Central Michigan University
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“Central Michigan University is on lockdown after two people were shot dead in a dorm by a man who remains at large,” dailymail.co.uk reports. “The victims were shot on the fourth floor of Campbell Hall, a co-ed residence hall, around 8:30am. A school spokesman said the two victims were not students and that no other people were injured . . .

The shooting is being described as a ‘family-type domestic’ incident, campus police said at an afternoon press conference.  Police couldn’t give any more information on the victims, but sources told the Detroit Free Press that they are the parents of the shooter.

Chances are this won’t have an impact on the “conversation” about guns in general and campus carry in specific. But any “school shooting” is ammo for the antis — despite criminals preying on disarmed, defenseless college students.

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  1. It won’t have an impact because not only was this a domestic dispute but the shooter has been described as a black male. The media turns a deaf ear and blind eye to violence committed by people of color because it does not fit the narrative of the crazy white dude with access to “full semi automatic” weapons as CNN would put it.

    • CNN would never use a description like that, It would be more like………………..>>
      A Fully semi automatic Assault type rifle that’s an Untraceable Ghost gun bought at an online gun show loop hole by an 8 year old made in a Ted Kaczynski style uni-bomber type shack in the woods of north east Idaho, with high power sniper optics (red dot) With the inscription Molon Labe, MAGA on the dust cover and the whole rifle is Cerakoted with the American flag, with a bald eagle flipping the middle finger wearing a T-shirt that says Infidel standing in front of the world trade towers with smoke rising up during the 9/11 attacks on the folding, collapsible stock and, pistol fore grip, flash suppressor, silencer, bayonet, Tactical nuke launcher, with a shoulder thing that goes UP, that sprays high power armor piercing depleted uranium rounds fed by a high capacity 100 round bullet magazine clip.
      Fixed it for ya!

        • COTT: Oh Noes DID say he was fixing it for CNN, so honest facts CANNOT be used. [There are only a few separate places in CNN-land like NY, CA, DC, IL. Everything else is just FOC’d (fly-over-countried ID, MT, UT, WY, ND …)

        • Valid Point. I stand corrected.

          Makes me wish old Ted Turner still ran it. At least then it was still a news station opposed to the Reich’s Ministry of Public Enlightenment and Propaganda.

      • Forgot the “heat seeking incendiary rounds.

        However, not points deducted for effort, since there are so many ridiculous adjectives from media, it would be impossible to remember them all.

      • The hyper-sonic 5.56 bullets are so fast they reach the target a week before the trigger is even pulled.
        9mm bullets are so slow they exit the barrel with a little wheel chair and reach the target a week after you pull the trigger.

        The .45 has to ride in a dump truck to the target, it’s so heavy and slow

      • You missed the 600 bullet rounds per millisecond from the clippy mag thingie that goes in and is flying the Confederate flag.

    • What the racist liar st381183 means is yall racists never miss an opportunity to smear black folks as dangerous/criminals.

      You see only 1% of black folks commit violent crime and a mere 2% of black males commit violent crime so obviously it is irrational to smear black folks as you do as dangerous/criminals.

      This is what happens when you are dumb like yall and you google some stats, you end up with unwarranted conclusions bolstering your racist delusions(facts gleaned from the internet actually reinforce your ignorance : D ), you are able to craft increasingly detailed delusions.

      • It is not google facts. It is the FBI. Black males between ages of 17-55 are 6% of the US population. they commit 50% US homicide, 52% of gun homicide, and 53% of school shootings.

        Are you saying Eric Holder and Barrack Obama’s FBI was “racist.”

        there is also peer reviewed science showing that if a criminal suspect is black he is less likely to be pictured in the press, and less likely to be named a such.

        The entire overage of the US in homicide compared to international developed nation averages is from that 6%.

        Also black males are shot by cops LESS than any other group on a per violent felony, per illegal weapons possession (the main danger for arresting officers and 95% of shootings by cops) per capita to per capita commission rate.

    • Sorry…WRONG…in Michigan you an possess a handgun when your are 18. You just can’t buy from an FFL. You have to buy from a private person.

      • But can you carry it? In Texas you can “own” a handgun under 21 if it was a gift or whatever. But you can’t get a licence to carry until your 21.

      • Only if you have a CPL (21 min age) or a handgun purchase license (18 min age). So, there’s a possibility an 18-20 year old could have bought a legal handgun in Michigan, but it’s not very likely. Further, you wouldn’t legally be able to concealed carry it. Open carry yes, subject to the list of places where it’s not allowed.

      • . . . and where it’s (sadly) increasingly “cool” to settle arguments, of any kind, with a gun.

        Who am I kidding, it’s ‘cool’ to finish greetings, no, sentences, with a gun shot.

    • It is looking like the shooter took the gun from his father, who appears to have been a police officer, then shot his parents.

  2. Nonsense. Doesn’t the Daily Mail know that Michigan college campuses are gun free zones? There simply can’t have been a gun there, there’s a law against that!

  3. suspect was black, this will be, “Gang violence,” and not reported in the media

    • They report it as ‘family violence’, I’m buying up all the $0.25 squares involving prescription drug use, I might buy up a few ‘illicit drug’ use / sale squares after that.

  4. Once again we see another failure of a “gun-free zone” to stop a criminal from carrying a firearm and attacking someone.

    And before anyone hyperventilates about efforts to eliminate firearms, how about we talk about eliminating “gun-free zones” first since that is infinitely more achievable?

  5. I miss the days when these events were reported as “murders” and not tyrannical political disarmament pieces.

  6. “It was a family dispute.”

    Dispute?!? Two people are dead.

    “Must of been more of a tiff, then.”

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