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A day after a Kingman [Arizona] school was placed on lockdown following an unconfirmed report of a man with a firearm in the vicinity, Bullhead City police were notified by two callers of a man walking with a rifle in the area of several Bullhead City schools. 

It turns out that Friday’s calls apparently were in reference to a man on Hancock Road with a walking stick, not a firearm.

“The Bullhead City Police Department received two separate calls reporting a man walking in the area of Hancock Road armed with a rifle,” Emily Fromelt, the BCPD’s public information officer, said.

Police units responded and found a man matching the description in the 1100 block of Hancock — near the Bullhead City School District office and Bullhead City Middle School.

“Police contacted him …. It turned out to be a cane,” Fromelt said. “He was released and that was that.”

– Daily News in Man With Gun Report Turns Out To Be Man With Cane

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  1. Sounds to me like a few Karen’s need to get their eyeglass prescription updated. Or they could simply learn to mind their own business.

  2. Was it a ghost cane he made himself or a serialized cane he had to go through a background check for?

    • Maybe tased as well. We can’t take risks when children’s lives are at stake.
      About 40 years ago there was a cane gun at a show. I think it fired a 32 rim cartridge, one shot.
      Imagine if the old codger had one of those!?!? Reloading maybe takes 30 seconds so he could have massacred the entire school population, given enough time and of course cooperation from the victims.

    • Most likely, the cops saw that it was a cane, wished him a good day and left to look for actual criminals. I don’t blame the school for locking down. At that point, they had no idea what they might be facing.

      Guns are ubiquitous in Arizona so the majority of residents would recognize the difference between a cane and a rifle. The callers must have been transplants from the northeast.

    • So what are they doing to ensure cultural assimilation of the newcomers? I’m assuming they do not want to end up like OR and WA.

  3. The police went on a wild goose chase thanks to incompetent neighborhood watch busy bodies who should have been arrested for false reporting and disrupting a person’s right of passage. And perhaps say the cane were a firearm a person’s right to open carry was disrupted if applical.

  4. Watch out for those disabled people, they may be terrorist. Don’t believe me, watch the original “Day of the Jackal”, crutches are even worse than mere canes and walking sticks. Hopefully someone from the school board writes a letter to the FBI, adding all these suspects to the Terror Watch List.


  5. Reminds me of when the entire University of Rhode Island was in lockdown for several hours and a “manhunt” for a “dangerous person” for carrying an umbrella after a rainstorm. People panic over everyday events now. When did we become a nation of cowards?

      • I remember in the 1960’s a car accident I came upon and everyone was helping in a skilled manner. Now people take pictures with their phone and wait for authorities.

        • I remember early 1970s, and a car accident. Not one person knew ANYTHING. That incident motivated me to get my first aid certs, then CPR, and eventually EMT.

          In my experience, there will be 50 total idiots for every individual who has a clue at the scene of any accident. The only exceptions have been on-the-job construction accidents. Most times, all you can hope for is, people stay out of the way, and don’t do anything terribly wrong – like moving a patient with a neck or back injury.

        • They call 911 on their stupid cellphone (then stream video) and will claim that they “did something”.. NO you did diddly squat. GTF out of the way.

        • Not always. 2 years ago in Salt Lake City I witnessed a man on a bike slam into a car. He was unconscious in the road. I blocked traffic flow off him while several bystanders went to his aid until help arrived.

          On that same visit I saw an elderly man collapse on the sidewalk. Traffic came to a halt as drivers responded to his aid.

        • I suspect that back in the ‘60s you had a lot of WW2 vets and ex wartime workers who were typically trained to act when bad things happened. I’m just guessing. But also the social health is at play. A coworker was in a bad LA suburb and a man was hit by a car and unconscious. As a first aide the noticed others rushing to him except when the others got to him they scuffled to rob the victim. My co worker sensed he was unwelcome and got back to his car and called police who told him to leave the area. (He stood out)

      • Nah, I’m a product of the ’60s, we didn’t give a rat’s ass about this silliness, I’m thinking ’80s.

    • University of North Dakota not too long ago. ROTC drilling outside the admin building no guns but they had uniforms. English prof called the police.

        • “She saw Nazis!”

          Happened to me, back in ’68.

          ROTC detachment supported “Toys for Tots”, and went through neighborhoods surrounding the university campus, at night, in uniform, knocking on doors, asking for donations. At one home, we saw two elderly ladies peering out from behind curtains in the front window. They would not come to the door, the two of us left, and moved on to other homes. Then “Code 3” arrived as we were walking down the sidewalk, a bit later. The city cops asked who we were. They were not unaware the university had ROTC, but some woman called and said two nazis tried to get into her house.

        • “two elderly ladies peering out from behind curtains“

          “Two old ladies sitting in the sand,
          each one wishin’ the other was a man”

        • It’s funny the ignorance of the video maker though,Like the Commies would ever march to Erika.

      • Someone calls 911 about whatever, somebody needs to be arrested, handcuffed, transported, and booked. Either the person who was the subject of the call, or the person who made the call. If there is no actual problem, the person who called 911 should pay ALL expenses.

        • Wow! That’s certainly one way to reduce the number of 911 calls! *See something, say something* becomes *Say something, go to jail*

    • Seems this chap was exercising that cane control. No one was shot, or even buggy whipped, with it. He seemed to maintain full control of the implement at all times, endangering no one. Excet the busybody callers hunkering down and shivering in their fear.

      good grief, this chap likely lives in the neighbourhood. Why not simly observe for a few minutes, then go for a walk yourself, come upon him’ casually and make his acquaintance.? Elderly gent out for a walk, seems the sort of person I’d like to know.

      The covidiocy has borne much fruit of strange tpes…. generalised fear and panic are amongst those types of fruit.

  6. When I go walking some Karen could report a man carrying a pike. My “walking stick” is about six feet long with a relatively pointed upper end. Works very well against aggressive dogs and some aggressive animals of other species…..

    • A few years ago up here in central BC a guy was walking his two labs when a (healthy, mid sized male) black bear charged him. It was interrupted by the dogs but then it jumped him and the dogs got the bear off but then it took him down again. Ripped up his scalp real bad, bit him in the shoulders and arms etc. He said he knew if he went down a third time he wouldn’t be getting back up. Sure enough the bear came at him again but he had managed to grab a stick off the ground and luckily got a good hit on the nose, stunning it. Out of fear for himself and his dogs he hit it a few more times, four he thinks, and damn if he didn’t kill it! Lots of outrage from the recent city dwellers now living in paradise over that; better he died than the poor bear, I guess. That stick, along with his dogs, saved his life. To go anywhere but the bathroom unarmed is the height of foolishness and lack of personal responsibility. And even the bathroom can at times be perilous…

      • Rider,

        Nah, just Darwin in action. Better those “he shouldn’t hurt the bear” idjits continue to leave themselves vulnerable . . . preferably before they reproduce.

        • Lamp, agreed but I often see those same idjits walking along the forested trails, armed with no more than a pair of sandals, with their running, screaming, playing children and lap dogs all around them, like animated game in distress calls. It boggles the mind. They just don’t understand and I’ve actually had them outright scoff at me the few times I’ve said anything. So like you say, Darwinian but it’s their five and ten year olds that are gonna pay the price and it’s happened here before. Lotsa moose, black bear and coyote and certainly wolf, cougar and grizzly. Fun for the whole family.

  7. I’ve seen canes in catalogs that have a grip designed to look like a revolver.
    I’d be afraid to own one of those in New Jersey — not only would you get arrested for carrying one (or having one in your car), but you’d probably get convicted, too, convicted of a felony because of insane New Jersey laws that say that anything that looks like a gun carries the same criminal penalty as an actual gun, including a mandatory-minimum term of several years in prison! I’m not exaggerating, although I wish I were — it’s completely true.
    Don’t drive through the Garbage State (NJ) with anything that even remotely resembles a gun!

    • Don’t drive through the Garden State.

      fixed that for ya. You’re welcome.

      I will not even book a flight that stops in NJ, nor, in winter, in NY anywhere. Too high a chance of being diverted or delayed or the outbound leg cancelled, and me being stuck in Jersey. And I always travel armed. I’ve read some horror stories of NJ coppers going crazy and ruining a guy’s life. Dont care to write my own.

    • “I’d be afraid to own one of those in New Jersey — not only would you get arrested for carrying one (or having one in your car),…”

      Give it a bit of time.

      In a few weeks NJ will be forced to go shall-issue, whether they like it or not.

      Later on, sue the state to allow open carry. Once you have that, sue the state again to force them to allow the NFA ‘goodies’ like cane guns…

      • “In a few weeks NJ will be forced to go shall-issue, whether they like it or not.”

        From what I am seeing on other websites, NYC (and maybe NYS) is fast at work creating “Shall not possess/carry/transport” laws, expanding the number, location and type of “sensitive places” where firearms are prohibited.

        Would egregious designations of “sensitive places” stand up to judicial review? Yes….until contested in court. The process is the punishment.

        If I were a good little anti-gun elected official, I would write laws that define “sensitive places” as anywhere more than two people are within 10 feet of a third person (regardless of physical location other than a private residence), that location is sensitive because misuse of a firearm poses and unreasonable threat of harm or death due to negligent discharge. I would also legislate that keeping a firearm in multi-family, or other dense population shelter, automatically falls within the 10 feet restriction, whether or not any other occupants are present. Legislators can write laws faster than they can be challenged in court, and overturned.

  8. You can bet those that reported this fellow moved to Arizona from one of the “Blue” states. Even if it had been a rifle, there were no laws broken. This is what anti gun fever has brought to our state, carried by other states’ residents vacationing or settling here because of their states failure to address crime and taxes and pushing a woke agenda. GO BACK TO WHERE YOU CAME FROM, fix your states’ problems, don’t bring the same crap here that ruined where you lived!

  9. *Police units responded and found a man matching the description …. near the Bullhead City School District office and Bullhead City Middle School.*

    Both open carry and constitutional carry are legal in AZ and have been for many years. The report does not state that the gentleman was on school property, just near it. What would have happened if he had been carrying a rifle, perhaps slung over his shoulder? I’m guessing he would have been arrested, jailed, rifle confiscated. Later released on bail, facing a criminal charge, needing a lawyer. Does he have a *Karen* fund available? Bullhead City is home to many seniors on fixed incomes, so maybe not. And what if he was carrying a concealed weapon? Even with an AZ CCW, he’s probably F-F-L! What a wonderfully tyrannical place our state/country/world is becoming.

    • Question should be “WHY did police units respond?” Like, at all? Dispatcher should have asked “So what?”

  10. This is why , if you’re state is a open carry state, you still couldn’t get two blocks without some KAREN calling the cops on you.
    Very Annoying…

    • I live in Arizona. Used to be great until all the demycraps moved in. It is an open carry state. I have a CCW. I was issued it about 12 years ago when you actually had to take a shooting test and 8 hours class time. Now they just hand them out. But anyhoos, I always open carry no matter where I go. Even the bank and supermarket. After all, we can’t let the thugs be the only ones with a firearm….

  11. Well….

    It cudda been a gun. You never know what people will do with an object in their hand/hands. In fact, it could have been an assault rifle disguised as a cane. The public can’t be trusted to not be trying innovative ways of trying to get around common sense gun laws. First, take the gun, then due process.

    And let’s don’t be overlooking the fact the man with a cane, walking near schools might be intendint to conk a child on the head, sneak them away and do whatever.

    People are not to be trusted.

  12. Maybe said Karen was a teacher and wanted some time-out from teaching that day? A man using a walking cane **could** look like a gun if you squint hard at it. “Yay! Breaktime!”

    • I caught that. IIRC, the perpetrator was a racist Democrat, and the victim was an abolitionist Republican. Perhaps the left pushes gun control so much because they know you shouldn’t take a cane to a gun fight any more than taking a knife.

  13. Getting triggered over a cane? God help people like this one, when SHTF for real. People like her will never make it. And then ones that hang on will just make it miserable for everyone else.

  14. Definite proof that too many people know ABSOLUTELY NOTHING about firearms. Their consternation about firearm misuse is promoted daily by the BiDUMB administration and the lying news media. The NRA should be given a HUGE GRANT from the Government to work to educate the public about firearms and how they are used lawfully, legally and ethically by law abiding citizens and that THE CRIMINALS ARE THE PROBLEM.

  15. “The NRA should be given a HUGE GRANT from the Government to work to educate the public about firearms…”

    Don’t you see? Teaching people about something you are trying to make extinct is just bassackward? No need for firearms education, if firearms are held only by criminals and gangs.

  16. Well the cane was wood which AFT says is a stock so it coulda been an evil assault ghost gun with a clipazine

  17. “Well the cane was wood which AFT says is a stock so it coulda been an evil assault ghost gun with a clipazine.”

    A 10rd clipazine would be acceptable, but what if the man was carrying a machine cane?

    It could happen.

    • A walker. Four thingies that go up. And if it has a plastapotty on it it has a continous flow ammo hopper on board.

      Won’t somebody think of the chillren!

        • “Like a “technical” for the mobility impaired.”

          Wouldn’t that require a motorized walker?

        • Sam, yes, yes it would (…technically) and we’ve made exactly that happen for an injured Bro, complete with highway pegs, apehangers n sissy bar (and wheelbarrow tires on chain drive from a Briggs n Stratton). It brought tears to his eyes but that could be from the execution of said enhancements. Alcohol was, of course, involved.

      • “SBC short barrel cane?”

        Legal for little folks.

        I generally see several playing in the front yard, after my morning martini.

  18. “And if it has a plastapotty on it it has a continous flow ammo hopper on board.”

    True, but a belt fed supply is more classical.

  19. @jwm
    “Pretty dry? Doesn’t the alcohol counter balance that somewhat?”

    If I had an alcohol counter, I wouldn’t run out of booze so often.

  20. I’m wondering whether he had a bit of blade inside that cane.

    I was the focus of a Karen’s police report once. It was kinda fun, because she put the deputy on the spot, and he’s a friend of mine. Gearing up for a groundhog hunt at the corner entrance of an alfalfa field in hilly country. There is a group of “bedroom community” houses over the hill about a mile distant, and one of the former city dwellers must have driven past me. The scoped Contender in the chest rig, and the .22-250 slung over my shoulder must have made me look like Rambo to her (had to be the guns, and even that’s a stretch). I was halfway up the fencerow, heading for my high corner perch, when I noticed the patrol car stop behind my truck. I took a peek through the binoculars and recognized him. I almost kept going, so he would have to follow, but he’s a friend so I went back down.

    We kicked a bale of hay for a couple minutes, and then I asked who complained. He pointed up the road, and I knew he had a phone call that he didn’t want to make, and some paperwork ahead that he didn’t want to do. I told him, “Tim, you know what you have to do, make the call, it’s ok.” He radioed the dispatcher, and she called the farmer, and they both got an earful from the farmer’s wife as she read them from the Book. The farmers in this area like me because I kill groundhogs, and don’t tear things up or leave gates open. On this particular farm, I had tracked down and tagged two deer that had been wounded and left by slob hunters. Tim apologized and left to go do his report, and I headed back up to my corner. I remember doing a LOT of shooting around there that summer and fall, and nobody bothered me any more.

  21. San Antonio police locked down an entire neighborhood several years ago after a box of pistol ammunition was found under a house. Not sure what their logic was.

    • Well those pistol bullets could have been insetted manually!
      “ Welcome back Mr.Cotter” reference to mean school gangs.

  22. The only thing that would make that funnier is if it turned out that guy had one of those canes with a gun built in. 😛

  23. Arizona is an open carry state, and I can’t find anything to say that open carry in AZ doesn’t include rifles, so this shouldn’t have been cause for a police stop even if the person had a rifle.

  24. It used to be a free state but legal open carry in AZ is asking for trouble. It’s gonna be he said, she (Karen) said. I don’t wanna be victimized by some chicken$shitt crybaby. The Madness!!

  25. Years ago (20+) I was mildly surprised to observe a young man riding a bicycle in north Phoenix with what appeared to be a shotgun with a sling draped across his back. That would call for a SWAT response today no doubt! I felt bad for him having to feel in danger enough to tote that scatter gun about but I wasn’t frightened by it.

  26. I see you can buy a tiny drone that flies along following like a dog in the air.
    I suppose if you wanted to you could have one of these uploading to the cloud. So after SWAT blew you to bits sone lawyers could sue.

  27. During the early 1960’s I rode the school bus to high school and I was on the rifle team. The first time I took my dedicated target 22 on the bus, the driver simply instructed me to sit on the seat behind his seat, put the butt-stock between my feet and keep the muzzle aimed at the ceiling. I followed his instructions, there were no issues, and he never had to tell me again. TRY THAT TODAY, — UGH, GET ARRESTED BY A DOZEN COPS.

  28. A friend of mine has a really nice tricked out Jeep CJ and it has a hi-lift jack (for those of you who know what that is) mounted on brackets on the cowl area in front of the windshield. He had just parked at Costco when he was approached by an elderly woman. She asked “Why in the world would you have that machine gun mounted on your hood?” He sarcastically replied ” I don’t keep it loaded” and walked away, into the store. Sure enough, She called the Police!. When he exited Costco the police were there and they had a good laugh. .


  30. @Tired of the bs
    “A platoon or Gurkha’s might be more deadly than Chuck Norris. Maybe.”

    A platoon of Gurkhas vs. Jackie Chan in his prime would be a fun movie to watch.

    (Ok; Jackie Chan and Ralph Macchio vs. a platoon of Gurkhas)

  31. That’s why I say we have no hope for change except by force. This country has been taken over by corrupt politicians for over 45 years. Everyone one that in government from the past 45 years has baggage. They all need to be put on trial and investigated.i do home work ….. 𝐰𝐨𝐫𝐤𝐬𝐜𝐥𝐢𝐜𝐤.𝐜𝐨𝐦

  32. @LampOfDiogenes
    Maybe he likes VERY dry martinis?”

    Tried that once; straight vodka. Will never do that again.

  33. @OldProf49
    “Wow! That’s certainly one way to reduce the number of 911 calls! *See something, say something* becomes *Say something, go to jail*”

    Not quite: “See something; say something…go to jail if you are wrong.”

  34. So it’s *See no evil; Hear no evil; Speak no evil.* And then we condemn people for not wanting to get involved. Maybe that’s part of the reason passengers on a train (bus?) ignored a woman being raped. This isn’t SWATing someone; it’s jailing a person for making an honest mistake. I guess I’ll just look the other way from now on. And I definitely won’t use my EDC to defend a stranger!

  35. @Rider/Shooter
    “Sam, yes, yes it would (…technically) and we’ve made exactly that happen for an injured Bro,….”

    Sounds way cool !!

    • It was lotsa fun and pretty funny. Of course we had to keep him from further damaging himself once he got his hands on it. Guess we didn’t really think that one through. Again.

  36. @LarryinTX
    “They can be ignored faster than they can be written and passed.”

    As noted often, here, laws don’t prevent crime. Ignoring law isn’t Kryptonite to discovery and arrest. Only the law abiding will comply with new law concerning the designation of “sensitive” locations.

    It doesn’t take hundreds, or even dozens, of laws to establish “sensitive” locations across an entire city: “Wherever more than three persons are within five (5) feet of one another, said configuration shall be considered a “sensitive” location, prohibiting the possession of any weapon, or any item that could become a weapon, until the number of persons in a “sensitive” location has been reduced to three or less.”

    Established unlimited “sensitive” locations with a single piece of legislation.


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