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From the Second Amendment Foundation . . .

The California Department of Justice has announced the dates when it will re-open registration of so-called “assault weapons” required by a federal court as a result of the successful Second Amendment Foundation lawsuit in the case of Sharp v. Becerra.

The court also ordered the State of California to pay $151,821.42 in legal fees to the plaintiffs.

California owners of affected firearms may complete the registration process during a 90-day period running from January 13, 2022 through April 12, 2022, according to a directive from Luis Lopez, director of the Bureau of Firearms, and Attorney General Rob Bonta.

Registration will be open for eligible “bullet-button” firearms for those persons who would have been eligible to register under Penal Code 30900, if they lawfully possessed the firearm prior to Jan. 1, 2017, and if they attempted to register prior to the original deadline of July 1, 2018, the DOJ said.

SAF was joined in the lawsuit by the Firearms Policy Coalition, Firearms Policy Foundation, Madison Society Foundation, Calguns Foundation and several private citizens.

“Law-abiding California gun owners were not responsible for the failure of the registration process, and we’re delighted with the outcome of our lawsuit to set things right,” said SAF founder and Executive Vice President Alan M. Gottlieb. “When a process that should be user-friendly becomes a fiasco, it’s the government’s responsibility to correct the problem and the affected citizens should not suffer any consequences.

“We will be closely monitoring the process when it begins in January, to make sure this time around everything works as it is supposed to,” Gottlieb promised.

According to the DOJ memo, registration will be handled “using the same procedures that were used by the Department in 2018…except that individuals may submit a paper form in lieu of an Internet registration. Individuals who believe they are eligible to take advantage of the re-opened registration period as a result of the federal court order may get more information here.


The Second Amendment Foundation ( is the nation’s oldest and largest tax-exempt education, research, publishing and legal action group focusing on the Constitutional right and heritage to privately own and possess firearms. Founded in 1974, The Foundation has grown to more than 700,000 members and supporters and conducts many programs designed to better inform the public about the consequences of gun control.

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  1. Why not now? This will be delayed, and delayed, and delayed due to “issues” with the system. Doubly so when gruesome Newsom wins tomorrow.

    • The State hit gun owners for millions of dollars to implement the computer system. But as is the case with most government computer systems, it didn’t work as advertised. It crashed so many times and for so long that this was an easy win for SAF. A huge part of the problem was the regulations imposed as a part of the registration system. For example, owners were required to submit multiple electronic photos of their firearms, with the intent that one could never alter that firearm to add/modify features. The whole thing was FUBAR from the git go. I could not understand why a bunch of people did not modify their rifles to as to make them “not assault weapons” and avoid registration all together. Since the CA AW ban is a features driven ban, it isn’t very difficult at all. What’s more, a “featureless” rifle doesn’t have to have a bullet button.

    • Exactly. I’m wondering why Californians are supposed to be excited over the renewed chance to tell CADOJ about their (previously private) guns.

      • What do you expect from BULLIES with an agenda rooted in racism and genocide? Flowers and candy?

        Mr. Gottlieb if you cannot man-up and Call A Racist and Nazi Based Turd a Racist and Nazi Based Turd then you need to step away from the microphone and cease taking money from those who pay your bills.
        It would be a cold day in hell and over my dead body before I comply with what is the insanity of the Gun Control military wing of the democRat Party better known as the KKK and the Gun Control socialist nazi party.

        Hopefully for the sane people stuck in CA the self serving worthless pos ratbassturd newsume will soon be history.

      • I haz a question………I read the article and wondered how suing to re-instate gun registration was a win.

      • That’s right. Isn’t any kind of ‘registration’ of a private citizen’s firearm against the Firearms Owners Protection Act of 1986? Isn’t it a Federal Felony to deprive or even attempt to deprive, or deprive a person of their Constitutional Rights in any way shape or form under ‘color of law’?

        When are we all going to stop this intentionally re-directed brainwashing that we need a SCOTUS challenge decision every time they violate our Rights, when all we have to do is indict, arrest, and prosecute the Criminal Act itself? There’s plenty of already well established SCOTUS Case law decided on the 2nd A That’s specifically clear on 2nd/A rights violations. Why do we need another long-drawn-out court challenge instead of just enforcing the laws and criminal codes That already exist? Isn’t The failure to prosecute these blatant violations is also a violation of duty of office?

        I know the world is going Mad but this is starting to be like a sick version of The Twilight Zone that never ends?!

        • jfkjr,

          First, the law that you mentioned only limits the federal government from enacting a registration scheme. That law does not prohibit state governments from implementing registration schemes.

          Second, while your argument (about indicting, arresting, and prosecuting federal government employees for their various violations of firearm laws) is completely correct in theory, it is completely wrong in practice since federal prosecutors, federal law enforcement, and federal judges refuse to uphold the law when it comes to federal employees violating their own federal firearm laws.

          The only possible similar approach that I can see is if a state stepped in and indicted, arrested, and prosecuted federal employees for violating firearm laws. Note that a state would first have to pass a law to enable such an approach.

          Of course, if a state tried to do that, the federal government would pitch a hissy-fit the likes of which our nation has never seen. It would devolve very quickly–and most likely to an armed standoff between state law enforcement and federal law enforcement.

        • Yeah, Uncomon, I will check back on the ‘Firearms Owner Protection Act. I’m pretty sure it’s clear that no data bases are allowed on private gun purchases, even though we know any cop (I can get a print of all ownership/tranfers and background checks and 4473s history in a few minutes) can trace a serial number from a data base?

          And Yes, the difficulty between criminal prosecution and accountability is always directly proportional to the particular focused level of political corruption in the Justice Department at the attornys General levels.

          When it suits their political agenda like in the George Floyd case, where they tried to prosecute the cops under Deprivation of Rights law 18-241-242, for depriving Floyd of medical attention while in custody, And those Texas legislators who fled so they wouldn’t have to vote on election reform wanted to prosecute the governors office under this same criminal statute when Abbot threatened to arrest them…

          So it surely can be done for infringing upon your 2nd/A rights…if they wanted to. Maybe if we, the People reallyi wanted it to happen? But since it’s a discretionary decision by a U.S. Attorney to prosecute, we all know how that can go…

          We just have to take back the legislative Branck next year and start a push back with repealing ALL unconstitutional gun control starting with the NFA and’68 GCA.

          In the man time, Maybe some of these Sanctuary staates can make State laws that replicate USCC 18-241-242 along with a justification ‘boost’ like Debbie pointed out with making it a Racial hate crime to violate the 2nd/A and a person’s right to defend themself with a firearm?

          And you’re right about the Fed v. State conflicts. The Fed’s main leverage advantage is controlling the dole wallet to the States. That’s the real reason for this 3 Trillion budget blow out. Money talks, ALL laws Walk away that get in the way…

          As far as ‘stand-off’s It looks like Texas is already gearing up with one with Abbot’s new pro-gun State laws, which the Feds say they will ignore and enforce?

          ‘So we’ll see…’ said the blind leading the blind.

      • All weapons in California are autmatically registered with the state when you purchase them. The DROS (Delaer record of sale system) that all transactions have to go through sends all gun information as well as purchaser information to CA DOJ. Furthermore, CA DOJ performs the background checks on all firearm purchases, not the instant NICS checks other states use. SO no firearms in California are ‘private’. All this registration allows for is the registration of guns the DOJ already knows you have to be classified as ‘assault weapons’ because they have scary features, enabling you to actually use them with out getting imprisoned for having a unregistered ‘assault weapon’.

        • @Candy,

          “…no firearms in California are ‘private’.”

          I wonder if you live in CA, because you don’t know what you’re talking about. I’m a lifelong resident here. Born and raised. Nearly all of my guns (and I have a lot) are legally off the CADOJ’s books because I purchased, inherited, or assembled them myself before respective legal doors were closed by Sacramento. I have a respectable collection of guns that are legally private. The very small number I own that are registered are only because I purchased them recently in my path to getting a CCW.

          I personally know several people who also own “private” guns and will not ever register, because once you do, those records are permanent. Even if you sell your gun and transfer to a new owner via FFL and DROS, your name remains permanently affixed to the ownership chain of that gun forever. I assure you that many people own “private” guns in a very legal fashion, and will not ever register, even if those guns are best stored in the back of the gun safe until either (A) they leave CA for good or (B) the SHTF and we wake up to a WROL.

        • Clarification:

          * Pistols were not subject to registration in CA until 1991.
          * Intrafamilial transfers were not added until 1993.
          * Long guns weren’t added until 2014.

          Do you really think nobody here in CA ever had long guns before 2014, or handguns before 1991? I have several examples in my collection that were manufactured decades beforehand, yet still function flawlessly like new. Even a liberal Leftist person I know through a gym class said he has a 1911 in his closet his father gave him on his 21st birthday back in the ’80s. I imagine there are a LOT of legal off-the-grid guns here.

      • I believe there are a few reasons. 1. It will keep them busy diverting resources to something else other than more gun control measures. 2. These two organizations just got their legal fees paid for by the State and not their members. 3. This fiasco will be used in building other cases against the State. 4. The State will probably screw the website up again and then again will be sued.

        Its about continually attacking them with a thousand cuts as they do to us. Keeping the pressure on them to use resources to defend themselves instead of attacking.

        Just my opinion

    • Answer: Nobody. The option to go “featureless” is the preferred route. If you register as an assault rifle (like that’s a real thing), you’ll be subject to onerous transport requirements and other stupid infringements.

  2. The answer here is so simple….

    Don’t buy any a-salt rifles. Buy AR15’s instead.

    But seriously, how does anyone know if any kind of attempt was made to register their non-assault assault rifle/weapon(s)?

    • California has a universal registration law. Currently, Non-assault weapons are registered as rifles on the California Dealer Record of Sale form by serial number on the lower only. Owners who purchased prior to the rifle registration law are supposed to voluntarily register their rifles, though I rather suspect that there are a massive number of people who are even aware of their obligation to do so, just as there were/are a tremendous number of “assault weapon” owners who have no idea that they are required to register their evil black rifles with bullet buttons.

      • Links, please. That’s not been my understanding of the CA P.C., nor that of my LEO friends as we’ve discussed gun laws.

        Owners of guns that meet the criteria to be classified as AWs were required to register them as such with the CADOJ by a certain deadline. That requirement was for AWs only, not all rifles, regardless of platform.

        As for ARs that were home-assembled from 80-percent lowers, CA required all existing lowers to be marked with identifying S/N and info before Jan 1, 2019. But registration is not required as long as they were milled/completed before June 1, 2018 *and* do not meet the criteria to be classified as AWs.

  3. Gawd, I’m glad I left that craphole a dozen years ago. The only thing I miss is the weather and the landscapes. California is truly a beautiful place. Too bad the progs screwed it up.

  4. You may now register your firearms for entry into future confiscation attempts. Great! Get right on that, plebs.

    Also, I was just informed that I “already voted” in Cali even though I’ve never been a resident and haven’t set foot in the state since ’97. You’re welcome Newsom fans, I did my part.

    • My adult son left CA years ago, yet despite his notification and change of address, I’ve still received election ballots in his name for the past three elections, including this Recall. Not only was it not requested, but it’s erroneously sent.

      I sense we’re going to have a wave of lawsuits hitting the courts after all the fraud surrounding this Recall comes to light.

      • I had the same issue with Ohio after living there for a bit.

        Four years and a dozen forms later I got them to stop sending me ballots. Which only makes me wonder where they go now that I don’t get them.

        Part of it is a fear of “disenfranchisement” of a person getting the state sued so they go 180 degrees in the other direction which creates opportunities for fraud.

      • The left needs their votes as many of us blacks have left the DNC plantation. Look what they’re doing with Larry Elder now, CNN saying the man has “white supremacist” views 😂

      • “I sense we’re going to have a wave of lawsuits hitting the courts after all the fraud surrounding this Recall comes to light.”

        And those lawsuits will be different than the 2020 election lawsuits how? Overseen by the activist judges appointed by Newsom? Obama? And now because of the oily Lindsey Graham, fake president Biden?

        You should watch in disbelief when Republicans like Kevin McCarthy, who did nothing about the election steal, think that voting in 2022 will be honest and fair.

        That story has been picked up by, exactly zero, in the “MSM”.

        The question is, how many election thefts, how many wait until 2/4 years from now, will the American people endure as the Democrats dismantle the country and collapse the economy?

    • “Also, I was just informed that I “already voted” in Cali even though I’ve never been a resident and haven’t set foot in the state since ’97.”

      The ‘Zero Hedge’ has article on that up. A whole lot of Republicans were notified they already voted.

      They did it again…

  5. Why is there mandatory registration anyway? Absolutely tyrannical and senseless not to mention an absolute waste money. WE THE PEOPLE should STOP bailing this useless state out of any debt they accrue for any reason.

  6. Why is it an “assault weapon” if you not using it to assault people? 😂
    And don’t drop eucalyptus essential oil on your genitals, it’s so fresh I am suffering I can’t sit 🤣

      • “Vicks Vaporub is not KY either , dont be fooled by that smile on her face.”

        Why is it I can believe that you know that from personal experience?

        *snicker*… 😉

  7. Maybe Californian gun owners should tell the CA.DOJ that their guns identify as Handheld Wireless Peace Keeping Devices and if the CA.DOJ does not recognize them as such that the CA.DOJ is a racist bigoted,government organization. Since the CA. DOJ is supposed to be such an all inclusive , pro trans, pro pronoun agency , maybe it would work? LOL

  8. While I can be congratulatory that The Second Amendment Foundation has forced the registration to re-open, the fact that there is a registration to begin with, and now continuing, is a travesty that The Second Amendment Foundation really needs to address and do away with.

  9. Since the Very Start of the term being used, “Assault Weapon”,, Nothing has made sense, that could ever be called, “Respecting Civil Liberties”. If I took a Sturdy Toothbrush, sharpened it down, made a Weapon of it, and It Became a Very Large Tradition to do so. Wouldn’t it be an “Assault Toothbrush”?? A Weapon?? Yes,, a Single Shot Weapon of sorts?? Maybe?? Built with the intent for an Assault. All seems far to much like Labeling, for the Sole intent on removing our God Given Rights to Defend ourselves against all Enemies, Bother Foreign or Domestic..

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