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San Diego, CA –- – In light of the recent increase in applications for firearm purchases as well as the reshuffling of personnel, the California Department of Justice (“DOJ”) has become severely backlogged in conducting background checks and issuing various licenses and permits. Turnaround times for Personal Firearms Eligibility Checks and Law Enforcement Gun Release Applications, along with common background checks for firearm acquisition, are seeing unprecedented delays. The licenses and permits delayed include . . .

unsafe weapons permits, certificates of eligibility (“COE”), large-capacity magazine (LCM) permits, entertainment firearms permits, and centralized list of firearm dealers permits. Currently, the DOJ is issuing temporary permits to avoid any lapses in the renewal of licenses and permits. Because of the flood of calls concerning these delays, DOJ has stopped answering its phones.

[h/t DrVino]

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  1. A right delayed is a right restricted.

    (My CCW in CA takes 6 months, non-resident AZ CCW…. 3 weeks)

    Welcome to California.

        • My AZ resident constiturtional carry takes just the few seconds required to snap my holster to my belt, chamber check and stow, followed by a moment of silence for the vast majority of the country that requires a permission slip to exercise a basic right.

    • At least you could get one in California.

      When I lived there, the county I was in was basically won’t-issue.

  2. The CA DOJ is merely being consistent. The various CA po-po don’t always answer 911 calls and have about the same response time as the DOJ.

    But never fear — the local PD will issue a special 911 line pass for your second call.

  3. And this confirms my assertions in the past that the entity who is supposed to process background checks can simply stop answering the phones (or severely understaff that activity) and, voila, de facto ban on sales/licenses.

    Note that this applies to both state and federal levels of background checking services.

    • Exactamundo.

      It’s not about “guns;” it’s about “control.”

      Who has the control? They say, “Ah, but you CAN buy|own|carry a gun,” but who controls that process?

      That’s what they are after. Ever increasing, incrementally increasing, levels of “control” until they have enough control to just turn it off completely. “It” here can be several things, not just RKBA.

  4. Doxidan gentle Doxidan when the DOJ needs a helpin hand,I think the whole gov. of california is constipated and it gives them brain rot.california must really stink with all those enchiladas backing up the pipes.

  5. I’m offended that Lady Justice (who is blind) in the DOJ seal is carrying a weapon. That is so irresponsible of her! Why can’t she just call the police?


  6. This is par for the course in this state. To play devil’s advocate though, the CADOJ issued my COE three years ago and the subsequent renewals last year and year before in less than three weeks, once in less than two weeks. Surprised the hell out of me when it came in the mail, I didn’t figure any illegal, Unconstitutional bureaucratic monstrosity could move so efficiently. As to why they are so clogged now, who knows? This state is paralyzed by inefficient and corrupt government so them not answering their phones doesn’t surprise me.

    OTOH, the ATF took six months to issue my FFL03 but their times have fallen dramatically on issuing FFL03s since 2013 when I received mine. Almost a year to issue my tax stamp on my form 4 for my AOW in 2014.

  7. There could be any number of reasons for these delays, some acceptable, some cynical. The recent massive buy out of firearms, whether due to Black Friday sales, Obama, or signaled moves by California legislators to ban “assault weapons” and “ghost guns,” the demand is high, and this creates backlogs, particularly since California has never been satisfied with the instant background check system run by the FBI, but conducts its own, allegedly more thorough check. According to filings in a pending case (now on appeal after the trial court invalidated California’s 10-day wait for subsequent purchases), the DOJ claims that about 20% of checks in less than an hour, most of the remainder in 6-8 days, and the rest in 10 days or longer if a hold is placed. So there’s that. The more cynical possibility is so that the DOJ can demonstrate to the Court of Appeals for the Ninth Circus that the 10 day wait is “reasonable,” a version supported by the up-coming oral arguments in the mentioned litigation on February 9, 2016. The case is Silvester v. Harris.

    • The State was sued for stealing money from DROS for the hiring of staff to fix the 40% error rate on its own prohibited persons list, and I believe Judge Ishi chastised them failing to prioritize restoring civil rights, vs other admin excuses. That case went away, for a procedural issue- correct? I’m not holding my breath the 9th CA will act lawfully, or reasonably, nor will the average district court in CA obey their oath to follow the law, either.

    • I wouldn’t give california the benefit of the doubt,I bet if it were about a welfare check they’d be answering.

    • How about: time is running out to ship gifts that will arrive in time for Christmas and the Deaprtment of Answering the Phone has vacation time to burn up.

  8. Most California government agencies function with this level of efficiency. The Board of Registered Nursing hasn’t answered their phones in years.

  9. Imagine now, if the Gavin Neusom’s Proposition to do background checks for everyone buying ammo passes. CA DOJ would have to just close their doors and go home..

    • To serve the purpose of that proposal, that’s a feature, not a bug. That’s the whole point….no ammo sales.

    • Good questions. To CADOJ probably every firearm is an “unsafe weapon”, but “entertainment firearms” undoubtedly refers to the myriad weapons required by anti-gun Hollywood types to make their movies and TV shows so they can continue to get rich off of their hypocrisy.

  10. Rooters – The California Department of Justice (“DOJ”) announced today, that due to aging rotary phone hardware, and the incessant expectation for performing their jobs in a timely manner, the DOJ has changed their phone number. They can not be reached at extension 666.

    Please hold your breath for further information.

  11. I live in North Dakota and during the height of the oil boom I got my CCW and it took 2 months or so to get my permit after I sent in my paperwork.

  12. You’ll see a lot more of this if Jarrett, her puppet, and Bloomberg put through an EO to close the so called “Charleston Loophole”.

  13. Not sure what is going on in Austin this year, but the normally timely chl renewal office has done much the same. They haven’t replied to any of my friendly email asking for a status update and the phone calls go directly to a “higher call volume” taped message–regardless of when I call–and then hangs up on you!!

  14. The thought of a 3 year old holding her hands over her ears and not hearing anything, comes to mind…..

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