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California Lt. Gov. Gavin Newsom (courtesy

Someone once told me that tyranny is “when felons are created with nothing more than the swipe of a pen.” This will be the fate of millions of California gun owners should the ten Nazi-like bills dubbed “Gunpocalypse” pass in California. [Click here for a rundown of the bills dubbed “Gunpocalypse.”] And there’s more bad news for those of you in the Golden State…

Gunpocalypse could be voted on in the assembly as early as Monday. That’s right, the bills will get a yea or nay with no time to debate or discuss the obviously unconstitutional bills. The bills will rush through the California like the bullet train they’d love to build with taxpayer money. Most likely this week. Early this week.

That’s the last step to producing bills for Governor Jerry Brown (I’d say Democrat, but that’s redundant in California) to either sign into law or veto. Based on the speed at which these horrific bills are flowing through the legislature, it takes little imagination to guess what Brown will do.  I believe he will sign them all.

These bills, should they pass, will affect Californians in a major way, but I don’t need to tell you all that.  Every single person who I like or respect that lives in California will be affected. Most of you already know this.

Speculation as to why they are attempting to pass the bills in the dark with little coverage other than here and the Firearms Policy Coalition. One theory: they’re designed to humiliate Lt. Governorand aspiring Governor Gavin Newson, who shoe-horned most of these measures onto a ballot initiative, now approved. Or maybe it’s because the legislators feared voters would give a thumbs-down on the ballot question.

The Gunpocalypse bills will turn millions of “high-capacity” ammunition magazine owners — who refuse to sell or surrender their mags to the state —  into felons. (Not to mention ammunition making purchases subject to state control.) It is tyranny plain and simple. Like New York’s SAFE Act and Connecticut’s “assault weapons” registration, Gunpocalypse sets the stage for further government tyranny and catastrophic enforcement.

Watch this space.

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  1. On the plus side, this + Hillary as prez might get the civil war going finally.


    • Good point! It will be harder to start a civil war once the government has to approve your ammunition purchases. ?

      • What’s to keep Californians from driving to Arizona or Nevada or even Texas and stocking up on ammo?
        Get a RV, fill it to the gills with group buys.

  2. This is the final nail in the coffin to any thoughts I had about moving to CA.

    • I took a pay cut to move OUT of CA. I second the question… you were even considering moving TO kalifornistan? In my case I came out ahead because moving to VA with less taxes and lower cost of living meant i had more disposable income.

      • Depending on where you moved to, the lower cost of living might be more than enough to offset your pay cut. Here in Omaha, my wife and I can afford a house nearly twice the median price. In Los Angeles or San Francisco, we couldn’t have afforded a shack in the ghetto.

  3. This makes me sick to my stomach. Especially the mindless drones in the background holding up mass produced signs as if it was for safety when this is nothing more than shoehorning this through the “democratic process” so they can go after political opponents rather than the real criminals.

    And correct me if I’m wrong isn’t like how Roberti-Roos was shoved through in ’89? Both the “safety” isn’t the point quote, and the way it was rushed through legislation?

    • ” … this is nothing more than shoehorning this through the ‘democratic process’ so they can go after political opponents rather than the real criminals.”

      Whoop, whooop, whoooop! Whoop, whooop, whoooop! (Sound of World War II ship alarm.)

      This is the real reason for this legislation … and “gun control” in general.

      In the timeless and immortal words of Paul Harvey:

    • Safety for all…except those who are assaulted, raped, or murdered because they didn’t have access to the most effective form of self-defense yet invented.

    • It will be “SAFETY FOR NONE” once the cartels move out of the shadows. California cities will have headless torsos and torso-less heads popping up all over the place like Acapulco, Juarez etal. A disarmed populace will be sicario fodder. Google “Mexican Cartel Gore” to see what’s coming.

  4. And this will spread all over the US like the disease that communism is.

    Welcome to the future America.

  5. SafetyForAll from common gun owners?? That is what this legislation is about. 0% of it affects criminals. 100% of it affects the common gun owner. Anti-“gun owner” legislation is what this is all about.

    What about these bills has anything to do with safety?

  6. I emailed California state senators over these bills. 2 responded. One Democrat sent me a standard thanks for contacting me response. The Republican was probably a standard response as well but did spell out where she was against these bills.

    Bob, if you want the responses send me an email.

    I started my countdown clock to leave CA. 1470 days until I retire. Roughly 4 years.

  7. More evidence “we are winning” ?

    What leftist fashion in California has never been forced on the other “56 states”?

    • Fair point, but while the blue states are pushing harder on gun control, for the most part the red states are relaxing gun laws, so going in the opposite direction as CA. For now.

  8. So California is creating an entire new class of felons.


    Because in California, it’s obvious that only felons matter. Hollywood is owned by pedophiles. The state is managed to benefit illegals. The inmates are in charge of the asylum.

    Everyone else is a second class citizen, or a purse for the state to drain dry. And there will be a comeuppance.

    • You know it’s coming up the coast for us, too. If not through the legislatures, then by initiatives.

  9. “That’s right, the bills will get a yea or nay with no time to debate or discuss the obviously unconstitutional bills.”

    That’s some BS right there. If your law is so good then let there be some debate on it. SAFE act was rammed through same way. Looks like they already made the right bribes and it’s as good as a done deal.

    Not good.

    • “Looks like they already made the right bribes …”

      If, by “bribes”, you mean the populous agrees to vote for their politicians in exchange for said politicians giving “freebies” to the populous, then you are correct.

  10. There is a good chance that Brown will ban the “bullet button ban”/AR ban bills, as he has done so in the past. He has also vetoed an ammunition law in the past that is revived here. The “Ghost Gun” bill is also rising from the dead, having been quietly withdrawn when one of it former sponsors, Senator Yee, was indicted for conspiracy to gun run. There is no telling what Brown will do with this bill (which requires all 80% builds to be preceded by a background check and the application of a serial number, just like a 100% lower).

    Yes, politics is very much at play here. Lt. Governor Newsome will be running to replace Brown when Brown terms out, as will Senate majority leader De Leon. So each is trying to steal the other’s thunder. And we know it is politics, since either one of them will sign any and all gun bills that cross their desk if elected Governor. The worst is yet to come.;

  11. While I certainly am opposed to all these measures, but in many respects I have to disagree with Ms Tipton. Instead it will be interesting to see what Gov Brown does with these anti-firearm bills. Last time he vetoed a number of the gun control bills from the senate, which is the very reason Lt. Governor Gavin Newson said went the Proposition route.

  12. Pretty typical. The entire state of California has to be force fed the rules of just a few cities. Why don’t they just pass those laws in just those cities? So much for Democratic Party “tolerance.” They certainly don’t tolerate gun owners.

    These laws are ridiculous.

    1) the serial number law on homemade firearms – law abiding gun owners are going to do this. Felons and criminals are not. It is really just that simple. A felon/criminal ready to perform a crime with his home built firearm is not going to apply for a serial number – total lunacy.

    2) bullet button ban?? And they cite bernardino for it??? The terrorists in bernardino didn’t even use bullet buttons. Again, only law abiding people is going to follow that law.

      • Yes they did. Of course criminals will remove the buttons.

        That is how ridiculous this law is.

    • Some news reporters outright lied that bullet buttons allow a rifle to fire full auto.

      • I’m pretty sure that was just plain stupidity not a deliberate lie.

        And it really shows the level of stupidity involved in this whole mess, no doubt many of the legislators voting on this crap believe the same nonsense, and don’t take it upon themselves to learn a thing or two about what they are voting on.

        All of these firearms laws are clear infringements, we all know this is against the meaning of the second amendment. And yet they just keep on doing it and the citizens keep on allowing it.

        Why do we even have a constitution? No one pays attention to it. Remember cns news, asking senators about constitutionality of Obamacare:

        Sen. Daniel Akaka (D-Hawaii) “I’m not aware of that, let me put it that way,…It’s not covered in that respect… we’re trying to do, and in this case, we’re trying to help them with their health.”

        They don’t care, they just flat out do not care. This guy went so far as to say it doesn’t matter because they are trying to help people.

        Do gooder politicians are not going to be stopped by ink on paper. And it seems for the most part, the voters think that’s just fine. How many of these people would load you into the cattle cars headed for the ovens, because they are trying to help people?

    • And if it’s his sister, whom he has lauded as being a wonderful SCOTUS pick, those suits will go badly.

  13. I just finished contacting Governor Brown telling him to oppose these bills. Ill never get those five minutes back. We are completely and utterly screwed. I just hope I will be able to move to Arizona in the next three years and experience freedom while I am still very young.

  14. It will be a great day when California goes back to Mexico.
    Can’t wait. I’d wager within 10 years, given the procreation talents of our illegal immigrants.

  15. I will be careful as I have been warned about using derogatory terms for California…..this is the exact type of silliness that made me leave California for Alaska. The state is lost. As my grandson asked while shopping a few years back “are we in Mexico? ” no one spoke English in the mall.

  16. Europe is lost. California is lost. We will have a civil war by 2020 if Hildabeat is elected.

  17. It sucks. I’m writing letters and will start calling Monday. I’ve donated extensively to the FPC, and the NRA-ILA. I doubt that’ll do much, but that’s all I can do for now.

  18. As I stated before, several days ago in the previous article regarding this legislation, the best way to fight this is non compliance.

    Only approximately 5% of my fellow New Yorkers complied with the Safe Act. Connecticut has almost just as bad of a compliance rate. The State has declared us all to be criminals, so we are going to act like criminals. We will buy, build, modify, acquire, and sell to like minded Patriots. The State cannot stop us all and has so far failed miserably to disarm us. I personally know a great deal of people, some of whom are law enforcement officers, who flat out do not, and will never follow the unconstitutional whims of our tyrant Governor.

    I could move to another state, but why should I give up my home? I am staying to fight. Because I will not allow some anti American democrats to take away my rights. Rights that if taken away, we will likely never get back.

    I wear my Come and Take It shirt with pride. And I am physically and mentally prepared for whatever unfortunate event occurs next.

    • California doesnt even have the space to incarcerate violators of these laws since their prison system is far over capacity. Not unless they free violent felons and gang bangers which that should not surprise anyone.

  19. Let’s not let California be the model for any other state. Start communicating with your elected officials now and let them know your stance.

    Off topic, but is this the first post by Ms. Tipton that didn’t include some kind of selfie?

  20. If bullets aren’t flying 5 minutes after they’re signed, they’ll never fly. Gonna have to build the wall around California and burn anyone that tries to climb the wall. Can’t let the infection spread further.

  21. Time goes by i cant help but shake my head.

    Of course they’re making it illegal. I get grief heaped on me because I excuse illegal behavior on Conceal carry by those who are not legally allowed to do so.

    Cant help but wonder how many of those people that said I was simply wrong are going to rush down to the police station to turn in their illegal items and comply with CA’s latest gun illegal act.

    • Probably not many. Los Angeles banned magazines over 10 rounds and they later admitted almost nobody turned any in.

  22. If Pete Wilson did not jump on Prop 187 in 1994 and piss off every black and Hispanic (which is 50% or more of the state) and make Republicans irrelevant in all Red ares like San Diego and Orange County, California would not be on this predicament. By the way, 187 sounded good at the time but many drank too much beer then…
    The same thing will happen with Trump nationwide. If he wins or not, he will give every other election to Democrats because he offended all.
    This Gunpocalypse will pass and be the forecaster for what is coming Nation-wide. What happens in CA in the US 4 years later

  23. We gotta stamp this out RIGHT now before it spreads to other states and show that this is not acceptable.

  24. Stand and fight, or kneel a slave. If this passes, then those traitor tyrants should become the first casualties of war that they declared on the people. Oligarchs and aristocrats never fare well in civil uprisings and revolutions. They somehow forget the math of oligarchy: The top 1 thousandth of one percent are outnumbered hundreds of thousands to one by the people they ripped off and abused. Even soldiers are not oligarchs, they don’t get paid enough to defend the bad guys against the populace. They eventually turn their weapons upon the overlords. Ask the French how that revolution went? Who lived and who died? They dragged the king and queen into the streets and cut off their heads, and ransacked the palaces and everything else! They took back their wealth by mob rule! I would LOVE to see that happen in the US! Ask the Russians about their Bolshevik revolution and the more recent attempted military coup! Where did all those AKs come from that they are not supposed to have??? It IS afterall, the number one export of Russia… I digress… You get my point. Nip this in the bud now while you still can! Pay no attention to the wimpy ass liberals who think guns are a bad deal. They don’t count anyway because, uh, they aren’t armed! HAHAHA! That is what really doesn’t make sense about this: All you anti gunners do NOT have the ability to disarm the gun owners, cuz they ain’t giving them up no matter what! Go try to take them! You will get the ammunition first!

  25. So if California continues to show disdain for the Constitution and working with Federal Agencies such as ICE at what point can Federal funds be cut off, or the state be considered trying to cede?

  26. Here is what gun owners in California should do if these bills are signed into law. Get a measure on the ballot that would impose civilian gun restrictions on all law enforcement agencies. With the right political alliances the voters would pass it. It would be a great opportunity to showcase the hypocrisy of anti gun politicians like Newsom DeLeon and Harris because it would be certain they would oppose such a proposal. And it would put state government into a corner.

  27. California is only “lost” because Cali gun owners will not do what must be done. I take care of my state but they don’t take care of theirs.

  28. It’s ethnic cleansing against people who might vote for a non-Democrat in some future election. Plain and simple. It doesn’t matter that criminals won’t be affected, because criminals don’t vote.

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