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“One police officer and an attacker have been killed in a shooting in Paris,” reports. “The Champs-Elysées has been closed and authorities are telling people to avoid the area. Video showed the normally busy avenue, one of the most famous streets in the world, empty of residents and tourists but teeming with security officers at 9:30 p.m.”

According to various reports the shooter — who was known to police, according to Fox News — was shot and killed at the scene.

More details as they become available.

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  1. I can already feel the mundanening of these events.
    Is it really newsworthy anymore? “Imported bronze-age fundie lunatic bites the hand that feeds him” is a daily headline out of the eurozone. About as newsworthy as reporting a jaywalking now.

    • It will become news worthy when the people of France start stacking skulls on the border.

      Le Pen will win, this all but assures it, France will once again become a civilized nation.

  2. Don’t worry The_Resistence, I’ve got you this time. I’ll do the fake anti gun post for you.

    People have the right to feel safe and secure from firearms.

    It doesn’t matter that the CDC under Obama proved that Defensive Gun Uses were effective. The DGU is still a myth and I’ll ignore everyone who says otherwise.

    This sort of thing doesn’t happen in the rest of the world.

    All gun owners are homicidal maniacs just waiting for an excuse to kill people. Also racist!

    When well we ever enact common sense gun control like Europe has? Then we’d all be safe from shootings!!!

    Oh wait… This was in Paris? Damn! Time to just ignore it and wait for a shooting in the US to b1tch about.

      • I keep hearing people say he’s a Bloomberg troll. But the ad hominem attacks and the spelling/grammar errors, the reasoning that’s just so disconnected from reality… I just don’t know. I think he’s a parody of a Bloomberg troll. I guarantee you there has never once been a pro gun follower on this site who’s said “huh, what that guy’s saying makes sense, I might reconsider my position on this.”

        He binds us together more. And there’s no possible way he believes he’s effective at pressing arguments. That makes me think he’s one of us acting the part to paint anti gun people as nuts (not that I need any convincing).

        • The flaw in your argument is the use of the word “he”.

          Think of “The-Resistance” as a she. Specifically as Shannon Watts. Then it all makes perfect sense. It sounds exactly like Shannon’s unhinged railing, to the point that I’m going to insist that Shannon takes Bloomberg’s money and then posts here a couple times a week as her “job”… since this site reaches about 3 million people per month, so … if she posts a couple of times per week, she can claim she sent the message to 25 million people, and Bloomberg will keep writing her checks…

        • There is something distinct in his style that makes him more memorable than others, and I think his spelling is a few notches above your average troll.

          Another possibility is that he exists to gather our rhetoric and test their own. Not that there is anything secret about our methods and logic, but it almost feels like he is a test mule for liberal arguments.

    • Anyone could understand his (usual state of) confusion. My Microsoft Streets & Trips map lists ten different states with cities named Paris and 15 States with counties named Paris.

      It could happen here!


  3. The seeds of destruction are planted by the naive and well intentioned. However, when the overzealous and maniacal fanatics start the harvest, the complacent among them shall reap what they have sown.

    • Yep. Reap. Sow. Just what I was thinking. Thanks for allowing me less keystrokes. Although I may have to respond to some of theTTAG resident Muslim apologists.

  4. Once again (shocking, I know), is this the work of the religion of pieces… I mean peace? How soon before the same thing starts happening here in the US on a weekly basis? With all the PC BS forced down our throats, anybody who keeps pretending it can’t happen, or that Islam is not the problem, is either stupid or willfully ignorant. Again, I don’t understand why this isn’t clear to more people.

  5. How come ALL of these dudes are “known to the police” when the shit hits the fan. I mean ALL of them. Doesn’t that make it easier then to stake them out? I mean, it does seem like every single one of these guys in the U.K., France and even the USA have been on someone’s radar. In other words, almost Nobody who isn’t known is commiting acts of terror. Can’t we just focus on spying on potential terrorists that we do know rather than randomly spying on Everyone?

    • +1. The cops in these countries have probably accumulated books chock-full of evidence pointing to a definitively planned attack and the means to carry it out, but sit on their hands and refuse to do anything until innocent people start dying for fear of being labeled “racist” by culturally masochistic intellectual circles and the idiotic masses following them.

    • Let’s throw down some reality here.

      There are allegedly 15,000 people on the French ‘list’ this guy was on.

      In order to ‘sit on’ one person and provide real surveillance you need teams of cops staking them out. Probably about 8-12 cops to maintain around-the-clock (since the watchers have to sleep, have a couple days off, etc). If if you want to follow them you might have to add several more unless you don’t care about them knowing they’re being tailed (which eliminates any intelligence you would have gained).

      Try doing that with 15,000 people. Good luck. The problem is that the 15,000 are there to begin with.

  6. Seems like. . . an inside job. Cooked up by none other than our own evil (D)? Soros-Schumer-Rahm Emmanuel centipede seen around there anywhere? Their all satan’s minions.

    Seems like Le Pen was lookin’ like she was gonna take the whole game. They had to trip up the transfer of power.

    The EU can suck-it

    Viva Marine

    • What you said makes absolutely no sense in this universe or any other. You must be clinically insane if you think this helps the ‘Soros’ or any other narrative. If anything it will swing more power towards conservatives or even reactionaries.

      But keep seeing scary old Jewish men behind every plot if that’s what works for you.

      • I don’t believe he’s Jewish anymore. He just uses the “Holocaust Survivor” label for political and heartstring pull. Even if your blood is Jewish and you made it through the camps alive, being as greedy & evil as he is forefits all else. And we can all agree that Soros is an evil POS, correct?

        I don’t believe for a second that he’s part of some bizarre worldwide “Zionist” conspiracy; the only conspiracy he’s a part of, is the one with the aim of making money above all else….. and maybe toppling governments for giggles, because he’s damaged-goods & the hyper-rich can afford to have some pretty unusual hobbies and avoid legal repercussions.

        But calling it an “inside job” (I guess Joe hasn’t picked up the “False Flag” mantra yet), is unhinged.

        This was committed by insane “human”, who, along with his “religion”, has more in common with ticks than us.

        Problem is there are lots of them, they’re buried deep, and their ideology is as hard to cure & eradicate as Lyme disease…. except with fire. From orbit, preferably; it’s the only way to be sure.

    • An even cursory reading of the Q’ran will reveal that infidels resting in peace is not part of the plan. I cannot reference the exact verses, thank goodness, but it describes the faithful in Paradise (exhausted from the 72 virgins, no doubt) relaxing on the wall surrounding Paradise and watching with satisfaction the eternal torment of the infidels in Hell.

      • Dude…. lemmy is dead. There are no more virgins in the afterlife.
        How many times do I have to day this????

  7. Anyone still flying a French flag on their social media page? As France slides even more into a po-leece state…er “state of emergency”. As mentioned akbar was “known” to the gendarmes. Like the pos murderer shouting allahu akbar in California the other day…

  8. People in a country that doesn’t value armed self defense get killed after importing violent extremists with guns? Consider me… not surprised.

  9. Sorry, Again and Again and again….This does not compare for what happens here everyday.

    France and the rest of the EU is FAR safer than the US. Europeans have more freedoms Americans will never have.

    From one fellow American to others. You are NOT a free country.

    This happens way more here in the US. The only difference is that it’s Americans killing Americans, husbands shooting wives, kids shooting parents. You are 25x more likely to die by gunfire in the US than the other 22 high income nations. Fact.

    • Fact; you’re a dupe, but persistent. Which in your case, is not a positive attribute.

      And dupes who persistently waste time on the interwebs are simply ignorant. You’re only embarrassing yourself every time you post here…. unless you’re the type who gets off (mentally or otherwise) on that type of thing; in which case, eww. But in any case, just go away.

      • Only deluded dupes are fascists nut bags like you that thinks this country is “safe” if every man, woman and child were armed to the teeth when statistics prove otherwise.

        The police stopped the terrorist before said gun-loving nut bar can cause more trouble.

        Like I said in my last post, The EU is still far safer and has alot more freedoms this country will never have.

        What happened there does not compare to what happens here everyday.

        • We don’t advocate arming *every* man, woman, and child to the teeth. We advocate the freedom for people arm or disarm themselves as they see fit, and leave others the hell alone. That’s real freedom.

  10. Islam is not a Bronze Age religion
    Mohammed lived in the year 600 a.d.
    The Jewish bible or “Old Testament”
    Was written around 600 b.c which is in the Iron Age
    The Bronze Age was 3,000 b.c to maybe 1,200 b.c.
    Islam might better be called a Medieval religion

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