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Bereatta 1934 .380 (courtesy
“I accept you had no malicious intent with the gun.” So sayeth UK Judge Howard Crowson as he sentenced 53-year-old actor and military enthusiast Kevin Burgon to three years and four months in prison for possessing a 1937 Beretta handgun [not shown] and 49 rounds of ammunition. You may recall Mr. Burgon as a tank driver in the film Fury. You may not; it was a bit part by any standard. But by all accounts — including the one published in — Mr. Burgon is (was?) a model citizen. A fact that the judge acknowledged as he sent Mr. Burgon to jail until early 2018, two years and six months earlier than the mandatory minimum . . .

Judge Howard Crowson said he had taken note of the early guilty pleas and 12 character references submitted as part of the defence case.

Judge Crowson said: “I accept you had no malicious intent with the gun, you are a man with interest of memorabilia of this type.

“But these are very serious offences, and you know the sentences in cases of this nature are particularly draconian unless there are truly exceptional circumstances.

“It is my duty to impose this sentence on you.”

The judge also ordered the gun and ammunition was forfeited and destroyed.

This in the country where the phrase “a man’s home is his castle” was invented. Involving a man who legally owned Winchester, Springfield and Enfield rifles without any mishap or misadventure of any kind.

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  1. So here we are.A man is punished for owning a real gun after being rewarded for operating a prop example .

    • I am confused here, but is the judge really being evil? I mean the LAW itself is evil, but did the judge have any other choice? For such a crime, as the judge said ,the punishments in the U.K. are very severe. If the judge had let him off completely, wouldn’t that then open the floodgates for judges to ignore the law and let their personal views influence other matters?

      He lives in the U.K., he should have been well aware of the U.K.’s laws regarding owning a firearm and ammunition.

      • Yes the judge is evil. He chooses to remain a judge and upholds an evil law. He doesnt get a free pass from personal responsibility.

        • Thank you.
          He gave less than the min. Proof that he was not bound by the stupid law. Do everything you can to prevent this crap from coming here

          • He uses the same reasoning that a Nazi Judge would do such as one of those that were put on trial at Nuremberg

        • Amen! The law is a bad law and any judge with any knowledge of history, common sense and decency would never enforce this if these are all the facts he had to make the decision. This judge is completely despotic and culpable of crime himself. Very scary but then again we have a very similar mind currently in the White House that acts (but says the opposite) out of diabolical arrogance “above the law”…Very scary indeed.

      • If there are laws against political speech should those laws be obeyed as well? It’s a basic human right, i’d almost say it’s the duty of individuals to excercise those rights, both speech and owning arms, in the face of such laws.

    • it looks like the 3rd Reich won the nation of England by the laws and system of injustice they have.

    • Exactly. On the way, they will weaken our nation socially and financially so there is less fuss when the time comes to drop all pretenses of “respecting the 2nd Amendment hunting tradition.”

    • Hilarious, you completely ignore everything that the GOP has done against gun rights & 2A. Yes, the DNC has an agenda, but to completely ignore what the GOP has done… blind & foolish, drinking the koolaid & buying into the two party, one system lie/rule.

      Reagan started the path of anti-gun Rights in CA, passing the Mulford Act and fully supporting magazine limitation laws and wait periods. Bush Sr signed the 1989 Chinese ban and passed the Federal AW ban on for Clinton to sign in 1993 (effective ’94-’04), while Gov Deukmejian (GOP, elected by gun owners & conservations) signed Roberti-Roos, which is still in effect in CA.

      Interesting that 70% of GOP constituents supported the Patriot Act under GWB, while under Obama they suddenly don’t support it. The same with DNC puppets, 70% against it while GWB was POTUS, but when renewed by Obama, 70% support it. It’s all so predictable and everyone buys into the GOP vs DNC farce. They are all equally corrupt and all are puppets for the globalist corporations that control the people/sheep. To be so aligned with one party is blind faith and does not support the Constitution or the Bill of Rights, which is what we should follow, not these corrupt scum in DC that are sold to the highest bidder.

  2. I got an idea. Let’s NOT rescue Britain when they’re overrun by the Muslim hoards. V for Vendetta indeed…

    • Hell, we can’t even rescue CA from the civil rights violaters. What resources do we have to rescue Britain with?

      • I ask you: Who, in their right mind, would WANT to rescue California?
        Buy it at the right price, maybe. But RESCUE?

        • So, you’re part of the problem, not the solution. Weaken all our rights by allowing a slave state to exist. Helping to establish that gun control is right and the norm. How long you been working for shannon and bloomberg?

        • I ask you: Who, in their right mind, would WANT to rescue California?

          I will. I live here and will continue the fight even as those who flee the state whine about how nothing can be done. Molon Labe.

        • Nice, DickG, abandon your fellow Americans who still fight for gun rights. So when you & yours are put to the test, will you scurry away then too?

          But we have been abandoned haven’t we. The NRA collects millions from CA gun owners yet we see barely any representation or push back. Yes, Peruta, but what has been happening for the last 25 years!!!!!!

  3. I bet the judges in the Nazi regime used the same excuse that it was their duty to do what the Nazi regime wanted

    • “It is my duty to impose this sentence on you.”

      The official explanation offered at Nuremburg was “I was only following orders.”

  4. sadly this is too common in the uk ………and partly the reason i want to move to the states……. its considered criminal or ‘different’ to question the status quo here

      • If you come to the USA, do not enter via Chicago O’Hare International Airport and mistakenly find your way into the city. There is a good chance you will not live to get that drink in Texas. Crime, graft, and corruption are so bad in Chicago, you may be better off just staying in England.

      • Oh, please, no. Nothing against this chap personally, but Texas is already being overrun by refugees from failed states; internal and external alike. They bring their psychotic ideologies with them, but expect it to be all different this time now that they have a fresh start in a prosperous place.

        I figure we have maybe another twenty good years before we turn into a hazy shade of purple; a flacid, namby pamby facsimile of our former freedom-living selves, like Colorado. Let’s not hasten it by inviting more in.

    • It’s not too common at all. I should know, I live here.

      I think our firearms laws are draconian, I think they need to be changed. I would like to see pistols deregulated and permitted instead of being nigh impossible to get a license for.

      But just because the law is stupid doesn’t mean breaking it will grant you immunity to prosecution. Doing 60mph on a 30mph might be perfectly safe, but you’ll still get penalized if caught. This is no different to someone owning an NFA item illegally in the United States, one would argue that no matter the ‘moral character’ of a collector with a machine gun, suppressor or short barrel rifle, he would be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law.

      A final note, it is not considered ‘criminal or ‘different’ to question the status quo here’, Britain as most other civilized, western nations applaud free thinking and debate. If you disagree with our firearms laws, why not join me and many others trying to get them repealed or changed, something our NRA has refused to do?

        • Indeed. Based upon approximately 3,000 speed stops, I’d say that less than 5% of all drivers could safely travel 60 in a 30 mph zone. I rarely drive that fast unless I’m in a pursuit with my lights and sirens activated. Regardless, 60 in a 30 will get you a ticket. Rightly so, as one could easily argue that it is statistically unsafe to do so. I could easily make a compelling argument based upon more than 1,300 crashes that I have personally investigated.

          Secondly, the ruling class will not allow gun freedoms. Leftism is far too deeply ingrained within your culture. Heck, it’s too ingrained in CA culture, which is why I’m moving out. Still, there is distant hope, even in CA, that some gun freedoms are within our reach.

          Great Britain, on the other hand, is a lost cause. I wish you well, but you ought to move to WI, TX, AZ, etc.

      • BritWit, I love England. I love Cambridge, the Palace of Westminster, the Lake District, villages in Kent, but I don’t love the class system. I don’t love it that the UK economy has been so utterly shaped to favor the City of London and purely financial business, to enrich a financial class increasingly as aloof from the average educated citizen as the nobility and peerage have been for centuries. I don’t love it that the City and its acolytes have bought the lower orders so completely that 50% of the adult population outside greater London is either on the dole or employed by the government.

        It is not impossible to get a pistol on license in Britain. All it requires is that you be a appointed protector of the City, the highest level of establishment, and certain others deemed worthy. In other words, official police protectors may have pistols, but only the few may demand official police protectors. The villages cannot call quickly on armed police intervention. The City has it, complete with machine guns, night and day.

        That is what repels me in the evolution of UK weapons law. We have a few spots like that, NYC and San Francisco for example, but that’s small beer, and those who wish such a security blanket must remain in those precincts 24/7. Such people, when they travel, seem to prefer London. Surprise.

        I never thought the day would come when I found German law more civilized, or Czech. But then the middle classes have essentially won in those jurisdictions, fighting off a twisted coalition of the lowest and highest financial classes…against the middle. Or so it seems to me. The self-serving mythology peddled by the upper class has won the day. It may happen here, if we are not careful. As Warren Buffet quipped recently, “Yes, there is class war, and my class is winning.” Most Americans, sadly, did not even understand what he meant,

        • “It may happen here, if we are not careful.”

          May happen?

          You can count on it it happening unless we are vigilant!

        • Ropingdown- you got it. The dem vs repub thing is not much more than a sideshow. Big money is free to buy influence in both parties. The name of the game is to get people to vote against their economic interests. Gun legislation -pro or con- is an example, and one-issue voters are in the crosshairs.

        • @ropingdown and Mike

          Agreed. The neoliberal movement was conceived and implemented by the financial elites running City of London. All of the financial “innovations” that crippled western economies in 1985, 1990, 1999 and 2008 were originally implemented by the City of London in commonwealth countries. This sector is a also heavy backer of both gun control and expansion of police powers to suppress dissent.

          Both Labor and the Tories are fully co-opted by The City. They both wrap themselves in partisan and divisive language while implementing with zeal the Council House system, the dismantling and destruction of the productive economy and local business ownership; all the while eroding due process from police abuses, privacy and the destruction of self-defense as a legal concept, much less a practical reality for commoners. The corporate (read financial) owned media is ever complicit in all of this.

          The pattern, whether in Manchester, Sidney or Nigeria is painfully apparent: impoverishing, disarming and ultimately subjugating the working classes in the British commonwealth is the City’s primary endeavor, and gun control, police supremacy, media manipulation and destruction of the productive economy are their primary weapons.

          With their heavy investments in the institutions of neoliberal power, California, New York City, Chicago, Denver and Washington DC are the landing areas and staging grounds for neoliberal invasion of the United States. If we simply leave these areas to their own devices, they will have a staging ground to push into every business and jurisdiction in the free United States.

          In short, we have no choice but to confront the neoliberals in their landing areas before they make subjects of us all. These colors don’t run.

      • Britain dose not and has not welcomed dissenting opinion in many many years. Censorship is the standard of your homeland. From books to news outlets to television. How far can you get removing those laws when simply writing a book about the subject will land you in prison? How free thinking is your nation when talk of a free Ireland is banned in popular fiction programs? You remind me of a commenter on a YouTube video about Cliven Bundy, your countryman claimed to support us completely in our gun rights but he believed Bundy should have been imprisoned for his statements concerning black Americans. That shows an absurd lack of understanding of liberty what it is and why it is important even in the face of apparent risks. Bundy as it happens was stating the very same thing that many black people have said about their own communities. I wonder if they should be in jail too?

      • I never support victimless crimes. Very very few I would consider (possessing a nuclear weapon). Anyone breaking NFA law in the USA is cool in my book and if caught I will preach how he should be free because the law is WRONG and following incorrect laws just encourages the bastards in power to make more because they see people will bitch, but follow it anyway.

        • Careful how you wield that statement. Trying to explain the concept of victimless crimes to people that are convinced that incriminating someone based on a statistic instead of and actual offense is best for the collective, is like trying to explain the merits of force equalization to an anti.

          The nanny goes deep into our culture. Listen to a pro 2a preach about their rights, and immediately turn around and praise DUI checkpoints, speeding tickets, and drug arrests.

        • Rambeast,

          Unsafe speed was the proximate cause of approximately 65% of the traffic collisions I have investigated. The sample size is now a little over 1,300. That percentage is representative of more than 100,000 crashes with available statistics. Be careful calling speed a victimless crime, because I can name plenty of victims. Some of them lost their lives because another driver was hauling a$$.

        • @Accur81 I understand the concept of contributing factors, but that in itself is not the crime. It is an excuse for revenue generation and a feel good law at best. The crime is when the person at fault either damages property, and/or injures/kills someone. At that moment, the victim is established and the prosecution begins.

          There should be no plea to lesser offenses, and a sentence fitting of the crime for either compensation, or prison time/death penalty. Using the contributing factors like drinking while committing the crime, will aid in the sentencing process. Example; Drunk guy kills pedestrian or someone in another vehicle can qualify for a death penalty due to the contributing factor. You will see DUI drop to a statistical 0. Say a teen goes joyriding in dad’s stingray and nails a few mailboxes. Pay for damages, community service, and then Dad’s wrath is icing on the cake.

          The problem with the system as it stands, is that it is set up to dictate behavior. Legislation of morality has always failed miserably. It is supposed to be a compensatory and punishment process for those that violate the life, liberty, and/or property of another. So simple even the least of us can understand and abide by. Right now, nobody knows how many victimless (statutory) crimes are on the books at any level (federal, state, and local) and this has given rise to the newest rendition of Peace Officer, the entity known now as Law Enforcement. This is the reason that more and more people are getting fed up with the police. Some of us know that it’s the legislators and their unwillingness to repeal these laws, but the common man on the street pays attention to the spear head, not the hands pushing it.

      • No country that has any sort of “hate speech” laws on the books can seriously claim to “applaud free thinking and debate”.

        And UK in particular is notorious for its truth-is-not-a-defense libel laws on top of that.

        • Perhaps the NRA should “land forces” there and throw their political and media thugs off-balance.

    • Come on over now.

      Once you are here hide your paper and claim to be a teenager from Honduras or Salvador and you will be set.

    • I’d like to let you know that our neighbors in Dallas have something that we in Ft. worth don’t. A really nice city just a few miles to the west of them;). If you come to Ft. Worth, I’ll buy your drink.

      (I grew up in Dallas)

  5. This made me sad. Poor Britain. They had so many chances to turn around, but they kept their royalty, and all the tyranny that monarchs signify. Maybe some day they will be free, but I think it will be a long time coming. If only we could get our own affairs sorted, maybe we could do something for them…but I’m not sure what.

      • Ding-ding-ding! Allen wins the prize! For at least the last 300 years, English freedoms have declined with the power of the monarchy.

        Perhaps we as Americans have been misled by our founding legends. Perhaps rule “of the people, by the people and for the people” actually leads inevitably to rule by a dissolute and immoral elite.

        • Democracy has a shelf-life. I give ours no more than 300 years from founding (2076) before the slate needs wiped clean for a re-start. It will probably be sooner.

        • @Drew Maybe not in concept, but in practice, it seems more and more a democracy every day.

          We are seeing how useless words on paper written by liberty minded, wise men are only as strong as the populace that is willing to hold the governing body accountable. Judging by current events, and comments in this very forum, I believe we are not far from a political implosion.

        • @Drew: We became a democracy the day you or your ancestors decided that we should have universal suffrage. Can’t balance a checkbook? Go vote. Divorced tow or three times? Go vote. Can’t hold down a job? Go vote. Addicted to drugs or alcohol? Go vote. Brain damaged? Go vote. IQ of 60? Go vote.

          The failings of democracy have been well-understood for thousands of years. Our illustrious Founders decided to use the rhetoric of democracy (check the first three words of the Constitution) but implement an oligarchy. The rhetoric won and you now live in a democracy whether you like it or not.

          The current fight over voter ID laws is illustrative of the Left’s approach to voting. IMHO, the irresponsible shouldn’t vote. But the Left seems to think that people who live their lives without a government-issued photo ID should vote. They will never countenance a restriction of suffrage again. The system will have to collapse and the responsible will have to take charge, as they always do.

      • We in Czech republic have a nice word for the recent form of “democracy.” We call it a democrature.

    • I wouldn’t bet on it. If the Brits didn’t learn that their general public disarmament after WWI left them woefully unprepared for WWII, they aren’t going to learn now.

    • Be careful, we may be doing it again, but this time the tyrants share the continent. We won’t have the advantage of an ocean and months of travel time buffering their force from us.

  6. Tyrannies don’t get softer, they get harder. This is the punitive terror of absolutism.
    There are never any mitigating circumstances.

  7. Kevin Burgon does not deserve to have his freedom taken away and locked behind bars like a caged animal merely for possessing a tool of self-defense.

    For crying out loud, he’s a HUMAN BEING, and self-defense is a HUMAN RIGHT! He ALREADY owned several rifles and does not have a history of criminal behavior.

    This is nothing less than British tyranny trampling on their citizens’ liberty. I hope the people rise up and put a stop to this wickedness!

  8. IF there still exists in Jolly Ole England a “Tree of Liberty” it long since needs to be refreshed with the blood of some patriots. If there are any. (look up the quote from Jefferson).

    You’re on your own this time. Perhaps can pass the hat for some material if you get things started. Thought last time (WWII) you dumped all the gear we (USians/NRA) gather in the damn ocean rather than use it (or return it).

    • We did that once about sixty-eight years ago; they were begging to borrow anything that went “bang.” American citizens sent their personal arms.

      When the unpleasantness was over, they decided it was too much trouble to figure out who’s shotgun, etc. was who’s, so they threw them in the ocean.

      • There was an article I read about a rifle that WAS returned. There was a plaque attached to the stock, with a return address, I think. I thought it was cool.

    • neiowa –

      If memory serves, (and mine occasionally swerves…)

      That tree is watered with the blood of tyrants.

      By the Patriots.

    • Probably part of the regular invasive home inspections to make sure you don’t have any televisions you aren’t paying your rightful tax on.

  9. Three things:

    a) the guy was a dumbass for having the police there for an “unrelated” manner
    b) the guy was a dumbass for leaving the unregistered or “illegal” gun out
    c) the guy was a dumbass for continuing to live in England when he had the means the knowledge to leave

  10. So after his three years in the reeducation camp. Do you think he would be allow to move here to live out the rest of his life as a free man?

  11. I want to know where the victim is? Oh, there isn’t one? Then I say, where is the crime? Unfortunately the only crime here is what Burgon received from the “judicial” system for not hurting anybody but owning a hunk of metal.

  12. The last battle fought on British soil was the battle of Culloden, when the English defeated the Stuart pretender, breaking the Stuart dynasty for at least 250 years.

    I wonder what would happen if the current Stuart pretender were to raise a bunch of Pashtun tribesmen or Maasai warriors and go and rule that island. I have a hard time believing that the culture that produced this law and this judge could fight back against a determined military force.

    But would he want it?

    • On British soil…but the last battle (not skirmish, full-on battle) fought in the British Isles would have been Hitler’s air war in World War II’s Battle of Britain. Still, I think you’re onto something.

      The UK’s national culture (not their military, but their grasp of Western culture) seems to be too weak to sustain itself. I’ve heard mind-boggling stories of their government’s supine behavior when faced with Muslim immigrants that refuse to follow basic British law. They’re rotting from within, and stronger cultures are pushing theirs aside. But that’s what happens when multiculturalism bumps up against societies that are militantly monocultural. Welcome to the Progressive utopia.

      • Fair enough. And I think that the men who defeated the Luftwaffe would probably regard this nonsense as originating from some alien species, not the English.

      • “I’ve heard mind-boggling stories of their government’s supine behavior when faced with Muslim immigrants that refuse to follow basic British law.”

        But they have absolutely no problems bashing journalists computers to pieces. Its not left versus right so much as libertarian versus authoritarian. The jihadis and their Saudi backers are very much authoritarians.

        • It’s Left vs. right. Do you believe in Authority, or do you believe that The People should rule?

          The Saudis are very right-wing, but the jihadis they find are almost indistinguishable from the Left. Which is why our own Left (and the English Left, but I repeat myself) love them so much.

  13. We came to bail you out twice, Brit.

    Then you gave up your freedoms.
    And your culture.
    And your kids – Rotherham.

    We wont be back. There is no freedom to save there.

  14. “…, two years and six months earlier than the mandatory minimum . . .”

    So, not so mandatory?

  15. No harm. No malice. But still very serious and we have to lock you up.
    Gee, that sounds like a good 90% of all laws and punishment across the totality of the honorable and just first world nations.

    You did nothing to anyone and now we’re going to put you away.

    There was a long running joke about life in the ghetto and how minding your own business was the most dangerous thing you could do as in everyone who was ever shot was always just “minding my own business”.

    Seems to me that this is no longer a joke anymore and minding your own business is just as likely to get you arrested or killed as if you were running around stabbing people.

  16. BritWit wrote:
    “A final note, it is not considered ‘criminal or ‘different’ to question the status quo here’, Britain as most other civilized, western nations applaud free thinking and debate. If you disagree with our firearms laws, why not join me and many others trying to get them repealed or changed, something our NRA has refused to do?”

    To be polite about it, let’s just agree that the Rights of Englishmen are somewhat more circumscribed than those of Americans. In addition to gun ownership, speech is also highly regulated by the state.
    I think you’re deluding yourself if you think “free thinking & debate” are applauded in Britain.

    In fact, in modern Britain, if your speech violates the current, politically correct norms,
    you risk being arrested. (See below.)

    From: Jihad Watch:

    UK: Churchill quotation gets Liberty GB leader Paul Weston arrested

    “Today Paul Weston, chairman of the party Liberty GB and candidate in the 22 May European Elections in the South East, has been arrested in Winchester.

    At around 2pm Mr Weston was standing on the steps of Winchester Guildhall, addressing the passers-by in the street with a megaphone. He quoted the following excerpt about Islam from the book
    The River War by Winston Churchill:

    “How dreadful are the curses which Mohammedanism lays on its votaries! Besides the fanatical frenzy, which is as dangerous in a man as hydrophobia in a dog, there is this fearful fatalistic apathy. The effects are apparent in many countries. Improvident habits, slovenly systems of agriculture, sluggish methods of commerce, and insecurity of property exist wherever the followers of the Prophet rule or live. A degraded sensualism deprives this life of its grace and refinement; the next of its dignity and sanctity. The fact that in Mohammedan law every woman must belong to some man as his absolute property – either as a child, a wife, or a concubine – must delay the final extinction of slavery until the faith of Islam has ceased to be a great power among men. Thousands become the brave and loyal soldiers of the faith: all know how to die but the influence of the religion paralyses the social development of those who follow it. No stronger retrograde force exists in the world. Far from being moribund, Mohammedanism is a militant and proselytizing faith.”

    Reportedly a woman came out of the Guildhall and asked Mr Weston if he had the authorisation to make this speech. When he answered that he didn’t, she told him “It’s disgusting!” and then called the police.

    Six or seven officers arrived. They talked with the people standing nearby, asking questions about what had happened. The police had a long discussion with Mr Weston, lasting about 40 minutes.

    At about 3pm he was arrested. They searched him, put him in a police van and took him away. ”

    UK: Liberty GB’s Paul Weston, arrested for quoting Churchill, could face two years in jail

    “The leader of the Liberty GB party Paul Weston, who was arrested yesterday for breaching a Section 27 Dispersal Notice, is now possibly facing imprisonment for 2 years.

    Mr Weston, a candidate in the 22 May European Elections in the South East, was arrested on 26 April in front of Winchester Guildhall for quoting in public a passage critical of Islam written by Winston Churchill, using a megaphone.

    He spent several hours in a cell at Winchester Police Station, after which the original charge of breaching a Section 27 Dispersal Notice was dropped and Mr Weston was “re-arrested” for a Racially Aggravated Crime, under Section 4 of the Public Order Act, which carries a potential prison sentence of 2 years.

    He was then fingerprinted and obliged to submit to DNA sampling, following which he was bailed with a return date to Winchester Police on May 24th. (Bold & Italics mine.)

    Had the woman who complained to the police made an official statement, Mr Weston would not have been released last night, but fortunately for him she did not.

    The case is now being presented to the Crown Prosecution Service. If the CPS decides to prosecute, then Mr Weston will be arrested, awaiting trial, when he presents himself to the police on May 24th.”

    Facing two years in jail for quoting Churchill…
    Maybe ‘Britains never, never shall be slaves’ – but serfs not so much.


  17. He got more time for harming no one than many of the Muslims involved in grooming gangs and raping girls. You can get the same length of prison time for speaking or posting on social media that is deemed by the government as “hate speech”. I wonder who is getting released from prison to make space for Burgon since UK prisons are over capacity. In one generation or less the UK is going to be a full fledged fascist state, which will make it easy for the Islamists to transition the nation to sharia law.

    • I’m still waiting for the mysterious stranger in a Guy Fawkes mask to show up and make everything right again.

  18. UK laws are a tragedy…

    The next person from the British Isles that I encounter will be offered a chance to shoot my pistols. (Including the gen4 G17, the “scary” military standard issue secondary). Hopefully a new political party will come along and libertarian ideas will take hold. (Unlikely)

  19. The UK is so far over the top on limiting rights that it no longer resembles the country it may have been years ago. Folks, take note. This is where our enemies want us to go. By enemies I mean the Democrat Party lead by the current crop of statists and the entrenched members of the Republican party who support “common sense gun laws”.

  20. Off topic – Wow, I have a gun just like that 🙂 My Dad brought it home from WWII after taking it from a Nazi Officer. He was in CIC because he could speak German without an American accent, grew up in Sheboygan, WI. He’d be 90 on Tue 12/09, if he was still here …

    Remember Pearl Harbor !!!

  21. Maybe the Great Britain deserved to become a prey to those who raise their sons to become men not little girls… You will be a Brittish Caliphate in what, 20-30 years? Sad… Remember the Greeks, the Rome Empire and repent before it is too late…

  22. “Involving a man who legally owned Winchester, Springfield and Enfield rifles without any mishap or misadventure of any kind.”

    That just blew my mind.

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