Brownells Launches 2A Day National Celebration of the Second Amendment on 2/22/22

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From Brownells . . .

Brownells invites liberty-minded people across America to Celebrate. Advocate. Join. in the freedoms guaranteed under the Second Amendment of the Bill of Rights during the Inaugural National 2nd Amendment Day presented by Brownells on 2-22-2022.

“The spirit of this event is to designate a day that we, as a nation, recognize, celebrate and do our part to secure one of the most important rights guaranteed by our Constitution – the right to keep and bear arms,” said Pete Brownell, Chairman of the Board. “Many states celebrate the 2nd Amendment independently, and that’s a great thing. This event, which we hope continues to grow in size, scale and scope, is aimed at bringing all freedom-loving Americans together on one day – 2/22 – this year and every year going forward to show support for our beloved 2nd Amendment.”


On 2-22-2022, Brownells will celebrate the Second Amendment by partnering with select gun ranges – both in Iowa and across the country – to host National 2nd Amendment Day range sessions. The range sessions will include Brownells-paid range time and food for those who sign up and wish to attend.

To find a participating range, visit the Inaugural National 2nd Amendment Day website and RSVP to guarantee a range slot.

Brownells encourages 2A supporters unable to attend a participating range to shoot at a range near them, or work on building a gun at home, and post photos of their own 2A celebrations on social media with the hashtag #2ADay to show their support.

To help celebrate the 2nd Amendment, Brownells is providing an opportunity for its employees to shoot at its Iowa range location.


Brownells encourages all gun owners to advocate for the 2nd Amendment by contacting their state and federal lawmakers to weigh in on their support for gun rights. The National 2nd Amendment Day webpage will include tips on how to go about contacting legislators and how to most effectively communicate with them.

To do its part, Brownells will welcome its state and federal legislators to participate in shooting at its Iowa range location.


The third element of the Inaugural National 2nd Amendment Day is a calling on gun owners to join a national and/or state-level gun rights organization. Brownells will promote Firearms Policy Coalition (FPC), Second Amendment Foundation (SAF), and the American Suppressor Association (ASA) on its website. Brownells will also feature a clickable map of the United States visitors can use to find a state-level organization to join.

In the spirit of joining, Brownells will purchase FPC memberships for its employees, and donate $22,222 each to FPC, SAF, the ASA, and the Iowa Firearms Coalition.

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  1. Maybe we should all buy a 10/22 on the 22nd. Sorry. Just kidding. Although, I did buy a very nice, early Marlin 39A yesterday. Does that count?

  2. “National Celebration of the Second Amendment on 2/22/22”

    celebrate it by joining and participating in an actual well-regulated militia.

    • SHOUTING n.texas…you must be among the 7% of polled morons who would vote for Jim Crow Gun Control joe over POTUS DJT? Perhaps you should move to CA and protect your version of the constitution from there.
      After all the resources wasted on you in Texas should go to someone who is capable of helping the situation in America and not hindering the situation by regurgitating worn out slanderous, libelous leftist propaganda.

  3. I like the idea of buying a stainless 10/22 on the 22nd. At the very least, it would be good time to go through 222 rounds of 22 with 2 guns at the range while carrying 2 more. Possibly with a 2nd shooter as a guest.

    • Nanashi, term limits would be more effective than a militia. Give them the bums rush is what I’ve always said. Problem is those asswipes would have to vote themselves out of a job and they’re not going to do that.

  4. Hmmmmm….
    Should I purchase a 22 caliber firearm to celebrate 2-22-22 for the 2nd?
    Well, I do not have one in that caliber (yet).
    Let me think…..

    • Lifesaver! You don’t have a .22LR!? Blasphemy!! I don’t know about your lifestyle, but a quality .22LR handgun and rifle (a few of each) have been an important part of my life/firearms battery since I was, well, a child. If I run across a deal on a quality .22.LR I almost always buy it. Everyone should.

    • Only 7 participating ranges… Maybe this will grow if they keep at it. I don’t know if ranges would jump to be associated with the Brownells name or not, if that’s one of your big online competitors. Theoretically a big second amendment gun rights organization should be leading the charge, were things how they should be, but they seem to have marginalized themselves…

  5. It’s interesting that the NRA isn’t of the donation list. I guess Brownell’s wod rather have their money fight for gun rights instead of paying for Wayne’s lawyers

    • I think Pete Brownell was the NRA (figurehead) president before the fit hit the shan over there. He resigned only a few months into his term to go back to focusing on his business, and then they brought in Oliver North. Wouldn’t be surprised if he saw the writing on the wall and was smart enough to disassociate himself from that nest of snakes.


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