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“Yale University ordered students and staff to ‘shelter in place’ Monday because of a ‘confirmed report’ of a person with a gun on or near the Old Campus,” reports. The following statement appears on the Connecticut University’s website: “New Haven Police have received an anonymous call from a phone booth in the 300 block of Columbus Avenue (between Howard Avenue and Hallock Street) reporting a person on the Yale campus with a gun. There have been NO confirmations or sightings of this person. Yale and New Haven Police are in the area. If you have information, please call 911 immediately. The Yale Police Department advises those on campus to remain in their current location until there is additional information.” reports . . .

A SWAT team has arrived there. So have members of the federal Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco and Firearms. Meanwhile, police prepared to shut down College and Elm Streets and possibly other nearby streets, and kept pedestrians away. Both New Haven and Yale cops are on scene.

An officer there reported to the Independent that no one has been shot; and that cops are “actively” searching for the reported gunman.

The ATF? Man those guys get around.

Police on the radio reported keeping an eye on an “older white man, balding, in a heavy overcoat, walking toward” Linsley-Chittenden Hall.

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      “Police on the radio reported keeping an eye on an “older white man, balding, in a heavy overcoat … ”
      That’s a classic OFWG!!!! He’s gotta have a gun!!! They all have guns! OMG OMG we’re all gonna DIEEEEEE!!!!

      There – that should fit the media narrative.

    • Sounds about right. November in New Haven, that’s good shillelagh and cape-wearing weather. Although, a call coming in from a phone booth (do they really still have those?), instead of a cell phone, sounds like a prank to me, maybe designed to get school closed early for Thanksgiving break. After all, as has been mentioned, the cops can’t not respond these days.

      • If it’s an anonymous call, it should be ignored. The person is so concerned they should be able to give a name.
        And if the police are keeping an eye on someone, why not just walk up to them and ask? Or is that to much common sense.

    • I am with Mat, the number of people with big black umbrellas taken in by the police for questioning (and in one case arrested) make this very likely scenario. That scary black umbrella strikes again!

      • Bull – this is the school that gave us George Bush. I know, I know – B.O. is a trainwreck – old Georgie wasn’t even bright enough to LIE effectively, though.

        I say keep it locked.

        • So stupid that….he became president of the United States.

          I’m not accusing Yale folks of book-learnin’ smarts… but they’re plenty smart enough to get what they want.

        • Obama, on the other hand, IS bright enough to lie effectively? At least until he gets caught at it?

          “If you like your health care insurance and your doctor, you can keep them – for a very brief PERIOD.”

          There – that’s what he meant, and the American people are just too stupid to understand his brilliant promises.

        • It is strange to hear a gun guy fall for the MSM narrative that Republicans are all stupid and Democrats are all genuses. It goes back to Eisenhower vs Stevenson. The guy who ran the most complex military operation in history was a dolt while Stvension, who did nothing more than serve as the era’s version of Pat Quinn, was brilliant. Bush was a lot smarter than either Gore, Kerry or Obama. And he is certainly much smarter than you.

        • I would argue that we have never had a president who wasn’t extremely intelligent. Vice president on the other hand…

  1. allegedly. Lets hope not. My personal ego is tied up in this brand.

    On a more positive note I understand that soon OFWG will be “the new black”.

    • I’m invested in a competing brand.

      On a more positive realistic note I understand that soon OFWG’s will be “the new black blacks.”


    • Show up somewhere with something in your hand or visible elsewhere on your person, that looks like a gun. It helps if it really IS a gun, but any object that might be mistaken for a gun by any Mr. Magoo in your vicinity will probably work. Hope this information is useful to you in your attempts to be identified as “a gunman.”

  2. How can it be a “confirmed” report, if it came from am anonymous call from a phone booth? Those are still around?

  3. I just turned in my application for CCW today. Suddenly, I find myself fretting over these kinds of stories. I envision some politician somewhere (he always has a bow tie and a fat face in these lurid fantasies) rubbing his hands together and thinking: “Clearly more legislation is needed. We must freeze all concealed weapons permits at once. Especially in Maine, for some reason.”

  4. “…from a phone booth…” From a phone booth?!?!? How quaint. How anonymous. How convenient.

  5. Probably some guy with an umbrella again. Then again, this is New Haven. When I lived there, it was pretty shitty. Lots of gang violence. There might actually be someone walking around with a gun.

  6. Well, the good news is that if this some-campus-or-airport-on-lockdown-every-single-day thing keeps up, sooner or later even the thick headed will realize how stupid the current MWAG procedure is.

  7. All of this “Shelter in Place” BS is just victim conditioning and the epitome of Terrorism.

    It does nothing but instills fear in an entire community and it is happening at very regular, if not predictable intervals. The TTAG should tally all the false alarms…that would make for some interesting analysis.

    • Make the people feel like they can’t and/or shouldn’t protect themselves. That they need someone else to do it (aka government) and then you can easily control them.

  8. I’m witht he unconfirmed prank. Either someone being “swatted”, or wanting to avoid taking a test or something (i.e. pulling the fire-alarm to get out of class for the day).

  9. The truly ironic part of this story is that there are numerous people carrying illegal guns within five blocks of the Yale campus every minute of every day. That might be why the campus is set up like a fortress.

    • “Hello…I just saw a man carrying a gun and I was so concerned about everyone’s safety that I decided to find this out-of-the-way, inaccessible phone booth to call from instead of immediately using the cell phone that’s in my pocket.”

      • Don’t cell phones ping the nearest tower and transmit GPS location periodically, regardless whether any user-initiated communication is in process? That could get this possible prankster busted, if accurate. I only recently learned that it is technically possible to listen through a cell phone surreptitiously, like a baby monitor, even if it’s just sitting there turned on but without the user being on a call. Nice feature for tracking terrorists and criminals, but pretty scary if you can’t trust who’s watching the watchers.

  10. Jesus Christ, even if he *has* a gun, what behavior occurred to warrant a SWAT and federal response? Nothing about shots fired, no threats to anyone…

    Blue states do nothing but raise generations of weaklings with this kind of fear mongering.

    I guess that’s what the statists are looking for.

  11. TTAG, and other pro-gun outlets, have constantly decried the fearmongering our schools and society at large have been putting out these days regarding scary icky guns.

    But guess what? The second one of these things happen, pro-gun outlets are one of the first to spit out a BREAKING news story, adding to the chaos and fearmongering, as this story does.

    Yes, you (we) are part of the problem, not the solution. In an effort to fight back against the propaganda, we have become the propaganda.

    • You’ll get no argument from me. Half the time I think the response should consist of a single line, “Hey, someone might have spotted some guy who may have had a gun on campus at Yale. We’re aware of the story, and we’ll check back in 24 hours if it turns into anything.”

    • I understand that here is a law mandating a Leftist Pity-Pool in every public facility perhaps you should take your infantile expressions to the nearest one and have a wallow

    • “t guess what? The second one of these things happen, pro-gun outlets are one of the first to spit out a BREAKING news story, adding to the chaos and fearmongering, as this story does.”

      Except as you see reading the comments there is no chaos or fear mongering going on here. We’re treating it as the phony story it likely is.

      On the other hand, I think it would have been worthwhile for TTAG to include tidbits about how incidents like this are being spun by MDA to make gun-free zones, ‘even more gun-free.’

  12. Could this be extremist antis’ way of keeping an atmosphere of gun paranoia in the public eye in an effort to create angst and affect opinions?

    • Especially hot on the heels of Bloomberg encouraging people to push gun control at thanksgiving dinner, Malloy saying they’re just getting started, and the imminent release of the Sandy Hook, whitewash, er I mean summary.

    • At some point these LEO’s are going to get real tired of having to work so hard, if they haven’t already.

      They’re probably as bored with all the hysteria as we are; at least the veterans.

      Problem is, they’re stuck with it.

      • The technical term is called warning fatigue. If you go alert for too many false alarms then you won’t be inclined to take seriously only to find that it’s the real thing and somebody get killed.

        • If nobody has been shot or threatened to be shot then what makes this supposed guy a “gunman”? Just having a gun or potentially having a gun? Would that make every male or dude-ish looking woman out there a rapist on the loose for simply having, or possibly having some meat and potatoes?

        • Where does it say that I think there is an actual gunman? I would think that false alarm is a dead giveaway.

        • HA! Sorry, that comment was supposed to be alone, not a reply to yours. I guess as I was scrolling down I accidentally clicked on the REPLY link under your comment. Since it goes down to the bottom of the page to type a comment and reply I didn’t notice.

    • Yeah, better keep all dogs inside because of Swat and keep all kittens inside because of the BATFE.

      Or otherwise known as the neighborhood dog killers and kitten stompers

  13. Last line from The New Haven Independent article “11:45 a.m. People locked in a room on the third floor of Yale’s Phelps Gate reportedly told police they heard a door open and close in the hallway.” OMG, WTF, c’mon people, get a grip.

  14. An anonymous call from a public pay phone – because a pre-paid throwaway cell is too expensive to use for get-out-of-exams pranks.

    • This is exactly what I was thinking. It sounds like a leftist tard’s wet dream. That should check P. Morgan’s whereabouts at the time of the call.

  15. I wonder what the legal definition of shelter in place is, and what the requirement is to impose it, and what he penalty is for ignoring it.

    If I have to get to work or go to buy ice cream, I don’t think I’ll let a faux martial law to stop me.

    • Good question. After Boston, I wondered the same thing in regards to all the lemmings following orders to stay locked down. I still contend that was a gross abuse of the 4th amendment.

    • According to information sent out last spring from DHS, it involves hiding. If found, fight back with a stapler or scissors.

  16. So what do you think the mean time to go from…

    OMFG! A man with a gun; call the cops
    OMFG! A man with a dissenting idea or religion;call the cops

    ….will be?

    Watch for that upcoming DHS order for railcars.

  17. Other schools in the region are also locked down. Schools miles away, someone is getting a lot of bang for their dime(or are pay phones a quarter now). State media has also interrupted normal programming to continuously televise this nonstory.

    • Watch what they do when serious shit happens. Bostom marathon was big but a larger event will bring marshall law

  18. Given the massive police response these things always brings, I wonder how long it will be until some enterprising felons figure out how to make these calls so that they can be on the other side of town robbing a bank or Jewelry store at the same time. Since a gun on campus would trump a bank or jewelry store heist, seems like it would be easy pickin’s

  19. The hole in stories like this is that there is an absolutely HUGE difference between the report of the sighting of someone with a gun and “Shots Fired”.

    Reports of “Shots Fired” warrant a definitive response to seek cover. But everyone is being trained like Pavlov’s Dogs to seek cover even at the sight of a spooky gun!!!

    So I would suggest that these stories should be completely ignored…at least shamed, unless it is a report of “Shots Fired”. Otherwise you are just contributing to the problem and hence, terrorism.

  20. Phone Booth?
    What’s a phone booth?

    Oh, that’s right now I remember, I used to check the return slot for forgotten dimes when I was a kid.
    They are too hard to find.
    Only threats and hoax’s come from them now, 911 yeah right..

  21. The school is on holiday, students who have a home are there or headed there for a pleasant Thanksgiving dinner, this is an obvious prank, and the local cops have issued a shit in pants shelter in place order.

    Is Harvard lampooning Yale? We’ll never know.

  22. So someone is exercising their 2nd Amendment rights and people freak out? Are they shooting people because if not who cares? Imagine if every time they saw someone with a turban they locked the area down… GUESS WHAT: If they have a turban, they are harmless…now if they are crashing a plane into a building or have a bomb strapped to their chest, different story…but a turban doesn’t make someone a threat…just like a gun.

  23. From Yale’s website: “Out of an abundance of caution, Police will be doing a room to room search starting with the residential college areas. When they knock on your door, a Yale Police Officer will slip their Yale ID under the door. Please cooperate. In some cases, Police may use keys, but they will identify themselves. Shelter in Place continues.”

    • I wonder if anybody will keep the IDs slid under the door. “Thanks, we’re good! Just imbibing some completely legal beverages in a responsible manner. Have a good one!”

    • When they knock on your door, a Yale Police Officer will slip their Yale ID under the door. Please cooperate and give it back. And remember to open the door. The police are starting in the female dorms. Huh, huh, huh…

    • Training them in college dorms to be used to warrantless searches when they graduate and get a house or apartment.

  24. OFWG? Maybe, but the most hated, feared and vilified group today in the liberal/progressive lexicon is the WHMGOCAP; White Heterosexual Male Gun Owning Christian American Patriot

  25. Update message to the Yale Community, November 25, 1:45 p.m.

    Out of an abundance of caution, Police will be doing a room to room search starting with the residential college areas. Shelter in Place continues.

    Quick, kids! Stash your weed! It’s the 5-0!

  26. Police on the radio reported keeping an eye on an “older white man, balding, in a heavy overcoat, walking toward” Linsley-Chittenden Hall.
    OMG! It’s Chester the Molester!

  27. Isn’t Yale on vacation all this week—the way they are every year for the week of Thanksgiving?

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