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The Calguns Foundation writes [via]:

As we have before, we asked the DOJ for a copy of their Roster database, and in response, they sent us a spreadsheet export having a data date of September 21, 2016. We evaluated their Roster data and discovered some interesting facts.

For example, while there were 517 active semi-automatic handgun (“pistol”) models on the Roster as of the data date, nearly half of those listed models (210) were simply aesthetic variations of other listed handgun models.

So, in essence, there really were only 307 semi-automatic handgun types available on the Roster for law-abiding people to buy.

One question we are often asked is, “Why does everything look like it’s going to ‘zero out’ at the beginning of the year?”

The answer is that, a few years ago, the Legislature passed SB 363 (2013, Wright) and changed Penal Code Section 32015 such that, “Commencing January 1, 2015, the annual [Roster] fee shall be paid on January 1, or the next business day, of every year.”

So, all handgun models must be renewed at the same time at the beginning of every year (or they could be dropped from the Roster).

As you can see, the Roster is – overall – at its lowest point in history. And that’s especially true for the semi-automatic handguns and revolvers.

In Heller, the Supreme Court noted that “the American people have considered the handgun to be the quintessential self-defense weapon.”

If that’s true, and we believe it is, then all law-abiding people should be able to acquire safe, modern handguns (like, for instance, a Glock Model 17 Gen 4) that are in common use by private citizens and and law enforcement across the United States.

We will press forward in Peña, et al. v. Lindley and, with your support, make every effort to strike down this gun ban once and for all.

About The Calguns Foundation:

The Calguns Foundation is a 501(c)3 non-profit organization that serves its members, supporters, and the public through educational, cultural, and judicial efforts to defend and advance Second Amendment and related civil rights.

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    • I think the overall legislative population are uneducated liberal progressives that have the IQ 2 points below a plant. In other words, I have been disenfranchised in this “granola” state.
      Time to leave.

    • Voting at the ballot box is loosing its usefulness in CA. This year our two choices for senator were both strongly against the 2A. Hopefully I will be able to vote with my feet in the next three years.

        • Actually the way our primary works for that is the two that receive the most votes in the primary regardless of party affiliation make the general ballot. That led to two very anti 2a choices, and the presumptive won. The same person who forced the micro stamp bit into effect.

  1. They are trying to get the list down to zero. I hope every unconstitutional law that these commies make up get overturned by the Supreme Court. I’ve said it once and I’ll say it until it happens, the only way to stop these a##h###s is to prosecute one of their leaders for tyranny and make an example of him/her.

    • I agree but:
      1: They create laws faster than the courts can stop them.
      2: They don’t care if they are unconstitutional because the courts are slow.
      3: They don’t care what the courts say, California does what it wants and will, at some point in the future, need to be re-taken by force. Either by .gov forces or by civilian forces.

      • Force is not an available option. Presumably, any military force would, at some point, turn control back to the civilian population, which in this state is two-thirds Democrats, democrats who will invariable vote back in the same liberal politicians that got us into this mess. The only viable option, though largely unsuccessful in the Ninth Circuit to date, is court intervention, and at this point, Suprepem Court intervention that issue rulings that Heller means what it says, and all these anti-gun jurists will be required to stop looking for excuses to avoid a ruling with which they fundamentally disagree (“Because Gunz!”)

        • Yeah good luck with that whole court thing…who said anything about turning it back over to the liberal electorate?

  2. Create enough rules and regulations and things become de facto illegal. That’s what has happened, and is continuing to happen, in California.

    Sorry to you TTAG folks in Cali but I care not at all what your legislature imposes on you. Move. The fight is lost and the ship is sinking. Abandon the vessel. You cannot right the ship of state in California. It must be allowed to sink so that the rats may drown.

    • Maybe, maybe not. The liberals depend on uneducated/uninformed voters and very carefully worded legislation that reads like it makes sense but as always the devil is in the details. LG’s and ranges are always busy out here and the big box stores are plentiful so there’s a market.

    • But California exports people to the other states. (AZ, OR, NV, and WA are the primary victims of this). Would you rather the Californians moving to your state be gun ignorant and susceptible to the emotional anti-gun TV ads, or experienced gun owners, who realize AR-15s are just rifles with a more comfortable grip?
      If the people of California had better gun laws, they’d have more exposure to guns, and we’d get more of the latter.

      • We get a lot of them here in Colorado too. My solution is simply to leave. Colorado has been turned into a total shithole by the Boulderite type of hippie from California. I don’t owe any allegiance to Colorado at all. If all these people want to move here and collapse the state I’ll simply move out and laugh at the people who stay to pay the retard-level taxes.

        OTOH, if this you’re in Cali and guns are an issue for you then you’re likely already experienced enough that my main concern with you is whether or not you can drive for shit (because at least 75% of people from Cali can’t).

        • LOL yeah, until ya’ll see a snowflake float through the air.

          Then it’s 25 under in the fast lane and still somehow ending up in the ditch.

    • Yes, they know they can’t ban the things outright so their MO is to make it so difficult and expensive to own and shoot guns–magazine bans/limits, ammo restrictions, permits, mandatory safety courses, rosters, microstamping, etc etc–that most people will just give up on gun ownership.

    • The attitude you hold is the one that has caused Nevada to adopt universal background checks and soon potentially a mag capacity. Unfortunately California’s voters and laws spread like the plague. That being said I plan on getting out of California as soon as I can. I don’t want to live the next 60 years of my life in this slave state or any other slave state. Hopefully Arizona can remain as free as it is while being so close to the enemy.

      • “The attitude you hold is the one that has caused Nevada to adopt universal background checks and soon potentially a mag capacity.”

        The FBI ixnayed the UBC law.

        Further, having been there twice I don’t hold Nevadans in particularly high esteem. (To be fair I don’t like people in general.)

        Simply put, as long as California remains remotely viable the retards there will continue to do what they do. The state must be allowed to implode as a warning to others. It should receive no federal aid when this happens. Yes, such a thing will be painful for the country but it simply has to happen. Otherwise California will continue to be a burden on the rest of us. The required change will come from the state being forced to accept reality in the form of collapse or having it forced on them by an outside entity.

        Now, something that might right the ship of state in California has nothing to do with Californians (in fact it would be over ruling the majority opinion within the state, which, I hate to say it, is flat out retarded) but rather is a SCOTUS that will overturn nearly everything the 9th Circuit rules on and force California into a modicum of convention with the Constitution and thereby reality. Simply putting the Progressives in a complete and utter straight jacket might fix much of what is wrong with California. We won’t know until we try. However, this would likely need to be coupled with a FedGov that absolutely refuses to bail out the state when it becomes insolvent.

        One way or another you have to drown the rats. Letting the ship sink is one option. Rounding them up in a burlap bag with a couple of bricks and tossing them in a rain barrel is the other.

        Personally, I’m lazy, not particularly interested in helping stupid people out of jams they created for themselves and the latter sounds like a lot of work. So, I prefer to watch the state implode. The former option also gives me the chance to sit back and laugh while telling people “I told you so”, which is my 17th favorite hobby.

  3. If SCOTUS wasn’t run by tyrants in black robes they would strike down this clear violation just as they did in Texas’s abortion regulations.

    • AA state appellate court has told a trial court (which dismissed a challenge to the microstamping law) that the plaintiffs must have an opportunity to establish that it is not possible to comply with the law with existing technology, and that therefore the Attorney General’s certification was erroneous and an abuse of her discretion. That court basically shot down the State’s arguments, so we anticipate that hopefully this year the trial court will knock out that particular requirement. There can be no doubt but that the State will appeal, and will ask for a sty pending appeal, dragging out the inevitable for as long as possible, maybe even several years given the pace of appeals in this state.

      • The problem is that they will probably not reinstate anything that dropped off the roster with out magazine disconnects or loaded chamber indicators.

  4. I hate to say it but maybe we need a law at the federal level that states any law passed that is found to be unconstitutional shall require a review by the DOJ to determine if the author of said law should be charged with a criminal civil rights violation.

    The reason I’m not in love with the idea is giving the federal government any more power is like giving a junkie the keys to a pharmacy and second I don’t trust the upper levels of the federal government to actually do it’s job (and I work for the government)

    • I hate to say it, Justin, but legislators are immune under State laws for passing legislation, and they are immune from liability under the Federal Civil Rights Act pursuant to the Eleventh Amendment to the US Constitution. So what you suggest is legally impossible.

  5. The last guns standing in California Will probably be Hi point and Heritage 22 single action revolvers.
    I like my Hi Point 45 ACP very much. In addition to my Ruger P89.

    • So far, anyway, black powder handguns are exempt from most gun laws, and guns designed prior to 1899 are exempt from the Roster (but if a cartridge revolver, such as the Colt SAA, subject to back ground checks and registration.)

  6. Yes we NEED those federal laws. Not that federal law has ever stopped liberals like gay marriage for example.

    • Gay marriage was a civil rights issue under the Fourteenth Amendment to the United States Constitution, and quite frankly, because marriage in the United States under the laws of all states is a civil, not a religious union, it was, from a legal perspective, an easy case, no mater what Scalia had to say.

      That said, the Federal government cannot tell the states what laws to enact, and state laws are generally valid as exercises of the police power unless the law is procedurally defective or violates the state of federal constitution, and there’s nothing the feds can say about it. For example, if the Hearing Protection Act passes, that will be nice for people in most states, but a few, such as California, independently ban silencers under state law. So the HPA will be absolutely useless to residents of those states. Similarly, national reciprocity will only require each state to recognize the permits issued by all states–but that does not mean that the individual states have to issue them at all (e.g. Hawaii) or on a “may issue” only basis that is subject to the whim of the local police chief or sheriff.

      • Amazing how government people in California enjoy interfering in the heterosexual marriage choices of consenting adult poor people.
        They like using the welfare system to keep fathers out of the home.
        They are hypocrites.

  7. I’d guess the number is effectively even lower due to mfg. There are a number of guns “on the roster” that several lgs are unable to find due to mfg availability. Two past examples were the mythical green glock(though this is probably included in the cosmetic number above) and the 10mm kimber

  8. What if ALL the manufactures need to STOP selling to CA. Civilian AND LEOs. The could also NOT service any LEO firearms (ala Barrett). Maybe it’s time that gun manufactures to DO THEIR PART. This would be a much needed kick to groin for CA politicians/lawmakers. Sure, it’ll be a short term monetary hit but it will benefit the entire industry in the long term.

    • What we need are for people who aren’t in California to STOP SUPPORTING CALIFORNIA’S MADNESS.
      If it is made here, even if you really want it, do not buy it. Until cut off at the knees, the leftist ma-whore-ity will continue anti-business as usual.
      In the mean time, the 3rd gen Glock is still a fine gun…

  9. They will take it down as far as they can. The 9th Circuit would probably let them get down to zero. The Supreme Court will stop them at 1, hopefully.

  10. Severely restricting firearms in California will make it easier for Mexico to reclaim it’s stolen property in a decade or so. People will awake one day to news of an overnight coup that changed the map.

  11. The legislators of Krazyforniastan learned from the boa constrictor to squeeze tighter each time the victim exhales.

  12. The real list is much shorter.

    A little bit of legislation that took effect on January 1st said anything semiauto capable of accepting an over 10 round magazine is an assault weapon.

    They need to update the list to only show revolvers and single stack pistols.

  13. As I’ve said before! ;
    F—K THEM ALL !!! And the rest of the DemoNAZI , RINO tassle-loafer totalitarians !!!! 1st We need to Re-enforce the 2nd amendment.By making it a “Capital Crime” for any Politicians/ Police /Government agency/private organizations/Landlords etc…From any Infringement upon any US citizens Lawful Civil Rights! With penalties of not less than $250k in compensatory damages for each incident of infringement incurred…Fines, and prison terms as well….And through the 14th amendment it can be expanded to other rights of course…Force other states such as , NJ, NY, Connecticut, Maryland, Massachusetts, California, DC.,etc…To abide by the U.S. Constitutional-Bill of Rights…[Any person in one, or goes into another…Has the same rights as any other person in any other state…] There is No such thing as Pre-crime…And Murder is a Capital Crime…It is ALREADY AGAINST THE LAW….!


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