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You hear all kind of stories about items people carrying stopping a bullet and saving their lives. Everything from belt buckles to cell phones to bibles. And we’ve all seen test to see how many phone books it takes to stop a round.

Today’s Taoufledermaus tests how many layers of Tyvek it takes to stop a three-inch shotgun slug. Why? Because he can.

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    • Robert Farago, HOW MANY TIMES DO WE NEED TO TELL YOU ABOUT A PROBLEM, before you a) even acknowledge that there is a problem, and b) fix the problem.

      I’m fed up with you.

      • You may just be fed up with your computer.
        Have you tried using a different browser?
        On my machine Firefox failed to run video while Safari, Opera and Chrome ran it fine.
        You might have less machine than you need or more machine than you can handle. You might consider addressing the problem by asking someone who knows more about computers than you do.

  1. This ain’t nuthn to do with nuthn. But I just talked to a momma whose let’s her 4 , 14-17 year olds dig thru county courthouse ashtrays for cigarette butts. Murcia ???

  2. Tyvek stops a 12 gauge slug? Are you retarded? I live in the real world, why would you come up with the stupid sh@t? You have way to much time on your hands in your parents basement. Get a job and join the rest of the world. WTF……….

  3. Even if it did, the blunt impact would still kill you. That is what the warning label says about shotguns on my kevlar armor – the blunt force of shotgun rounds is may be lethal.

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