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Boston Bombing Suspect shootout scene (courtesy

In an interview with the Associated Press, Cambridge Police Commissioner Robert Haas revealed that neither Tamerlan Tsarnaev nor his brother Dzhokhar had permission to carry firearms. (Dzokhar being under 21 and all.) Meanwhile, the Watertown Chief of Police reveals that the Boston bombers had “six bombs, rifle, handguns.” The People of the Gun eagerly await the announcement of what firearms will be demonized by the Tsarnaevs’ killing spree.

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  1. Well if they didnt have permission to carry a gun this is the perfect case of a criminal gone wild. I hope he was kind enough to use ten round clips and follow all the laws everyone else does….. O wait a min…. only people who pay taxes and get permits have to worry about that….. I wonder how many new gun owners there will be after people wake up and realize that the police can only react and you might have to fend for yourself for a while.

  2. Personally, I hope gun control itself is demonized. If terrorists and school shooters don’t abide by gun control, then it isn’t much use in preventing gun violence (or bomb control in preventing bomb violence). Maybe we should restrict gun control instead of the law abiding citizen, because criminals clearly don’t give a sh!t.

    • That’s exactly right. Laws don’t force you to follow them, you choose to. And these criminals choose not to. They just don’t give a shit.

    • They’ll blame the NRA for not letting every state enact a liberal’s wet dream version of gun control.

      I’m waiting for them to blame global warming and world hunger on the NRA.

    • They already did blame NH. A commentator on the local Fox channel made a passing comment about how the boys could have simply driven an hour north across the border to NH in order to buy black powder and other supplies. The commentator was a retired state cop. Don’t recall his name.

  3. I just sent what follows to Joe Biden. I’ll probably have black helicopters overhead any time now…

    Dear Mr. Biden, please understand that I say the following with respect.

    I believe that your position on gun control is logically flawed. The Djin is out of the bottle, and will not be put back inside.

    One cannot eliminate the weapons, and really shouldn’t. One cannot prevent every madman from embarking on an unspeakably nasty enterprise.

    While I’ve no detailed information on the Boston bombs, shavings from safety matches would’ve worked quite well in those pressure cookers.

    The take-away is that evil will find a way.

    What one can and should do is minimize their effect.

    As a means by which to avoid the next school massacre, I suggest the following:

    “Any and all staff of any institution funded at public expense shall obtain training and certification in the use of a firearm, which will upon completion of certification be issued by the State along with permission to carry it while at work.

    “Variances shall be granted for religious objections made by Quakers, Jainists, Buddhists the Amish and others of similar faiths as well as to the physically infirm. Any former felons on staff will be reviewed for rights reinstatement, failing which they shall be granted a waiver.

    “Weapons shall also be provided in “in case of emergency, break glass – alarm will sound” cases adjacent to existing fire extinguisher/fire hose emplacements.

    “Persons failing to comply within one year of enactment shall be replaced.”

    Just my two cents.

    Russ, geek of the plains

  4. I am waiting for them to announce that the rifle was from Fast and Furious.

    On a more serious note, does anybody know if that murdered MIT policeman was armed, or are MIT regulations that police must be disarmed, as in RI?

    • He was armed. Gun never left his holster though.

      I don’t know about MIT but the officers at my school and others like UMASS are affiliated with the state police AFAIK.

    • I thought the original report said that they stole the MIT police officer’s guns. I know they had at least one gun between them because they murdered him but I thought that’s where they got their other weapons. Can anyone confirm this? It could explain why they’re not stating what guns they had, as they were police issue. Also, did anyone else notice that most of the artist renderings showed the guy in the boat with a revolver?

  5. I’m surprised they haven’t already hinted that the guns were bought at a NRA sanctioned gun show (whatever that is). But it’s still early.

  6. I can hardly wait for the photo spread of the recovered weapons shown on a table for the media. This will be followed by statements from police officials and politicians demanding more gun control to prevent the terrorists from getting more weapons.

      • Just don’t be surprised when the press and politicians try to keep the issue alive to exploit the situation for more weapons restrictions.

        • Let em keep it alive until elections 2014, please, please, please oh please let them be stupid enough to keep it alive till then!

        • As usual, restrict the law-abiding because of the acts of the criminals. As if the typical gun owner is responsible for the acts of those who choose to wipe their a$$es with the law. The myopia in this land of ours is eventually going to blind us all.

  7. I called it but someone (Ralph) said I was wrong. . . . just saying 🙂 . Those domestic violence records and an LTC and police discretion . . . . don’t mix

      • ummmmm, so the one post from the other day with picture of the older brother when I commented about his DV arrest being a disqualifier and you getting into a LTC . . . . .?

    • It is difficult to say he had a domestic violence record. He had an arrest, not a conviction from everything i’ve read.

    • A domestic violence arrest shouldn’t have any bearing on an LTC, and in fact I have one and got an unrestricted LTC myself.

  8. I found it quite remarkable that the Boston Chief of Police talked about a gunfight in which over 200 rounds were fired, implying that most of them came from the two bad boys, but not once mentioning any firearm that either one had at the scene. Now it’s true that this started as the boys against a single cop, but there were six other units on scene within almost no time at all; is it too much to assume that most of the shots were fired by police officers? And that their accuracy was atrocious? But all we know so far is a long gun and a pistol’ pone would think that if it’s been an eeevil black rifle it would be in all the news stories. Interesting.
    I should remind myself not to speculate too much…

    • As I recall, there were 15 officers injured in that firefight. Guess how many were blue-on-blue? I wonder if we’ll ever know. ‘Cause the MSM didn’t even think to question the exact course of events.

      • The MSM questioning police gun use? Fat chance on that one, as far as they’re concerened it’s like Bloomie says, only cops should have guns…..irrespective of who shot who-the “terrorists” did it, and this works just fine for the PD as well as the MSM.

  9. Didn’t take much time for all government entities to declare a job well done, when in fact a homeowner who found bomb boy. All I saw was a whole bunch of scared well paid local state & federal employees with bang sticks and bad ass gear terrorize the locals. End game is them believing they made the difference and will justify more techno gear purchases.

    Recalling the rouge cop Dorner blabbering about asymmetrical warfare and murdering innocent civilians and patrol officers….everyone forgets two of “LA’s finest” let loose on two ladies delivering papers. And those jackasses were schooled in police procedure and failed miserly. Convenient no one reports the status of those two.

  10. TO: All
    RE: Heh


    After all….they have no ‘LAW’!


    P.S. Thank YOU—politicians—for making all of US ‘fair game’ to them……..blackguards!

  11. Anyone else ready to laugh when the police saw a table with a Glock, a double-barreled shotgun, and a crapload of pressure cookers?

  12. i heard they were well armed and had nearly 25o rounds of ammo. repeat, nearly 250 rounds of ammo. it looks like the ammo shortage is hitting the terrorists.

  13. Yes the police said they had a large supply of ammo. 250 rounds they said was a lot of ammo for a metro area… that’s not even one day at the range,,, and with the green cards they get free educations, free medical care, etc. and no one has to work at a job to make a living off. and that is many millions of these people getting all the free stuff, and it keeps going on … We get the bill and they still hate America!

    • with the green cards they get free educations, free medical care, etc.

      Was that just a bit of hyperbole or did you actually think green card holders get free educations and medical care?

      • Free educations and medical care? I got to get me one of them green cards.

        I made the mistake of paying for my education (I’m still paying for it…dang those student loans). And let’s not discuss medical care. I had an MRI in September and just now finished paying the bill with my tax return (but at least I could get an MRI, so that’s something).

  14. And Eric Harris and Dylan Klebold didn’t have a hall pass when they committed the Columbine massacre. I’d have been more surprised if they did have carry permits.

  15. Did you catch the part where they say the 19 year-old ran his SUV into the 26 year-old? Sibling rivalry or maybe just cosmic karma?

    I can picture the younger brother being all fed up with the level of shti they had fallen into and plowing right through his brother as payback for harshing his mellow.

  16. I just called my local CLEO to ask him to sent me an application for a MA License To Carry Bombs. He said he’d be over to my apartment in a couple of minutes and he’d be bringing a few co-workers. I said, no problem. I’d put up a pot roast in the pressure cooker. When I told him that my doorbell was broken, he said not to worry. He won’t be using it.

    Now that’s what I call service.

  17. Wait, the Massachusetts laws restricting the right to self defense, I mean gun ownership, of law abiding citizens doesn’t impact criminals?!?!?!?????

  18. Under 21 y/o with a gun and here I am, of legal age, going through all the necessary paperwork, eligibility and safety certificates, etc. in order to get my first gun…*sigh*

  19. They had pressure cookers, shurely we will give up our guns now because kitchen appliances prove the gun rights people are too radical. Own a toaster? You can’t be trusted in decent society. When daddyo tells us what guns they had then we probably get round 2. One of these days I’ll read a grabber used both hemispheres at once, It’ll make CNN, Randy

  20. Just like Aurora and Newton, events like this will urge decent people to take responsibility for themselves and arm up to protect themselves. Despite the constant bleating of fascist politicians and their MSM propaganda machine, many people’s natural instincts to defend themselves win out, and the numbers prove it.

    There will always be those who simply won’t, and they deserve the death and victimhood that comes to them. Natural selection.

  21. I’m very, very surprised we haven’t heard yet what firearms they had. Let’s hope they were stolen (odds are pretty high) and not “scary”. Within hours of the Aurora and Newtown massacres we were treated to reports of “high powered assault weapons” having been used in the commission of the crimes.

  22. Washington Examiner reports that 2 handguns and a rifle (BB GUN) recovered from scene of early morning gun fight in Watertown. Also, reported an “M-4 carbine” recovered from Perp #2 backyard boat hide-out.

    The boat owner must be pissed, after photos show so many bullet holes the damn thing looks like a block of swiss cheese!


    Was it ever determined what the guys from “The Craft” were doing at the scene? They don’t work for free, so who hired them? They certainly egressed rapidly. And one of them left without his backpack! HEY BUDDY, YOU FORGOT YOUR BACKPACK!

    Another great little factoid would be the long-view video of the scene, and the cowboy wheeling the supposedly new amputee past a waiting cameraman… twice. He doubles back for a second photo op. I kid you not. Then were was the stage blood on the sidewalk which neither oxidized nor coagulated. Remained Vincent-Price-movie bright red for at least 24 hours.

    So don’t be in a hurry to believe a single word the news tells you about these two patsies that have conveniently taken the fall. Only Sandy Hook has more loose ends.


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