Minnesota gun owners for safety
courtesy giffords.org
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Are you the kind of gun owner who thinks raising the age for gun ownership is a good idea? Do you slap your jodhpurs and tell anyone who will listen that no one hunts with an AR-15, (and no one should hunt with a semi-automatic shotgun)? Are you OK with outlawing private gun sales and on board with due-process-free red flag laws?

Then you’re in luck! There’s a brand new gun safety control organization being born and they’d really like to count you as a member.

From the admiring New York Times . . .

On Thursday, two days before the 20th anniversary of the mass shooting at Columbine High School, former Representative Gabrielle Giffords went to Minnesota to announce the creation of a gun safety advocacy group.

The group’s agenda is predictable: It will lobby for universal background checks and an extreme risk protection law, which would allow the temporary confiscation of guns from people believed to pose an imminent threat to themselves or others.

Its composition is not: The members are all gun owners.

Gabby’s going from state to state, starting up new gun control front groups under the Giffords umbrella that are designed to attract gun owners who are totally on board with, well, “common-sense” gun control. There are two of them so far, one in Colorado and another in Minnesota.

They’re designed for firearms owners who “are deeply troubled by the frequency of gun-related deaths in our country. We are committed to supporting sound and reasonable regulations that serve the safety of the citizens of Minnesota and remain consistent with the liberties afforded by the Second Amendment of the United States Constitution.”

Giffords — or, more likely, one of the organization’s PR flacks — gave an email interview to the Times that contains this gem:

There is a big disconnect between the specific policies you’re pushing for, which are popular, and the “take your guns away” agenda that some opponents think you’re pushing for. People have been trying to bridge that gap for years, but it hasn’t gone away. What do you need to do differently?

That’s what makes Minnesota Gun Owners for Safety, and groups like it, so important. I can’t think of a better way to fix that disconnect than to show how in reality, people that love to hunt or have firearms at home for protection are also in favor of improving the background check system. Or keeping guns out of the hands of domestic abusers.

More and more people are responding to gun violence as a personal issue. They don’t want to see their neighbors or their family or friends get shot. People are pushing back against the false notion that any action to pass laws results in less freedom. In fact, it can bring us more.

Yes, and ignorance is strength and Oceania has always been at war with Eastasia.

Anyway, if you’re the kind of gun owner who thinks the Second Amendment doesn’t really mean what it says, people like Gabby and Matt Pierce, below, will be only too glad to have you.

Just remember…no one really wants to take away your guns.

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  1. All of my rifles and a couple of my pistols already have a safety. I also believe gun control means using both hands. So I’ve got that going for me. Beyond that screw em.

    • Gifford’s .org will likely be more effective than the NRA because gun safety and hunting actually mean something to the average gun owners that the NRA offends with its apocalyptic danatactics. .

      Well played Gabby.

      • So many crazy trolls and hopeful trolls and angry trolls but I never seem to hear from the factual trolls or realistic trolls.

        • Fudds are fine with being told what they are ” ALLOWED ” to own and use by a nanny state.

        • “Gifford’s .org will likely be more effective than the NRA…” I’m sure the international gun industries, various sport shooting foundations, hunting groups, gun rights organizations, the various state “rifle and pistol associations”, politicians, and millions of gun-owning/tax-paying citizens might disagree with you…. “Can’t handle the truth?” …. I think I can live with that.

        • ‘Curious Fudd’ asked :

          “Can’t handle the truth?”

          That’s *exactly* what we are gonna ask you after the ‘NY Pistol’ Supreme Court decision is handed down. Nation-wide shall-issue carry will be the result.

          You know what that will likely mean? GUNS (nearly) EVERYWHERE, and no one will have to ask ‘permission’ to carry them.

          Everywhere you go, you won’t know if the person next to you has a loaded gun on them. You are going to learn to be polite to everyone, or suffer the consequences.

          Doesn’t that sound *AWESOME*? 😉

      • It saddens me to know that there are so many domestic enemies, like yourself and that bag of meat Gabby, allowed to benefit from America’s greatness. My only solace is knowing that when Patriotic Americans are finally forced to DEFEND ourselves and our Constitutional Republic against the democrat terrorist’s “War of Leftist Aggression” is that the resulting carnage and mass elimination will finally restore our nation to what our Founders intended.

        • “…the resulting carnage and mass elimination will finally restore our nation to what our Founders intended.” Actually thats the exact opposite of what our founders wanted. You’re advocating for a violent tyranny and you are no different than the radical leftists.

          • I’m advocating for the destruction of domestic enemies that are usurping, undermining and ignoring the inalienable rights enumerated in the Constitution. In fact, this is precisely what our Founders did during the War (pitted colonists against loyalists). That you don’t know that, and then felt emboldened enough to pass judgement on me, speaks volumes about your own ignorance.

        • “Actually thats the exact opposite of what our founders wanted. You’re advocating for a violent tyranny…”

          Then why did one of the Founders write “the tree of Liberty must be watered from time to time with the blood of tyrants”, then?

          Act like a tyrant, get treated like a tyrant…

      • The issue is civil rights. Gabby and friends are clearly trying to infringe on the right to keep and bear arms and also infringe on the right to due process before being stripped of civil rights and property. Hunting is a different and arguably less important issue.

        • That’s the proper way to address it, Vic. It’s simple civil rights.

          And BTW, you hang around BD-5 forums, is Juan still stirring stuff up?

        • I actually haven’t been there in about 6 months. Juan sold his plane and ended his website. I don’t think he ever flew it. I forgot why, probably health. I’ll look.

        • When the Giffords are speaking at a rally, someone needs to ask her husband if he forgot the oath he swore upon entering the military or is he just a traitor on purpose.

          • “…someone needs to ask her husband if he forgot the oath he swore upon entering the military…”

            Here’s some cold water in the face, for you…

            “The Oath” promises to uphold the Constitution as amended and interpreted by the judiciary (Supreme Court). “The Oath” does not promise to uphold the constitution as it was when the ink dried. “The Oath” itself makes no distinction between the Constitution then, and now. Each person promises to defend the Constitution as they understand it when taking “The Oath”.

      • Yeah, 2,087th try is the charm eh?

        AHSA’s rotting corpse keeps clawing its way out of the grave, only to once again be consigned to its pit.

        This time will be no different.

        People have long since stopped believing the lies of the advocates of racially invidious gun controls.

      • Don’t you love it when a Leftist Socialist Troll talks about Truth. Facts and Truth are like kryptonite to Leftist.

      • Just more AHSA lies.

        You’re the equivalent of “Jews for the Nuremberg Laws”, “Gays for anti-sodomy laws”, and “Blacks for Jim Crow”.

        One MORE time: NO, I REFUSE.

  2. So that’s what Wayne LaPierre, Chris Cox and Marion Hammer are going to be doing after the NRA goes bankrupt from their embezzlement and bad discussions!

  3. The Giffords Org has embraced the divide and conquer philosophy. They continue to ignore the reality of defensive gun uses with the reasoning [sic] that if there were no privately held firearms then there would not be any DGU’s to muddle up their narrative…circular logic at it’s worst.

  4. It is a shame that there are useful idiots among the gun owning population that don’t seem to understand that “common sense gun-safety for the children to keep guns out of the hands of some people” is a ruse. It is a tactic designed to desensitize people to the idea of increased control and to slowly erode people’s self determination.

    All you fudds out there, quit being pawns in someone else’s game! Want to know if you are a pawn, ask the leaders of your organization this: “If we get all the laws we want enacted then will we stop our efforts and leave everyone alone?” Try really hard to get a straight answer and, if the true answer to that question is “No”, well, you are a pawn.

    • Pawns? The real pawns are the dumbasses that wear their ARs and AKs in public and restaurants shortly after mass shootings. The open carry fishing movement has done more to threaten gun rights than a whole Ford F-350 full of flannel wearing Fudds.

      • “The open carry fishing movement has done more to threaten gun rights than a whole Ford F-350 full of Fudds.”

        Then should you be publishing your words in an open forum? You know, openly exercising your 1st Amendment rights?

      • They have? Where other than California has a law outlawing open carry been passed in recent years?

        Aside from the fact that what you are referring to is a small handful of events, most notably the widely mis-understood Chipotle episode in Texas, the truth is that carry laws have been, on the whole, becoming *less* restrictive for the the last 20+ years across the bulk of the U.S.

      • The real pawns are the dumbasses that don’t understand; our rights are individual and not subject to peer control or approval. Keep your dick skinners off! In other words, do as you wish with your own rights and keep your pie hole shut about whatever I do with my rights!

  5. Since 2A supporters cannot engage the rest of the ~100 million gun owners, it would be unwise to discount Gifford’s approach. 2A supporters really are politically outnumbered, and when it comes to voting, numbers are all that count.

          • “Put on your thinking cap, SamIAm..”

            “Power comes from the barrel of a gun”. So what?

            Let me be totally clear…the poor attendance at “pro gun rallies” tells us the truth, and the truth ain’t pretty. The Florida rally a ways back was particularly galling; 500 attendees from all over the state, when Tallahassee should have fielded 500 all by itself. If we don’t attend because we have more important things to do, then 2A isn’t really our priority, is it? Do I like the current situation? No, but it is what it is. Saw national news about some MaryWanna rally in Denver today. Looked like more than 500 people showed up to support smoking a federally illegal substance.

            People who are too busy to show for a pro-2A rally, are too busy to show up for “the rising”. So….how do we change that truth?

      • When you troll us please try to get the quote correct and attributed to the correct person.

        “A man’s rights rest in three boxes. The ballot box, jury box and the cartridge box. Let no man be kept from the ballot box because of his color. Let no woman be kept from the ballot box because of her sex.”

        – Frederick Douglass
        Speech, 15 November 1867

  6. Yeah, this is a real hoot…INTERLOPER!!!

    They can’t even try and pull this crap in their own state(AZ) because they know it’d NEVER fly…for all you arizonans, be aware that mark kelly is running for a senate seat in YOUR state, make sure he DOESN’T get elected, OR you can suffer the consequences…

    • His military pension and her congressional pension not enough. He’s going for another government paycheck and a congressional pension. How many hundreds of thousands of dollars a year do this couple want?

      • “How many hundreds of thousands of dollars a year do this couple want?”

        Rather irrelevant statement. We should all aspire to generate all the income we can legally obtain. Who is to say when anyone has more than enough?

  7. Gun owners for gun control, that makes sense. (eye-roll)

    By the way, no one needs a high-powered sniper rifle designed for the battlefield to kill a man with a single shot from over a quarter-mile away. Anyone with gunsense would agree with that.

    • “…no one needs a high-powered sniper rifle designed for the battlefield to kill a man with a single shot from over a quarter-mile away.”

      No one needs to shoot at anything that requires a telescopic scope in order to see the target clearly. Sniping big game at great distance means more difficult terrain to overcome retrieving it, which probably means more wasted game, which probably means more people using the outdoors for a shooting gallery vs. hunting for food, which means fewer people “need” guns for hunting, which means fewer guns in the hands of the proletariat, which means more safety for a caring, socially conscious nation, which means the earth is saved from climate change.

    • She needs a couple more lead vaccines….what a couple of demons, her and that husband with a different last name!



  8. If you read theautopsies of the people killed during the Columbine massacre, you will find that most of the victims were killed with 12 gauge shotguns.

    We need to ban Fudd guns.

  9. Yeah, but would they fight the ACLU and confine the truly certifiable “mentally distressed”? I’ve seen a psychiatrist in the past, I referto people like James Eagan Holmes of Aurora, Colorado infamy

  10. Someone, please post the picture of her holding an AR-15, standing in front of the shot up gang banger target, grinning like the fool that she is…one picture is worth…come the Rising…-30-

  11. I ask “Gun Safety” people to recite The Four Rules of Gun Safety.

    We need CRIMINAL control, not GUN control. Gun controllers are trying to regulate a baseball bat, which can be very dangerous if misused.

  12. It’s reassuring to know that, because of the Minnesota Gun Owners for Safety, we’ll have someone to hold the train doors open for us.

  13. Every year, there’s a group like this that Springs up. The last about 3 weeks for 3 months and then they fold never to be heard from again.


  14. “If ye love wealth better than liberty,
    the tranquility of servitude
    better than the animating contest of freedom,
    go home from us in peace.
    We ask not your counsels or your arms.
    Crouch down and lick the hands which feed you.
    May your chains set lightly upon you,
    and may posterity forget that you were our countrymen.”
    -Samuel Adams

    It seems a lot of folks nowadays don’t understand the english from a few hundred years ago, shall not be infringed, etc. For them I shall paraphrase the above quote: If you are willing to sell your freedom and the freedom of others to gain power, get f%#*ed and go away.

    • If a fool wishes himself to be enslaved, stand not in his way. If he wishes you to be enslaved alongside him, thrust quickly your sword through his neck, and be done with it. An Old Cossack Saying

  15. I am crippled! I love to hunt! But doing away with Semi-Automatics will stop me. It is almost impossible to cock either Bolt Action or lever action gun. I have used semi-automatics for 40 plus years. I am concidered a good shot with guns. Never loose a animal or bird. But I may need the next shot if did miss. Without Semi-Automatic I would be screwed.
    I have taught all my kids to shoot and handle guns. Middle girl said Dad I do not believe in guns or shooting anything. She would not take lessons! Yes she is a Vegan! Was mowing and here a 22 bullet hole out of wall. She got into gun safe and took out 22 rifle and shot through end of house. She had instant gun lessons. Now she is a Doctor and Conceiled carry’s. But still does not believe in shooting for food. But yes for protection. (She went elsewhere and got her lessons and licences) Was even ashamed to tell me she carried!

    • Well, you’ll just have to surrender your rights to provide for your family because some criminal might illegally use a firearm to harm an innocent child. To Mr and Mrs America, turn em all in.

  16. Sign me up, I would like to get in real deep with this movement. Find out how the machine works, then BREAK it.

    • My thoughts almost to a T. They do exactly the same shit to us so why not return the favor? Get in there and disrupt, act all “down with the cause” until they let you speak in public and then let ‘er rip.

      Oh, but that’s kinda hard when you’re busy. The “I’m gonna shoot it out with the cops crowd is too busy “resisting” that tyranny with the cartridge box by posting on the internet about how hardcore they are. Gotta polish up the AR and strap more shit on that plate carrier for when the soon-to-be-dead-tyrants show up with their red-flag order.

      That anarchist guy is right. We’re our own worst enemy but not for the reasons he thinks. It’s because POTG is populated by an immense number of small-dicked assholes with single digit braincell counts who scream about “history” while knowing exactly fuck all about it. Bunch of goddamn Gecko45’s made all the more pathetic by the fact they don’t realize it.

      Also, I stepped on a spider today and thought of you.

        • That would hurt a lot of feelz and melt a lot of snowflakes.

          Suffice to say I’m sick of seeing retardation masquerading as bravery.

          • “Suffice to say I’m sick of seeing retardation masquerading as bravery.”

            Hey !! I resemble that remark. You made me sad, and feel alone and threatened. I was barely able to hold back a tear. You’re a mean person, you hockey puck.

        • “…you hockey puck.”

          Wow, I don’t think I’ve heard that used as an insult in… 20 years. Well played.

          • “Wow, I don’t think I’ve heard that used as an insult in… 20 years. Well played.”

            A blast from the past; thought you’d like it (and the whole sniff and snivel complaint)

  17. Pretty sure Giffords has not had a “thought” since January 8, 2011. Sock puppet at least since then.

    • This is what I keep saying. She suffered a terrible injury, but does that mean she is a voice of reason and logic now? Lets ask the half-cooked potato what laws we should change.

  18. sounds like a nice little group for high brow collectors. Semi autos get the ban hammer and the collector price of your average run of the mill Ruger 10/22 could shoot on up around $1,000 dollars within a few years and ,just like they did with full auto, SBR, and SBS, they’ve created a brand new highly lucrative collectors’ market. So those that collect as an “investment” will definitely be on board with this as well as the Fudds who hate anything without walnut and bluing. I foresee groups like this taking off like a rocket I mean seriously guys we can’t even get the friggin Hughes amendment repealed, suppressors off the NFA, and those stupid rules about barrel length repealed what the hell makes us think we can fight the semi auto ban if the Fudds jump ship and sign on to that?
    Crazy conspiracy theory of the day brought to you by Reynold’s Making the BEST aluminum foil for keeping out those pesky Government brain wave jammers since 1952 find it at a Kroger’s near you!!!

  19. Minnesota Democrats are so left of center they are run by Muslims. they have a foolish irresponsible Idiot as state rep. So we will be the next third world state, Sharia Law here we come Constitution be damned,
    Hätää kärsivien ihmisten kurjuus ja epätoivo, hallitusten epäonnistuminen kriisinhallinnassa, riittämättömät, hitaat ja huonosti organisoidut avustukset muodostavat – kuten kaikki tiedämme – sosiaalisen ruutitynnyrin, joka voisi myös helposti räjähtää.

  20. You need to look for her videos on the internet. I wonder if anything we’ve been told the last 10-20 years is true.

  21. And by the way, don’t forget to send her $$$$. Always follow the money. Also, her corrupt husband will be running for congress.
    Chatty Kathy. A back-bencher in Congress that no one ever herd of…..until she was wounded by a crazed leftist. She and hubby then decided o get onto the (Anti gun) gravy train, including changing the name of their questionable organization. Now hubby wants to run for congress. The question here is, will he still have time to pull the string in her back?

  22. Surprised
    TTAG doesn’t fully support this as they like to support gun control anymore like red flag laws.

  23. Gun safety laws should mean a predisposition towards training and awareness. Anything else is an ignorant, blatant, and purposeful misuse of language and purpose, which should be treated with criminal contempt.

  24. My son is in first grad. He asked me “you told me we can’t fish with dynamite but why can we hunt with military weapons ?” He was referring to AR’s and accurized varmint rifles on the shelf at the sporting goods store hunting section. Really had to explain that one but not sure he bought my arguments. Think hunting will be bow only from now on so I can explain things

    • It’s a shame that you gave in to your FIRST GRADER and are letting his “teachers” indoctrinate him with your approval…talk about abdicating your parenting responsibilities.

      • Talked to his teacher plenty of times and she is actually pro-gun and married to a military guy.
        My kid’s comments came while stopping at a hunting store after seeing family day displays on base where my kid saw snipers and A4/ M4 rifles. Sometimes things are difficult to explain to kids and hard to make sense for adults

      • I am not abdicating anything. Always tell my kid to question everything and look to see what makes sense. Those words were his logic, not put into his head by a teacher or anyone else.

        • Thank you for the courtesy of both of your answers to the points I raised.

          …and yet, you refrained from explaining to him the difference between military firearms and civilian firearms that have a superficial resemblance. A teaching moment lost because you would not step up to the batter’s box and take a swing at guiding and directing your 6 – 7 yo child.

    • Did you tell your son that ALL Remingtons, Winchesters, Rugers, Weatherby/Howa, and Savage bolt-action action rifles are based on the MAUSER military rifle? Some currently are more closely than others.

      And other than accessories, there was NO difference between military and civilian flintlock and percussion firearms. Lever-action firearms were sold as military firearms to other countries including Russia, Turkey, and even into colonies in the British Empire.

      If your son thinks he can make a purely civilian repeating firearm with no military heritage, he is welcome to try. The Germans tried it but the designs were VERY expensive for less utility than conventional sporting rifles.

    • Your the reason we have these people out there trying like hell to limit, take, outlaw guns…If you can’t answer your 1st grader how will you ever be able to answer a 20 year old asking same question?…feel sorry for your children..

  25. Oh boy! You are going to take the guns away from the Chicago, New York, Oakland & other big city gangs of 13, 14 15 and older children? That’s where most of the illegal guns and shootings occur.

    • “You are going to take the guns away from the Chicago, New York, Oakland & other big city gangs of 13, 14 15 and older children?”

      Wrong demographic, and wrong discussion. The strata of society you identify do not shoot-up schools and malls and theaters. Therefore, they are not threatening people who count. It is the normal looking, mostly white person who is the threat to safety of the right people. That normal looking person cannot be identified and avoided before the shooting starts. Therefore, since normal looking people hide among other normal looking people, it is imperative that normal looking people be denied firearms because you never know. Besides, real normal people wouldn’t want a gun anyway, so what’s the big deal? Preventing surprise murders by normal looking people is somehow a bad thing? Sounds like something a normal looking person who is primed to go off without warning, over something trivial, like constitutional rights and stuff, would say. Just remember, I am a normal person, a reasonable person, and I will sit on the jury when you are tried for your insane belief that a 250yr old document should have any relevance today. Well, except for protecting speech I like, and awesome stuff like that.

  26. Seems like an opportunity to use their own tactics against them.

    Join and disrupt like a nun with Ruger stock.

    In fact, I might join the Colorado chapter right now…

  27. “…a vast majority of people…”

    So if I can demonstrate that a vast majority of people think you should sit down and shut up about gun control are you going to do that?

  28. First thing to keep in mind about this new organization is that “progressives” lie….about everything.

    I know there may be a few gun owners who fall for the fallacy of “common sense gun laws” but enough to form an organization of any size?

    I might join this organization (if I lived near there) just to see who and how many people actually have guns. I don’t know if I could keep my mouth shut long enough to learn much.

    Maybe someone who does live close could go and give us updates on their agenda?

  29. Nothing has made me support new gun control laws more than reading the comments under TTAG articles. In all seriousness, I used to oppose legislation that would ban face to face sales without a transfer, but seeing the kind of people who post here, it’s obvious that’s what we need. This board is full of the poster-children for gun control.

    • I have no doubt that you would’ve been equally offended at the mindset of the Sons of Liberty back in the day. I’m comforted knowing that as a filthy loyalist, you would’ve been amongst the first killed.

    • “This board is full of the poster-children for gun control.”

      In which case, we ask, again….how many lives have been saved by which gun control laws? Which new gun control law would prevent any of them? Once studied the real information on the Columbine shooting, and the Florida episode. In each case, the shooter violated fifteen separate laws. Which 16th gun control law will end incidents like Columbine and Parkland? Why were any (all) of the first 15 law violations unable to “control” the shooter? Laws only discourage the tentative, the committed killer is never deterred by laws.

      • “Laws only discourage the tentative, the committed killer is never deterred by laws.”


  30. This is why I don’t trust Liberal gun owners. They don’t support civil rights. They never have. Most of them only recently came into gun ownership. But they have never supported gun civil rights. Because Liberal gun owners are socialist progressive in their political orientation. But they do want THEIR guns.

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