the city’s official facebook page so everyone sees it.

  22. Mr. Pierogie,
    Interesting. Retired LEO’s are barred from hollow point carry in NJ. Only Leo’s on the job may carry them on & off-duty. Next time, call 911 on the bastard.

  23. This is a good reminder to everyone everywhere the importance of staying vigilant. It can happen in your state – it can happen at the Federal level. Stay in the fight and support all legal effort through the courts to challenge NJ and similarly oppressive state governments.

  24. I lived for 15 years in Orange, NJ in the mid 80’s through 2000. At the time I had not yet developed an interest in firearms but a buddy of mine who also lived there was a hunter. As I recall he did not have any trouble with going through the process to obtain an NJ firearm PURCHASER ID card, although it did take some time. It’s required for long guns, and for any ammo, is permanent but cannot be used for handguns. Handguns require a permit that is good for a single handgun purchase only, but you can apply for as many as you want (but the one gun a month limit makes it practical only to apply for a max of 4 at one time as I recall, because the permits expire 90 days after issuance). When I got into firearms, I was mostly interested in handguns, and the process is exactly the same, even using the same application which kicks off criminal background and mental health records checks. I lived in Bloomfield, NJ, at the time, and although the delays beyond the statutory 30 days max for permit issuance were annoying (but fully backed by the judiciary), I always received mine eventually – mostly at about 90 days. I was advised by a buddy with experience in Bloomfield that to move the process along, one should just show up at the police station and ask for the detective who handles firearms permit applications. I recall that a two minute polite conversation was all that was needed, and my permits were waiting for me within 2 weeks. I am 100% certain that those who showed up and spoke to the detective as I did, were being looked at as unafraid and with nothing to hide, essentially they were profiling me as a law-abiding citizen/resident of the town.

    Based on my personal experiences and having read of the experiences of others, each town is different. Bloomfield is in the middle where they had not been known to arbitrarily deny, but simply delay and delay until you show up for “inspection”.

    I watched the entire video above. What I see in the discussion, attitude and clear ignorance of the constitution and his sworn duty to protect it, is a policeman who is ignorant, uneducated, and a slave to the NJ anti-gun rights political machine. I understand why, in that environment that such men sit in positions of arbitrary bureaucratic power, doing violence to the constitution for the sake of a paycheck and pension. Still, he disgusts me, and yet if he were moved to a decent state and re-educated I think he could learn how wrong he was and how much harm he has done to others.

    I moved out of that high-tax, corrupt state as soon as my family circumstances made it possible, and now enjoy my 2A rights quite thoroughly. It still makes me mad when I see videos like this, as the sense of POWERLESSNESS cannot be forgotten.

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