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Steven Seagal: Lawman is no more. A&E shelved the series after Seagal’s personal assistant accused her boss of getting way too person. It’s too bad, really. Seagal knows more about manipulating myths than the Oracle of Delphi (Songs from the Crystal Cave notwithstanding). Here’s a flash from the past illustrating Seagal’s ability to endow his persona with mystical magic. Watch as Steven Hickok45s the Louisiana locals. Or is this clip (not magazine) yet more evidence that A) Segal’s got a better gun than public servants (despite the state’s rep for double dipping government officials) and B) the police aren’t the gun guys the public believes them to be? Just sayin’ . . .

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  1. After some of the anti-gun sh!t I’ve heard in his movies and on his “reality show”, I lost a lot of respect for Mr. Seagal.

  2. Despite all the hype, Seagal is the real deal. He studied and taught marshal arts in Japan and shoots very well. I enjoyed his show.

  3. I have all of Seagal’s movies and I thought the show was great. It’s sad to see him go out this way, but people do screw up in life.

  4. Segal in real life is a parody of his on screen persona. Grade 1, tinfoil hat wearing, douchebag of the the first order. I fully expect him to end his career doing Elvis impersonations in the Golden Nugget and shuffling off this mortal coil in the same manner.

  5. I don’t know Segal. But what I do know of him is that he takes himself waaaay too seriously. From what I’ve read, the bit about him getting a little too friendly with someone working for him, is a leitmotif that runs through his life. Many people that have knowledge of his personal life have stated that they refuse to comment. When asked why, they’ve indicated that they are afraid of him.

    I think he’s probably a very talented shooter and martial artist. But I suspect he’s lacking that switch in his head that keeps most normal people from using those talents to bully and intimidate those around him. Add that to the eco-Nazi messages of his movies, and I really can’t count myself as a fan.

  6. Blowhard, bully, dickhound, douchebag, pathological bullshit artist. Has claimed at various times to be a Navy seal, a CIA black ops specialist, plugged into the mob, etc. Long history of sexual harassment complaints.

    Classic Hollywood fakereoni, in other words. In a town full of them, he’s just one of the more blatant and least self-aware examples. I don’t know why folks should particularly object to the green, progressive, and Buddhist schticks because they’re just as fake as the tough guy routine.

  7. Sexual pecadillos aside, his disregard of the Constitution was shocking to witness. He and his goon squad seemed to spend most of thier days tackling and searching young black men for no better reason than “he was going to run” or “there are lots of drugs in this neighborhood.”

    I’m glad he’s off the air and I hope he’s off the streets.

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