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The California legislature has sent AB-7 to Governor Brown’s desk. Should he sign it — and all signs indicate he will — the Golden State’s only legal form of open carry will go bye-bye. Wait. You didn’t know that any kind of open carry was legal in California? True story! As I type, residents can open carry a long gun in unincorporated areas. You’ll never guess which city consists of 65 percent unincorporated areas . . .

L.A.! I love it! Actually, I don’t. But lots of people do, and the one million people living in its unincorporated environs are currently free to open carry an unloaded long gun. When AB-7 gets Brown’s signature, they won’t.

Given Los Angeles’ inability to recognize Americans’ natural, civil and Constitutionally protected right to bear arms —  only 220 people have concealed carry permits, 87 of whom are judges — the bill seals the civilian disarmament deal.

That’s until and unless California voters elect reps ready, willing and able to restore residents’ gun rights (#aintgonnahappeninmylifetime) or the Supreme Court strikes down the state’s “may issue” mindset. Which could happen, probably would happen with one more conservative Justice on the bench.

Meanwhile, AB-7 is the final nail in California’s gun rights coffin. Until the next one . . .

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  1. In the sixties we used to ride our bikes all over southern cal with guns strapped to the handle bars. Nobody ever stopped us and nobody got shot. We were responsible teenagers.
    We used to shoot rabbits from my grandfathers porch in the city limits.
    This is all about control of every thing we say and do by an out of control gov’t.

    • The hunting exemption for openly carrying a loaded firearm still exists. The one change is that to openly carry an unloaded firearm through a place where hunting is prohibited one must have a hunting license. There is no minimum age limit for obtaining a hunting license although tagged animals (e.g., deer and elk) require a minimum age of 12 and be accompanied by an adult. There is no adult supervision required under state law for a minor to hunt rabbits.

      As I argued in the opening brief of my appeal seeking to overturn California’s Open Carry bans, ” an eight year old boy can openly carry loaded long guns while hunting without being accompanied by an adult” but I am in violation of the law should I merely step outside the door of my home into the curtilage of my home while openly carrying a loaded firearm for the purpose of self-defense.

    • Until the 60s, California was white.
      You think these freedoms just came from magic dirt? You think it’s just a total coincidence that white people enshrined them in a country full of whites, settled by whites with an immigration policy in place for whites only for 200 years?

      The instant that changed, all of those rights started vanishing, and the browner it gets, the fewer rights you get. Third worlders bring the third world along with them!

  2. We’ve almost got CA perfectly positioned for a hostile takeover during the next civil war and it only cost us looking the other way whilst the POS (D) there elected a few communist MFs.

    F CA in the goat a_ _.

    • LOL

      Yes, I’m sure big ol’ bad ol’ North Korea is just itching to blow Cali off the map…

      Please drink up more kool-aid.

      • A few weeks back when it was supposed that NoKo could reach the west coast with an ICBM, my initial thought: “Not a problem….yet. In fact, WE DARE YA, YOU FAT P.O.S.!!!”

    • Gman,

      That’s hilarious.

      CHINA has almost no ability to project power past about 200 miles (they could not, with a better than 20% chance of success, invade Taiwan).

      North Korea? They are lucky to keep most of their citizens from starving to death.

      When you can explain to me (WITHOUT invoking magical Unicorn weapons that have never been used in combat, and likely don’t exist) how DPRK could menace the west coast of CONUS, I will take you seriously.

      Until then, I recommend you up your dose.

      • GunDoc.

        That’s hilarious. Are you still living 10 years ago? CHINA is rapidly expanding it’s navy, and has plenty of stealthy boats under the water. 15 or so each AIP’s, and nukes. Not to mention conventionals. Last I checked, a sub launching a missile, especially a nuke, was pretty effective projection of power.

        As to NK, do you not understand EMPs, and their effect on satellites? One of their recent launches reached an altitude of 340 miles, well in excess of the 240 mile detonation altitude of Starfish Prime.

        Shutting down even a small chunk of the hardware aloft would wreak worldwide havoc – at least in those countries that rely on satellites for pretty much every facet of their existence. Which is most everyone outside of the third-world.

        Nostalgia is quaint. Underestimating your enemies is not good strategy.

        I’ll grant that we don’t have to fear an immediate invasion. But, a gradual invasion after a technological attack renders our cities and government impotent, with food riots and all that would come from a Snake Plisskin-esque turning off of the lights? Completely plausible, and is something that people in the defense community have thought long and hard on.

        • 16V

          I do understand *CMEs* As in Coronal Mass Ejections. EMP implies a manmade device.

          The largest manmade EMP device can take out perhaps 20 city blocks. It is massive, and is explosively pumped.

          The laws of physics are immutable.

          It is becoming more and more clear that Newks were a psyop. Hiroshima and Nagasaki are devoid of radiation, and were from day 1. Historical records show that a flight of 66 Superforts were redirected from Imabari on August 5th to Hiroshima. Imabari had ceased to exist as of April that year, so there was no reason to hit it again.

          Speaking from the physics side of things, a nuclear chain reaction requires a moderator. Unmoderated reactions are not possible. The Germans figured out that “nuclear weapons” were a dead end in 1942 and put their resources elsewhere. The US kept at it, and wasted hundreds of millions before realizing it was a wash. By then, something had to come of it, and Teller and Einstein figured that a fake weapon would work just as well. “Trinity” was 108 tons of TNT doped with radioisotopes (the massive quantity of explosives were brought in under cover of a “test” shot…nobody ever questioned why a conventional explosion would give any kind of usable data for something allegedly so different).

          The aftermath of the “Trinity” shot showed a bunch of generals and Teller milling around in paper booties (and no other PPE) at the base of the tower, pieces of which were still sticking up out of the ground. Steel and glass have the same liquidus temperature, so the explosion was relatively cool (no “sheet of glass”).

          General MacArthur pleaded with Truman to authorize Newks in 1950 when the Chinese were pouring over the Yalu. Truman refused, even though it would have been a textbook case for their use. He couldn’t authorize them, because North Korea was not a controlled state, as Japan had been at the end of the war.

          There’s plenty more evidence, but 70 years of conditioning has a way of making otherwise intelligent people pretty gullible.

        • “It is becoming more and more clear that Newks were a psyop. Hiroshima and Nagasaki are devoid of radiation, and were from day 1”

          Holy fucking crap.

          16V, we have us a ‘truther’ here like none other I’ve seen.

          As much as I *really* wanna have fun with this one, I won’t even bother. There is literally *nothing* anyone tell someone that deluded that will change their mind on that fantasy.

          That I have to say, was the biggest surprise I’ve ever gotten here…

        • Sweet ******* merciful mother ******* after that got posted I thing I heard the collective jaw of almost every TTAG reader hit the floor as they read it.

        • “…we have us a ‘truther’ here like none other I’ve seen…”

          That ain’t no “truther” there boy. That’s a straight-the-fuck-out interwebz chupacabra. My pappy done seen one back in the heady days of aught-two but one this size ain’t been spotted, even by the drunks, ’round these parts of the net since at least aught-five. I wouldn’t believe it existed if I ain’t seen it with my own eyes.

          s…. fuck. This comment brought to you by strych9. Damn fields.

        • A “truther.”

          I suppose the opposite of a liar. Acceptable.

          It’s enjoyable watching heads explode when confronted by reality.

          You might to parlay your certainty that nuclear weapons exist and claim the million Euro prize:

          That’s real money, even in Euro

          It’s really a shame that Hiroshima and Nagasaki are still glowing piles of radioactive glass. I wonder when humans will be able to return to them?

          Oh wait…

          Critical thinking. Apparently libtards are not the only ones incapable of it.

        • Geoff, Strych9, Ad Astra – do try to find humor in the mentally ill, it’s the only thing you can do that actually works.

      • Firstly, North Korea now has the ability to hit most of the US with ballistic missile borne atomic weapons. It also has the ability to pick between nuking the living daylights, or flattening with conventional artillery our of our statutory ally, S. Korea. And never use din war? How about two atomic bombs that ended a war that easily could have gone on for a lot longer, killing millions and millions?

  3. So let’s merge this with the previous post…
    So I put it to you: do you boycott all “gun-free zone” businesses (including U.S. Post Offices)? Are there “no guns allowed” establishments where you carry anyway?

    So, I put it to you: do you boycott all “gun-free zone” STATES?

    • Funny you mention this, but I make a concerted effort to avoid CA and NJ when purchasing groceries.

      You might be surprised how long I spend trying to find olive oil, in particular, which doesn’t have a connection to either state.

      • I see you’re in Texas. HEB carries a lot of olive oil from the San Antonio area. There’s also an olive oil business in San Saba.

    • Except for the rare exception for work or the like, absolutely yes. There is a large swath of Midwest, Plains, and the South where my permit is valid and I plan my vacations there. I also drive instead of fly so I don’t have to have my other rights violated either.

  4. My question is why hasn’t California formed an independent country already since it obviously has no interest in complying with the Constitution. And why is the govt go gutless as to not calling them out on it?

    Just deny them water and any funding until they comply.

    • TJ,

      California is mostly conservative. As is most of the USA.

      Again, the solution is the expunging of leftist cities over 700,000. The leftists do not get to take more than that. These cities hold the rest of the state hostage to their lunacy, their laws, and their unreasonable demands for revenue.

      • I live here in cali
        and no I can’t move! My job is LOCKED to here!

        But this!!! is the thing!
        Gundoc is CORRECT!!!



        California is mostly conservative. As is most of the USA.

        Again, the solution is the expunging of leftist cities over 700,000. The leftists do not get to take more than that. These cities hold the rest of the state hostage to their lunacy, their laws, and their unreasonable demands for revenue.””””

      • The DNC would have absolutely no say. It would be put to a statewide referendum, and the cities in question would not be able to vote (after all, it is the issue of their unconstitutional electorate that is one of the reasons for expunging them). The DNC is one step away from being a seditious terrorist organization. The best way to remove cancer is expeditiously and precisely, while leaving healthy tissue to heal.

        As far as I can see, expunging the leftist cities to become their own nations is the ONLY way to avoid bloodshed.

    • We have plenty of water to out last your ability to pay for food after we stop selling out of state.

      Dems would never allow California to leave the union or break up as most of the state outside of SF and LA are conservative. Im stuck here until retirement but have purchased a home in morth georgia that I will gladly move to as soon as possible for me and my family.

      • “We have plenty of water to out last your ability to pay for food after we stop selling out of state.”

        And oil, and hydroelectric power.
        But no way to pay your children to go to school. A debt that prevents new investments in those schools. The government is bankrupt.
        The idea that you can hold your food (which, BTW, isn’t your food, it belongs to the corporate farms, not the state) hostage doesn’t work, because if it isn’t sold, it generates no income, which the country of California would desperately need.
        The idea that California could secede is tempting, for both sides, but as a practical matter, it wouldn’t work. So much federal money flows into CA that, if it stopped, so would CA.

        Just like clicking on “Notify me of follow-up comments by email” has stopped. Still.

  5. L.A. would be one of the City States that would be politely, but firmly, asked to leave the US. The only solution at this point is the creation of two countries…or rather, the United States of America, and all the majority leftist cities of over 700,000 population.

    Starting with D.C. (since it is already a separate country).

    • Why not do what our ancestors did and burn it to the ground then impose a Re-constructionist government friendly to the Union?

      • Because that was evil.

        D.C. is the first city that needs to be firmly uninvited from these shores. Divorce need not be violent. Over 600,000 Americans were slaughtered for no good reason. Anyone that suggests repeating this without first exhausting all other options is not welcome here either.

        The stain of 1860-65 need not be repeated. If they truly believe their way of life is better, let them demonstrate it. Violence is an absolute last resort.

      • Pretty sure he was being sarcastic, Doc. I don’t know anyone willing to break with the Union we currently have – and I’ve been known to hang out with Dad and his pals in the Sons of the Confereracy(who begin every meeting with a pledge of allegiance to the US flag).
        In this case, it would seem history is going to repeat a different story: the last of the Jim Crow laws were struck down by the courts not in the Old South, but in California (it’s true, look it up). Clearly we’ll need another court decision to force them into the twenty first century regarding our RKBA.

        • It’s been a forced Union. There was a whole group of states that didn’t feel very united…they were killed and forced into the marriage.

          If we got back to real Federalism and let the states’ decide their own fates vs. this ficticious “union or bust” nonsense perpetrated by that Tyrant Lincoln, then we would have more peace. Just as I don’t want to meddle in the lives of people in another country I do not want to meddle in the affairs of people from another state nor do I want the federal government telling them what to do…be very careful what you wish for.

          Instead let each state be what they want to be and if the big cities are controlling too much and deciding too much then that just tells you the experiment isn’t tenable. And it isn’t People hundreds or thousands of miles away do not know nor have any reason to uphold or rule over people at such great distances. Voluntary local rule is where it’s at.

          Time for peaceful divorce.

        • I realize it was very likely sarcastic.

          But the recourse of the judiciary is fraught with obstacles, as the circuit courts are filled with attorneys in black dresses that have made careers out of shirking their Oaths of Office, lining their own pockets, and scoffing at the rule of law.

          They need to be held accountable, made personally liable, and threatened with the loss of their bond (meaning they would never be able to hold a judicial position ever again). All state laws that are in contravention to the 2nd amendment need to be expunged, with heavy monetary penalties levied against both the governmental entities AND the individual officers that are violating their oaths. They need to be disabused of the notion that they are immune. This country was founded on the rule of law, not the rule of men.

          There are solutions, and they will work. But it will require circumventing the obstacles that have been created to prevent solutions from being applied.

          Hard work beats bloodshed every single time.

  6. We can’t have people carrying unloaded long guns. Someone could get shot, you know, if the gun suddenly went off! As they are frequently wont to do. Plus the mere sight of an unloaded gun will cause the civil masses to panic!

    At least California is closing all the “loopholes,” we wouldn’t want people to get confused and think they still had some freedoms. Just a couple years back you could open carry a holstered unloaded pistol. That would get you arrested in Florida.

  7. Commie kalifornia is controlled by corrupt coastal elites and for course, a voter block that, well, only use their brain stems. So those of us that cherish FREEDOM and LIBERTY suffer under the thumb of those that truly HATE the same.
    I issue this WARNING to all Legal American citizens. California is much like an STD. Infectious and spreads. It will kill you!

  8. Robert, you overstate the scope of the bill. The bill bans open carry in certain specified unincorporated areas only which are adjacent to incorporated areas. “This bill would prohibit the carrying of, and make it a crime to carry, an unloaded firearm other than a handgun while in or upon a public place or public street within a prohibited area located within the unincorporated area of a county.” If the bill was as broad as you suggest in your headline, then hunting would be banned statewide, and that simply is not the case.

    • Hunters are exempt from the bans on loaded and unloaded Open Carry, always have been and still are if Governor Brown signs AB-7.

      It is the open carrying of loaded firearms for the purpose of self-defense, the core Second Amendment right, which California seeks to ban. Or have you not been paying attention?

      In your long, rambling, incoherent reply to my post, feel free to explain to us exactly where the law specifies exactly where the carrying of unloaded long guns in unincorporated county territory is permitted/prohibited. California law defines prohibited place as one where it is illegal to discharge a firearm. It is always legal to discharge a firearm to prevent a murder and it is always illegal to discharge a firearm to commit a murder. Sounds like a pretty vague definition to me. Moreover, Los Angeles County has an ordinance stating that none of its ordinances prohibiting the discharge of a firearm should be construed to prohibit the discharge of a firearm for the purpose of self-defense.

      Something the sponsor of the bill, the Los Angeles County Sheriff, as well as those who authored the bill and those who voted for the bill seem to have overlooked.

      Notwithstanding that state law allows residents in unincorporated county territory to carry loaded firearms “while within 150 yards of an occupied dwelling house, residence, or other building, or within 150 yards of a barn or other outbuilding used in connection with an occupied dwelling house, residence, or other building…”

      AB-7 doesn’t change that, not even in counties which don’t have self-defense exceptions.

      Nor does AB-7 apply to unincorporated cities, towns and villages which I argued in my California Open Carry lawsuit. A conclusion of law which the state did not dispute, and therefore waived, in its answering brief in my appeal.

  9. I would love to see some Congresscripted introduce a bill that defines a 25 mile strip along the Coast from LA to the Bay as a seperate political entity and expel it from the United States. The Bill would ban the residents from the US for 10 years and would forbid them naturalization. Let’s see how the tech barrons manage when they are cut off from power and water.

  10. “Given Los Angeles’ inability to recognize Americans’ natural, civil and Constitutionally protected right to bear arms — only 220 people have concealed carry permits, 87 of whom are judges — the bill seals the civilian disarmament deal.” – There are a hell of a lot of people carrying firearms in the Los Angeles area, just most of which not legally. 220 with concealed carry licenses, and tens of thousands without one.

  11. There are no more nails in coffins.

    California is putting the last SCREW in the gun rights coffin, as in “Screw you, gun nuts!” Putting the screws to the law-abiding gun owners in California and pretty much screwing up everything else that used to make California a great place to visit and to live.

    Screw them.

  12. As a california resident, I wholehearted support CalExit! I want this state out of the union with all my heart and soul…

    …and I’ll be moving out should that great day happen.

    • It would be theft on a massive scale.

      CalExit needs to be modified to just kick out the hives of Leftist militants.

      They don’t get to claim the 95% of the state that is firmly, 100% American.

      They would get LA, Sacto, San Francisco (Bay Area and environs) and possibly San Diego (minus the military areas).

      With the parasite areas gone, the rest of the state could work to undo the damage done by nearly five decades of mismanagement

  13. I am confused:
    (1) Many people tell me that legislatures will ban open carry if we carry firearms openly.
    (2) No one (statistically speaking) is walking around the unincorporated areas just outside of Los Angeles with openly visible long guns.
    (3) Nevertheless, the California legislature is attempting to ban open carry of long guns in that previously mentioned area even though no one has been carrying long guns openly.

    Does this mean that gun-grabber legislatures are going to ban both the concealed and open carry of firearms regardless of what we do? This is my surprised face.

  14. Let em. Take away all bearing of arms, and once that’s done, we can take that case to SCOTUS and it’ll get overturned on grounds of unconstitutionality. There must be one or the other, and once they take both, they’ll be forced to give both back.

  15. You don’t need to walk around and open carry a gun in California. But you can walk around naked on days the government gives you permission. You can wear a well fitted strap-on dildo for public attire. Your dildo can be multi-colored. Just like firearms can be multi colored.

    “The fact of the matter is that you’ll still be able to run around San Francisco naked on certain days of the year. Wiener’s proposal includes an exception to the ban during festivals and on certain beaches. And obviously, the new ban is only as strict as the SFPD wants it to be.”

    You can perform sex acts in public on days the government gives you permission. I believe you can smoke pot in public. I could be wrong on that. But the government will give you free drugs to get you intoxicated. The last gun store in SF, High Bridge Arms, was turned into a “free marijuana”, for any reason, pot clinic. I know this makes the three L’s Libertarians, Liberal and the Left, very happy.

    “San Francisco’s last gun shop will become ‘High Bridge’ medical marijuana dispensary”
    Government wants to improve your sexual experience by shooting you up crystal meth all “for free”.

    Keep voting for people like the open and proud homosexual Tom Ammiano. The former president of the California senate, who wrote the law making rape and stalking victims wait up to an extra 7 days to get a firearm. As a white homosexual and proud white man he is much smarter than any rape victim wanting a gun to defend themselves.

  16. Think about it… if somebody wanted to commit a crime with a long gun, at some point, they’d have to carry it openly because we now know, thanks to the NFA, that long guns cannot be concealed. And if we trust the wisdom of the NFA (I know I do), then it follows that nobody will commit a crime with a long gun in California. This is actually a pretty brilliant move on their part. I can’t believe they waited this long to do it.

  17. If you think that it was legal to open carry in an unincorporated area, try it and see if the cops don’t arrest you for inciting a riot. All this bill does is give a penal code to something that was already illegal

    • Explain to us how one merely carrying an unloaded long gun, or even a loaded long gun, is inciting a riot. The law has been on the books since 1872 and no court has ever construed the mere carriage of a firearm to constitute the crime of incitement to riot.

      California Penal Code section 404.6.
      (a) Every person who with the intent to cause a riot does an act or engages in conduct that urges a riot, or urges others to commit acts of force or violence, or the burning or destroying of property, and at a time and place and under circumstances that produce a clear and present and immediate danger of acts of force or violence or the burning or destroying of property, is guilty of incitement to riot.

  18. I’m so glad on in escrow with a lovely piece of land in WI. The original plan is for me to move out in 8 years, but I’m not sure I’ll be able to last that long. I’m really hoping for another conservative SCOTUS justice, which may be be about the only relief that CA may have.

    At least I can still piss off the coastal lefties with my pro-constitution influence while I’m still here.

  19. Open carry of rifles is a joke in place like CA. Technically speaking, yes, it is legal. That being said, if you were to carry and AR-15 down the street the police would immediately be called on you. At best, you’d be arrested on multiple charges for disturbing the peace. At worst you would be shot on site.

    They did this garbage in MD as well. The Attorney General said concealed carry of handguns was not required because open carry of rifles was legal in MD. The courts bought in and upheld their “may issue” aka “no issue” carry permit scheme.

    • Where do you think the photo in this article was taken?

      “Disturbing the peace” in California is a very narrow statute which has also been on the books since 1872, 415.
      Any of the following persons shall be punished by imprisonment in the county jail for a period of not more than 90 days, a fine of not more than four hundred dollars ($400), or both such imprisonment and fine:
      (1) Any person who unlawfully fights in a public place or challenges another person in a public place to fight.
      (2) Any person who maliciously and willfully disturbs another person by loud and unreasonable noise.
      (3) Any person who uses offensive words in a public place which are inherently likely to provoke an immediate violent reaction.

      You seem to forget that California is not Maryland. California has always been an Open Carry state and the California courts have construed the right to carry firearms to extend to persons who are prohibited from possessing firearms so long as they did not possess the firearm prior to a situation arising when they, or others, are at risk for serious bodily injury and if they surrender the firearm when the danger has passed.

      A police officer shooting someone for merely carrying a firearm would be committing murder and would not be entitled to qualified immunity in this circuit.

      And so what other charges of your “multiple charges” would one be arrested for because disturbing the peace isn’t one of them.

      As for carrying an AR-15 down the street, that would constitute probable cause for arrest not because one was disturbing the peace but for possession of a banned weapon because they, like machine-guns, can only be transported in a designated, locked container and can only be possessed by persons who lawfully possessed, and registered, the firearm.pursuant to California’s Assault Weapons Control Act.

      • “And so what other charges of your “multiple charges” would one be arrested for because disturbing the peace isn’t one of them.”

        You sound like a lawyer. If you are, then you know full well that “disturbing the peace” is anything the LEO thinks it is. Even the act of taking a video of police in action has been so construed.
        Don’t be so naïve.
        Just being arrested can be financially ruinous. That arrest remains on your record (even if you’re released without being charged with anything).
        The power the government holds over the average person is awesome. When that power is abused, the results are truly terrible.
        California is a perfect example of why there is an Electoral College. The power of a few concentrated pockets of like-minded people can exert power over the remaining majority of territory, regardless of the wishes of the people in that territory, which is exactly what’s happening now in CA.

        • So Big Bill how about your citing all of these cases in California, state, and Federal court, where the courts have held that disturbing the peace is anything a law enforcement officer thinks it is.

          We’re waiting.

      • You are living in a fantasy land if you think “Disturbing the peace” applies to the law as written. Do you also think “Shall not infringe” applies to politicians? “Disturbing the peace” means whatever the officer arresting you says it means. We are not a nation of laws, we are a nation of force and the government has a monopoly on it. Granted, if you don’t believe me, please, be the test subject. Walk around California all day with a rifle slung over your back and tell us how long you last. You seem to be a super smart guy. I’m sure you’ll be fine.

        “A police officer shooting someone for merely carrying a firearm would be committing murder”.
        Unless they “feared for their life.” I suggest you google Philando Castile and the dozens of other people killed by police this year. Police can murder you and get away with it as long as they “fear for their life.” So much so that Miranda rights might as well be changed to “You have the right to remain silent. Anything you say can and will make me fear for my life. You have a right to an attorney. If you cannot afford an attorney you are too poor for anyone to care about and I will fear for my life before killing you.”

        “As for carrying an AR-15 down the street, that would constitute probable cause for arrest not because one was disturbing the peace but for possession of a banned weapon”
        Replace AR with any legal CA rifle. Same situation still applies, you are getting arrested, most likely having the crap beat out of you, and possibly murdered.

        • Police do murder people and nearly all of the people they murder are unarmed but you seem not to understand the law and qualified immunity. A police officer does not simply get to say that he was in fear for his life and become immune from prosecution. That doesn’t even work for civilians who aren’t bound by the Fourth Amendment, as are police.

  20. Every day the courts uphold bans on guns and bans on carry. California has successfully banned all carry concealed or unconcealed. As usual the power mad gestapo Courts rule they can and will ban all guns and all carry. California courts even declared that any form of carry is a threat to them personally and their gestapo henchmen that protect them from the proletariat. As one can see the Constitution is a complete joke and always has been. The ruling elite make up their own laws on a daily basis anymore


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