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“A Salinas City Councilwoman will not face charges after someone stole a high power [AK-47/SKS] assault rifle from her home,” reports. “According to Salinas Police, on January 24th, someone stole the weapon and $700 worth of jewelry from the home of Gloria DeLaRosa [above] on the 700 block of St Michael Way. Because California Penal Code 30605(a) prohibits possession of an assault rifle in the State of California, Salinas Police Detectives and agents from the Bureaus of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives (BATF) conducted an investigation. The Monterey County District Attorney’s Office elected not to file charges against any persons involved based on the evidence available at this time.” They were elected to do what? Ignore the law when the lawbreaker is an elected official? Ban what they would keep for themselves? Yup. That’s about it.

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  1. Well, just how would they prove that something that is no longer there was stolen? They probably can’t prosecute because there is no admissable evidence that they could use in court.

  2. It’s possible the D.A. is waiting for the gun to be recovered then use it as evidence. I find it ironic that she claims it was for hunting and target shooting.

  3. A Salinas City Councilwoman will not face charges after someone stole a high power [AK-47/SKS] assault rifle from her home,”

    Which was it? An AK (real one, not semi only) is an assault rifle, the SKS is not it’s a carbine. An assault rifle is selective fire. That is one of the requirements to be a real assault rifle, not that the media cares since sensationalism sells. After all that is why they created the term “Assualt Weapon” so that the average voter thinks they are talking about real assault rifles and will vote as such.

  4. Everything that’s wrong with this country is because people in power don’t think they have to follow the same laws the rest of us have to.

  5. You guys have got to learn to read California news stories–particularly those from gungrabber enclaves–with a certain cynicism. If you believe the media, if it is an AK, its must be an “illegal assault weapon”, which is simply NOT true. Yes, to be legal they must have certain features and lack other features, but there is still a huge retail business in AKs and ARs here. Then again, those laws are so arcane, not even the cops can be sure what is legal and what is not–to the point if it is an evil black rifle with the thingy that goes up in the back it must be illegal–even if it is really only a Ruger 10-22. That’s point one–that the police, without the gun, could not carry their burden of proving that the particlar weapon in question was noncompliant with California law. Second, the rifle did not belong to the councilwoman. The gun was legally purchased in another state and possessed by a family member who had it from the estate of her late husband. Finally, even (some) thirty round mags are legal–if produced prior to a certain date. So despite the hysteria, not really much of a story.

  6. Check out this lovely paragraph from the story about this idiot:
    “Additionally, the Salinas Police Department will remove and destroy any unwanted weapons that people may have in their position. It is in the interest of public safety to remove unwanted weapons to ensure they do not fall into the hands of irresponsible persons such as children who may accidentally fire the weapon, or are not stolen and diverted into the criminal market. Weapons turned in to the Salinas Police Department are destroyed, they are not sold or otherwise returned to circulation. Anyone who would like to turn in a weapon for destruction should call SPD at 758-7321 to arrange for disposal. Under no circumstances should anyone bring a firearm to the police department without first receiving specific instructions from a police officer.”
    Notes: Its Possession, not Position, although you assume the position in this position.
    See how children are referred to as irresponsible persons, unlike the silly dipshit who kept an illegal AK in her closet with a hi cap mag. Probably loaded.
    The Salinas PD promises not to fire, play with or sell your guns to Mexican gangs or other undesirables.
    And if you’re inclined to call them then you are too stupid to own guns and shouldn’t have any.

    • Better yet please call me, I’ll pay for the shipping. I would love free guns and I won’t let them end up in the hands of the Mexican Drug Cartels either. 🙂

  7. From the KION/Fox page:

    While the exact make and model of the rifle is unknown, …
    So then, Gloria “doesn’t know” exactly what kind of gun was stolen from her?

    Followed by the somewhat contradictory:

    … based on evidence and statements Salinas Police believe the weapon is an AK-47/SKS variant. …
    What evidence? What statements?

    Typical crap MSM reporting. Who knows what went on here.

  8. Say it aint so. A politician who doesn’t know WTF is going on in their own house. Claiming the “it’s not mine” defense? And the locals not prosecuting? Really? No. Can’t be! That doesn’t happen here. [SARCASM !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!]
    If (that’s a big IF) the locals actually manage to find the weapon of unknown type and actually determine that it was illegal for the public to possess they’ll probably just deny finding it and give it back.

  9. A news piece mentioned that her teenage son was shot and wounded near the family home some time ago(?) by a gang. Everyone in California knows what the draconian gun laws are since the rules are trumpeted in your face frequently.

  10. In Kalifornia, AK-47’s and their semi-auto variants are part of the Assault Rifle Ban. However, some semi-auto variants have appeared and are now legally sold in Kalifornia (same with AR-15). SKS Carbines with a fixed box magazine of 10-rounds, or less, capacity were never banned. Only those with detachable magazines, or fixed with larger than 10-round capacity magazines were included in the Assault Rifle Ban.
    The Ruger Mini-14, “Ranch Rifle” was never banned because one of the State Legislators had one and knew the Bill’s Sponsor and so called him up and told him he didn’t “… think there was anything wrong with the Ruger Mini 14…”, so that rifle was removed from the list.
    Just saying, we here in Kalifornia cannot be too surprised by this story because the State Legislature, County and City Governments are so elitist and morally/ethically inconsistent we see these kinds of stories frequently. Since the news media here is as gun-hating and left-liberal as the Governments, we probably see only a fraction of what actually goes on reported. This story probably got Press because it gave some anti-gun Reporter or News Editor an opportunity to slam gun ownership.

  11. I think some may be missing the irony here.

    To those of you who only see the world in red or blue, isn’t the mere fact that a CA Democratic politician had some kind of a military-type carbine (exact type & legality to be determined) in her house something to rejoice? Shouldn’t you be coming to her defense from the Salinas PD and BATF, and rejoicing that the Monterey County DA is not filing against her at this time?

    Also, if the rest of the story about her not knowing the specifics of her late husband’s armory inventory is true, my wife, for one, would have the same problem if I left her in similar circumstances. Yours?

    Last, if it comes to pass that she, indeed, had run afoul of the law, then I hope she is prosecuted. Then I hope she works to support only sensible laws.

    • Rejoice at what, illegal AK for me but not you?
      If the gun was locked up and she didn’t have a key it might not have been stolen. To suggest even for a minute she didn’t know she had a street sweeper in the house gives her way too much benefit of the doubt.
      Bottom line they are illegal and the law was supposed to make them all disappear. If she was a good liberal she would have called a SWAT team to her house to box the gun up and carefully melt it down for her.
      No she didn’t, so she now tries to fudge what kind of gun it was hoping her lawyer can get her out of trouble.
      I bet it doesn’t feel so good having the ATF up her ass with an investigation.

      • “I bet it doesn’t feel so good having the ATF up her ass with an investigation.”

        I got a tingle just reading that line, thanks1 😀

  12. Geez, you ignorant peasants are revolting! OF COURSE the laws in California cannot apply to the politicians and other elites! Why work so hard and spend so much of other people’s money to be elected, if you aren’t going to be exempt from any inconvenient laws that your fellow politicians have established for the good of the peasantry? Let them eat recycled organic mammalian waste byproducts! [sarc off]

  13. As I also posted on the follow-up story – the police and the media are far more interested in the possible illegality of weapon than the actual theft. The only criminal is this case is the thief. The lady would have been better off never reporting the gun theft to the authorities.

    Any of us could easily be in the same position…..

  14. what is a “high power AK47sKS”? AND WHERE DO I GET ONE? i envision some sort of tacticool semi auto, with a short barrel, mechanical bayonet and 100 round drum of .950 jdj… also it probably has a bipod.


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