Devin Kelley escaped from a mental health facility in 2012
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The story of Devin Kelley just keeps getting worse. According to a report by, “Channel 2 Investigates uncovered law enforcement documents showing Devin Kelley escaped from a behavioral center in New Mexico a little more than five years before Sunday’s deadly rampage in Sutherland Springs. The incident report, filed by the El Paso Police Department, states Kelley was picked up at a bus terminal in downtown El Paso before midnight on the evening of June 7, 2012.”

Which means that Kelley had been involuntarily committed to mental health facility. Another factor that would disqualify him from legally purchasing a firearm.

When they arrived, the two officers learned Kelley had escaped from Peak Behavioral Health Services in Santa Teresa, New Mexico. A witness on the scene told the officers that Kelley, who was 21 years old at the time, had “suffered from mental disorders and had plans to run to from Peak Behavioral Health Services” by purchasing a bus ticket out of state.

Why was he committed?

The witness informed officers that Kelley “was a danger to himself and others as he had already been caught sneaking firearms onto Holloman Air Force base,” located approximately 100 miles from the bus terminal. The report further states that Kelley “was attempting to carry out death threats” he had made on his military superiors.

Wait, shouldn’t that kind of interaction with law enforcement have been communicated to the FBI? Why yes. In fact . . .

The final page of the report states that there was an entry submitted to the FBI’s National Crime Information Center database.

So let’s recap. The Air Force court-martialed Kelley for domestic violence and incarcerated him for a year before discharging him. But they failed to inform the FBI of Kelley’s violent record.

The El Paso police did, however, inform the FBI’s NICS system that Kelley had escaped from a mental health facility. A fact that should have prevented him from purchasing firearms for over two years, including the Ruger AR-15 he used to kill 26 people on Sunday. And yet NICS gave Kelley a pass, a cock-up they can’t blame on a lack of information.

As we wrote yesterday,

Never mind that background checks are a clear infringement on Americans’ Second Amendment rights. Almost as bad is the fact that far too many people derive a false sense of security from a flawed, poorly run government system. Ask a veteran what kind of care they get at a VA hospital. Have you talked to anyone at the IRS or Social Security Administration lately?

Throwing more taxpayer dollars at the NICS system or expanding its remit won’t make it any better. It never does. Government programs are black holes of money, with gravitational pulls from which competence and efficiency can’t possibly emerge. But that’s a lesson that we seem to have to continually learn and re-learn. The hard way.

So will someone in the anti-gun community who’s constantly squawking about our inadequate gun control laws and the urgent need for “universal background checks” to reduce gun violence please tell us, once again, how enacting more laws and expanding a broken system will do any good at all?


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        • We know he got the AR from Academy Sports.

          He had some handguns though. Were there any handguns in Fast and Furious?

        • He bought 5 in the last couple years supposedly, all from FFL’s, and 3 from Academy. This is a large enough flustercuck without adding in conspiracy hysteria.

          Of all the times to bitch about it being a mental health problem, this is a giant flashing billboard for why NICS is stupid. It’s the worst of all options for “reasonable gun control”, bad policy, implemented by overfunded undertalented poeple, with a whole bunch of pork barrel crap rolled in. Hey, it doesn’t work, IT is not a strength for the FBI, they didn’t even have universal email until 10 years ago. Who’d have figured a crap system mandated in 1993 is still crap, a full one drinking age adult later.

      • So that’s at least 4 questions on the 4473 he lied to. How many more? Was he also a doper who renounced his US citizenship?

        • Bad conduct discharge (has anyone determined if that’s treated the same as dishonorable as far as gun rights?), domestic violence, involuntary commitment….. what’s the 4th?

        • A member of the Armed Forces must answer “yes” to 11.b. or 11.c. if charged with an
          offense that was either referred to a General Court Martial, or at which the member
          was convicted. Discharged “under dishonorable conditions” means separation from
          the Armed Forces resulting from a dishonorable discharge or dismissal adjudged by a
          General Court-Martial. That term does not include any other discharge or separation
          from the Armed Forces.

      • That’s the kind of stuff that is not helpful. XTREME vetting is a stupid term, how about just minimally competent bureaucracy, its not actually the vetting’s fault on this one. I freakin’ hate NICS, its bad on all levels, and it makes things like automating this kind of stuff hard. But that’s a known known, so this one is down to lazy stupid people.

        And saying a GGWG saved hundreds doesn’t help either, that’s the hysterical nonsense that fuels the scared non gun owners. Notice I’m not talking about ANTI’s, but the generic uninformed that never cared one way or another. This either scares them enough to be prepared, or scares them into an Anti. He potentially could have done many things, and its awesome that a prepared GGWG stopped him, but tamp down the rhetoric.

        Rational thinking is good.

        • “Extreme vetting” was not Trumps choice of words.

          Rather it was a question posed by the regular douchebag leftist journo-POS asking….

          A reporter asked Trump if he would consider “extreme vetting” not only for people entering the U.S. but as well as “for people trying to buy a gun.”

        • CliffH I was purposely vague to stress that all of yall dumb white guys are monolingual and so any language besides English is just some OTHER language, that yall donkeys relegate any non-English language to a condition of alterity : D (it gives me a you-know-what to talk that academic speak to doofuses like yall, it really amps me up : D) You know like when you say “Hey Moohammid, plan the Jihad on ya own time, speak English around me!”

          I realize this kind of subtly is beyond you, writing at a 5th grade level as you do, and listening to the childish discourse on Faux News and am radio

          And when you quote from my post to refute me the quote is meant to be a quote, its meant to actually exist in my post… I am so sorry to inform you that like so many other Chump acolytes you have attributed a FAKE QUOTE to me ie “…some other language.” simply does not exist in my post… but dont despair you are the typical imbecile here so youll have lots of friends on this site : )

        • And Cliff H thanks for highlighting the pervasive overt racism on this ignoramus Chump acolyte site (pardon redundancy) by slurring me as speaking ebonics… and this slur is as nonsensical as the rest of your post given that my grasp of written standard English, my reading comprehension, logical reason etc is far superior to yalls scrawling…

        • Actually, Rob, you were being vague to stress that all of you Dumbass-O-KKKrats are equally as monolithic in thought as you desperately want to pretend any of us are in language, and that you vote cattle relegate any rational thought to the condition of insanity. You know, when people like you say, “Free speech is genocide, donkey!”

          I realize this kind of irony is beyond you, writing with a 4th grade level as you do, and listening to childish discourse on Clinton’s “News” Network and NPR.

          And when you try to insult someone, actually try not being guilty of that which you are accusing them of being. I am sorry to inform you that like so many other KKKlinton KKKultists you have attributed FAKE MOTIVES to him and others, i.e. “pervasive overt racism.” Simply does not exist here. But, don’t despair, you are the typical imbecile here so you’ll still have lots of friends in the DNC.

          So, thanks for highlighting the bigotry that only people like you bring to and inject into this site to project onto others who are not guilty of it. Our reading comprehension, not to mention our penchant to actually research and inform our opinions, is far and away superior to your own scrawling in every imaginable way.

          Yes, demonstrably false accusations of racism is what you call “news,” where someone just fabricates bullshit out of nothing, knowing there is zero evidence that more folks wouldn’t have been killed with stricter laws.

          And in here’s some actual irony for you. You slur legitimate opinions as “bloviation” while disseminating demonstrable bullshit yourself.

          And of course, for years champion vote cattle like yourself have actually only regurgitated what you’ve heard from the lamestream “news” media without even a moment’s second thought or introspection. So, you’ve been behaving dimwittedly yourself because you lack the intellectual ability to evaluate messages, much less their sources, so you should be aware that we’re not dumb and certainly not nearly as dumb as you.

          Oh, and the thing about small towns is that everyone actually lives in the real world, unlike the coastal cesspools you like to slither around in, as banal and pig ignorant as can be. A bunch of functional retards watching “reality” TV and going to the worship of the state that gives not two shits about you, and cheering when of yours tries to kill a sitting Representative of an opposition party while yammering about your government fetish and killing people for fun. In other words, actual Hell on Earth. The worst of America like you.

          But, you are wrong. That after the slaughter of a small-town family that was later used to push up a poisonous political agenda (that’s gun control in case you didn’t know) you vote cattle didn’t catch on that no matter how many gun control laws you have and how much of a hard man you imagine yourself to be, it would actually behoove you to be armed and ready.

        • @ Rob”NazyCegroWithAGun”Williams I see you still have not corrected or responded to the correction others have made to your claim that US gun murder rate has been increasing the past 25 years.

          US gun murder has in fact plummeted. What do you think it means that you get the basic central metric completely reversed from the actual facts. You also ranted that “white males” are doing all the shooting. In fact per capita, black males are shooting people at 18 times the rate the rest of the population does. I mean this is relevant in that you keep bringing up race

      • Yes Bloviating that is what yall do call “news”, where someone just fabricates something out of thin air, there being zero evidence that any more folks would have been killed nevermind “hundreds”…

        Hilarious irony, President Gump slurs legitimate journalists pieces as “fake news” while disseminating outrageous fictions on a daily basis…

        And of course for years champion leftists like me accurately termed Fox “Faux News” (Faux means fake in another language btw dunsky : )) and now the President Hump has a loon from Gateway Pundit in the White House daily press briefing and takes questions via Skyp from retrograde talk show hosts (these are not journalists btw, journalists are the people who are meant to ask questions at a press (get it, members of the press) briefing…

        So yall have someone behaving as dimwittedly as yall who have no capacity to evaluate sources, though you should be aware he is NOT that dumb, NOT as dumb as you, he simply knows yall are dumb and so he pulls this foolishness knowing yall will eat it up…

        • Faux means “false” or “fake” in French, not “some other language.” If you are going to try to pass yourself off as smarter than everybody else then you should probably try to learn something before you start writing.

          And I’m pretty sure “yall” means “all of you” in “some other language.” Probably Ebonics.

        • @ Rob”NazyCegroWithAGun”Williams I see you still have not corrected or responded to the correction others have made to your claim that US gun murder rate has been increasing the past 25 years.

          Why is it you think that is? because in 12,470 pieces and article about gun control that CNN/ABC/CBS/MSNBC/NYTimes/WashingtonPost fake news only mentioned in 38 of them (about 0.5%) that Us gun murder was down?

          Why is it that proponent of gun control think gun murder rate is up when it is down? Is it because Democrats tend to have more people without a high school education?

          US gun murder has in fact plummeted. What do you think it means that you get the basic central metric completely reversed from the actual facts You also ranted that “white males” are doing all the shooting. In fact per capita, black males are shooting people at 18 times the rate the rest of the population does. I mean this is relevant in that you keep bringing up race

  1. Well. This story keeps getting better and better.

    1. Proof that good guys with guns stop bad guys with guns.
    2. Proof that background checks “universal” or otherwise are useless.

    The gun control industrial complex is going to have a hard time polishing this turd. Time to kick them when they’re down.

    • You’re still gonna have scared little sheep who want more of their freedom taken away, and sellouts supporting the flawed and equally destructive “enforce the laws on the books” narrative.

      But I agree, this is the time to come out guns blazing and demand the entire NICS system be scrapped, and start working on repealing gun control laws.

      • Only way to change any of this is to stop supporting and stop abiding by the “deeply flawed” system.

        A few people doing this? Easy to pick off one by one. Every gun owner, or even a decent percentage of them, along with law firms ready and willing to defend their clients civil disobedience? Now we’re talking about a movement.

      • Calls for enforcing the laws on the books is a sound tactical response to the antis’ incessant demands for new laws. It backstops the current position while we work strategically to roll back the infringements.

        Your lack of insight into that process does not make anyone else a “sellout.” It just means you don’t understand what’s going on.

        • No, I do know what’s going on. People thought they could relax after Trump won, but instead we’ve seen that that’s clearly not the case.

          And constantly repeating the weak and tired old “enforcing laws on the books” argument only gives credibility to bad laws that have been in place for only a elatively short amount of time.

          Also by constantly shouting “enforce existing laws” until the current bloody shirt waving dies down, and not following through by calling for repealing gun laws, it also sends the signal that “our side” just wants the status quo.

          Also people who constantly call only for enforcement of existing laws never really call for repealing anything once a push for gun control has been thwarted for the moment. Thus nothing ever gets better and, if anything it, will only get worse because it emboldens the gun grabbers to try continue their incremental strategy. Gun grabbers think one more law and a few lost elections later is worth having that newest unconstitutional infringement becoming part of the “existing laws” and thus the cycle will continue until the 2A is completely eradicated.

          So sorry, but we have the opportunity of a lifetime to actually roll back unconstitutional laws, and we’re still caving, selling out, and continuing the desperate and hollow squawking of maintaining the status quo.

          It’s frustrating.

      • Careful, we might have more idiotic dweebs having the police come over and surrendering their weapons because it’s the “right thing to do”

        What’s nauseating was the amount of media attention that stunt got.

    • “Time to kick them when they’re down.”
      Agreed. And I wear steel toes every day. Time to charge forward and regain some lost ground. 🤠

  2. so they are going to stop harping about UBC’s then right? the system obviously doesn’t work except for inconveniencing citizens who are already predisposed to follow the law. Doubt it. If we are lucky they will just go whole hog and lay their cards on the table and demand no firearms sales, period, with a carve out for LEO’s. I mean after all its not confiscation, just no new sales. The Brady campaign can sue the NCIC for failure to stop the sale even. Maybe they will even go full frontal and push for no ammo sales or no “armor piercing” ammunition for “civilians”, with of course a carve out. we can only hope they will be that dedicated to their cause.

  3. The evil yahoos that made this IKEA kit of s broken kid, are now seeking to fix YOU with gun control.

    F em with s bulldozer. Hard.

  4. I bet there are thousands of these whack jobs running around out there. The government bureaucracy does not give a crap.

    Proceed accordingly.

  5. HELLUVA job You suck…and yet we’ll still have to “do something” for the children😫😫😫😫

  6. Are you telling me I didn’t have to wait 18 years to buy a rifle from a shop and could have just passed a 4473 anyways?

  7. I’m not so sure a NICS denial would have done much to stop him. Small town, where doors are unlocked, keys left in vehicles. Just figure out who is away from home and “borrow” a few guns. Bring ammo.

    • Sir, what small towns are you referring that leave homes unlocked and keys left in cars?
      Where I grew up in the sixties in a very small town, probably did do that! But not a habit I’m aware of for last 30 years!

    • The thing about those small towns is, the neighbors watch out for each other. Sneaking into an unlocked house (if you can find one – it’s not 1950 in small towns any more than it is in Houston or Baltimore) undetected in a small Texas town might be a lot harder than you think it is.

      • The thing about small towns is everyones a raging ignoramus, as banal and parochial as can be, a bunch of jacktards watching inane tv and goin to the worship building of the cult of Jesus corpse and killing fish and yammerin about their gun fetish and killing animals for fun and eating flesh (meat) and otherwise being zombies… in other words Hell on earth, the worst of America like this site : D

        But you are right (weird you posted something that isnt utter bullsheet : D) that after the slaughter of that small-town family that was later immortalized in “In Cold Blood” yall bumpkins caught on that no matter how many guns you have and how much of a hard man you imagine yerself ta be it would behoove you to lock da dang doors!

        • Hey, I’m mad at you crayzcergrowgundude, in one post you said you’d be glad to help a common man, I need about 6000$ I ask for 6500 , any money would help.

        • The entire overage of US murder rate over developed democracy averages occurs in 40 out of 3,000 US counties — every one of them urban and every one of them with higher minority populations.

  8. It seems everyone at TTAG wants to do away with background checks. So then what? Let every career criminal and dog-kicker have the guns they want? I don’t want that, no matter how many of us good guys carry. If that makes me anti-freedom, then so be it. Fix the system, don’t throw it out.

    • Simple, keep the scumbags in jail or put a bullet in their heads. My rights are not dependent on the good behavior of criminals.

    • People who want gun control fail to realize that their lives are in more danger when good guys (even some of those who have a blemished history) can not get firearms to protect you from career criminals and maladjusted psychopaths.

      • “(even some of those who have a blemished history) can not get firearms”
        Y’know, that’s another point. I’ve known a few folks who have had, shall we say, colorful pasts… and I’d have trusted some of them to have my back in a fight (not all, but some). But in such a case the law says they must be disarmed and if I handed them a spare gun to cover my back, I’d have committed a crime. Just doesn’t seem completely fair…
        Anyone else out there know a felon whom you would likely trust with your life today?

        • I’ve had a very colorful past, and I’ve been a felon, stabbed guy with screw driver, fought cops, Did my time, got conviction expunged, gun rights restored( time and $$$$$$) and everyone around here trust me and this is a small town where everybody knows everybody, so it ain’t like I’m hiding nothing

    • “Let every career criminal and dog-kicker have the guns they want?”

      They already do. On what planet do the bad guys not have guns, drugs and politicians in their pockets? And they don’t buy any of them from an FFL.

      Wake up. You’re better than this.

      • Thanks, Ralph — I’ll address the whole “illegal guns” here for everyone below. The “criminals will get guns anyway” is a non-sequitir. Of course, they will. My arguing for keeping the NICS system does not mean I’m ignorant to that.

        Does NICS suffer from a systemic failure that cannot be rooted out? I don’t think so. In this case it was user error. Fix that. If you can demonstrate the system is rotten on its face, fine, then delete it and start over.

        • 93% of NICS rejections are due to errors and glitches in the six databases that comprise it. This had been a running trend almost since it’s inception, and not even the NRA-backed NICS Improvement Act of 2007 — which gun-grabbing mongrel lunatics tried desperately to derail — has improved this one iota.

    • There was a day when anyone could order guns and ammo from Sears & Roebuck, or pick them up at the local hardware store, no questions asked.

      Now you need to fill out a form, answer a bunch of questions and submit to an NICS check, yet the career criminals STILL don’t have any problem getting all the guns they want.

      Unless they’re in prison, which is where they belong, anyway.

      • Do a little research. It is, so far, impossible to keep guns, drugs or anything else out of prisons, any kind of prisons… It’s difficult, expensive and often dangerous, but it is most certainly possible for prisoners to have weapons. Hint.. they are born with one on the end of each arm… as well as the rest of their bodies. Guns and knives are better weapons, but not the only ones.

    • Currently in germany. You have to have your guns pre-registered to your name here before they will hand them over. One year testing period before you can buy guns, only after the age of 25 (a little earlier as a govt approved hunter), they will check your in-laws crime history before you get a gun. Guess what: 5 million legal, registered guns, way over 20 million illegal ones. At least 4 times as many as legal ones, at least one gun per 4 inhabitants (82 million people in germany). Buying a gun in a gun-control country is much easier as a prohibited person. You go to one of the problem areas (that of course do not exist, as the politicians keep repeating) and come back not only with a select fire ak-47 from the former jugoslawia or bakan area but also 5 mortar grenades. No idea what you need them for, but apparently they go for around 75 bucks here. Go keep telling yourself that NICS and the NFA make you safer, but at your side of the ocean you have to pay 200 bucks for the destructive device stamp on such a grenade alone while it is two hours of shopping in europes worse towns to get any gun. Literally, anything is up for sale if you just make it illegal.

    • Nobody, except you, has made such an asinine assertion. It’s one thing to want to keep firearms out of the hands of prohibited possessors, howsoever such people are defined. It’s quite another not to want to rely on an obviously inept system of background checks to achieve that aim. Since when does disagreeing on the means presuppose disagreement on the ends? Chill out, as the kids say.

    • Either you can be trusted in society with guns, or your can’t. Either you can be free to live your life or you should be in jail or in the ground.

      Trying to split the baby and continuing to let the semi-trustworthy wander around hoping they don’t become bad guys while vilifying anyone who even suggests society might be better off without them is begging for these sorts of events to continue.

      The “wild west” didn’t have this problem. Why? Because this guy would have been dragged out into the street and shot about 30 minutes after he cracked open a baby’s skull.

      It’s far past time that legal lawful society was unburdened from the albatross that is systematic apologetics for everyone’s faults, no matter how profound.

  9. It turns out he also pled guilty to animal cruelty in Colorado and still has an open sexual assault case pending against him here in Texas. I guess that case is probably closed now. This guy has been committing violent crimes literally since the day he turned 18.

  10. “Which means that Kelley had been involuntarily committed to mental health facility. Another factor that would disqualify him from legally purchasing a firearm.”

    The ban is usually for 5 years, very few instances are a lifetime. I’ve been committed once or twice and still own two firearms, it’s not necessarily a bad thing. The ‘danger to himself and others’ is aka a 5150 hold here in california, these are a five year ban. The person who commented can’t say very much due to HIPAA laws and had to speak off the record because he/she would lose their job otherwise.

    Escaping from a mental hospital though? That’s not easy to do, they have gates and locked doors and keyed entries just about everywhere. If anything would disqualify him, that would be it. There’s probably a felony in there somewhere, but I’m no expert.

    • Sorry to reply to my own comment. I did some more digging, read through the 4473 form and googled around to find this:

      “Threats of Physical Violence: A person who communicates to a licensed psychotherapist a serious threat of physical violence against a reasonably identifiable victim or victims.2 In 2013, this prohibition was extended from a period of six months to five years after the licensed psychotherapist reports the identity of the person making the threat to local law enforcement”

      I know it says california but the 4473 is federal, so who knows. Somebody else would have to chime in and say what’s what.

    • Not where I was at, had locked doors n gates, but also had don’t walk past the redline too. I escaped once, picking flowers no shit and walked on other side of road, didn’t get caught because walked to other side of road before security saw me. Guess it depends on which State your in?

  11. So to summarize, this guy escaped from a mental institution, received a bad conduct discharge for domestic violence, the government didn’t do their job by getting him into NICS as a prohibited person, he allegedly preached atheism and disliked Christians, and was then stopped by a white male, Christian, NRA member with an AR-15.

    And the unhinged left can only scream about how evil the NRA is, and how we need more, new laws.

    • “So to summarize, this guy escaped from a mental institution, received a bad conduct discharge for domestic violence, the government didn’t do their job by getting him into NICS as a prohibited person”

      If you’d have just stopped there, sometimes just take the win, adding extra silliness doesn’t help.

      You see; a crazy, literally institutionalized, domestic violence committing, literally institutionalized, with a lifetime history of both crazy and violence, didn’t get flagged in a universal background check because garbage in, garbage out. Then you go on with the AND he was an atheist, he wasn’t always such, he was, just a few years ago, post institutionalization, a sunday school teacher. People can be more than one thing, more than two even. Crazy, abuser, murderer, atheist.

      • I know, I was more pointing out that the narrative is a disaster for the anti-gun left. Whether he was an atheist or not is really irrelevant and is obviously not really a factor in what was done. I should have probably made where I was going with that clearer. My bad.

        • I think you are literally the first person on the internet to say, my bad, certainly not me. You sir, win the internet. I tip my cap to you, or a beer, maybe both.

  12. sounds like they were doing everything they could to let this nut kill people. why? who knows. Tell me I am wrong.

  13. Want to know part of the problem here?

    HIPPA. The [criminally] insane have the ability to conceal their mental evaluations by medical professionals from employers, intimate friends, associates, the cops, you name it – because for medical professionals to pull other people aside and say “Do not turn your back on this guy. Ever. For any reason.” is a violation of HIPPA.

    It’s long past time that the rest of society knows who the nutjobs are, and we prepare to deal with them according to their mental disability.

    • You’re not wrong, however, to see how this gets misapplied, look no further than Andrew Cuomo’s SAFE Act in New York. Health professionals are supposed to report people who are a threat to the New York State Police, who then have a secret list of prohibited persons who can’t own guns/are to have their guns seized. Since the onus is placed on the health professional to report people who are threatening, chances are most of these people are going to report people just to cover themselves. It’s illegal according to HIPPA, but New York politicians function outside of the law and constitution. Also of note, the NYSP won’t tell you if you’re on this list, will ignore FOIL requests about the list, and there is no known recourse to get yourself off the list. And even a couple of innocent people have been snagged up due to mistaken identity, and have had a nightmare of time trying to get guns back. If you value your second amendment rights in New York, stay away from anyone in the mental health field.

    • I’m not saying Kelley wasn’t nuts, because he obviously was,but, you’ve got to be careful about mental health professionals opinions. After all some ” professionals” may say it’s ” nuts” to visit TTGA. And what would the ” professional” mind think of someone hanging up zombie targets and shooting them. Really zombies, your shooting zombies riding unicorns, Mental help for that one.

    • You’ve obviously never worked for the .gov. This level of stupid is actually pretty normal.

      And these folks control the nuclear option.

      • It’s the multiple layers that get me.

        The USAF failing to notify the FBI doesn’t surprise me. Paperwork errors happen.

        However we now have multiple new layers of tomfuckery that, when combined, are basically inexplicable.

        • Here’s an explanation: Not only is the government incapable of protecting all citizens, it doesn’t want to. A few individual ants mean nothing to the great collective.

    • What’s needed here is the Gift of Accountability. There need to be real, serious consequences for this sort of incompetence. Jail time serious.

      Actually, come to think of it, if maladministration of these bureaucratic boondoggles were as threatening to the government as the boondoggles themselves are to private citizens, we’d probably have a lot fewer of them.

  14. Devin Kelley may not have been court ordered, Im pretty sure it’s, Voluntary, court recommended, and court ordered. The Court Ordered is the big one, Voluntary admission probably doesn’t have locked doors, court recommended pretty lenient after two weeks, court ordered your fucked. Colorful past, I was court recommended to the biggest state mental institution in this state, after two weeks, to escape all I had to do was walk off. So Kelley’s “escape” maybe wasn’t all that Alcatraz rubber dingy. Don’t know.

  15. I just hope that the uproar doesn’t prompt the government to “Fix” NICS. Then it will take 10 months to buy any and every firearm.

  16. This was and is an Air Force culture problem.
    Recently a white Air Force General berated and chastised a crowd of Airmen and Airwomen due to a racist remark written on a white board and the Black victim was traumatized by it.
    Quickly the General moved gathering his people for a group ast chewing where he extolled to virtues of diversity, the NFL and BLM and flamed white supremacy, Charlottesville and racism.

    Then, the Black victim was discovered to be the writer of the racist remark.

    Made a fool of and made himself a fool.

    This is why Devin Kelly slipped out of the BCD/Mental health area and into the ability to buy a gun and kill.
    Incompetence and Political, gender and racial attitudes of the foolish generals in charge.

  17. Universal background checks would make this NICS problem worse. The fact that NICS gave approval despite being informed would seem to add fuel to conspiracy theories.


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