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The Smith & Wesson Bone Collector has a barrel about as long as Ana Hickmann’s legs, and fires cartridges about the size of her big toe. Brick house or no brick house, if the Big Bad Wolf had one of these he would have dined on pork for a month. The trigger is very smooth, but since the main spring is as long as a rubber baby buggy bumper, the pull takes a while in DA mode. Based on my experience, it takes more time to stage this trigger than it would to stage The Cherry Orchard. In SA, trigger pull is as light and crisp as Far Niente chardonnay, and that’s the way I chose to shoot. In either SA or DA mode, recoil is surprisingly non-punishing. Muzzle rise is something else, however; this beast flips like a Vegas trapeze act.

In SA mode, the Bone Collector proved to be very accurate. This is a hunter’s handgun. With 700 grain bullets on top of a powder charge typically used in excavation work, this gun will bring down just about any big game in the lower 48. It would also be the perfect self-defense gun in the event of a home invasion by a herd of Cape Buffalo. But the best part about shooting the beast was the huge grins on the faces of everyone at the range, especially mine.

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  1. Sigh. What does it say about me that I knew what the S&W Bone Collector was, but that I had to google Ana Hickmann? (and glad I did!)

  2. You did a great job with all three 500’s, and you also scared the shit out of the two guys in the next lane. Henry, the head instructor as AFS, always tells me that there are no elephants or tigers where I live. I always respond with, “Of course not, cus I killed them all”. RF also did a great job with all three 500’s and he also shot the 700 grain round, which is the nastiest handgun round out there. I really enjoyed meeting you Ralph and it was lots of fun.

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