Brigham Young Prof’s Son and Daughter-in-Law Indicted for His Murder

Back in March, TTAG reported on the murder of Brigham University professor and gun collector Kay Mortensen. reports that police have now arrested Mortensen’s son Roger Kay [above] and his wife Pamela Ann for slitting the prof’s throat. “Detectives also executed a search warrant Thursday night when they arrested the Mortensens at their home in Payson. Tracy said detectives found guns in the home and were trying to determine whether any of them are the weapons missing from Kay Mortensen’s home. Roger Mortensen is not allowed to have guns because of previous convictions, Tracy said, and he may receive additional charges. Also, Tracy said, detectives found a small amount of marijuana in Roger Mortensen’s car.” The couple’s attorney says they stand by their original explanation for the crime: robbers killed Kay Mortensen.

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