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We’ve reported on the California bullet-button ban-defeating ARMagLock. This is the first time I’ve seen one used in anger. And it’s laughable. That said, it’s easy for me to laugh from Texas. It’s not so funny for Golden State Gun owners, who can’t buy, own or operate a rifle with a detachable box magazine. Unless they’re members of law enforcement, of course.

Because cops need rifles that, you know, work. Whereas the common folk need rifles that prevent them from becoming efficient spree killers or terrorists. Because spree killers and terrorists couldn’t possibly get ahold of rifles with detachable box magazines or, I dunno, a pressure cooker. Or a large truck. Or something else seriously lethal. Oh wait . . .

If I lived in California, I’d be sorely tempted to keep a secret standard-issue detachable-box magazine rifle. You know; for emergencies.

To avoid incarceration, I wouldn’t take it out for fresh air. If I practiced with it at home, I’d do it indoors, behind drawn curtains. I’d always worry that I might be ratted-out by someone, somehow, resulting in a visit from the local constabulary, with a search warrant, SWAT mufti and all.

If I used my secret detachable-box magazine rifle during a defensive gun use, I’d be f*cked, regardless of whether or not the incident was deemed justifiable. Even if I could prove that the mag’s detachability saved my life and the life of, say, 20 kindergartners.

All of which makes me wonder what country Californians live in. Not the United States of America as originally envisioned, where the government is supposed to be more afraid of its citizens than its citizen are of their government. Clocking their unconstitutional, unconscionable gun control laws, it sounds more like Soviet Russia, where gun controls you.

Stand strong, California. We haven’t forgotten you.


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  1. Well, that is the most horrible piece of shit I’ve seen in a while.

    Anybody else want President Trump to order the 1st Marine Division to march to Sacramento and remove the commies from power?

      • If they did, I might dig out my old cammies and join them. I’m sure they could use one more gently used NCO.

    • Dibs on flexi-cuffing DeLeon for violating the constitution he swore to uphold and butt-stroking him with my ghost gun if he gets actively resistant; in accordance with the escalation of force of course.

    • As much as I like Trump he as said a few things that he would like to do that are in direct violation of the US constitution.
      I don’t think this is within the scope of a federal jurisdiction.
      As sending in US forces on a sovereign state (yes, I still believe in State Sovereignty) is direct violation of the constitution.
      There are different kinds of Traitors, but the US constitution has one definition of being a traitor and that is
      waging war against the states or a state.
      And the federal government is forbidden in sending troops without a request from the legislator or executive (the governor).
      Lincoln waged a war against sovereign states, and thus by definition of the constitution,was a traitor.
      And he was duly executed as s traitor.

      Now, if a certain “select state militia of California citizens” were to assemble, arrest those despotic legislators and throw them in a jail, I would be all in favor of that.

      • So, by your logic, if a state decided to reinstate slavery, the federal government would have no recourse other than to send federal law enforcement? Who would be severely outmanned and outgunned? Really?

        Appoint a good conservative AG, charge the entire lot of them with USC 1983 violations, and then send in the FBI backed by the Marines. Easy peasy. Constitutional crisis averted.

      • Article I of the Constitution empowers Congress “to provide for calling forth the Militia to execute the Laws of the Union, suppress Insurrections and repel Invasion.” The Constitutional definition of treason is waging war or providing support to those waging war against the United States. If a state is rebelling from the Union, the government is obliged to put down the insurrection.

        • I can see a constitutional justification for sending in the Marines to enforce the 2nd amendment.

    • I live in NY where the bullet button was never compliant and we have a choice between fixed mag or featureless AR. I chose both of the above. I have featureless with a Thordsen Stock. It looks a little funky but it actually works well if you also add an ambidextrous safety, ambidextrous charging handle (Raptor or Gun Fighter), a BAD lever and an odin works extended mag release. Since you still have all the functionality of a fighting AR, the Thordsen is the best option for those of us in slave states. For a second AR, the ARMAGLOCK is the best “fixed magazine” option, since it leaves the rifle still useful with the ability to change the mag in a few seconds (as opposed to other solutions that render it impossible to remove the magazine without really taking the rifle apart (with tools) or scrapping the lower receiver all together). In either case, you can convert a featureless and fixed mag (with armaglock) to a full featured evil black rifle in a matter of minutes if SHTF or the SCOTUS declares these heinous laws unconstitutional!

    • California reload, you might be onto something

      Hey. New York reload, shoot your pistol dry, grab your next handgun. Maybe they just want people to purchase three or four compliant ARs. Sling them, shoot one dry, grab the next one.

      • Since everything imprinted on the projectile is located in the upper, you just swap lowers after shooting the guy but before the cops show up. Just build up a junk lower so youre not out too much money when it gets seized for “investigation/evidence”…. Call it a “california reload”.

        • Or design an AR-15 with multiple magwell and magazines that would “slide” like a belt-fed and would require this Califronian Reload to break open and change all magazines in the mean time…

    • That would be the best way, though featureless rifles themselves are ugly (monsterman grips, or kydex grip fins, or thordsen grips, ugh!).

    • That’s what I always thought about Cali. Just run a stock Saiga rifle with 10 round magazines and don’t worry about it. An SKS with stripper clips would work fine as well. Or, you could just man up and run a Garand.

      Of course I don’t live in California, and their crazy firearm regulations are one of the main reasons.

    • Yes, as it stands right now there doesn’t seem to be any problem with taking the featureless path but that might change.

      • I expect a special session of the California Legislature to be convened now that the MASS AG has one upped them. California cannot have that now!

        • California legislature is still in session. There’s been talk on the California gun boards that it was a mistake to reveal the new workarounds while it was still in session.

  2. I wouldn’t keep a second rifle, I would just discreetly hide a few normal magazine releases in various places around my house. Mixed into a jar of bolts or a junk drawer they would be nearly undetectable and can be changed out in a few minutes.

    • You don’t need to hide them, they are perfectly legal unless installed. I have a tupperware packed to the gills with 25 years of various and sundry mag releases.

      • Unfortunately there’s a concept called “Constructive Possession” that I don’t believe is legal but it will cost you money to prove.

        It’s used in a few areas in the firearms world, so mere possession of certain items indicates the intent and the possibility to use them in an illegal configuration and since you can’t prove that it was ever in an illegal configuration you get charged.

  3. So, I’ve seen an AR jam up in the middle of feeding, with the round halfway out of the magazine, and halfway into the breech. The bolt carrier is thus partially back in the buffer tube, so there is no way to take the upper off. Jostling the magazine around until it releases is the only thing that worked, in that instance. How would I be able to do that with this device?

    Being able to remove the magazine, bullet button or not, is indispensable in clearing some jams and preventing catastrophic failures. This just seems unsafe to me.

    Fuck the imbeciles in Sacramento.

    • California lawmakers requiring your firearm to be built in a way that puts the life of the law abiding gun owner at risk?

      They’d call that a feature of the law not a flaw.

    • If your bolt carrier is stuck back partway, just open both the pivot and takedown pins, and slide the whole upper forward a bit. It should give you some play to get the thing off at some point. Of course, abide by the four rules as well as you can (specifically treat it like it’s loaded and don’t point the muzzle at anything you’re not willing to destroy).

  4. Bless whoever invented this for *i$$ing in the cornflakes of the CA state legislature (may they rot in hell). But the fix for this is to get Trump elected and start replacing the libs on SCOTUS. It is terrible that some parts of the US have become virtual enemy territory. But that is what it has come to.

  5. I love watching videos about the CA bullet button by people who have not the foggiest idea of what a Bullet Button is, what it looks like and how it functions.

  6. At least they have half-assed AR15s, here in Communist Massachusetts we cannot have anything now that even RESEMBLES an AR15. My local Gun Store is still so freaked out and confused by the new broad interpretation of the 1998 AWB he will not sell ANY rifle that is semiautomatic, including shotguns. We are screwed over here. The liberals outnumber us almost 2-1 and most settled here from out of state. (Speaking mostly from Boston area and Western MA 5 college area)

    • A rifle is not a shotgun. You might want to explain that to your gun store owner. The fact that you need to explain that to your gun store owner may compel you to find a new gun store.

  7. I have purchased 2 of these, they pretty much make an ar useless, but at least I’ll be able to keep and legally transport it.

    I may just buy an m1a scout, it’s still legal, and far less dangerous and nowhere near as powerful as an ar-15, after all, it’s only a 308 not a deadly 556?

    • The only thing that stops 5.56mm is level 2700 Mithril SAPI plates enchanted by elves and placed in a plate carrier made from actual dragon talons.

      At least that’s what DeLeon said at a press conference… seems legit, right?

      • Dragon scales sewn together with ligament from the animal. The talons are used simply as a locking mechanism.

        • No, no, no. You have to use the talons. You want the fiber from the inside of them. The scales are easily penetrated by 5.56mm and degrade the Mithril plates rapidly.

          The hard outer portion of the talons are used in crafting bullets that home in on people carrying ghost guns before they can open fire at 30 round magazine clips per second. The added benefit to LE is that the talon rounds can penetrate “the thing that goes up” armor that we know all mass shooters wear.

          You need to talk to more elves.

  8. Look at these unconstitutional gun laws coming out now there is a divided Scotus. Imagine if She gets to make it 5-4.
    Sadly we get one chance this November to stop her now that the FBI and justice declined.

  9. Doesn’t this promote less-safe storage? I normally don’t store firearms loaded, but in this case I would, since loading would take too long.

    • AFAIK, these guys weren’t using it correctly. The release mechanism is spring loaded just like any mag release, so there is no need to keep the action open when loading the new mag. As I saw it demonstrated, one needs only pop the upper a crack to allow the lock to function and drop the mag, and then you close the action and slap the takedown pin and reload normally.

  10. Why the hell would anyone buy that? Either don’t own an ar platform rifle or move. When I turned 18 and saw how stupid ca bullet button ars are I opted to save my money until I can move. That is next level useless.

  11. I saw this vid a couple days ago, and it is great on one hand, that an innovative way to screw the legislature out of their feel good laws has continued regardless, but on the other, that we are reduced to this shyt.

    Soon, California gun owners will be pushed into owning muzzleloaders, just picture it with me, close your eyes and imagine instead of an AR15, you wear a bandoleer of 15 blackpowder pistols, and a couple rifles on your back like some kind of land pirate.

    We could wear armbands that say, “ARRRRms,” wear that Jack Sparrow hat, and grow out the operator beards a bit longer. Ah, isn’t it a lovely picture. I’m kidding, seriously, but this is where we are headed, unless the Trump(et) presidency can help shine some light on our dark corner of America.

  12. This device needs two improvements, the first as to the take down pin. I would redesign it so that it worked like a mag release–i.e., spring loaded, so that you could press it to release the upper, and then the upper would just snap back in when pushed down. That would speed things up. Second, this device does not require the action to be opened more than a crack–just enough to allow the bar on the top of the mag release to get between the two halves. Thus, some kind of a device–heck even a rubber band would do it–to allow that halves to part only so far but no further, unless one wanted to take the gun apart.

    Second, there are a few caveats to the use of this device. Further, they don’t yet have a letter from the DOJ allowing its use as compliant with the new law. Second, the new law doesn’t go into effect until the first of next year, so all existing platforms (with bullet buttons) are still legal to purchase. Third, one can avoid this device all together by registering one’s rifle as an AW by 1/1/18. There is an open question as to whether registration as an AW will allow removal of bullet buttons and installation of standard mag locks, as is the case with rifles purchased prior to and registered under the 1989 AW ban law.

    Unfortunately I don’t think any of this will matter, I have little doubt that California will pass a new ban law in the next session that will copy the Massachusetts law, by banning the AR and AK receiver (or copies thereof) all together. This will accomplish the goal to ban EBRs without also banning Minis, M1As, Garands or M1 Carbines.

    • Duh, the new ban scheme bans all semi-autos, they just don’t phrase it that way because even the battered gun-owners of CA & MA with Stockholm’s would finally see it as the checkmate it is, and actually do something about it for once.

      First they came for the AR70s, but I could not afford them
      Then they came for the HK G3s, but I reloaded my brass
      Then they came for the AK47s, but I could still buy a Mini-14
      Then they came for our magazines, but I could still shoot a handful of rounds
      Then they came for the AR15, and all guns similar to all other banned guns
      And so my Mini-14 was taken, and there were no other semi-autos left for me

      Bill Ruger was truly cruel to his fellow American sportsmen; everyone knows that the most effective strategies involve leaving your opponents an avenue of escape so they are not forced to fight back to their fullest. Escapism is clearly the order of the day, though.

  13. Because the bullet button law worked so well in stopping the San Bernadino shooters from delivering more carnage… FLAME DELETED

  14. So then I thought; “What if we DIDN’T put up with one more of these stupid laws?”

    If only all this industry & encouragement could be directed to a useful purpose, instead of placating evil morons…

  15. If the human instinct to protect yourself, your family, or anyone else is now illegal, then you have to ask yourself why should you or anyone else obey other laws. If jail is inevitable, why not?

    Don’t get me wrong. I am not advocating crime. I am just saying that it is human nature to think about these kinds of things. There is always a breaking point where people weigh it out, and start believing that the only way to survive or get ahead is to break a law.

    I think that after this law goes into affect, there will be hundreds of thousands of gun owners who will have far less respect for the laws or edicts that come from the government. Essentially, California is manufacturing felons.

  16. If I understand the new requirement correctly, this device may be used to release the owners of formerly approved rifles from having to register them as “assault weapons.” And who wants to RE-Register their rifles?

    So: currently legal AR w/ bullet button would have to be registered as an AW, unless this device is installed (or rifle is otherwise rendered featureless.)

    If not rendered featureless, register as AW to comply.
    Am I missing something?

    It is not clear if registering such weapons would allow previously banned features.
    (i.e. if registered as AW, could one legally ditch the formerly required bullet button?)


    The associated restrictions on magazines, ammunition, components, serialization, purchasing etc. are equally onerous, and will do little if anything to prevent crime.
    The net effect will likely be the creation of a large class of new “criminals.”

    “Assault Weapon,” my eye.
    Frog soup is getting warmer…

    • NO rifles were registered (other than fully automatic rifles and identified AR/AK style rifles in the 1989 ban) in California until after 1/1/14, and all 80% lowers are unregistered as well. There is no way to tell how many rifles are in the state that fall within the parameters of the new BB ban, but it probably exceeds a million (that’s a WAG). The only way to enforce the law is when rifles are seized pursuant to a search warrant (for some other crime) or when they are seized while being used in public. What this means is that if you want to shoot, you have four choices: 1) don’t register and shoot only out of state (and hope you don’t get stopped and searched returning to the state); 2) buy one of these devices and hope it passes legal muster when it is inspected by the police or Forest Service while you are out shooting at the range (it happens); 3) convert your rifle to a featureless build (if you can); or 4) register your “AW.” Oops, I forgot, there is a fifth: transfer your rifle to someone out of state.

      • 6) Break up California. The blue staters all live along the coast so let them keep it. But the rest of Califonria can become red states. They think white flight is bad now, wait until that happens.

  17. It really does seem as if the U.S. will soon be 10-15 Communist strongholds (The entire Pacfic West Coast, Nevada, Hawaii, the Northeast and Illinois). The rest of the states will stay America. Perhaps the Hildebeast can be the President of the Communist strongholds and another much less corrupt, insane and tyrannical leader can serve as the President of America?

    We have featureless EBRs for now but those will be banned in either the 2017 or 2018 legislative sessions. That’s when it is going to get truly ugly here. Right now, we have options like the device at the top of this thread, we can go featureless so although California gun owners have to neuter their rifles to keep them, they can keep them for another year or two. As soon as California goes full retard as Mass did yesterday though, I don’t see a whole lot of Californians just passively handing in their expensive EBRs to the tyrants in Sacramento.

    Those dumb enough to register their ARs and AKs next year will be the low hanging confiscation fruit for the tyrants but even for those of us who don’t register, what good is having a rifle that you are too paranoid to take out in public to practice with? It’s a win-win for the antis, you either turn it in or you really cannot shoot it in public anyway without risk of a felony.

    In objectively looking at the situation, the gun community blew it. The tyrants own the media, brainwashed the public that all law abiding gun owners are just one twig snap away from becoming a mass shooter. They use our own tax dollars to persecute, harass and humiliate us. Meanwhile, it is difficult to find a more fractured, disjointed, random, lazy, apathetic group than California gun owners, as a whole. A good portion of them voted for Brown, Feinstein, Deleon, Steinberg, Ting, Low because they “weren’t a one issue voter”. We failed to change with the times, we did not welcome young people, women, minorities and gay people into our fold, we stayed the domain of the OFWG and cranky ones at that.

    Because we shunned the rest of the population and failed to educate them about their civil rights, the women, young people, gays and minorities all now vote in lock step with the Dumocrats who own this state. We are the reason for our own demise. Our enemies out maneuvered us, played the long game and fought the battle better and now their wholesale rape and pillage of the Constitution and our civil rights is in progress. When it comes down to it, we have nobody to blame but ourselves. We could have won this war in this state but we would have had to begin change way back in the 70s and we didn’t. It is too late now. All we can do is mop up and lament our losses and continue to be a thorn in the side of our enemies but that is not the same as winning.

  18. The next step is to ban possession outright. You will have one year to get them out of the state or turn them in for destruction.

    My prediction…

  19. Looks like it is getting close to time for the good citizens of California to light the torches, grab the pitch forks (or other handy tools) and deal with the tyrants. A tar and feather party might be just what the doctor ordered to cure the problem.

  20. Time to explore the possibilities for magazine-fed lever actions. Even better if in bullpup config. 😉

  21. I am a California resident and voted/will vote for Trump.
    But I doubt it’s going to make any difference in California, I believe the situation is too compromised already.

    However, ‘I fight’ locally (San Diego), legally, the best I can.

    I will be buying one of theese (or 11); I have many an AR15s that will soon be in need.

  22. What they need to design is a mag with a loading gate,
    That way you could just load up without needing to remove the mag from the gun
    Bonus points if it could use charger or en-block clips

  23. Hey after Trump wins thanks to more speeches like the one at the RNC, how’s about we bring up breaking California up into four pieces? Norcal(SF), Socal(LA), Jefferson(Yreka), and San Joaquin(Sacramento), the last piece making up the Sierra’s and the farm country. Norcal and Socal can ban guns while the Jeffersonians and Motherloders buy machine guns.

  24. CA and other states like it have if fact been forgotten and left to fight there own battle.
    There is so much more the gun community as a whole could be doing but isn’t.
    Boycott companies that sell to CA, NJ, NY, HI etc. (State not citizens)
    Swamp legislators with letter to pass federal law preventing these bans..
    Roughly 45 out of the 50 states are mostly gun friendly and if the citizens in all these states banded together the entire country would have to follow.
    The Constitution is a national document and needs to be defended and upheld by the entire nation, but most people have the attitude of not my state not my problem.
    Sure they will beat the drum and pay the lip service but they do precious little effect any change.
    We are a Nation, not a just collection of states.


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