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California State Senator Kevin DeLeon, one of the Golden State’s most committed citizen disarmers, beclowned himself recently while jumping on the “ghost gun” scary-meme-of-the-day bandwagon. YouTuber David West posted the above video takedown of DeLeon’s knowledge-free press event and it’s been viewed over 636,000 times. In less than three days. Looks like there’s no shortage of gun rights supporters on the left coast.

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    • SB 808 tabled to give el Bozo time to wipe the egg off his face and regroup with a better audio. It’ll be back – soon.

      And the Democrats want to make this a-hole the next leader of the state Senate.

      No wonder this state is held to such ridicule. The funny farm is running the asylum.

  1. One would think that if these liberal politicians were going to speak out against guns, somebody would at least brief them so the don’t look like this guy, or any of the others who have made ridiculous claims and major blunders…all that tells me is that the folks working for these liberal idiots really do hate them and relish every moment they make an ass of themselves, which appears to be quite often…

    • They are briefed and well trained fr their target audience: people who know no more than they do about guns.

      The point is to *sound* so authoritative that nobody will question what you’re saying about the gun itself. And that does take training – and good acting skills.

      That also included how to make a critic sound stupid, by the way, usually by belittling them or by just changing the topic or redefining the question.

      Debate 101.

      • So true, John L. When I taught my first college-course I was very nervous and a old-timer professor said something to the effect of “Relax, they know nothing about the topic and if you mess up they can’t tell.”

    • Oh give ’em half a chance; they’ll want to restricted or criminalized that too once they figure out that people own reloaders. They just haven’t gotten that far yet.

  2. The video presents “12 – 15 rounds / second” as a “fact.” Of course, that’s NOT true, if we’re talking about SEMI-AUTO rifles, which is most likely the case… the senator’s (mis)use of the word “automatic,” notwithstanding.

    • So that’s the dude who always yells hacks and you cheated in in Call of duty I just assumed he was a 13 year old not a ca state senator

  3. Do you suppose the staffer who researched this one still has a job? What else is this guy so grossly misinformed on? BTW, after looking at this a couple of times, is there a barrel on that pig??

  4. This is the kind of crap we deal with in California seemingly every day. Politicians who have no idea of what they are talking about, and a state full of Sheeple that believe them. All you have to do is look at Utah who allows CCW’s in schools. What, no school shootings? I wonder why?

    • C’mon over here to Utah. There’s plenty of room for ya. Just don’t let any of your “progressive” neighbors know where you’re going. We’d rather not have them here, trying to do to us what they’ve done to Colorado and are doing to Texas.

      • What do you mean by “doing to texas?” Because we have an antiquated law regarding open carry of handguns, suddenly were Colorado 2, return of the mag limits?

        • No, because Texas is slowly becoming a swing state. Look to the future. In about 15-20 years, I would not at all be surprised to see Texas as a blue state, if things continue as they are now. I sincerely hope that doesn’t happen, but I have several friends who live in Texas, and they all confirm that there has been an increase in “progressives” in Texas over the last decade or two.

        • Sorry Dave, Texas may become a swing state in 15 or 20, but it’s not a for sure thing. The large cities are mostly run by democrats, but nearly all of the state is headed by Republicans, and backward ass republicans at that. Outside of Austin and San Antonio the rest of the state is fire engine red.

        • You’re certainly correct, Irock, it’s not a sure thing. There is only one sure thing in politics: you will be lied to. But the way it’s trending, especially with the increase in Hispanic voters (and even more so if Obama gets his way with immigration reform and makes all the illegals magically legal), there is an increase in likely Democrat voters. If it happens, it won’t happen in the next election, or even the one after that, but it could certainly happen.

          I love what you guys have going with Senator Cruz, and I hope that Texas can fight off the stupidity of the “progressives”, but again, as you said, it’s not a sure thing.

        • Hey KB, I hate to break it to you brother, but Hispanic voters are nothing new here in Texas, it’s kind of close to the border…

          I know a lot of Hispanic country boys that love them some 2nd Amendment, this isn’t white vs brown, it’s city vs rural.

        • Rock, Hispanic voters may be nothing new, but the amount of them could be. In 2000, Hispanics made up 32% of the Texas population. By 2013, that number was up to 38.2%, while Caucasians have gone from 48.3% to 44.5%. It’s expected to keep trending that way, and it’s likely that Hispanics will outnumber Caucasians in Texas in another 10 years or less.

          It’s great that you know Hispanics who love guns, and I’m not saying it IS white vs brown. What it is, is that Hispanics generally tend to vote Democrat, and it just so happens that Democratic politicians generally are not pro 2A. This is why the GOP needs to get their act together, stop taking the hardline stance on issues like immigration, abortion and gay marriage, and move to a more moderate approach, preferably a more Libertarian approach, to draw in more of the Democrats who are more moderate than “progressive”.

    • That’s good – and fits.

      I was thinking of Three Stooges background music myself, but that is an insult to The Three Stooges; they were entertainers. This guy takes himself seriously.

  5. Not only did he get the caliber and the rate of fire wrong, he ignored the fact that 30 round mags are (mostly) illegal in California. And the SBR was not “bad” because it was a “ghost gun,” but because SBRs are illegal in California already (as well as all other NFA items). I particularly like the part where he waves an 80% aluminum receiver around and claims that it is not picked up by metal detectors and is invisible to x-rays. So much fail.

    But aside from the clownishness of his lack of knowledge, there are several important points that gunners must draw from this video–and be afraid, very very afraid.

    One, De Leon DOES NOT CARE about the actual facts, he only cares about banning all EBRs. In fact, Senator Yee specifically stated in testimony in support of a bill last session (that has now been resurrected) is that the intent of the original AW Ban (that is still in effect in California) was to BAN ALL EBRs. The fact that manufacturers were able to devise some workarounds is the reason for the recent spate of new bills, closing those “loopholes” for these “vey dangerous” firearms. One of those “workarounds” was/is the 80% lower that has no serial number and can be purchased over the internet–because, according to the ATF, it is (not yet) a firearm. Deleon wants to pass a bill that would require purchasers of such lowers to get a unique serial number from the DOJ BEFORE beginning a build. He also apparently wants to compel the retroactive registration of home builds. [Although I don’t really want an AR, preferring handguns, I felt compelled to go and buy the parts for a lower build before this new law is passed–and the odds are very high that it will be passed.]

    And the second thing we can NEVER forget is that a lot of his supporters, who know no more about firearms than he does, WILL ACTUALLY BELIEVE HIS DRIVEL. De Leon, absent some great scandal, is the face of the future Democratic Party in California. [We have term limits, but it only means that these guys join the merry-go-round of public offices, always keeping their names in the press.] In fact, ALL of the (current) leading Democratic candidates to replace Governor Brown are rabid anti-gunners. The only silver lining is that Brown will run for re-election, and will likely be re-elected, keeping this ship of fools away from the helm for at least a few more years.

    • That wasn’t even an 80% receiver but basically a raw forging as even the mag well was totally solid.

      Try broaching out a mag well “in your garage” following the “instructions on YouTube” on the “internets”.

      Ain’t gonna happen.

      I’m not even sure what he means by “undetectable” either but he sure seemed to like saying it.

  6. Soooo happy I swallowed the swig of beer I had in my mouth BEFORE I watched the video.As I was thinking of a witty comeback to the video………….I suddenly realize there is not enough wit available to counter this particular moron. Thankfully, at least my laptop is still dry……..

  7. How does a man this ignorant get elected as a state senator? He holding the “devil” in his hands and can’t even convince people that it is the “devil.” Everyone, get out while you still can!!!!!

    • How does a man this ignorant get elected as a state senator?

      He racked up huge majorities in Chihuahua and Sonora.

    • Cute name. Are you the younger me?

      That’s a trick question. If you were the older me, you’d be commenting from a nursing home.

  8. If this was a recently seized SBR, I think the defense may now question the chain of evidence.

  9. Can I get a ghost gun? Can it shoot ghost bullets and kill ghosts? Or does it turn regular people into ghosts?

    Man forget this crap. Too much hassle.

  10. Let’s forget for a second all the nomenclature mistakes that this yutz made.

    30 rounds in half a second = 60 per second

    60 rounds x 60 seconds in a minute = 3,600 rounds per minute

    3,600 rounds per minute = bovine feces 🙂

  11. Can anyone tell if the somber looking cop in the background is believing it? Or is he just trying to stifle a laugh?

  12. I love the officer in the background: he just blinks like “UGGGGH” at the words “thirty-caliber clip”. (At 10 seconds in, more or less).

  13. How is it that, to own a gun in many places, you have to take a training course but no such training course is required to LEGISLATE guns?

  14. This I D I O T is in office? So how come Cali is so screwed up when it comes to RKBA? Oh sorry I forgot the rest of the ANTIs in Cali are just like him and out number the others. WE have the same problem in Joisy !

  15. From his Wikipedia entry:

    “De León taught English as a Second Language and U.S. Citizenship. ” (Curious what he taught those impressionable immigrants about the Second Amendment).

    “Kevin de Leon has been linked to an ongoing scandal of illegal payments/bribes, and federal investigation of his fellow CA Senator Ronald S. Calderon. Although de Leon denies involvement in the scandal, he has not been cleared of any wrong doing as of December 2013.”

    Apparently, he’s OK with “ghost voting”, just not “ghost guns”.

    He’s been named by several sources as participating in this specious practice:

    • Ghost Voting: the Legislative tactic whereby legislators can take late lunches with cute little chiquitas without their wives finding out. “I was at work dear, really. Just look at the votes I cast.”

    • “De León taught English as a Second Language and U.S. Citizenship.”

      In what country did he do this?

  16. As soon as shoulder thing goes up lady retires, we get ghost gun 30 caliber clip guy, oh politicians.

  17. The LEO in the background is just standing there asking himself, “What the !@#% is this &%#@ trying to say?”

  18. What gun-grabbers don’t realize is that I’d much rather be up against some idiot spraying with a fully automatic weapon than a disciplined shooter with a semi auto. The safest place to be for the “spray-and-pray” is directly in front of him, and in a couple seconds, his weapon is empty. The disciplined semi-auto shooter is just going to flat out put a bullet center-of-mass, and follow up with two or three more if that doesn’t impress you.

    • I get what you’re saying, but I strongly disagree that “the safest place to be for the “spray-and-pray” is directly in front of him”, that’s where you’d have to stand to actually be hit. The safest place is more like ‘directly behind him’.

      Why we’re even talking about automatic weapons at all is a farce. A firearm crafted by it’s private owner is what we’re arguing to protect, a legal entity by any other name. Once you convert any gun to automatic, it’s your own fault that you end up in prison, and you’ll get no pity from the majority of law-abiding gun owners for muddying our perpetually fragile reputation.

      I’d rather not be up against some idiot with a gun at all, because gun violence is what’s fueling this whole political climate. Guns aren’t the mark of a bad guy, they should be the mark of a good guy, because we, the citizens *and* law enforcement of the entire country, should be able to deal with them as they are created, without any gaps in our ability to conscientiously defend ourselves. That’s the point we’re trying to convey to the gun control crowd.

  19. .30 caliber anti-tank barrel shroud. If you don’t know what it is, you can’t afford it honey.

  20. I’d like to see the statistics on how many crimes are committed with Ghost Guns.
    X-rays see anything no matter what they are made of.

    Even if a ghost gun made it through a metal detector, how would the bullets not get detected? Without bullets, how would a 3-D polymer gun be dangerous?

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