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Skip to 4:05 for the money shot.

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    • She only has as much power as the people who elect her give her. If her district any sense, they would take away come next election. Her district apparently likes to have their rights run over so that is how they vote.

      • The area of Long Island she represents is about 85% liberal and relatively wealthy, homes start at $650,000 for a 3 bedroom 1 bath home of a postage stamp size lot, as soon as you get larger than that you are in the $1,000,000.00 and more range .
        Most have never fired a gun in their life. I know, I used to live in Garden City, New York.

  1. That is stupid. I had to go through the extra expense of putting collapsible stocks on traditional rifles just so women can shoot more comfortably. The collapsible stock bring the gun closer to the body so it is less front heavy. The low recoil of .223 makes it ideal for women.

    • Do you believe her comments are to address the gun community that has a clue or to address her base who trusts her words without question and knows nothing about guns nor is willing to research the facts or simply go into a gun store and simply pick-up the two rifles and know within 30 seconds that she is full of shit?

      She has a plan and a agenda and now she is going to the different talking head shows to sell it and if means distorting the facts, lying or any other type of deceptive marketing she can come up with, what do you think she is going to do?

      If this was simply an argument about facts, they have no leg to stand on. She knows she can talk to the uneducated or those who are to lazy to find the truth and they will stand by her proposals. Its about propoganda and the propoganda of emotions. Just like advertisements for security or health foods or drugs try to rope you in with emotions or FUD, they are using the same tactics.

      In particular, Carolyn McCarthy has one and only one issue that she promotes and uses to get re-elected. The bloody shirt of her husband. If nothing else she has to keep up the BS to continue to get elected even if she stopped believing in it. It has become her calling card. Note how all her introductions begin with “whose husband was shot….” She will milk this for her next term in office as well.

    • The AR is the perfect rifle for a woman….almost made for her, in fact. They even have models that shoot handgun rounds of different calibers (9mm, 40, 10mm) which lower the recoil even more but reduce effectiveness on some levels.

  2. *slaps palm on face*

    That is an utter lie. Not a misrepresentation, not twisting the facts, not a certain point of view; just a complete and utter lie.

      • Oh lord, the janitor is not going to be happy when he empties my trash can now.

        I think you just found the exception to RULE 37.

        • 16V is right that I should have said RULE 34. It turns out I am _not_ the alpha-nerd of the pack. I’m oddly okay with that.

        • “How would you like to wake up and see that head on the pillow next to you?”

          That’s probably the reason her husband is dead. He wasn’t murdered, he staged his own death to get away from that dumb broad.

        • Lemming, as rule 37 is that ‘if the pron doesn’t exist, it must be made’ your comment was accurate. (I’m not a serious /b/tard but if I surf, my brain catches weird stuff…)

          Your comment stands just fine…

      • Nor is she wearing pearl earrings, lip, eye, nose or…..gulp….tongue studs, as Peter North would have to be the….giver….of the….Jewelry.

    • Right. At first glance I thought the man with the green tie and glasses was going to present the pro civil-rights side of the argument with CM dissenting. Nope. At the very least I thought he’d be a self defense expert or professional…uh hunter, … or professional sportsman. But between the two they have five lapel pins, I guess that’s all the qualification they need.

  3. Has she learned what the shoulder thingy that goes up is yet? Until she understands the slightest bit about what she is talking about I could give two shits what she has to say.

  4. Just another politician trying to persuade the less informed against us.

    I really hope more people will take time and at least check (cringe) Wikipedia about different firearms.

    • The less informed? I think that 4 year olds who play Call of Duty know more than her. There is no one less informed
      Than here!

  5. I will agree with the Mayor. The American people are indeed making their voice heard to their representatives. But I doubt he’s happy with which side they are taking.

    Right after the December shooting in Newtown, if you looked at any article online about the event, it was filled with anti gun comments. Today? Unless you read the MSNBC or CNN swill, practically every comment is against any sort of gun control. I know it isn’t a scientific way to determine how people feel about such things, but it seems to me that most people simply do not support any sort of new gun control. It’s clear people are blaming mental illness for these shootings.

    I think if the ‘gun safety’ crowd had kept their mouths shut they would have faced much quieter opposition. They wanted to talk about banning various weapons, magazines, registering this, forbidding transfer of that… if they had held their hand close and just slipped in a magazine capacity bill, it might have went through before we could organize any sort of opposition. Fortunately, we have had over a month to come together as one mighty voice yelling ‘NO!’ as loudly as we can to anyone in Congress that will listen. And annoy the hell out of those who won’t.

  6. A rifle is easier for a woman to use? I assume she is talkkng about a deer gun? Yeah, my wife would be real handy with a 7 mag inside. Wow.

    • Yeah, my 5-foot-dripping-wet-yada-yada wife would find my scoped bolt action 30-06 real handy to defend herself and the kids from an intruder. Its sickening that this is the drivel coming from our lawmakers whom we must trust to govern us. Can you imagine if our current legislators were the ones that originally wrote the Constitution? The country would not have survived 20 years, much less 200. It really speaks to the brilliance of Thomas Jefferson, Patrick Henry, et al.

      • Didn’t you hear what Piers said around the 4:18 mark? In his scenario, your wife wouldn’t be defending herself and her children, she’d be “murdering her attacker”.

        • Yep, and McCarthy said, “It’s just wrong. Talking to hunters and sportsmen, women would be better off with a rifle, not an AR-15.” She then goes on to make exactly the arguments of the two women writing in the national review, as to why an AR-15 is more suitable, “it’s more accurate….” What is my AR-15, if not a rifle? A light low-recoil rifle a woman can handle well? This is why Carolyn never made it to RN from LPN? Those pesky exams?

  7. Yesterday, Joe Biden stated that a SxS shotgun is better than an AR for home defense. Today, CM states traditional rifles are better for women’s self defense. Today is the first time I’ve literally heard her speak. She is an ignorant idiot about guns, self-defense, and the 2A. You’d think after all these years she would have become better informed. Lastly, why does a civilian need an AR type of weapon? Apparently two-thirds of Americans understand (unlike CM and DiFi) that the 2A primary purpose is to help resist or prevent tyranny by government. The AR is the best platform for that use.

    Whenever I hear people, like CM kept repeating, say ‘what you need to understand’ what I really hear is I’m smarter than you and you are ignorant.

  8. 1. Thank you Piers, for showing us that like many of your countrymen from where England used to be, that you believe that lawful self-defense is the same as murder.

    2. How stupid is Carolyn McCarthy?? You would think that after her “I think its the shoulder thing that goes up” fiasco several years ago, she would at least become a bit more educated on these things.

    3. As a corollary to #2, an AR-15 IS a rifle you twit!!

    4. Exactly who are these expert hunters and sportsmen we should talk to about self defense? Would they suggest that perhaps a Remington 700 in .308 (a “regular” rifle) is a better home defense weapon than an AR in .223/5.56?

  9. Piers Moron is getting hoarse. Good. All that yelling and screaming is having its effect. Or, maybe it’s swine flu or norovirus….

  10. She is lying throuh her teeth about NRA members.

    Key Findings:

    91% of NRA members support laws keeping firearms away from the mentally ill.
    92% of NRA members oppose gun confiscation via mandatory buy-back laws.
    89% oppose banning semi-automatic firearms, often mistakenly called “assault rifles”.
    93% oppose a law requiring gun owners to register with the federal government.
    92% oppose a new federal law banning the sale of firearms between private citizen

    I guess 89% of the NRA is the Far Right Wing.

    • Sorry I should have added this. If anyone has ever wanted to be a NRA life member, they are running a sale where this is available for $300 Call:1-888-678-7894

  11. It gets me SO fired up when they sit there and say sportsman have no use for “assault” style weapons and “high” capacity magazines. I just want to sit there on tv and tell them about the thousands of american sportsman across the country that compete in 3-Gun, IDPA, USPSA, IPSC. Watch: We even have “kids” doing it!!!!

  12. “The prospect of tyranny may not grab the headlines the way vivid stories of gun crime routinely do. But few saw the Third Reich coming until it was too late. The Second Amendment is a doomsday provision, one designed for those exceptionally rare circumstances where all other rights have failed – where the government refuses to stand for reelection and silences those who protest; where courts have lost the courage to oppose, or can find no one to enforce their decrees. However improbable these contingencies may seem today, facing them unprepared is a mistake a free people get to make only once.”

    Judge Alex Kozinski

    • Here’s a scary factoid. From the time Hitler was installed as Chancellor (1/30/33) until the passage of the Enabling Act (3/23/33), which basically made Hitler a dictator, it only took 2 months. All its going to take is one national emergency and we could be there too. The parallels are eerie. Read up on Hitler’s rise to power, its fascinating how the German population was so easily manipulated. Please note, the 1938 Gun Control Act did NOT ban all guns, it only banned the Jews and some other minority groups from having them while expanding the rights of the “good” Germans.

      Those that do not learn from history are destined to repeat it.

      • i like what travis haley said.

        he brought up a point that many americans think that we are the “land of the free and home of the brave” and we could never succumb to tyranny. He said that is not a bad idea, but that a lot can still happen in our country because we are still very young compared to others around the world.

        it sickens me to see people like piers lull the american people into a false sense of security. “what? tyrannical government in america? that is absurd!”

        more dolts for the concentration camps.

  13. It is now clear that US female combat troops will have to be completely rearmed with a new friendlier type of single shot rifle. Sounds like a death sentence in combat or your home. Carolyn McCarthy, is what my late dad would call a shithead. And WE pay for her service.

    • I was thinking the same thing, actually. Better re-outfit them with some much more “effective” 30-30s or something.

  14. Ok then. I’ll tell my wife to go grab her Tikka T3 and use that the next time somebody tries to break in. The Tikka obviously is better suited for women’s self-defense than ARs, given its lack of iron sights, high recoil, low rate of fire, low magazine capacity, non-adjustable length-of-pull, and unwieldy length.

    Actually though, who does this women think she is? We all say politicians “lie through their teeth” about most topics, but this stuff about hunters thinking hunting rifles are better for defense than ARs is insane.

  15. “It’s certainly easier for a woman to be able to do that.”

    Hmm, that’s funny. I have a friend who has an AR-15, and a girlfriend. I’ve seen her shoulder his AR like it’s nothing, and I’ve seen her shoot it, and shoot it well. When I recently got my Dick’s Rem 700 in .243 Win, I brought it over to his house to show him. She picked it up, shouldered it, commented on how heavy it was, and said it felt awkward. So I guess she was mistaken, since Carolyn McCarthy clearly knows better than her because… why, exactly?

  16. “… the supreme court has said that we have a right, to do legislation to protect our citizens…”

    “they go hunting, they do, uh, go out, do, have sports… with guns…”

    did she not finish 2nd grade english?

  17. As nauseating as it is to watch, we need to see these kinds of exhibitions. They are reminders that the anti-gun forces are driven by one of the following: aggressive ignorance that they have no intention of diluting with facts, or deliberate lies.

    Write your representatives, and do not let them get away with muttering “reasonable compromise” when dealing with these people.

  18. Piers had to catch himself when he said that the two women wanted to “murder” their attacker; that’s European Progressive logic for ya. Now I am not a weapons “P’fessional”, but I know that an Ar-15 makes an excellent self defense weapon for a woman(low recoil, semi-auto, accurate, modular, ect.) The three of them can FOAD!

  19. Thank you for posting this. I was forcing myself to watch last night and nearly choked on my water when she said that.

  20. Dear Carolyn McCarthy,

    Thank you for your opinion. While I appreciate the strength of your convictions, I respectfully remind you that your opinion on the merits of certain self-defense firearms is just that: an opinion.

    Considering the nationwide popularity of AR-15 style rifles and the increasing number of women who own them, it’s pretty obvious that most female gun owners don’t agree with you.

    One of the beautiful things about this nation is that we’re all free to have our own opinions and choose accordingly. You make your choice, I’ll make mine, and the women of the United States will make their own.

  21. Beware of any politician that knows what is “better” for you.

    What next? Should I simply buy what the car salesman says I should buy, or should I just test drive the damn things myself?

    This fight isn’t simply about guns – it’s about telling politicians that we are not children and will not be treated as such.

  22. I didn’t realize that an AR-15 wasn’t a rifle. You learn something new every day.

    There aren’t many rifle calibers that my wife will shoot aside from .223 Remington. She’ll shoot a .22 LR, but that’s unlikely to stop a threat quickly. She’d probably shoot a .30 carbine, but wait, M1 Carbines are “assault weapons,” too. 12 gauge shotgun? Forget about it.

    Yes, now that I think about it, the AR-15 really is the best long gun for my wife.

  23. Why would politicians be “worried for their own skins”? Would they be worried that their constituents are so upset with their decisions those representatives would not be reelected? Isn’t that a clear signal that the representatives are not representing the needs of those they are supposed to represent? Are politicians really trying to say they know better than those they are supposed to represent?

    Carolyn McCarthy does not know my needs. Dianne Feinstein does not know my needs. They don’t care about my needs, they have an agenda fueled by a negative experience.

    Speaking of lies, these measures don’t do anything against crime and actually only aid criminals by neutering law-abiding civilians. Standard rifles are better for women? A more controllable, lighter, higher capacity rifle is worse for women that are stereotypically weaker and smaller? What a punchline.

    I think Carolyn McCarthy and Dianne Feinstein should run through a 3-gun course using their preferred rifles (bolt, 10 round mag), shotguns (pump under 6 rounds), and pistol (7 rounds) versus children using their preferred rifle (AR, 30-round), shotgun (semi-auto over 5 rounds), and pistol (over 10 rounds). At the very least pit professionals against each other with those two loadouts. We all know which is more effective, considering 3-gun uses “scary” rifles. Now consider criminals will always have loadout 2, which would you prefer to have? Unfortunately, those two live in a fantasy world where illegally obtained weapons, cartels, and gangs don’t exist.

    • Be careful what you say. THEY can threaten to shoot Alex Jones in the face, wearing someone else’s uniform… but they will NOT afford you the same leeway.

  24. using her exact words, she just said a rifle is more accurate than a rifle….

    this is 1000% completely aimed at the ignorant masses who don’t know she’s lying through her teeth and won’t take the 30 seconds to validate her statements…

    • What good is range accuracy when you’re in a real situation? Is a bolt-action rifle more effective than an AR? No, the AR will put more rounds on target in less time. The lethality argument goes both ways, if it’s effective for criminals in committing crime it’s effective for civilians in preventing or surviving crime. Then consider the number of ARs used in crimes is microscopic and the number of lives a DGU (many of which go unreported) saves it’s a no-brainer, but the brain isn’t really a part of this “debate”. But that’s really the funny part of it all, rifles are hardly used to commit crimes in the first place and the go-to for defense for law-abiding citizens. Madness.

      I also like how they don’t cite any of the “lies” the NRA has been using, lest someone do some research and correct them.

    • To make matters worse, some of the people who are saying things like “a rifle is more accurate than an AR-15” are the same people who wanted to ban the AR-15 because it was used by the Beltway sniper.

      Bottom line: your rifle is too dangerous if it’s made to “rapidly kill large numbers of people,” and your rifle is too dangerous if it’s made to be accurate. The only gun that is “safe enough” to a gun prohibitionist is the gun that is completely ineffective.

  25. Thanks for my Friday laugh. The only thing funnier than an anti trying to sound like they know what they are talking about is when either a law enforcement executive or a US Army general (I’m talking about you, Gen. McCrystal ) does the same thing.

    No wonder we can’t have a real discussion with them. They truly do not know what they are talking about.

  26. A rifle is more accurate than a rifle? Oy vey schmeer!

    She said there are a lot of good NRA members. Uh huh–namely the ones who support the gun rights of Americans.

    Here’s one point that Morgan let slip, though. He said that he’s got an interview coming up with two women who want an AR-15 for home defense. He said that they want a gun that would murder their attackers. That sums up his notion of a good citizen and a thug.

  27. “If you asked a professional, professional, hunter, or a sportsman, they’ll probably tell you that’s not the kind of gun to use.”

    1) Who the fvck would ever ask a professional hunter for self defense advice? 2) what kind of ragging idiot would suggest a large caliber bolt gun for self defense?

    My head hurts…

  28. Apparently a lightweight, low recoil, ergonomic, adjustable LOP, accurate rifle with a low risk of over penetration is “not the gun to use.” according to her “experts”. Notice that Piers didn’t ask her who those experts were or what, precisely, about EBRs makes them less suitable for women in CQB than an M1A. This is my shocked face 😐

    I am, however, curious what rifles she had in mind when she made this statement. Lever action? Bolt action? Pump? Breaks? A 10# M1A?

  29. I’m curious. The Ar-15 was designed in 1957. That makes the design at least 55 years old. How is something that has been designed and in mass-production for 55 years not “traditional”?

    In 1966, the 1911-style of pistol was “traditional”.
    In 1961, the .30’06 round was “traditional”.
    In 2012, the M1 Garand is “traditional”.
    In 1996, celebrating Thanksgiving on the 4th Thursday in November instead of the last thursday is “traditional”.

    And yet, 55 years after it’s introduction, the AR-15 is still not traditional. Goddamn, shit filter’s filling quick.

  30. My wife fired my .300WSM one time and said “never again, to much ass for me.” She loves shooting my .357 and AR though…

  31. We can thank Ms. McCarthy for her Freudian slip captured on video. If you skip to about 5:05, you will here Ms. McCarthy say …

    “But people have to understand and this is what the American people are now facing in their heart of hearts. Why do they need to have these [“assault weapons”] when they are slaughtering our children. And by the way, not just these mass killings, but the killings that are going on every single day … we can do legislation to help certainly the American people live in safer country.” Congresswoman McCarthy

    Criminals are not using military style semi-automatic rifles to slaughter children every day. They are using handguns and shotguns. Ms. McCarthy revealed her true agenda and it goes way beyond banning “assault weapons”.

  32. I’m really getting tired of two sides, of any issue, says their side speaks the “truth”. When everything is the “truth”, then how how do we determine which is the most truthful?? Maybe this is part of the Human Condition, to state beliefs as truths or fact.

    What I BELIEVE would help this issue, any issue, is to establish a common ground of data, for example: “X amount of deaths were caused by Y, according to Study Z”. Then and only then can we talk about the real issues behind this proposed ban.


    The greatest driver of action on earth, fear controls our fight or flight responses, and fear of the unknown is just as dangerous as fear of imminent harm. People respond so differently to fear of the unknown, some choose to put their faith in others and some choose to put faith in their own ability. The problem arises from one group telling the other how to think, and or making laws which reflect their personal beliefs.

  33. She is so hot. How could any man resist her? Her good looks are only matched by her passion to protect the public through gun prohibition. Oops, I meant reasonable common sense gun control. I am torn between her and Dianne.

  34. Why this crusade against millions of law abiding citizens (who don’t even know who she is) that have done nothing to her?

  35. OK, honey. I’ve got just the rifle for your home defense situation.

    A double rifle (side by side – only two shots, so it’s Joe Biden Approved) in .470 Nitro Express.

  36. She is correct. No woman really needs an AR-15.
    My wife is satisfied with a cheap fixed-stock Romanian WASR and a case of Wolf 7.62×39.

  37. Listening to these Libtards day to day is going to really test the limits we are willing to go through to keep this country free.

  38. Pierce Morgan says that nobody can answer the question: Why does anyone need an AR 15? Simple answer: Because the government has these rifles, with one big exception. The governments guns can be used to fire automatic, where as mine is semi auto only! I think thats enough compromise.


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