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Like many of you, I used to read headlines regarding California and their gun laws with amusement. But I’d like to change your perspective because, like it or not, what passes in California this year stands a good chance of being Federal law in five years. And maybe sooner. Here’s why . . .

I used to think to myself when one of California’s gun-hating politicians took the stage, “Oh, those poor souls have bullet buttons and ten-round mags. Sucks to be them. Guess I’ll go back to cleaning my non-Cali legal rifle before I openly carry my not-Cali legal handgun.” Then one day at work, a client new to the state stopped by. As we talked, I discovered they were newcomers to South Dakota from Washington D.C., also known as the gun owner’s version of Mordor.

Why did they move? It’s the economy, stupid. States with bloated, crazy gun laws also tend to have bloated, crazy high costs of living. In an economy where purchasing power is eroded every year, families formerly nestled in the leftist states and cities of America are facing hard choices and long moves to put food on tbe table. Given that the states with the best performing economies also happen to have lower taxes, less intrusive government and thus lower costs of living, people are voting with their wallets (and their feet) and are pouring into “flyover country” in search of a better life.

All would be well and good with this, except these blue state expatriates also bring with them their political ideology, too. As time goes on and blue states with unfriendly business climates and astronomical tax rates collapse under their own weight, companies and their employees will start leaving in even bigger numbers for more business-friendly, conservative locales. And that means moving left-leaning voters into those conservative areas.

So go ahead. Mock the Californians, Chicagoans, New Yorkers , Hawaiians, New Jerseyians, and Marylanders. Because Bloomberg and Company will ultimately get the last laugh once they move in next to your ranch in red state America and immediately set about the business of taking away your guns, your money, and your rights…in that order.

Instead of indulging in schadenfreude, a better course of action is to support those states. We need to donate as much money to the state-level lobbying groups in the occupied terrirories as we can. And we need to cut out the “Californians/New Yorkers/etc. brought it on themselves” bullpucky. We also need to consider moving into and visiting leftist states.

Yes , this means giving up some legal recognition of your rights and the nice hardware, but realistically certain jobs can only be done in the urban centers in America. And not everyone has the financial or social means to pack up and move out of those places. Gun owners there need all the support they can get and what better way to do it then for us red staters to spread the good word about what life is like beyond their borders.

We also can’t expect voters in California and other places to fight for rights they don’t know they have. Someone who has spent their entire life in a state which bans concealed carry won’t know anything about it to campaign for it, unless one of us in the United States cross the American Iron Curtain to spread the word about the Second Amendment. We sure can’t rely on the media and government to do it for us.

I’ll leave with this quote from Martin Luther King’s ‘Letter from a Birmingham Jail’:

‘Injustice anywhere is a threat to justice everywhere’

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  2. I will never set foot in that state unless I am wearing red football equipment abd carrying a flag with a bull.

  3. The law of the land is the constitution and the bor. Surrender territory to the grabbers and you open yourself up to the argument that, indeed, common sense infringements on the 2a are allowed. America is at a crossroads. We POTG either hang together or we hang seperately(I stole that hanging bit).

      • You do realize that any votes for you will just take away from votes for an actual viable candidate who can help us get some of our rights back, right? Look up the presidential election of 1912. The Republican vote was split between two tickets, so a Democrat won.

        And don’t give me any shit about not wanting to be some dirty professional politician. You can’t change the system without becoming part of it. Politicians like Ted Cruz who are working for change from within the system are on the right track.

        • “You do realize that any votes for you will just take away from votes for an actual viable candidate who can help us get some of our rights back, right?”

          So, go ahead and do the same thing over again, voting for one wing or the other of the Statist party, and nothing will change but the letter behind your master’s name.

          But don’t make me obey your evil master!

        • “You do realize that any votes for you will just take away from votes for an actual viable candidate who can help us get some of our rights back, right?”

          That’s a pretty blanket statement and not completely true. If we had a straight popular vote sure, but with the Electoral College it works a bit differently. Hear me out. Let’s say you live in California and you want to vote against the Democratic Presidential Candidate in the 2016 general election. It doesn’t really matter who you vote for. You could vote for the official Republican candidate, you could vote for Rich, you could vote for Mickey Mouse, or “None of the Above” (h/t Monti Brewster) and the state is still going to go to the Democratic candidate. No matter how bad a campaign the 2016 Democratic Party runs, California will go “blue”. So if you are a disenfranchised voter in one of the many states that will swing in the direction you don’t like and you would like to get a small point across to the other party that you aren’t so happy with them either, vote for a third party candidate. Your vote for the Republican Presidential Candidate in a state like California doesn’t matter anyway, if you can’t feel good about your vote, vote for a third party candidate to send a message (however small it may be). Really there are only about 5 states in each Presidential election that are considered “battleground states”, the other 45 states are pretty predictable before the month of November.

        • We are….and shall always be….a two party system. Support fringe candidates if you will, during the primaries….but not the general effing election. Change can only come from within one of the two parties. Elections have consequences. Try to get your favorite candidate on the main ticket, and if it does not happen, support the candidate who MOST fits your beliefs (of the two remaining) during the general election. Did you enjoy the fiasco with Barry and the boys after Newtown? How about four years of “Earth Mother” monster Hillary and “First Husband” Bubba? Wise up. I didn’t get my “favorite” candidate, but made the best choice between the final two and voted for Mitt because I am a logical grown up who knows that nothing is perfect. My statement mainly applies to states that are in play during a general election, not “protest” votes in states that are heavy blue libtard (democrat).

        • I’ll tell you what Pat…I’ll vote whichever way I darn well please and you can vote for whichever pawn your political overlords endorse.

        • Rolling, vote for Mickey Mouse, because you will get the same result in our two party system (in the REAL WORLD). In close states, it could mean putting “Earth Mother” in your face for the next four to eight years.
          Elections have consequences. And that’s a fact, unless you believe Mitt would have been WORSE regarding Newtown, “Big Gov” statist nightmares, and other libturd, leftist moves. Vote who you want, but don’t be stupid during the general election. God, this is so clear.

      • Libertarians are great…..the libertarian party is a disaster and a vanity project.

        Libertarians can win in the Republican party if they are the better camdidate. If you’re a libertarian and you can’t win in a Republican primary how in the hell do you think you’d win the general population?

        • You’ll notice I’m not just any ol’ Libertarian – I’m a Radical Libertarian Loon! I’d be an anarchist, but property rights need to be protected, which is what governments were originally for. But it’s criminally insane to give the Registrar of Deeds the authority to confiscate your gun or throw the neighbor’s kid into an iron cage for having a doobie with his buds.

  4. Thank you so much for writing this! As a resident of CA the constant bad mouthing by my fellow 2A in the free states is disheartening. My job and all my family resides in CA, I grew up here. Instead of abandoning the state, I continually vote in attempt to bring conservatives into office, and I do my best to spread the joy, knowledge, and safety lessons of being a proud gun owner.

    Again, thank you for the support.

    • I second this statement of thanks and appreciation.

      I’ve been on my soapbox in the comments making the argument you so eloquently wrote many times on many threads in this forum. Thank you ST for making it a centerpiece for discussion.

  5. I don’t agree with going to anti-gun states. It’s better to live in pro-2nd states and make sure the support there remains in SPITE of some ingress by more blueish citizens.

  6. Why thank you ST. As a native Californian I have had to deal with such degradation all my life. People look at me and wonder what I am doing in California. Well in reality we are seriously considering moving. Not just yet, but the thought is there.
    With close to half a trillion in unfunded liabilities, and bay bridge that is falling apart, went billions over budget and 10 year late, to common core, highest taxes of all types anywhere in the countries, I can not and would not ask folks to move here. Visit yes, move never..
    Dr. Vino, and myself are fighting. We are working with other groups and continue to fight. It is more than just guns now, but economics too. Would could have all the gun rights in the world but if the state is bankrupt, and businesses go away, then there isn’t much reason to be here to begin with.

    • Sadly, you will never win as unless the electoral college laws change and that wont happen, it’s been tried before with dismal results. Big cities control states. And gun laws don’t matter. Look at Florida. It’s the “Gunshine state”, but it’s still blue.

  7. The flaw in the logic here is that the thing that causes these lefties to leave those states is the bad economy, not the gun laws.

    You could magically make California a gun haven/heaven, but people would still move out of it (maybe even faster because OMG! Guns!), come here, and vote leftist–because the economy will still suck there.

    So changing their gun laws would help the GOOD people of these places, but it would not prevent the political kudzu effect from happening.

    • Yes, and these lefties then vote in the same damned laws, taxes and regulations that put their original home in the toilet to begin with. What was that quotation about repetitious action amounting to insanity? It’s happening in Virginia.

  8. also take a neighbor new to guns out to the range. pay for the ammo. bring a few guns. help them work on their groupings. shooter for life.

    got my wife to start taking a few friends and now they are up to 20 women who get together to shoot and hang out. . . . it is all good, even if the spousal unit will not clean the guns she shoots. small price to pay.

  9. We need some traction against stuff like bullet buttons, magazine limits and outright bans on weapons and features in common use. I just worry about weasels lawyers and complicit judges trying to go around the meanings of words.

    California weasel lawyer- “No your honor, the California handgun registry isn’t a ban on guns, we are just trying to make sure only Californias use approved safe gun with criminal seeking microstamping! Oh why do the police get to use whatever gun they they want thats not on the list? Oh ummm, uuuhhh.”

    Dirtbag California Judge- “Sounds good to me! It’s for the children! Ban, away! I mean, uhhh keep the safe handgun list. It is super constitutional! Heller? Who’s that?”

    • But Sixpack, when the bloods & crypts shoot someone the cops can be on them like Duddly DoRight with the microstamping. Lessen of course someone used a running iron on their brand, Randy

  10. You miss an important point. The Blues always huddle together in enclaves. Waht we need is to be represented in a more granular resolution. States are too big now. We need more states tmaller in size. Let the Bleu Enclaves be anyhere they want, so long as they don’t have the power to dominate and sodomize vast swaths of flyover. As population grew, we failed to draw more lines. Now we all hate each other trapped in rooms with each other. IT’s a matter both sides should support, but sinve one is mooching off the other, we know why that one aprty isn’t interested… Without the ability to dominate the red space, the blues would not be able to support themselves. Their existance depends on predation of us, and we let them do it.

    You deserve what you tolerate.

    • The problem has always been the electoral college and the “all or none” votes by most states, at the expense of huge geographical areas where most of the conservatives reside. Take New York, if it wasn’t for NYC and Rhode Island New york would be a Red State.

    • Um, lines are being redrawn. It’s called Gerrymandering. It just happened in Central Maryland – the district boundaries were redrawn to give the criminals incumbents the advantage. Which is why there’s growing interest in the rest of the state about secession.

      • And each state has 250 counties, and each county has 250 townships, and each township has 250 subdivisions, and each subdivision has 250 neighborhoods, and each neighborhood has 250 individuals. The same amount of government (enough paperwork managers to maintain a communications nexus for 250 entities), the whole Federal Government could be cut down to Constitutional size.

        When I’m elected, I’ll fire every unelected Federal bureaucrat, with three months’ severance pay, and a promise that if things in America don’t improve for everyone in those three months, that they can all have their jobs back at full pay and I’ll resign in abject humiliation and you can all go back to fighting over whether your high muckety-muck wears an “R” or a “D” as the perpetual welfare/warfare state drags us all down into the smoking pits of Hell.

        • 250 STATES, and it was just a random figure, and was saying The Prople would better be served with smaller states, and the only way to accomplish this is for present states to yield to subdivision. And it WILL be kicking and screaming, believe you me!

          I offer no opinion on counties, etc. That will be a matter for new states to decide.

          For instance, the Richmond suburb I relentedly live in is named Tuckahoe. The neighborhood is known as Westbury. Both too small to become states, though. And probably little benefit in it; if 3-4 counties west of Richmond joined together, however, I could see benefit in that.

          I would probably live in the Capital District.

          Anyhow, I would hope it would get me out of that Likudnik Eric Cantor’s clutches. I moved from clutches in Richmond to 90 miles away in Culpeper, and (with a NM hiatus), to Henrico, and only escaped his district when I was in NM!

          • “250 STATES, and it was just a random figure, and was saying The People would better be served with smaller states, and the only way to accomplish this is for present states to yield to subdivision. And it WILL be kicking and screaming, believe you me!”

            Well, the smaller the government, the better, in all cases. And the smallest subdiviision of government is self-government, where every individual is sovereign, and the owner of herself and the fruits of her labor. Or his. All government is, after all, is an organizational chart. We need property rights, true, but it’s criminally insane to give the Registrar of Deeds the power and authority to confiscate your gun or throw the neighbor’s kid into an iron cage for smoking dried flowers.
            Fire the government! Write in Richard McCally Grise! Sign my guestbook too!

    • Problem is I’ve never met a statist who didn’t think their ideas were so good that they shouldn’t be mandatory everywhere. I do agree that smaller is generally better. It’s easier to get on a politician when they live a few blocks away than it is when they live 1000 miles away.

      • ” they shouldn’t be mandatory everywhere.”

        Interestingly, the one thing for which that would work (being made mandatory everywhere) would be Freedom. Unfortunately, that’s also the one thing you can’t force people to do.

  11. As a recent transplant from the lovely state of California, I say that I brought with me a blood-thirsty desire to take guns away from people. So far I have been able to buy 2 new guns that I could have never dreamed of owning in the golden state. I also brought with me some opinions about bad drivers and traffic (it sucks everywhere, stop complaining California). Lastly, I do feel for those I left behind but I decided I wanted to raise my child in a place she could go to school and get an education (in english).

    I agree though, California’s laws are absurd and someone needs to get some conservative ideals into Sacramento before more free states suffer from the influence of this social pariah.

  12. If you want to help without coming to California (BTW, California is a beautiful place to visit), you can support some of the organizations that are fighting the laws. Calguns Foundation has done a lot of the heavy lifting.
    We’ve recently had victories of sorts when the Governor vetoed some bad legislation after the NRA gave him a sneak peak of the lawsuits that they had ready to go.

    • I’ll visit CA when they recognize Iowa’s weapons carry permit, and not a day earlier. BTW, Iowa recognizes all 50 states’ CCWs, so come on out. Not much to do here, but you can carry in a bar and drink until you hit .08% BAC.

  13. I’m not sure about ST’s theory. It certainly seemed to work that way in Colorado, but on the other hand Texas seems to be a Mecca for the right kind of blue state refugees – both those seeking a better business climate and those who seek a state where they can actually get a CCW or own a 30 round magazine. I think the wrong type of blue state refugees seek out places with scenery, which hurt Colorado. John Denver probably didn’t help, Texas on the other hand, well, sucks. It’s unbearably hot AND humid in the summer. There’s not really much there for scenery, especially when you consider how far the mountains in west Texas or the Gulf of Mexico is from Dallas. Dallas is a bit like Denver without the mountains.

    Another interesting state is North Dakota, which also has a net migration gain from California. ND sucks for the exact opposite reason as Texas. They have the most unbelievably vicious blizzards on earth. If -20F with a 60mph wind sounds good to you, ND is the state for you. There is absolutely no reason to move from anywhere to ND except the government. Some might point out that there is all that oil and gas in ND, but there’s tons of oil and gas in California. The difference is that the government in ND will allow you to work and the government in CA will not let you work.

    • Exactly, those people will NEVER move to Nebraska. We get enough of both types for the weather to really suck. Plus there’s not a damn thing to see other than corn.

      • Preaching to the choir here brother, I’m just a couple hundred miles to your right in the land where summers don’t suck quite as much as Missouri and winters don’t suck quite as much as Minnesota.

      • Tornadoes, too. Not all the money in the world could get me to live in Tornado Alley. Well, maybe if I had *all* of it…the world does have an awful lot of money.

        Until or unless I’m rich enough to build my own tornado-proof biome, I’ll stay out here in the Mountain West or Inland Northwest where the summers are dry, the winters are reasonably wintry, and the scenery is beautiful enough to haunt your dreams. Unfortunately, it also tends to attract the Californicators…

    • never been in the hills west of austin have ya?

      many hippes and hardcore blue-staters in austin. ask farago. or leghorn. or me. or tyler. or anyone who lives within 300 miles of travis county. generally they stay out of the way when it comes to firearms stuff, however. havent seen an outright ban on gun in austin or georgetown or buda…….

      apple…APPLE…has an office in austin.

      • I’ve been through Austin a couple of times but never west of there. Unless you go as far as Midland and Odessa, which is probably the ugliest part of the state. Austin is nice, but if I were to move to TX myself I think I’d go a few more miles south to where the trees are green in the winter. I’m not a fan of large cities and I seem to remember San Marcos is where the trees turn green in December (not that they aren’t green in November), so that might be my first choice, although it’s been a while. South TX is like a warmer flatter version of Indiana. S. Padre’s nice, but not as nice as the Gulf coast in FL, unless you don’t like people, which is a valid position. Never been to the SE, but I’m not a big fan of swamps, and I’ve been to LA. El Paso is nice if you don’t mind having iron bars in front of all your windows.

        I’m not knocking the people of TX. It’s the people that pick the government and it’s the government that makes TX attractive. But all else being the same, I’d move to San Diego over Dallas any day. That said I’m a lot more likely to move to Dallas than San Diego.

        • I agree. Except for the politics, laws, and earthquakes. Anywhere in California north of he Bay Area is prime “PhoenixNFA” country.

          I get what your saying. Carry on.

  14. I live in Illinois. Born and bred. My family immigrated to the small mining communities 70 miles south of Chicago 120 years ago. I grew up here, went to college, married and am raising a family here. I never have nor would consider moving. It’s my home…. And I’ll continue to fight and win minds for the second amendment and am beaming with pride that myself and father will soon be CCW holders in a state never one would consider have been a shall issue state.

    Never cede any ground, we can win this battle one person at a time. Free Cali, free NY, free NJ, free MD. It can happen

  15. And while you lament the passing of California, the anti-2A forces are working their way against us in Washington state with surprisingly little fanfare from outsiders. I’ve E-mailed RF on this and received no response at all, so I’m just going to leave my comment here and hope that he decides to maybe help us spread awareness of what’s going on in WA state.

    Washington is under attack this coming legislative session, as Nick Hanauer’s Bloomberg-backed Washington Association for Gun Responsibility is bankrolling I-594, a mandatory UBC bill. Along with introducing infamous UBCs as a precursor to total firearms registration in Washington, this bill would also introduce additional taxes and fees to the state. Since WA automatically enters every FFL pistol sale into a state registry, I-594 will also ensure that this registry baloons in size, requiring more tax dollars and state employees to keep tabs on who owns which handgun.

    There is a competing initiative backed by the Second Amendment Foundation, I-591. I-591 would simply require that WA adhere to a federal uniform standard of background checks, preventing the state from enacting any checks that are more stringent than what is required by federal law – effectively blocking any new attempts at UBCs.

    Both initiatives, at this point, appear to be headed to the ballot this year.

    The ante was upped this week, as the state legislature held open hearings on I-594, and who showed up but Gabby Giffords, unannounced, with Mark Kelly in tow. Gabby and Mark proceeded to take up nearly ten minutes of the committee’s time, ahead of all other WA state residents, who after being browbeat by these two loudmouths, were limited to only 90 seconds of time to make a statement.

    When called on it, committee chair Laurie Jenkins admitted to having invited Giffords to speak, and her aides have been rudely taking calls of complaints against her action:

    The committee building was PACKED, with lines extending out of the building and onto the capital grounds.

    Not only that, but rumor has it that Moms Demand Action pulled a fast one by tricking pro-2A speakers into “signing in” to provide spoken testimony. After the committee closed the comment period, the sign-in sheets were found to have been left in the entry way, discarded and unread by anyone – as they were either fakes, or the state deliberately ignored them.

    There are even rumors that the Washington State Patrol escorted in some of the anti-2A speakers, assisting them to completely bypass the lengthy line of pro-2A protestors:

    So while I hate to derail a nice discussion about what California has already become, we here in Washington REALLY need TTAG’s help to keep Washington from becoming what California already is. I feel like TTAG is missing the ball on this one. I’m sure I’m not the only one complaining and sending E-mails to you guys?

    Sorry if I sound like a whiner. I just like my 2A rights, that’s all.

    • This is EXACTLY what happened in Maryland (minus the space cadet and his meat puppet) before our onerous laws were passed. BEWARE!

    • This plus a thousand.

      Pro-gun people moving to states such as Washington would be an even more effective tactic than moving to California. Washington’s gun laws are very good and there’s still time to keep them that way. An influx of pro-gun voters would help tremendously.

    • I’m informing my friend who is an avid shooter like me. I will see what else I can do to help. Being a Native Oregonian I would not want to see the Pacific Northwest go dark.

    • “and her aides have been rudely taking calls of complaints against her action”

      Unless the aides are rude to the callers, you meant, “and her aides have been taking rude calls of complaint…”

    • This has me really worried. I’d like to think Washingtonians have enough sense to see I-594 for the draconian infringement it is, but the other side has more money and they own the mass media gatekeepers. We could be overwhelmed by low-information voters and Seattle metro’s progressive drones.

    • The economy is fine in Maryland because the “free state” (snort) sucks up so many federal tax dollars. If not for the feds, Maryland would be an economic sinking ship.

    • Hey Headly, you wouldn’t happen to be in the recreational pharmaceuticals industry, would you? Cuz that and the Government are the only two industries spending in the Formerly Free State. Everybody else is looking for work.

  16. To extend the LotR theme (which seems oddly appropriate): Living in California is very much like living in The Shire; it is incredibly beautiful and diverse, with lots of hard-working, peace-loving, responsible people. But the encroaching darkness that aims to blanket the land in submission emanates from the Two Towers of L.A. (Minas Morgul), and S.F. (Tower of Orthanc in Isengard), all being controlled by the aforementioned DC (Mordor), and The One. Hopefully, the Fellowship of the Gun can be formed by people from distant realms, from far and wide, to extinguish this bitter evil. We, here behind the lines, are ever grateful for your sacrifice (at least I am). Now please excuse me, I need to go sharpen my sword.

  17. I think that what many people fail to realize is that stuff that starts in places like New Jersey doesn’t stay in New Jersey.

    Case in point is the late Senator Frank Lautenberg and the Lautemberg Amendment. If you were convicted of a misdemeanor domestic violence case, even if it was 40 years ago, you lose your gun rights.

    Now I’m not a big fan of wife beaters – but the definition of domestic violence can vary based on the crime, and this is an ex post facto law. Many police officers lost their jobs over this.

    Last year we tried like hell to get Steve Lonegan elected into the Senate, but he was outspent by Cory Booker. Now Senator Booker will be in that senate seat for at least the next six years. How is he going to vote when gun bills come up?

    We need your help, guys. Think about that the next time NJ2AS pops up on a forum asking for money.

    • Booker won’t vote for anything nor serve in the Senate for 6 years since he’s going to run for president. And he’ll probably win.

    • You can get convicted of DV by tossing the remote at your gf when she asks for it and accidentally hitting her with it while she’s on her period and starts raging at you.

      It’s effin STUPID.

  18. It took me 28 years to find a way out of Commiefornia. NO, I’m not going back! The leftist wackos there can rot in hell for all I care.

    In fact, California presents a perfect example of what the rest of the country should avoid at all costs. Let Californians destroy their state, and the rest of us will learn a very valuable lesson from watching it happen.

  19. I still don’t get the expression “balance state interest with people’s rights”. Aren’t rights supposed to be unalienable? What is the state interest? Is the majority that vote? If so, can a majority restrict a Constitutional right?
    How these judges keep a straight face when then rule like this?

    • More to the point, the state shouldn’t have self-interest. The state’s interest needs to be the people, especially when that means getting out of the way and leaving us alone. Any claim otherwise is absurd.

  20. MD, NJ and PA people moved to DE for lower property taxes, no sales tax, and cheaper houses. And the state has turned completely blue as a result. Taxes are inching up, a temporary income tax increase is in year 4 and will probably be raised before it’s ever returned to 2009 levels. Gun laws are being considered and if not for rural areas would have passed. But eventually enough transplants will make the pols feel safe about turning Delaware into a clone of it’s neighbors fiscally, legally and politically. These people will create the environment they left, I saw it happen in Chester County PA already.
    At this point DE is still an island of affordability on the east coast with manageable living but eventually I’ve got to decide where to go. Probably when my gun collection is banned and I can’t afford the taxes any longer. Hopefully there will be somewhere left to move to. I never thought there would be places I would not want to live in in my own country, and that’s a shame.

  21. Send monies and other moral support to the Slave States, yes. But, actually moving into those said Slave States? Are you seriously fuckin’ nuts, bro?

    Even if you made TAXachusettes, Screw-You Jersey, ZOO York, Barryland, SillyNOISE, and Kommiefornistan into havens for 2A absolutists (and all of the other 44 states as they damn well should be already), as Daniel Silverman rightly pointed out, the Blue poison has already irrecoverably killed the economies of all of those States. A few tens of thousands or even hundreds of thousands of hard-charging, civil rights activists moving into those Slave States isn’t ever going to change that.

    Plus, we’re genuinely having a hard enough time keeping the tide from turning in the Free(er) States what with the massive influx of all those Marxist muppets to begin with. That and with the populace as generally disinterested in its own politics as ours, it wouldn’t make a damn day’s difference how many of us forsake even the slightest modicum of our rights and expose ourselves to a higher risk of violence and government abuse. It’s just not worth it, man.

    It would be better if we started simply converting the refugees as they come flooding in, as dirk diggler up there suggested. We’re bound to change at least a few minds per-capita, and without having to fire a shot or uttering an unkind word. 😉

  22. I say we raise an army of millions and invade those states. Win the war by moving our ‘army’ into homes there, getting jobs then voting.

      • I just read an article in the Republic that was touting AZ politicians bringing CA-based companies to AZ. Made me wonder how long AZ can hold out.

        • Send ’em out into the desert on foot to help illegals over the line. That should solve a couple of problems at once.

  23. Here’s something else to chew on. Today’s leftists are collectivists. Today’s rightists are individualists. Which group, when united under a charismatic demagogue, is better at enforcing conformity to a party line and whipping up enthusiasm for its principles? While Democrats are locked arm in arm on every single one of their planks, those on the right bicker among themselves. Why? Because we are individualists, because we are ornery, and because we have so many in our ranks who get disgusted, buy 100 acres in Wyoming and lock the gates. Look at the comments here and see if you can disagree. When Friends of Abe fears publishing their member list, when people apologize for admiring anything about a Republican (like Paul Ryan’s physique), you know the right is losing. Only it’s not. 75% of Americans tend conservative when you take the Republican/conservative label off the viewpoints. The majority of people believe in the Second Amendment. I say, do not lock the gates. Get into the mission field and be salt and light, to borrow from Jesus. We may say “live and let live.” They do not.

  24. Bullshit. KA has had fucked up gun laws since at least 1989. Where have they spread to? Post-Newtown, only to the most-expected locations, namely NY and CT. Even the fucked-up Commie-wealth of MA hasn’t seen fit to adopt any of KA’s messed-up laws.

  25. Guns are a minimal issue for the other side. They want it ALL. Gun laws they will change when they move to and control new locales, but that’s not their primary goal. It’s socialism, baby.

  26. I loved living in San Diego. I miss it a lot.
    I could not move back there at present because of what I own.
    I would like that to change.
    Have a small battle to take care of here before I go back to donating money out of state.

  27. I’ve only recently realized what an ass I sounded like when mocking Nanny-state compliant stuff, and often in so doing, firearms owners stuck behind enemy lines who have to deal with those egregious infringements and chose to stay in their home state and try to effectuate change, rather than move away. I wouldn’t want to abandon my state if they went full retard like NY or CO or MD. I want to help CA and the others. We all need to stand beside our bretheren who’s states went Nanny and try to help.

    The bottom line is though, it comes down to the TEE-VEE. That’s what the masses see. That’s what’s being used against us. That’s where they are being deluded for the most part. The TV. We need need to be aware of where the battlefield is, and be sure we’re focusing our energies in the right battle space.

  28. I don’t know if I buy this whole we have to fight them over there theory…

    Take Florida, for example, snowbirds from the northeast (NY, NJ, CT, etc.) flock there in droves for the weather and low cost of living, and have for a long time, but it hasn’t turned into some gun hater’s paradise. I’m not saying Colorado can’t happen again, but it’s not a guarantee, not all the people moving want to bring the BS with them.

    • And shouldn’t it be possible to stop the interlopers before they develop a majority? Let them know in no uncertain terms that “We don’t take kindly to gun-grabbers around here.”

      • Only way I see to do that is pushing for additional laws to add further protection to the RKBA at the state level.

      • The sad part is there’s not a really good way to say that w/o making somebody feel threatened or angry. ESPECIALLY if they are from NYC or Jersey.

        • “The sad part is there’s not a really good way to say that w/o making somebody feel threatened or angry. ESPECIALLY if they are from NYC or Jersey.”

          So what if they feel threatened or angry, if they’re a grabber? “You’re not one of those grabber traitors, are yu?”
          “OK, don’t let the door hit you in the ass.”

  29. Even if a state does turn “purple” that doesn’t mean you can’t expose the new people to the rights they didn’t know they had.

    I’ve taken a lot of people with different political ideals (and sometimes with no political ideals) shooting. Two of them have completely had their fears crushed and bought their own guns. No one has ever left with a bad impression. A Ruger 10/22 and 200 rounds of ammo… it’s a great investment.

    Only thing is, we’ve got to shut up about right versus left politics for a bit while we do this. I’m not saying you shouldn’t have your right to your views… just try to keep your yap shut about it for a few hours while you let the new urban expatriates shoot your AR. Let them come to the conclusion on their own.

  30. I grew up in Maryland, son of a gun owner but the guns hid in the safe for pretty much my entire life. I moved to Michigan in 2007 at the age of 18, and the first time I heard that you could carry a concealed pistol I think I made the sour beer face. Total mind warp.

    You’re right, people born and raised in these states often don’t know the rights they have, or should have.

  31. “All would be well and good with this, except these blue state expatriates also bring with them their political ideology, too.”

    Well, that is a hell of a wide brush. As a California escapee, I can tell you that is inaccurate at best.

  32. Its easy to fight for your gun rights in a state not fighting against you. Its also easy for people to bash the hell out of California or other similar states, but residents of those states are the people arguably fighting the hardest, uphill fight out of everyone for their Second Amendment rights. Doesn’t do anyone any good if those people turn-tail and run.

  33. Let’s be honest and transparent. If we are not effective, we are wasting resources and we are losing ground. Can everyone agree that being ineffective — wasting resources and losing ground — is a wrong course of action?

    Now to the meat of the discussion. Progressive gun grabbers have a super majority in both the general population and the legislature in California. NOTHING is going to change that. All this talk of staying behind and fighting is nothing but feel good hogwash because your method of fighting is totally ineffective. All the calls, e-mails, and snail-mail in the world to your legislators will never accomplish anything because your votes and activity are irrelevant to those politicians. All of your rallies in Sacramento will never accomplish anything because your votes don’t matter. Any money you spend on campaigns for candidates who the populace will never elect is wasted money. Even going to the courts is totally ineffective: look at how the 9th Circuit now just sits on cases indefinitely for no reason whatsoever. There comes a time when you have to cut your losses and that time is here and now in states like California.

    If you want to fight effectively, apply your resources to the 40 or 41 states whose populations and legislatures respect the Second Amendment and are actually expanding gun rights. Those 40 or 41 states are a monumentally important bulwark against future attempts to repeal the Second Amendment. And those states are an equally important bulwark against future federal legislative infringements such as universal background checks and registration. Think about that. It was politicians from those 40 or 41 states that stopped recently proposed federal bills.

    As for stemming the spread of Progressive cancer, we have to do two things:
    (1) Take these Progressive transplants to a range and introduce them to firearms.
    (2) Tell these Progressive transplants in no uncertain terms that the economy and cost of living are better in their new home state because of non-Progressive government and policies. Do not mince words. Show them a map. Show them how Libertarian/Conservative states are doing much better than Progressive states.

    All this talk of staying behind and fighting is nonsense. I don’t care how passionate and busy you are if you are not effective. Being busy and passionate and accomplishing nothing are the hallmarks of Progressives — the very people you are supposedly fighting. I know this isn’t what many people want to hear but it is the truth.

    • Good comments.

      It’s better to defend the ground you hold then to try to retake the ground that’s lost.

      Resources should go to defending the free states currently under siege and further fortifying the free states where the threat is minimal..

    • Motherf**kin’ BINGO!

      This is what I’m saying, I’m just not as eloquent as my man here, uncommon.

      Sometimes you have lose the arm to save the body, I know that’s no solace to the fingers and hand, but some times you have to know when to fold ’em.

      We can’t lose all of our chips because we are too proud to concede defeat in certain areas- don’t throw good money after bad investment.

      And, uncommon’s talk to transplants idea, spot-the-hell-on! I’m trying to get my old military buddy from NoCal a full time position at my company, he’s tired of the Cali nonsense.

      I told him first and foremost, check that progressive BS at the boarder, we don’t need it, and he agreed, wholeheartedly.

      • So abandon the 8 million gun owners in CA. So should they abandon you? Keep their money and politicol efforts and let the rest of the gun owners in America do without our support?

        And you accept that the constitution and the bor is subject to infringements and not the law of the land.

        • I accept reality, the constitution was getting shit on long before I was born, and likely will continue to be long after I’m dead- do I like, of course not, but it’s no less so.

          Abandon your post, the fort has been over run, and if mine was, I would do the same.

          There’s a difference, between leaving a man behind and I man choosing to stay behind.

          Why waste manpower reclaiming a position they has long since been overrun, when we have neutral position, they are winnable, being attacked as we speak?

          We can reclaim Cali after our other positions are secure and we have gathered our forces, but as of now, it’s the Alamo.

        • jwm,

          Let’s look back at World War II and occupied France. Imagine French citizens having rallies in Paris and holding signs. Imagine French citizens sending letters to and calling German High Command asking the Germans to respect the rights of French citizens. At best German High Command would have laughed and at worst they would have imprisoned or killed the “activists”. Would you have advocated for surrounding territories to send money to help the French activists hold more rallies and send more letters?

          How about elections. Suppose that French citizens found a few German political candidates who were sympathetic to the French. So the French poured money into the campaigns of those few German candidates who rarely got elected and certainly never changed the outcome of votes on more repressive laws against the French. Would you advocate for surrounding territories to pour more money into the campaigns of failed German politicians?

          How about the courts. Suppose that French citizens filed lawsuits in French and/or German courts demanding that the Germans respect their rights. And the results of those lawsuits: either the courts just sat on the cases, refusing to act on them, or the courts found in favor of the Germans and against the French. Would you advocate for surrounding territories to send money to help the French activists file more lawsuits?

          The answers to those questions should be obvious.

          And the corollary should be obvious. The territories around France and Germany should have used all of their resources to strengthen their position to prevent Germany from spreading … thus preventing Germany from acquiring more resources which would have increased Germany’s ability to spread out farther.

          I don’t know what else to tell you. Your collective actions have been and will continue to be futile. You collectively tried your soap boxes which failed. You collectively tried your ballot boxes which failed. You collectively tried your jury boxes which failed. At this point your choices are to submit, move out, send your donations to gun rights groups or campaigns in other states, or go to the cartridge box. Which is it going to be?

        • And where will you move to when your states are gobbled up? Who will you ask for support? The constitution is not limited by zip code. By fragmenting POTG into slave states and free state when all the states are free under the law you make it easy for the people using the constitution for toilet paper. Why should barry or hillary or any of the rest respect our laws and rights when our best advice to our brothers is to run?

          The Alamo is a good analogy. It shows exactly the future of gun owners that do not unite and support one another.

        • jwm,

          You have asked for citizens from other states to support California residents who are fighting for their inalienable right to keep and bear arms. What support do you have in mind? Progressives are a super majority in both the general population and elected positions in California. Opposing them politically is like trying to stop a tidal wave with an umbrella. I have already explained that political efforts in California are utterly ineffective and a waste of resources. I have already explained that judiciary tactics in California are utterly ineffective and a waste of resources. Citizens from other states could donate 1 trillion dollars to campaigns and lawsuits in California and it still would not change anything. So what would you have citizens in other states do?

          I emphatically support the Natural Right to keep and bear arms which existed before the United States and its constitution. I emphatically support the Second Amendment’s enumeration of that right. I emphatically believe that right applies in the entire United States — including California. Nevertheless, a super majority of people in California and their elected representatives oppose the Second Amendment … and nearly all of California’s law enforcement officers appear eager and zealous to enforce unconstitutional and illegal infringements on that right.

          We have come to the very reason why our Founders wrote the Second Amendment, which in and of itself is nothing more than words on a piece of paper. That paper is powerless to do anything. I absolutely hate to say it, but I see no alternatives other than using force to enforce the Second Amendment … to restore the Supreme Law of the Land in California. If there is an alternative that will restore the Supreme Law of the Land in California without using force, I would support that in a heartbeat. Please show me one. At this point I think the only support you can expect from fellow citizens in other states, other than well wishes, is if it comes to using force.

        • Uncommon, what just happened in Illinois? Never in my lifetime did I expect that. And it was a court ruling. Abandon NY, CA and CT if you wish. And when some prick in a fancy suit argues in court that an awb and mag limits aren’t a hardship on gun owners and the limits should be permanent and nation wide he will point out that how much of a burden have these limits been in those states?

          If we concede large parts of our country and abandon their gun owners to the grabbers how do we decide when it’s time to quit running and fight? We’re cultivating a culture of every man for himself, a sure step to failure.

  34. Thank you for writing and posting this. This is the message we need to get out to the rest of the country.

  35. Really enjoying the LoTR theme on this one. Ive already got a bow and sword, lets just find some Uruk-hai, I hear theyre coming from the west 🙂

    I do not believe you can re-educate an Orc, regardless of where he happens to come from in Middle Earth.

    • Yeah, next I hope we hear from him about Walkers “dangerous” policies, code speak for allowing law abiding citizens to have guns. Wisconsin had a belly full of liberal doyle so I don’t think this liberal asshat stands a chance, Randy

  36. This is correct.We need support NRA GOA SAF and keep sueing These jackasses til they get it. (They never will) Keep fighting never conceed our Rights to the antis .More recalls more ethic violations (liberal lies)
    We need to really work at publicising guns saving lives big time.
    Keep beating these libatards like a drum.

  37. Minorities got the democrats in and minorities can get them out. Welcome minorities as gun owners, and break the solid democratic bloc.

  38. As a refugee from NJ to the great state of Texas, I sympathize with the writer. And I sympathize with both those who would abandon the Slave States and focus efforts on the Free States, as well as those who would fight back. But there’s something incredibly important missing here.

    The fight is not a Blue vs. Red, Dem vs. Republican, or anti-gun vs. pro-gun states. The real fight is between the City and Country. If you haven’t seen the 2012 election results by county, take a look here:

    Fact is, Inland Empire area of California is hardly Blue or anti-gun. Illinois outside of Chicagoland area has more in common with Alabama than it does San Francisco. And Houston (the city itself, inside the 610) is hardly a bastion of gun rights, and RF and others already know the deal in Austin.

    To some extent, having lived in big cities all my life, I sympathize. In rural and exurban (even some suburban) areas, everybody knows each other; they don’t fear guns because they don’t fear each other, because they know each other. Plus, even if someone were to go crazy with a gun, the risks are significantly smaller. In cities, nobody knows each other. I lived in a high-rise apartment in NYC for three years and never once said hi to the person *living next door* (nor did he ever greet me in the off-chance we ran into each other in the hallway). The risk of a “crazy guy with a gun” gets unacceptable.

    More fundamentally, living literally on top of each other, cities naturally engender collectivism. Ever tried to be alone — I mean physically alone, without another person in sight — in Manhattan? You have to really go out of your way for solitude. (Meanwhile, loneliness is a real problem in big cities, even as one is surrounded by people… a true paradox.) Having that classic American mindset of, “You mind your business, and I’ll mind mine” gets harder and harder as population density gets greater and greater. Turns out, your neighbor’s choice of music IS your business when nothing but drywall separates his “house” from yours.

    Owning, carrying and using a firearm is a supremely individual act. It is at once empowering, intoxicating, and frightening. To know with certainty that you hold in your hands the power to take someone’s life, and the only thing standing between pulling the trigger and not is your own mind, will, and temperament… that is a truly sobering thing. All of us here know this, and we treat guns with such respect because we know it. I can tell you from firsthand experience that as a city dweller, even if politically conservative in all areas, there is a psychological transition that happens from the I’m-surrounded-by-people collective mindset to the I-on-my-own-desire-can-kill-someone individual mindset when you first fire a gun.

    Obviously, I realize that none of those fears and concerns of city dwellers are valid excuses to limit fundamental rights. Obviously, I realize that it is precisely those city dwellers who most should be carrying a firearm at all times, as the risk of crime is exponentially higher.

    Until we have some dramatic Constitution-level reform of the political system, we are stuck with the status quo. One strategy we need to consider is to make state-level changes to limit the political influence of cities. How?

    Implement the Electoral County system, exactly like the Electoral College system, wherever possible. Cities will do as cities do, but if one cannot win statewide office (Governor, for example) without winning over the counties… so much can be fixed almost overnight. As long as elections are decided by popular vote, and the City dominates the Country in population, it will be difficult to stop the anti-gun forces.

    City vs. County. Town vs. Country. That’s the dynamic driving all of this today.

    • So all the outstate countes should build tall walls around the cities, a la those “Escape from [insert name of favorite hell-hole]” movies. And make them pay for their own damn bread and circuses. 😉

    • This …. I definitely think it’s more of an urban vs rural issue than a state issue, and I don’t think you have to give up your gun rights by moving to a place like CA.

      As someone else stated in an earlier comment liberals establish themselves in little enclave like thought bubbles. These thought bubbles are pretty easily shattered when you throw some more liberty minded people in the mix.

      In other words, if you have the option, why not move in to the downtown area of a mostly liberal city still within a “free” state. You dilute the liberal numbers, and might expose them to ideas they haven’t heard in there usual echo chamber.

      I understand this is easier said than done. I live just a couple miles north of downtown Dallas in “Uptown.” I wouldn’t move downtown because it’s not safe, and there isn’t a grocery store for miles. Other liberal areas of Dallas also aren’t that safe. I think this might be different in a city like Austin.

  39. This summer, I’m moving from Mississippi to Maryland. Culture shock is gonna be a beotch… for them. BOOYAH!

    • It all depends on where in Maryland. The Eastern Shore and Western Maryland are much more like the United States.

      • Except no two people can agree on where Western Maryland begins. Many folks say Frederick, or even Hagerstown, but I thinks it’s west of both.

  40. “All would be well and good with this, except these blue state expatriates also bring with them their political ideology, too. As time goes on and blue states with unfriendly business climates and astronomical tax rates collapse under their own weight, companies and their employees will start leaving in even bigger numbers for more business-friendly, conservative locales. And that means moving left-leaning voters into those conservative areas.”

    Good point, but not always applicable. Idaho saw a major influx of people moving here from the PRCa in the 1990s-early 2000s, and the Democrat Party in Idaho was thrilled – they thought they would be able to dominate the legislature and state offices. Instead, most of the escapees (including me) could best be described as “extremist” libertarians. Idaho’s legislature went form about 60% GOP/40% Dem in the 1980s to 81% GOP since 2006. And we have been carefully weeding out the RINOs by taking over the local precinct offices and going to a “closed” primary (you have to register as Republican to vote in the Republican primary, which pretty much ended the Dem’s practice of crossing over to elect “moderate” Reps in our primaries.)

    So sometimes you can go against the trend. Now if we can just get rid of the libs in the Sun Valley and Boise North end precincts …

  41. I would be great if a few hundred thousand gun owners moved to Maryland and helped to change the concealed carry laws here. You can also help by supporting and donating too organizations like,Virginia is starting to looking pretty good right about now!!!!

    • Virginia will follow Maryland – just watch. NOVA funds the rest of the Commonwealth, so they get to call the tune.

  42. Hey guys, I’m a native in Los Angeles, Kalifornia and I’m stuck here for the next couple years as it is, the only advice I can give you all would be KEEP UP YOUR STEREOTYPES! Southern Californians are so out of touch with reality that they think everyone owns machine guns in Texas, and that everyone there wants Obama’s scalp (not that that’s a bad thing) But the only way I can imagine that’d keep these guys out of your states would be making them think you’re all crazy hicks. There will never be a Los Angelean moving to Montana because most think they’ll get rabies from a Redneck, then stabbed to death over moonshine.
    I IMPLORE you, Texas, the midwest, South, and all of free America, keep them out, you’re the last bastion of prosperity and liberty in the US… maybe even the world, and you’ll be losing out to the Liberals, and illegals soon if you don’t change.

  43. I’m from northern California and I haven’t brought my politics here. most Californians I know love guns. we get as close to that legal cliff as possible. think 10 round bulletbutton AR in the trunk next to 4 lbs of maryjane . completely legal in Cali if you don’t smoke.

    laws in California are not challenged because we are ALL too busy working to survive to challenge any of them. politicians are a disconnected elite.

    most cali ideals:
    Weed – legalize it
    guns – teach us and we will love them
    abortion – uhhhh not touching that one
    prohibitions and general bans – you mean that’s not normal?
    Income tax – you mean everyone doesn’t pay it?!

    We are more normal than you think. we are just the agenda 21 test bed for brainwashing

  44. This interesting piece lends credence to the notion of liberal-minded Californians moving to other states and taking the ideology with them:

  45. I am a 4th generation Californian. I asked a gunsmith about silencers and I could see him freaking out between his ears… the reason I have never seen one is because at some point they were made illegal here. No idea when this happened, it just did. Multiply this every time I see something gee-whiz online and never be able to get one in the golden state, and you can feel my pain…

    I honestly thought they were outlawed in the ’30s or something… until the internet showed me all the cool ones out there.

    So if a Californian escapes (like I am planning) they will freak out whenever a “sniper silencer” is out and certainly won’t fight for the retention of them for legal usage, even though the only time I heard of them being used illegally is in the (hollywood) movies!

    Help us free staters – you are our only hope!

  46. One day my friend, times shall change and we shall cast the demon (Fienstien) from her throne!

    In all honesty, we HAVE to band together and do something big. In the near future I think I might wanna put together a (possibly armed?) rally in Sacramento, right on the capitol’s lawn.
    call me an idealist, some niave kid, whatever, but if we can give one big push, maybe that’ll be enough to get some people doing the right thing.
    Law suits haven’t gotten us really anywhere, aside from some laxer CCW laws. ugh, I’m a CA native and it just makes me depressed whenever I get to see all the cool stuff my friends in our neighbor state Nevada get.

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  48. It’s easy to cross municipal boundaries; harder to cross State boundaries; hardest of all, to leave your country. People don’t move across State or country boundaries by choice; they move out of compulsion. Usually, for employment.
    I’m afraid that Colorado is the most important example. Progressives will be forced to move from blue to red states because they have destroyed their hosts. These will out-number conservatives moving from blue to red States. For conservatives to move from red to blue States is counter-productive. We must consolidate our votes in the Senate and Electoral College.
    Ultimately, victory will go to whichever side collects the largest number of votes. We we can’t get the votes at the ballot box those votes won’t be there if/when civil order breaks down. Progressives will still look to the SWAT teams to restore order, establish soup kitchens, re-light the grid. No matter that Big-goernment failed to preserve civil-order; Progressives will continue to believe in BIGGER-government to solve the problem. (Remember, FDR continued to win elections in the depth of depression and WW-II).
    We have to begin supporting candidates ACCROS State lines. I can’t support the legislators who represent me; I CAN support candidates in other States who represent MY VIEWS. Send money to right candidates in other States.

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  52. “First they came for the Socialists, and I did not speak out—
    Because I was not a Socialist.

    Then they came for the Trade Unionists, and I did not speak out—
    Because I was not a Trade Unionist.

    Then they came for the Jews, and I did not speak out—
    Because I was not a Jew.

    Then they came for me—and there was no one left to speak for me. ”
    -Martin Niemoller

    First they came for the Californian’s guns, and I did nothing-
    Because I was not a Californian…………………………………

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