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  1. If something happens to Mr. Zimmerman this controversy will take on new levels. The latest on this story is police are accepting George’s version of events which is not what the more militant observers want to hear.

    • I can’t wait for this media event to pass so I can come to this blog for guns and not race paranoia.

      To whose race paranoia do you refer?

      • I hope it’s not TTAG’s but the cartoon has no context or commentary. What is TTAG’s take on it? If it’s just to rile us up I would suggest that it needs the “Incendiary” tag.

    • Thank you! I keep coming back and checking in, hoping that the focus has been returned to guns. This feel like f-ing Fox News with guns thrown in at this point… It really makes just makes me *sad* that this site has gone so far south. Or maybe “right” is the better word. Christ, I am wasting my time… You guys have gone to far with the politics. When is the last time you reviewed a damn gun, instead of focusing on intentionally devisive issues? I would ask you to stop, but I already know that this site’s gone too far. It’s no longer about guns. It’s about politics, with a dash of guns thrown in to keep people coming back. The closer we get to election, it’s just getting worse. And, just out of curiosity, did anyone else find the “George Zimmerman shot Treyvon Martin with a Kel-Tec PF 9” completely unnecessary? Who the hell cares what gun was used. And the whole DGUOTD? Sick. Who the hell celebrates the loss of life? Sure, the good guy won- but it just feels sick to me. I carry every day, before anyone jumps to conclusions. You are celebrating (often) loss of life. You all lost me, and I while I’m sure you are picking up more and more supporters every day, you are alienating just as many others. In interest of having *flame deleted* not inserted into my post, I’ll just say that you guys are REALLY starting to make firearms lovers look pretty damn out of touch. You’re starting to do a hell of a lot more harm than good, in my humble (and surely disregarded) opinion. Guns can be a uniting issue, and dammit I wish you would take that stance. I keep coming back, and I don’t know why. Like I said, it’s a waist of time. You have your agenda, and that has been made extremely clear. I’m already out the door… Thanks for your concern, but I’ll be certain it doesn’t hit my ass.

      • Guess you may have to “waist” your time somewhere else. If you can’t handle a DGU being politically charged, you’d best take up basket weaving. Your assailant may be a different race than you, and the media can and will blow that all out of proportion. Perhaps that is the case in Martin vs. Zimmerman, hence the commentary and concerns voiced here.

        • Race has NOTHING to do with my post. Please, enlighten me… Show me how I brought race into the issue. Because Martin was black? Doesn’t make a bit of difference.

  2. This is a stupid, and, yes, racist cartoon.

    That said, I’m not happy about the feds investigating this case, but the Sanford police failed, so here we are.

    In response to Mitch, I would say that the politics are what keep me interested in and frustrated with TTAG. It is a hard right-wing site. Mitch, I feel your pain. But I also think that the politics surrounding guns need to be discussed. Race is a huge issue here, because race is a huge issue in our society, especially with regards to guns and gun laws. Pretending it’s not will get us nowhere.

    I will continue to bang my head against the wall that is TTAG, and enjoy the rare ray of sunshine.

    • How is the cartoon racist? Because it mentions the black panthers passingly? Give me a fuckin break.

      Also, I have to call bullshit on the Bit about TTAG being “hard right-wing”. Do you see and anti abortion posts? Do you see posts about how Muslims are destroying the country?

      TTAG is anti Obama sure, but that doesn’t make someone right wing, it just means they are competent.

      I don’t believe I have seen a single TTAG post about the republican primaries, beides maybe one about which candidates have guns. I can’t off the tip of my head recall a post here that was completely political and didn’t involve guns somehow, and this is no different. George Zimmerman used a GUN to kill Trayvon Martin, many people are using and will try to use this against the “gun lobby”, AKA you and me, so it is very relevant to our interest. I think they have put up a few to many posts about it, but what do you expect? it’s a hot button issue that lots of people are looking at and TTAG is a site that makes money on page views. I’d be try to milk it too.

      • As for the cartoon, read it a couple of more times. It is, if not racist, then certainly biased. I’ll go with racist. It suggests that the Justice Department is colluding with the Black Panthters, which many still fear, but which hardly exist anymore. The Black Panthers were, BTW, some of the original heroes (or anit-heroes) of the gun rights movement. Check out Ronald Reagan’s Mulford Act:

        “Also, I have to call bullshit on the Bit about TTAG being “hard right-wing”. Do you see and anti abortion posts? Do you see posts about how Muslims are destroying the country?”

        You make a fair point, in that I should distiguish between the actual staff/contributors of TTAG and the many commentors. That said, the contributors lean way right, too, much as I love them.

        • Fair enough, I can respect and disagree with that, though I’m not sure what that has to do with, say, radical “free-market” economic policies, or total world domination.

          Not that I like abortion. I just take the position that it’s not up to me.

        • “It suggests that the Justice Department is colluding with the Black Panthters, which many still fear, but which hardly exist anymore.”

          The New Black Panther Party (which I understand is disavowed by those of the original Black Panther Party) offered a $10,000 bounty on George Zimmerman. I think that’s sufficiently existent to be newsworthy and comment-worthy.

          DOJ on New Black Panther Party Zimmerman bounty – No comment

        • All true. I don’t think the New Black Panther Party is doing much aside from trying to get on TV.

  3. I think it helps having all the talking the Zimmerman case here. I get frequent “what do you say about people with guns” questions due to my pro-guns views and the coverage on the site helped me.
    By the way, I think Zimmerman did the wrong thing and can’t say if it was legal self defense or not (looks more and more like that was th case)


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