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NJ Cops (courtesy

shawnmoore81 at writes: “The fight has officially been brought to my front door. Last night I was out with a buddy of mine. I got a text from my wife that the cops and dyfs are at the house and they wanna check out my guns and needed me to open my safe. I’m instantly on my way. I get in contact with evan Nappen on the way. I explain the situation. I walk in my house and hand the phone to the first cop I see. Then direct all of em outside. Dyfs got a call because of a pic on my son holding a gun. [below] They wanted to look around and check all my guns out, make sure they were all registered . . .

shawnmoore81's son with AR15 (courtesy“Obviously that didn’t go well because I refused. I had Nappen on speaker phone the entire time so they had to deal with both of us. They kept trying to pressure me to open my safe. They had no warrant, no charges, nothing. I didn’t budge. I was told I was being ‘unreasonable’ and that I was acting suspicious because I wouldn’t open my safe. Told me they were gonna get a search warrant. Told em go ahead.

“Nappen (my lawyer) asked me for the dyfs workers name. she wouldnt give it. i asked for credentials and she wouldnt show em. i tried to take a pic of her and she turned around real fast and walked away. After a while of them threatening to take my kids, get warrants and intimidation they left. Empty handed and seeing nothing. People it can happen that fast. Most people wouldn’t have stood up to them like I did.”

[h/t Pascal]

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  1. Disgusting, it’s like 8-12 states have gone completely bat-shit crazy..2014 election 2A people need to get off their asses and vote!!!!

    • …and, become born again evangelists for the cause. Talk to family, friends, acquaintances, co-workers, everyone you know. I’m convinced that there are many like minded individuals who are apolitical and apathetic, the “it won’t make a difference” crowd who need to know that the time to do as OR says is NOW. With all the off-the-chain rhetoric coming from the emboldened left it shouldn’t be hard to make the case.

    • Nazi Germany is alive and well in the USA. Hitler confiscated all the guns from the Jews before he murdered them. Don’t give up your guns!!!

    • I’m just as quickly making a list of states I will never visit. Sadly, it means I’ll never visit my sister again, because she lives in…..New Jersey.


      • I’m starting to have a change of heart about leaving repressive states. We need to take a play out of the liberal playbook: move to those states in sufficient numbers as too change the voting demographic.

        • Michael, that would be a good idea, except the reason that many liberals move to conservative areas is because their “progressive paradise” is a terrible place to live. They flee to conservative areas, drawn in by the charms of freedom and fresh air, and then promptly destroy those same places with their voting choices. No freedom loving, gun owning American is going to move to a hellhole like Chicago, NYC, Kalifornia, etc by choice. Therein lies the problme.

        • I appreciate the sentiment, but for the most part those states’ entrenched leechfuck populations are too large to counteract.

        • As Josh said, liberal states are so bad that liberals flee them. Who would want to move to those hellholes. Most of them are well on their way to bankruptcy. CA, IL, NY, they are in massive financial holes because of their pensions.

        • Umm, no, the liberal tactic is to pay teen-aged girls to breed enough new Democrat voters to overwhelm the folks who work for a living. It’s a battle we can’t win in the long run.

        • Good luck getting gunnies to move to those states.

          Those states are trashed. They always have been and always will be as blue as blue gets.

          The truth of that matter is that us states in the West are getting way too many blue state ex-pats sick of what they’ve done to their home state moving here and trying to eff our politics. Look at Colorado.

          If you love your guns and freedom then move to the state that always scores the lowest on any grabbers list of the “best” states.

    • That is exactly the response these people want! What needs to happen is that law biding citizens need to get active in shutting down this type of illegal activity. Closing our eyes to it wil only make it get worse. We did not ask for this fight, but it is at our doorstep none the less.

      • I see your point Dirk, but these lib states are completely out of control. As I said in another comment, this happened 5 miles from my home. A little too close for comfort. I’d also like to note, we live in South Jersey…the whole bottom half of our state is nothing but woods & farmland. This did NOT happen in the city & many folks don’t realize South Jersey is not real populated. Folks down here are a bunch of farmers & hunters.

  2. Get use to it.. The millions of crumbs that did not vote sure taught Obama a lesson. By the way I hope they are Real happy now. Any time you hear one of these A..holes complain ..ask him if he voted!!

    • We are here because he have gotten used to it. We have learned to accept it. We must resist it and we must fight it at every turn. The DYFS worker would giver her name or present credentials because she knew she was in the wrong.

  3. I thought in NJ it was volunteer registration for long guns? Let’s hope they don’t come knocking on my door next.

    • It is Voluntary….the ONLY thing that is registered is handguns. As a Retired Cop here, i’m disgusted by this whole thing. DYFS workers have a History of going All-guns after Suburban/Rural families, while ignoring HUGE abuses in the Inner cities.

  4. It has begun. Outstanding of the author to stand his ground on government gone wild.

    However I worry that people without lawyers on speed dial, safes for their firearms and people that are easily intimidated would not have stood that strong against the militaristic force that show up at their door.

  5. Muzzle pointed in a safe direction: check.
    Trigger discipline: check.
    Appropriate firearm for age/size: .22LR AR, check.

    I fail to see the problem here.

    Oh, wait, I get it: mismatched camo fashion crime. Horrifying.

    • You don’t see the problem? That evil gun was just about to whisper into that child’s ear to go shoot up a mall! If you look hard enough you can actually see the flash suppressor mouthing “fire me into a crowd!”

      Evil, evil gun…

  6. They are relying on the People of the You Know What not to be informed regarding the law. As more become informed of their rights, the laws will change. And is it legal for LE and SWs to misrepresent their authority? Oh, sorry, I forgot it “was for the child”.

    Good bugger hook discipline there kiddo, but that camo isn’t making it. I can see you clearly. It might work better if the top and bottom were the same and different shoes wouldn’t hurt either. Your Dad should be commended for producing a responsible, safe, and well trained shooter.

  7. Don’t even VISIT, I would surmise that states will soon start arresting folks for arms they have at home, far away

  8. To keep us all safe, it is for the children after all. ( eye roll)

    We should get a new bumper sticker ” just say no! To police”

  9. This is an attack on FREEDOM from start to finish, we as free Americans need to get up and address the real problems in this country!! Banning guns is just the start, look at that ASSHOLE MAYOR in NEW YORK CITY. MY GOD MAN, GET A GRIP ON REALITY QUICK!! These stupid government officials have forgotten there place, and have wipped there ass’s with the very document the swore to defend. At the very least ther lieing hippacrits, at worst their domestic terrorist, tearing away at the fabric of this country!!! We dont need them to be free. were FREE ALREADY!! We dont need them to be safe, we PAY FOR THERE SECURITY!!
    But you know what really grinds my gears, none of the mag bans none of the getting rid of the modern sporting rifles will lower or stop these mentaly ill people from commiting mass murder. This was proved by there own government agencies, the CDC, and department of homeland security. But they dont want to address the real issues. They gone from, its all because of the safty of the kids to an all out war on our constatutional rights as americans. I really feel bad for all the Vets that have given the ultimate sacrifice for there country deffending the document they find not relavent anymore! God bless America, the home of the FREE!!!

  10. Evan Nappen is one of the best. I belonged to CJRPC with him. At one of the monthly meetings, he handed everyone who showed up a copy of his business card with S.A.C. printed on the reverse.

    S = keep Silent
    A = Ask for your lawyer
    C = never Consent to a search

    Words to live by.

  11. Hey TTAG – Please do an educational post that is a crash course on rights and ways to deal with these shenanigans so more people are better equipped to tell the clowns to step off. Tap some lawyers who are big on this kind of thing. It would be a great resource we could point people to and act as an entry point to the bigger dialogue happening here on TTAG.

    • I agree. Also do a segment about what happens after a shooting. Massad Ayoob has a great resource on this.

      • Personal Defense’s Massad Ayoob – what to do after a self defense shooting:
        Hoping and Assuming you survived…

        1. Call 911
        2. Officer this person attacked me, I will sign the complaint,
        3. Officer here is the evidence (knife, gun, ball bat, whatever).
        4. Officer these are the witnesses.
        5. Officer you will have my full cooperation in 24 hrs after I see my attorney.

        • I recommend having your attorney call 911 for you. As soon as you dial 911, it’s a recorded party line, eve if they haven’t picked up. And as you all know, what you say, can be used against you in a court of law… Even if you have a presumption of innocence, even if they record it before mirandizing you. Emotional, spontaneous utterances will do more harm to a good shoot case than you can ever imagine. There is a book at cheaperthandirt called ‘After You Shoot” by Alan Korwin. It details exactly what you should do after a shoot, and how to handle yourself and your case.

          Citation: 15 years experience as a police officer and major case detective.

  12. I am so proud of this man, my ol man is the same way this man was, he has caused himself so much trouble just because he always knows his rights and this pisses our crooked cops in WV off very badly. To tell a WV cop no, you cant come in, no you cant search my car- you can bet your ass your getting the hell beat out of you, but like him, I now know my rights and use them. Im happy to have a strong headed man who taught me that we have a Constition, and laws and regardless of crooked cops, and corrupt government, we ALWAYS Have the right to use them!!! Congrats to ShawnMoore81 @, & your son is a cutie pie, as a female gun lover, I plan to teach my daughter, and my other 2 sons already know how to shoot, I want to teach them now more than EVER how important this right is!! *FELLOW GUN LOVERS AND 2ND AMENDMENT FIGHTERS- KEEP ARMED & CARRY ON!**

  13. When we got our AR a month ago, I took a picture of my 6 year old son holding it and sent it to my brother (who’s conservative, pro 2A, gun owner, etc). He’s a lawyer and said I’d be wise to not keep the picture that if the wrong person saw it we’d hear from child and family services. I thought “how crazy, its something we legally own and have done nothing wrong”. But, he’s right, its happening. Those crazy gun grabbers don’t care.

    I like PeteRR’s advice SAC. I’ll have to remember that.

  14. You should have just irritated them a little more so they beat you up and you just got it over with. Now you have them hating you and running around with a vendetta to finish. I think your in a world of it now bub.

    • I don’t think so. They know he has a lawyer on speed dial who is fairly prominent. These “inspectors” are like thugs, they usually move on to easier prey. I’d be more concerned about the treatment the kids get from the school administration. Though advising him to keep a low profile for a while isn’t over the top. This is why I would never go to a gun range in The People’s Republic of New Jersey.

  15. If you have family out of state, it might be a good idea for your wife and children to make an extended visit. CPS is a horror story just waiting to happen. For some reason they don’t think the Bill of Rights applies to them.

    • It doesn’t. Not in practice, anyway. And don’t think you’re any safer because you live in a state that respects the Second Amendment.

      Texas CPS proved that when they took 416 children from the YFZ ranch — many of them infants — kept them away from their parents for weeks, and forced them all to undergo psychological evaluation and DNA testing. Why did they do this? They got a phone call from a 17-year-old “survivor” — actually a 40-something woman with a vendetta — alleging systematic child abuse. Bam! Everyone was considered guilty until proven innocent. And they were innocent. Weird, but innocent.

      That’s the kicker: they were “weird.” Their religious beliefs were out on the strange fringe, so people everywhere justified the incident by saying anyone that strange was probably dangerous and should be normalized by force if necessary. Most people have forgotten it now. Those people weren’t like us. Nothing like that will happen to us, because we’re normal and they were…different.

      The anti-gun zealots and their media lapdogs are trying to make us look “different.” In some states, they’re on the verge of succeeding. Remember, the Constitution applies to everyone or it applies to no one.

    • No post them proudly!

      This cannot stand! If you give into this then they will win. This man has nothing to be ashamed of and nigher should you.

      I shall post what ever I legally am allowed to as I wish to. If they come for you then fight them tooth and nail with all the legal means at your disposal. This is a fight for freedom and if my family is broken because of this (heaven forbid) then I can only hope that my sacrifice does something to ensure the freedoms of others. I can do no less and keep my honor.

      This is as much a first amendment issue as a second and I guard all of my hard earn freedoms jealously..

      • Mixed feelings. The very fact that I have mixed feelings shows clearly that 1A has already been lost. I recently advised my daughter to be careful of the opinions she posted on line. In MY country, the USA. Staggering when you really thing about it.

        • Here’s a common comeback I get when I try to get people involved in overturning NY S.A.F.E Act: I’m afraid I’ll get on somebody’s list.

    • In other words, don’t exercise your rights because they might come take your rights away. And we wonder why we’re losing!

  16. Were the cops in the house? If so that was their first mistake. Regardless its civil suit time. We have to devise severe civil disincentives for this type of activity. Is there a legal defense fund to assist people in this regard?

  17. FOIA the depsrtment for an incident report or any reports or activity that mentions you by name or your adress.

    Next time tell your wife no one gets in withut a warrant. they want to talk, they can talk out on the porch. And before you start talking you ask for ID. No ID go back in the house and close the door. Depending on how well you get along with the local cops, you mightwant to call them and let them know somone is trying to impersonate a government official and trying to gain acess to your house. DO NOT mention firearms.

    My wife knows that if anyone comes to the door, they havea warrant to get in. If not here is the name of our attorne you can contact them to set up a time to talk with us.

  18. Shawnmoore81,

    ND has an unemployment rate under 4% and roughly 3% of the population has a CC license (and that number is.growing). You’re welcome any time if you want to ditch the Northeast.

  19. Always beware of CPS. These guys are sociology majors, and they, like educators, are convinced that guns are evil, and that any parent who would allow a child access to a firearm is an unfit parent. Teaching a child to shoot, or God forbid, hunt is a high crime worthy of summary removal of all children from a home. At least that’s what they believe. This one here was smart enough to know that the law does not support her, which is why she refused to identify herself–which was probably a violation of departmental procedures–so that she could not be brought up on charges. That’s why the cops were so eager to find an unregistered weapon–so they would have a legal basis for removing the child.

    • Not every educator, or CPS worker is like this… but I won’t argue against the fact that a large majority of female teachers (unfortunately) are uneducated about firearms and firearm rights.

      As someone who works in education, working with CPS can be maddening. I can think of several instances where myself or another staff member, had strong evidence that a child was being abused or neglected (physical / sexual abuse, mom is an addict, comes to school for a week in the same unwashed clothes and isn’t being fed at home) and CPS would do NOTHING. By law, every educator is mandated to report any suspicion of abuse, but after you make the report, you basically have to sit on your hands and wait… even though you know a child is suffering and needs help ASAP. It really sucks.

      In this case with mr. shawnmoore81 / Carney’s Point, I hate to say it, but the cops / CPS would NOT come swooping in that fast on just a teacher’s tip. I hate to say it, but it’s probably a family member / friend / neighbor that has an axe to grind and made the tip. Someone at least with social media access to that guy’s photo of his son with the rifle.

      Glad he had the lawyer on speed dial…

  20. The most puzzling thing about this episode is that most of the police officers who read TTAG and comment here still don’t get why we don’t trust them.

    • I understand completely why as a part of a department, I wouldn’t be trusted. I count myself fortunate to work for a departmenthat has so far not been involved in anything like this nonsense. At least, not in the few years I have been here.

      Stereotypes are often based in truth, and they can be very useful. All I would hope is that if any of you meet me in person, you would give me the chance to not live up to this one.

    • +1,000,000 !@!
      This. For all the “good” cops out there, how many would still enforce unconstitutional laws? This is why it’s pretty much impossible to believe in the constitution and be in law enforcement…

  21. Your wife made a mistake by letting them inside your home. Once they are inside, they have some leeway to search without a warrant. If the police ever want to enter your home, tell them to stay outside unless they have a warrant. I
    Don’t resist, but don’t consent to anything.

  22. Armed home invaders like these that won’t leave when given due notice and who threaten to kidnap your kids are awfully close to that “point of no return” brought up a few days ago.

  23. I am an educator, and I have had firearms on school grounds with administrations permission for educational purposes. Shooting with my children was discussed with each of their teachers at our last conferences, and one was pleased but the other was concerned. Don’t lump us into a category! I don’t think the government has any business in our bodies or bedrooms, or the right to infringe on my right to defend myself or my family. Liberty means choices, which is why I can’t call myself conservative. I think anyone who takes an oath of office at any level should live up to the promises sworn to in that oath and read the damn Constitution!

  24. I think this story serves as a timely warning for all gun owners to brush up on the law regarding govt. agents and police from entering one’s home. Always refuse and ask for a warrant so there is some sort of paper trail — or at the very least they have to list some sort of reason for obtaining the warrant.

    If you can, record the incident with your phone video camera and if you have one, get a lawyer on the phone as well. See if have a state or local service that has lawyers trained and specialized in gun laws (ie. Texas Shield) that may be able to advise or assist you if you find yourself in the above situation.

    The witch hunt is on, be prepared. The best thing we can do is get evidence in news about unconstitutional searches as well as the plethora of laws they are breaking to pressure gun owners on already-unconstitutional legislation.

  25. Putting an attorney I met recently at a Second Amendment Town Hall meeting at my gun range on speed dial!!!!!! By the way this meeting was on a Wednesday evening at 7pm and had an overflow number of people attending. It was educational and the two attorneys were somewhat surprised at the number of people who would show up for a legal class on the constitution. Oh, they were both had concealed carry permits and were seriously knowledgeable on what was going on Federally and in Kentucky.

  26. Well Ralph, you probably know I’m a cop. All I can say is that any time police come to your house ( other than if you called them, or there is an obvious {to you} emergency), talk to them from inside and don’t go outside if they ask you to do so. Don’t let them in without a warrant. Once you walk outside you are fair game for anything they might want to do…as in “drunk in public”…which is often misused by some cops. Be polite but firm when you refuse to go outside. If they tell you they are going to get a warrant, tell them you’ll talk to them again when they get back with the warrant. In Texas by law they are required to give you a copy of any search warrant. YMMV. If you suspect that they are in fact going to get a warrant, don’t leave the house to go anywhere, because if they are getting a warrant they will have someone watching the house, and you’ll get stopped before long if you leave. I’m not an attorney and this is not legal advise, just advise from a long time cop. It’s not intended to protect criminals, but I believe in the US Constitution, and the direction this country is going worries me more than a little. As long as you are obeying the law, don’t give in to heavy handed tactics or bullshit from some over zealous cop. Of course in Texas, at least where I’m located, we don’t have the kind of ‘properly registered” gun nonsense depicted in this article.

    • So do you ever use heavy handed tactics? And sure you do have properly registered nonsense even in Texas, how about NFA items?

  27. Kudos for standing up for your rights and thanks for standing up for ours.

    If the family services there are anything like the family services here, you probably haven’t seen the last of them. These are people who spend 4 years in college to land a $26,000/year job. They’re on a mission and they’re convinced that EVERYBODY is abusing their kids.

  28. What a waste of time! I’m sure the police could have been doing something more useful even if it is writing tickets. There is probably a child in real danger and in need of the social worker’s time.

    This is harassment at best. What in the picture makes you think the child is being put in any danger? What in the picture makes the police think his guns are “not registered”?

    • Adjusting people to accept Tyranny is what the cops are supposed to be doing these days. The DHS is buying decades worth of ammunition and MRAP vehicles. The government has been militarizing police forces across the country. Police departments have been dropping standards to get more bodies. The FBI has been waging a pretend war on terrorism within the United States. The SPLC has been pumping up their stats on domestic terrorists and increasing militia resistance. They’re not spending all this time and money just to protect and serve.

  29. Smith and Wesson M&P .22 lr. It is truly a weapon of mass destruction. The camo pattern alone probably set off the fashion police who then called in the CPS to let them know of major violations to proper child rearing.

    We seriously need to find a way to get our government some logic based training in effective interaction, situational awareness and assessment.

  30. In NJ, you don’t wanna dance with child services….I had a friend of mine, him and his wife where doing interior projects on their condo, cable came to do some work, called DYFS and said a child was living in squalor………

  31. FYI.
    If child protective services ever comes to your door. Let them know you will not answer any questions and that they are not allowed in your home without a warrant. They will go to your child’s school, if they haven’t done so already, to interview your kid. You can take it up with the school later about why they allowed an unauthorized person to question your child without your consent. The ramblings of a child (without any injuries) and an anonymous (to you) reporter to the call center, generally doesn’t establish probable cause. LEO’s will likely obey the law, though the protective services worker will intimidate you with the stuff that’s mentioned in the article. The only leverage they will have at that point is what you give them. I’m all for keeping kids safe. I just don’t want to sacrifice or infringe on anybody’s constitutionally protected liberties to get the job done. Let the state figure out how to balance that issue.

  32. Paranoia strikes deep
    Into your life it will creep
    It starts when you’re always afraid
    Step out of line, the man come and take you away.
    “For What it’s Worth.” Stephen Stills, 1967

  33. I’m going to play devils advocate here. If I were Law Enforcement and I saw that magazine. I would definitely believe it holds more than 15 rds….

  34. Then there’s a perfect reason your not law enforcement .. This man has been my friend for almost 15 years.. Officers involved should be ashamed for pushing the issue.. Not doing there job, they have to see what’s going On I understand .. But once they seen his credentials and assessed the situation it should have never got this far..and his son shouldn’t fear being removed from a great family for learning proper gun control..

  35. Then there’s a perfect reason your not law enforcement .. This man has been my friend for almost 15 years.. Officers involved should be ashamed for pushing the issue.. Not doing there job, they have to see what’s going On I understand .. But once they seen his credentials and assessed the situation it should have never got this far..and his son shouldn’t fear being removed from a great family for learning proper gun control..been friends with this man for to long and will continue to support him on whatever site this turns up

  36. Disgraceful on whoever called the cops on you. People need to mind their own business!!! The liberals are the downfal of this great society, we need to stand up against them. Educate friends and family on what is going on, we need to vote these clowns out.

  37. I recently saw this pic on one of my friends posts. There is nothing wrong with teaching your kids gun safety. When authorities come knocking ask questions and get them to show proof. They did .great

  38. What’s the problem with the pic? He’s not pointing the gun at anyone, his finger is off the trigger and he’s SMILING!!!

  39. There’s nothing wrong with the photo. You should keep in mind that here in the People’s Republic of New Jersey if you are < 18 you can shoot, hunt and compete with supervision but you cannot acquire (own) a firearm of any kind, even an airsoft or BB gun. That kind of issue could easily have been cleared up with a phone call.

    We have no registration. Pistol purchase permit and Certificate of Eligibility (COE) for long guns.

  40. Quick thinking and good job , these scumbag public servants surely woulda violated your rights had you not known any better
    Its a shame you cant trust the peope that were put in to place to protect and serve

  41. bulls*%#!… this “Dad” is a real idiot. #1: dont let ur kid pose in a picture with a military assault weapon, let alone with an illegal magazine in it. #2 dont get mad when the police show up and inquire….thats their job, #3 this dude just put himself at the top of every law enforcement watch list in his surrounding area by simply acting like a jackass. #4: show a little class and respect for all the recent violence revolving around kids and guns, especially since its centered mostly around that particular style weapon. Finally, I support gun rights and the applicable amendment, but this aint what those fellas had in mind when they wrote that amendment. Use a little common sense and dont put ur kid in a compromising position to begn with……problem solved.

    • You sir have no idea what you are talking about. But before I go to all the effort it would take to pull your head out of your ass for you, try doing a Google search on this phrase ” George Washington gun quotes”. Than read the Federalist Papers. If you still can’t get your head back in the sunshine on your own after that and would like some help just reply. I’ve got a block of tannerite that might get the job done. Maybe.

      • I just heard a sonic boom where I live. Do you reckon that me again’s head just popped out? Probably not, but we can always hope for miracles.

    • boo hoo waa waa, lets all give up our rights as humans for political correctness. Hate to tell you but the school shootin was a fake set up by FEMA. PROVEN over and over again, that’s why the news just dropped that entire story from circulation. The Police are the Biggest most organized Gang in the US. You do not just roll over and allow a gang to control you.
      Why should a child not be well aware of he may have to use one. I bet that child is well educated on gun handling. Stop treating children like egg shells.
      It just shows your ignorance that you could care less that those that are responsible for upholding the law, do not follow those laws! And you want us to give up our rite so they can continue to NOT follow the laws they expect us to uphold. Hold the police to a higher level of standard, then they would get the respect they forcefully demand of everyone.
      And I have no problem giving my full name. I have no fear of that county! The sooner everyone realizes they do not have to live in fear of the police and politicians, the sooner the govt will change their attitude and treat the citizens with respect. Otherwise, tyranny will continue to rule.
      *small disclaimer – there are some respectable police and politicians out there.

    • BS! The only nonsense I see here is your thinking. The country is screwed up because of all the BS political correctness and zero tolerance liberal garbage.

      Watch list? That won’t happen, this guy is not just the average guy next door.
      “Moore, of Carneys Point, is a certified firearms instructor for the National Rifle Association, an NRA range safety officer and a New Jersey hunter education instructor.” “The child has a New Jersey hunting license and recently passed the state’s hunter safety course.”

      You also have no idea about what you’re talking about when it comes to weapons. The magazines in those guns (it’s a .22 cal. lookalike) have false exteriors to look large like the real real AR-15, I have a similar one. It’s just a .22-caliber copy of an AR-15, the magazine holds 10 to 15 rounds of .22 cal.. The mag was only made to look like the one on a .223 AR-15.

      I know my weapons, obviously you don’t. Do the research and try reading the more comprehensive in depth stories on this, you might actually learn something.

    • I agree. The man’s actions were inappopriate. He has since apologized and has hopefully learned from this. He will remain, however, given his alcohol problems, his propensity for anger and his cache of guns, to be under the watchful eyes of law enforcement.

  42. It really is that easy folks!!! Police, like any other gang, use intimidation to make you powerless. When they can’t intimidate you, they have no power! Why do you think most of the cops in Carney’s point hate me. They don’t intimidate me and I always beat them in court because their intimidation tactics are useless when you are more knowledgeable about your rights than they are! Because it really is as easy as refusing them what they lie and tell you that you have to do! There is nothing suspicious about protecting your privacy and rights. refusal to subject yourself to govt tyranny is not a crime…yet! give it time, if people don’t something soon, it will be

  43. What the hell kind of cops are these idiots, especially the Chief. As a retired NJ LEO this kind of crap irks me to no end. This is what happens when you have a gestapo mindset police force of less than 20 in a small town, they think they can do whatever the hell they want and get away with it. NJ is bad enough with it’s draconian gun laws, this crap just pushes things way past the edge. Morons!

    Does anyone have the email for the Police Chief or the Mayor? It’s not on the towns web site and I have some choice words I want to convey. I’m serious, I want one or both email addresses.

  44. my advice dont post no pics with guns on the internet no where facebook whether yours or others some cops and law enforcement people are crazy these days be watchful there just looking for a reason or excuse and theyll bite like a rabid dog at the chance TAKE HEED IM TELLING YOU FOLKS!!

  45. A concerned neighbor called in the complaint. She knew that the mother had told the son he could shot any intruder that came into the home. She also knew the father had a problem with alcohol.

    The mother did admit that she told her son to shoot intruders but said that her son’s gun is locked up and so there was no chance he would shoot anyone. The father does have a DUI history. When the police told him that they were not there to take his guns but to follow up on the complaint, the man went into a rant about the govt trying to take everyone’s guns away. The man later apologized and his wife said that her husband was still angered by the election results.

    The complaint against the family is still active. A probe into the police/DCF activities is expected to show that the agencies responded appropriately to the complaint – an armed child who was told to shoot any intruder, given to him by a father who has issues with alcohol.


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