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David Codrea writes [via]

Oath-breaking California politician Kevin De Léon proving he doesn’t know what he’s talking about, and using that to scare the ignorant and the fearful into more infringements on their rights.

“California State Senate President Pro Tem Kevin De Léon (D-Los Angeles) that ‘half his family’ was in the country illegally, using false documents, and eligible for deportation under President Trump’s new executive order against ‘sanctuary’ jurisdictions,” former California State Assemblyman Tim Donnelly reported on Breitbart. “De Léon, who introduced the bill, made his remarks at a hearing in Sacramento on SB54, the bill to make California a ‘Sanctuary State.’”

In addition to defending the practice of obtaining fraudulent documents and dismissing citizen concerns over identity theft, De Léon “expressed outrage” that it should be a deportable offense for foreign nationals – already here illegally – to then falsely obtain a Social Security card.

That’s even though any person who “willfully, knowingly, and with intent to deceive, uses a social security account number, assigned by the Commissioner of Social Security … to establish and maintain records) on the basis of false information furnished to the Commissioner of Social Security by him or by any other person … shall be guilty of a felony and upon conviction thereof shall be fined under title 18, United States Code, or imprisoned for not more than five years, or both.”

As is typical, the law is what De Léon and his fellow California “progressives” say it is. Laws they oppose are to be disregarded. In other words, he stands for lawlessness and tyranny.

The thing is, they don’t extend that same entitlement to the non-elite citizenry. They’re too busy stripping them of their rights.

Case in point, De Léon’s oath of office was a mere ceremonial formality. Because where the Second Amendment is concerned, he never saw an infringement he didn’t like, author, co-sponsor or vote for. He’s so against guns, he’s even against guns that don’t exist (except in his ignorant and/or opportunistic mind):

De Léon said he is trying to address a twin threat from what he called “ghost guns” – plastic guns that can slip through metal detectors and unregistered weapons that can fall into the hands of people who are legally prohibited from owning firearms under state law.

He brags about his citizen disarmament “victories.”

This year, he led the charge for the most stringent gun control policies in a generation, leading efforts to approve 11 measures, including his groundbreaking bill, SB 1235, which requires background checks for anyone who buys or sells ammunition.

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    • Deport this man`s invader family.

      This is the mindset of the left, invaders have the right to invade, we have no right to keep and bare arms.

    • It would seem to me, based on the reading of the law quoted above, that if Mr. de Leon does not provide information to immigration authorities on how to locate his family members who are in country illegally then he is guilty of aiding and abetting numerous felonies.

      He should be charged with that in federal court and serve time in prison, not be CA Senate President Pro Tem.

      • These were my thoughts as well. The man publicly admits to abetting fugitives and what sounds suspiciously like conspiracy to defraud the federal government. One wonders why he hasn’t been arrested. Perhaps, with a Trump AG, he will be.

    • De Leon is the reason we have the saying in California, “My guns aren’t illegal, they’re unregistered.”

      • If they are unregistered, then how is it that the state has one computer which tracks people being hospitalized and is able to compare that to another computer to determine whether or not someone with guns, or available guns, has been entered into a mental health ward. If they are unregistered, how is it that the state can then send out law enforcement officials to convince such people to hand over their firearms as has already happened in California.

        The only thing Deleon is going to accomplish is to create an entire class of criminals who are guilty of not surrendering their constitutional rights, and committing civil disobedience. When will the lefties in the state realize he seeks to deny them their 2A rights along with the rest of us.

    • Doesn’t his admission make him an accessory to illegal activities? Ethically that would make him unfit for public office. In addition to his many other flaws, ignorance, histrionics, etc.

  1. Splitting up families is barbaric and inhuman. That’s why he, his legal, and illegal family members must all go back.

    • I see what you did there.

      Since he knows about this, is a government official, and openly brags about it I’m virtually certain there’s a law, rule or reg out there that can be used to hang him. If not yet, then interview him about the situation and when he lies to you hit him with obstruction.

    • That’s what I say. Illegals need to go back to their home country. Period. A legal citizen is free to travel as they wish. So if they claim we’re breaking up families, that’s untrue. It’s up to the legal citizen to break up his family by staying. He or she is free to leave and go with them and keep the family together.

      • Of course not… He’d claim that the government is trying to split up his family. It’d be HIS choice, though. Liberals can’t seem to get that simple fact through their heads…

  2. Get ICE on them.

    The last anti 2A state legislator from Commiefornia who made the national news saying stupid stuff was smuggling arms for gangs, so get the ATF on him.

  3. De Leon has come to embody the “progressive” wing of the Democrat party in its entirety. Like their mascot he has both the temperament and mannerisms of a jackass, constantly breying on about things he is ignorant of.

    Meanwhile the Democrats are carrying on about the constitutional rights held by those that have never set foot on American soil. All the while their countries’ own citizen’s rights are truly being infringed in such places as Illinois, California, New Jersey etc.

    How out of touch have they become?

    • De Leon has come to embody the “progressive” wing of the Democrat party in its entirety. Like their mascot he has both the temperament and mannerisms of a jackass, constantly breying on about things he is ignorant of.

      Esoteric Inanity for the win!!!

      TTaG staff: this HAS to be the next “Quote of the Day”!

      • Thank you for the kind words. However, in retrospect the initial comment may have been too disparaging towards donkeys.

  4. Stealing SS #’s is NOT a victimless crime. Mine was used to my chagrin. And lowlife scum cashing my paycheck too. This happened long ago but the bad memory remains. Send every last illegal ALIEN back.

  5. Since the esteemed Senator from California publicly made this admission, does the 5th still apply? Also, as an elected public servant, does the admission of familial wrong doing place a judicial burden on said Senator? Does the knowledge of familial law breaking impose a burden the esteemed Senator is disinclined to shoulder? Is the esteemed Senator from the state of California compromised? Can this Senator vote on critical issues unbiased? Senator Warren, can you please advise?

    • If the senator was caught employing (in any form) an illegal nanny the repercussions would be immediate and sever (maybe not in California?). Why should protecting known illegal immigrants be any different?

    • It would be classified as a ‘spontaneous utterance or admission’… similar to a subject who makes an admission before being advised of their 5th A rights before police can even begin to advise them of their rights or begin to question them, especially if they were not considered suspects.

  6. Well, oh Ponce de Leon, I’ll call your illegal immigrants and raise you some tax stamps. Just suppose I feel like it shouldn’t be a felony to machine out some drop in auto sears for my AR-15 collection? After all, it’s just some paperwork isn’t it? Just a few stamps and an old outdated law that hasn’t allowed any new full-auto manufacturing in a while. Hardly worth a felony.

    So – why is it that false paperwork for a “Ghost Citizen” that can pop out a 30 magazine clip of babies in 1/2 a second isn’t illegal, but building a simple tool without registering it, is?

    I think that perhaps #ghostimmigrant should become a “thing.”

    • Alien. Illegal alien. “Immigrant” implies legality, which is why “they” use it and try to change the way the rest of us talk about this issue. We’re in a war of words, and we can’t afford to lose it.

        • I like variety too, but “illegal alien” is the legal terms in the books to describe non-resident aliens who entered the country illegally. The lefties try to change the subject by objecting to this term and claiming people aren’t illegal, only their actions. I couldn’t care less about their feelings or bleeding hearts. If they are not citizens, they are aliens; if they are not here legally they are illegal aliens.

  7. “…half his family’ was in the country illegally, using false documents, and eligible for deportation…”

    Let’s talk 9/11 and how using false documents is not a laughing matter

  8. I don’t use this site except when I can use applications like ABP (Adblock Plus) and Flashblock. It’s an unsatisfactory experience if I try to use my Pad I-thing or semi-smart phone because of the ads without those applications. It just SUCKS and is aggravating. I know things aren’t free but there comes a point when you have to get a handle on the intrusions. Without those apps, I just wouldn’t come here at all.

    • Like picking up a used newspaper to find the buyer stuck a wad of gum between two pages in the sports section, right?

      If this site pisses you off the entire Internet must be a horrible experience. If TTAG doesn’t make money this site, and our beloved alternative media can’t exist.

  9. They should make this sorry s.o.b. give up every one of them for deportation immediately or be thrown out and permanently barred from ever serving in government again.

  10. DeLeon is a piece of garbage.

    Little known facts about DeLeon not known by most non-Californians

    He was under FBI indictment for the Senator Ron Calderon scandal, somehow escaped prosecution

    He was under inquiry for the Senator Leland Yee Arms Trafficking to Muslim Terrorist scandal, somehow escaped prosecution

    He is most famous as the jackass who bluffed, lied and just made up s**t in front of the press in his much parodied, hilarious “This is a Ghost Gun” rant/press conference in 2014

    Incredibly, he is the LEADER of the California State Senate, the Senate Pro Tem. About par for the course for the brain dead mouth breather California voters who elect little weasels like this.

    I hope and pray every single day that this little piece of trash is indicted by the FBI. Where there is smoke, there is fire. He is now a self-admitted member of a group of criminals, his family and it can almost be guaranteed that there are many, many skeletons in his political closet, ties to the cartels, the Mexican Mafia, etc. Who knows? We’ve been hoping that some revelations will come to light for years here, not that it matters because even when he falls, the sub-humans in the California State Senate will just spawn another one just like him. Crooked politicians in California are a multi-headed Hydra. You cut off one head (Like Yee and Calderon) and another just grows in it’s place.

    • You forgot the most important part–he wants to be the next governor. Which is why there was all this ballyhoo about ghost guns and ammo permits, and now “sanctuary state” (to protect his voting base), all an attempt to upstage Lt. Gov. Gavin Newsome, another political dirtbag who also wants to be the next governor.

  11. 30 magazine clip in half a second? That is an effective rate of 3,600 rounds a minute. OK maybe in a full auto, but an AR, not a chance in hell. Um clip? these ass wholes need to learn the proper terminology before they shoot their mouths off.

    • 3600 rounds a minute…
      Must have figured the 30mm GAU8 avenger autocannon is a .30 cal weapon so that must be the firing ratemail of anything with the number 30 associated with it.
      (The GAU8’s rate of fire is about 3900 rounds per minute)

  12. ‘half his family’ was in the country illegally, using false documents, and eligible for deportation
    and all their offspring.

    So by what logic would not “Fruit of the poisonous tree” not apply to them? ALL GOT HOME. Leave voluntarily by Dec 31 you can take your assets. If we have to chase you down RICO applies and you forfeit all.

    We have allowed them a gift they can never repay by tolerating their presence in the US for 5min, they have seen how a capitalistic. WASP society can/should operate. GO HOME and fix your cesspool.

    • Until someone changes the federal law, born here gives citizenship as a birthright. Many expecting mothers (now including the Chinese elite) come here to have their babies for precisely this reason. So children born here cannot be deported.

        • Read the 14th Amendment.

          “All persons born or naturalized in the United States, and subject to the jurisdiction thereof, are citizens of the United States and of the state wherein they reside.”

        • AND subject to the jurisdiction thereof… How are they subject to the jurisdiction thereof, if they fly under the radar and actively avoid being subject to that jurisdiction? That’s a court opinion that they’re citizens, and it needs to be reversed.

  13. All pols involved in creating sanctuary cities and states are guilty of criminal conspiracy.

    I’m old enough to remember US Marshals and soldiers forcing southern states to respect the civil rights of their students and intergrate schools at bayonet point.

    Trump needs to send Marshals and soldiers to arrest the de leons here and force the state to respect our rights.

  14. hey Kevin how did that sanctuary city crap work out in LA


    ICE still filled a bus and sent it south WHILE laughing at you!
    the feds are here and now since Trump lost that one court case over banning immigration from known terrorist nations —he will double down on deportations!

    God that human boy is so stupid (yes I did that on purpose–not calling him a ‘man’) just look at that cop in the background his eyes show the pain of hearing that stupid flow!

  15. Would that every American were undocumented, and that every gun owner had the courage to disobey laws s/he considered unjust. I’m no fan of this guy, but if you’re proud to have a social security card and think everyone should have one, you’re freedoming wrong.

  16. So I guess what this fascist is saying we have to tolerate an invasion because he got elected with half of his blood breaking the law.
    Justifies trump’s actions even more. At some point we are going to need ID cards and papers. I’m not happy about it nor a proponent but just like carry permits there is going tI be a need to identify legal residents from this asshat’s family members. Shame it’s coming to this.

  17. The blood boils. I see his “family” everyday in CA production facilities, watched them sabotage equipment. Most cannot grasp how equipment works and results in low product output. The failure to learn English increases the divide between them and management resulting in elevating poor managers who then get family hired for a cut of their paycheck. Third world values on the plant floor.

    Walk into a ER on the weekend, it’s packed with DeLeons “family” getting health on the taxpayers dime. It comes home when your wife’s gall bladder emergency is put on hold to admit more illegals. Also sold equipment to a guy who made a killing showing how hospitals could maximize payments from state & federal agencies servicing illegals.

    Trump is exposing local, state and federal government bureaucracies that rely on and service illegals on your dime. Schools accept illegals for the federal attendance money, health care industry for Medicare / Medicaid. HUD moving illegals into section eight housing. Banking aligning with big box home improvement supplying credit to illegals starting business.

    All the while DeLeon is planing the next anti gun measures in the CA legislative session. Selective enforcement of law while restricting law abiders rights to lawful self protection. And with a 60% lock on elections democrats will continue infringing and selectively applying laws to whom ever they wish.

  18. 1). Time to Outlaw the Democratic party, and anyone associated with Militant Liberal Progressive Socialists, Globalists, Open-Borders orgs. , etc.

    2.) Send US troops to California to prevent state from ” seceding” to become a ” Sanctuary State”. Arrest illegal Foreign National Government infiltrators hostile to the USA.

    3.) Rollback any laws wriiten and inacted by unlawful government imposters…And any laws that are an infringement to the US citizen’s US Constitutional-Bill of Rights…

    4.) Make it a “Capital Crime” for any government official, police department, police officer, Private organization, Business, Private landlords, etc…To Deprive, or infringe upon any lawful US citizens 2nd Amendment rights…Also, to pertain to others through the 14th amendment under enforcement of penalties of not more than 250k per event…And strengthened with addition fines and imprisonment…

  19. The Democrats have been importing foreigners and promising citizenship in exchange for political support. They are crapping their pants now because they did not foresee a Republican president that wasn’t beholden to cheap labor interests. They were unwilling to compromise because they thought they could get everything they wanted as long as they let the establishment Republicans pretend to oppose amnesty for a few years. Now there’s no room for compromise as they’ve labeled everyone who isn’t in favor of unrestricted immigration a “racist, fascist, nazi”. So they are backed into a corner, expect them to act accordingly.

    The unfortunate thing is, I think most on the right would have accepted something like a path to citizenship for the most productive 1/3 of illegals, permanent deportation of anyone with a criminal record, an end to family reunification and an immigration freeze for a 5 to 10 years. The Democrats simply couldn’t let to of their dream of wet back powered demographic dominance… so screw them.

  20. First, a case could certainly be made against him for harboring. Second, he has a conflict of interest and should recuse himself from any vote on illegal immigration issues.

  21. >>plastic guns that can slip through metal detectors

    I know, I know! It’s a porcelain gun made in Germany. It doesn’t show up on your airport X-ray machines here and it costs more than what you make in a month!

  22. And how long have people in CA been voting in idiots like this guy? I would think by now anyone who was pro gun, pro 2A and just pro common sense would have left the state by now. It’s a beautiful state with many wonderful things to see and do but I’d just be damned if I would live there.

  23. one of the major problems in california is that they purposefully set up their voting system to avoid detecting voter fraud. they know illegals who vote, vote straight democrat. they say with a straight face that there is “no evidence” of voter fraud, because they don’t look for it.

    but when a person can register to vote with nothing more than a utility bill for ID, when identity theft is known to be rampant aming illegals, when the SSA admits to issuing the same SSNs hundreds of times, when we know that there are far more illegals than officially reported, when a state grants drivers’ licenses and in-state college tuition to illegals, and when illegals boast about voting, it’s clear that there is a huge fraud being perpetrated against Americans.


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