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CNN is reporting that at least four people have been injured during a shooting incident at a college campus in Seattle. That’s all we have at the moment, no word of any fatalities or other injuries. Local sources say that police have one person in custody and no additional suspects are being sought, and confirm that there are no currently listed fatalities although the search for victims continues. One report indicates that one of the victims was being transported while the medics were performing CPR. No doubt that the gun control activists are rushing to TV cameras nationwide to gleefully dance in the blood of these new victims and demand that “something must be done to protect the children” while proposing nothing that would actually do so. From that local source . . .

Seattle police took one person into custody at Seattle Pacific University after reports of a shooting.

Police said there were four confirmed victims with gunshots wounds, two in life threatening condition and two in stable condition.

SWAT was still searching campus for more victims. At least two victims were found at Otto Miller Hall.

Seattle Police initially tweeted they were searching for a second suspect on the campus, but later said no additional suspects were being sought.

The FBI is on scene offering assistance, which a spokesperson said is routine for any major incident.

Seattle Fire tweeted that the four victims were being taken to Harborview with injuries ranging from minor to life threatening. Medics were administering ongong CPR to one man on the way to Harborview, SFD tweeted.

Harborview said that they expected a total of six aid cars.

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  1. I’m just going to take a stupid stab at it, and say that this campus was a “gun-free zone”. I must be wrong, like everyone says….

    • And that won’t stop the Seattle-based gun grabbers from using it to try to push their background check proposition (making it illegal to hand a gun to another person outside of a shooting range) down our throats this fall.

      I carry at Seattle [No Ocean Specified] University every time I go, for just this sort of reason. I’d rather risk expulsion (it’s not illegal in WA to carry on a college campus) than death.

  2. just like the celeb status and massive media attention of the bank robbers during the great depression, there is no end in sight.

  3. From SPU’s website:

    Lifestyle expectations:

    Behaviors for which students or student organizations are subject to disciplinary action include, but are not limited to the following:
    13. Possession, use or display on University property of any firearms, weapons, fireworks, live ammunition, incendiary devices, or other items that are potentially hazardous to members of the campus community.

    • “… other items that are potentially hazardous to members of the campus community.”

      Well it’s a good thing there are no cars, athletic equipment (e.g. golf clubs or baseball bats), containers of bleach or ammonia, or matches on campus because those items can be quite hazardous to people when used improperly.

  4. Shooting happened at about 3pm and the lockdown was lifted at 4:30pm. This is a ‘city campus’ here in Seattle and is spread out in community just outside the downtown area. I doesn’t really have defined edges or boundaries like a closed campus would have. I am surprised that the lockdown was only 1.5 hours – we will know more about this by this evening I am sure.

    • I just went upstairs and peeked across the ship canal. I can’t see any unusual activity over there. Nickerson St is flowing normally (or as much as it can at 17:00).

  5. Some reports of one person with a handgun. Possibly one individual who walked into a campus classroom and opened fire.

  6. SPU is a completely undefended campus:

    Office of Safety & Security
    The Office of Safety and Security (OSS) is a private security organization which patrols campus buildings and grounds by foot and in cars 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Officers do not have deputized or state-commissioned police authority and carry no firearms, but they do make citizen’s arrests when appropriate. In addition, they work closely with the Seattle Police Department in the investigation of all crimes reported on campus. Security officers are available 24 hours a day and will respond to all emergencies. They also render immediate aid, investigate incidents and complete reports for administrative follow-up. Students are also encouraged to report crimes to the Seattle Police Department. The Seattle Police and Fire Departments may be reached directly by dialing 911 from any campus phone. However, by dialing the campus emergency number, 2911 (from a cell phone call (206) 281-2911), OSS can immediately identify the building from which you are calling and security officers will then report to police or fire with accurate information. These officers can also render immediate aid in an emergency.

  7. One fatality just announced.

    Looking further the “handgun” report was about a supposed second gunman, they only believe one person was involved now.

    And thank goodness, a school spokesperson says that they have administrative meetings a few times a year to talk about lockdown procedures.

    When seconds count, your lockdown is only a text message away…

  8. Interesting how these types of shootings make national headlines, yet there is nary a peep past the local news when non-white inner-city gang bangers are shooting each other.

    It’s only important when middle (and higher) class white people are shot/do the shooting in gun-free zones. I guess the former just wouldn’t be shocking and heart wrenching enough to convince people to give up their rights as easily. For the record, I don’t know anything yet about the ethnicity of those involved, but it’s probably not hard to guess.

    • Watch, if this happens to be related to crime, i.e. drug debt, deal gone bad, or even a cheating scandal gone bad (selling grades is common) we won’t hear a thing about this story in a couple of days.

  9. This is an odd change. suspect in custody. I don’t say that as a bad thing, but usually when a spree shooter decides to perpetrate their crimes, they usually turn the gun on themselves, or have a suicide by cop in the end.
    We saw this at UCSB, although in Aurora, he gave up with out a fight. I know it sounds morbid, but I think there is a lot of study and understanding that needs to be done on this. Why is it some people give up, yet others decide to end it? What are the underlying factors? At Columbine, Newtown, VA Tech, UCSB, Clackamas Town Center, and Navy Ship yard, all killed themselves.
    Yet others, like here, Okios, and Aurora didn’t. We know the Okios shooter was nuts. We was found unfit to stand trial. Aurora remains to be seen, but all things point to a serious psychotic break with reality. This case is still open, but still disturbing none the less.

    • Daniel,

      The most important detail to know is that nearly all spree killers immediately surrender or kill themselves when they see an armed responder. That fact alone makes it imperative to have as many armed good people in public as possible.

      And yet gun grabbers shriek that armed people are incompetent and ineffective and could never stop a spree killer. Guess what, all an armed good guy has to do is point a gun visibly at a spree killer and the overwhelming majority of the time, the spree killer immediately stops attacking. (Whether they surrender or kill themselves doesn’t matter.) Last time I checked, no one needs any special skills or training to simply point a firearm at a spree killer.

  10. maybe it’s just me… but i think all the sarcastic comments that are being made are inappropriate and insensitive. although legitimate points are being alluded to, i don’t think it’s very appropriate. these issues are frequently discussed in other posts and i think that’s great. however, whenever a school or public shooting occurs, a significant number of comments are of a sarcastic or crude nature. is an expression of sympathy for the tragedy which has unfolded too much to ask for?

    • If you are referring to my “text message” comment, I did not mean to be insensitive.

      I live in Seattle and work about ten minutes from the SPU campus. And it is maddening to see this type of story repeated over and over. We insist on gathering unarmed citizens in a totally unprotected environment, express shock and anger when people do harm to them, and applaud the security theater of “lockdown” as keeping everyone safe.

      I did not mean to be insensitive. But I am frustrated beyond words with public opinion and public policy being based on feelings, feelings trying to secure the world we want and not the world that we actually live in.

    • It’s not just you, mb. And other David, I don’t think it was necessarily directed at your post. On the updated thread there seems to be some relief that it wasn’t done with a so-called “assault weapon”. I’m a little disquieted by that too. It’s like the opposite side of what I am sure is some antis’ disappointment that a shotgun and not an AR was the weapon involved. But maybe that is just me.

      • Maybe if we lived in a climate in which this wouldn’t be immediately exploited as a political weapon in the fight against gun rights, then there would be space for the normal human reactions of compassion and empathy. As it is, we know the barrage of hate is coming and the repetition of that cycle generates a lot of cynicism.

  11. It is a terrible thing to be shot in the course of an expected normal day at school by a stranger you have no knowledge of and who has no knowledge of you except as a random intended murder victim.
    My sympathies to the victims (and we just heard one person has died) and their loved ones. I hope the surviving two recover physically, but I expect the mental/emotional injuries take much longer recovery time, if at all.
    Very glad if they actually caught the shooter this time.

  12. “No doubt that the gun control activists are rushing to TV cameras nationwide to gleefully dance in the blood of these new victims and demand that “something must be done to protect the children” while proposing nothing that would actually do so. ”

    Yep, You Called it. He ran right down there bloody shirt in hand.

    “Mayor Ed Murray went to the scene and told reporters, “Today should have been a day of celebration of the end of the school year here at Seattle Pacific University; instead, it’s a day of tragedy and of loss. Once again the epidemic of gun violence has come to Seattle, the epidemic of gun violence that is haunting this nation.

    “Friends, we have been here before — Cafe Racer, the shootings on Capitol Hill, the shooting at the Jewish Federation — this is tragic moment for Seattle and tragic moment for America once again,” Murray said.”

    Read more:

  13. I want him interviewed. I want him asked if the news coverage of the Santa Barbara killer helped convince him this was a legitimate course of action.

  14. Another leftist shooting leftists in a leftist city.

    But yeah, it’s the conservative “gun nuts” that are at fault.

    Ban leftists from owning guns. There, problem solved. They’re obviously too evil, weak minded, and stupid to be handling the tools of free men.


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