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“Gunfire erupted on Thursday at a California high school in inland Kern County in a shooting in which two people were injured, county officials said, and media reports indicated the assailant had been arrested,” reports. “A Kern County sheriff’s dispatcher confirmed the shooting at Taft Union High School but gave no other details, and the county fire chief said two people had been wounded, including one who was airlifted to a nearby hospital. The other refused treatment.”

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  1. There will be copy cats to be sure. Look how sensational the last one was. If someone who is disturbed is looking to infamy, a school shooting is currently the way to go. Thanks MSM.

  2. …and there’s the straw that broke the camels back. They’ll be coming after all of them now, boys and girls.

  3. Thankfully the initial reports do not have any casualties. This will be more fuel on the fire for sure, but imagine how much fuel it would be had he used an AR instead of a shotgun.

    • The shotgun just means that hunters and sportsters guns-of-choice won’t be immune from confiscation. Battle lines are being drawn, folks… figuratively.

    • This might actually get spun, because AR’s in CA are neutered by either being “featureless”, or having 10 round fixed mags, or both. I don’t think this was a mass shooting attempt. Sounds like the kid shot who he wanted to then just waited for the cops.

        • I wouldn’t be surprised at all. I think it will be window dressing when the media sees how poorly it fits there immediate agenda. Those using it will be the fringe even for the left.

        • I think they will talk about it. They will say this is proof that bans on magazine limits and the type of AW you can own is proof that it works. If California didn’t have such strict gun laws then he would have killed a lot more people.

          • That only will work if he shot all the rounds the shotgun could hold, or made any attempt at shooting multiple people. So far it doesn’t sound like it.

      • an acquaintance to me who goes to Taft (I live in Cali as a high school student, sadly) says that someone talked him out of shooting his second target again. I’m not sure about it, but we’ll see once the official details clear up.

  4. This is the problem with giving these shooter so much publicity. I think the media needs to refuse to publish the names of these shooters and keep coverage to a minimum. THAT would discourage mass shootings.

    • Yes, but instead they will plaster his picture all over the place. Talk about his tactical preparedness, the deadly weapon and ammo he used, etc. Sickening.

    • On the news last night, a SoCal man was arrested for possibly planning on shooting up a school. When he was arested, there were several guns seized. All charges were dropped because he did not make a specific threat against a specific target. The worst part is the guy totally claimed he “wanted to be famous like the guy who shot up Newtown”. That story ran exactly once.

      An 18 year old gang banger in the LA area popped off 2 rounds NEAR a school, never hit noone, and was detained almost immedaitely by an LAPD officer who was in front of the school (shooting was around the corner). The story got played constantly, toutitng the officer as a hero for preventing a school shooting.

  5. Two injured. One minor, one major. Shotgun mentioned. Doesn’t sound like it was intended to be a mass shooting. Something more personal rather.

    • Between the gun free zone and being in California, if there is any SOLID PROOF gun control dosnt work… heres your sign

  6. Is any one else wary of the startling frequency and timing of these recent shootings? If I were a gun-grabber, these would seem awfully convenient.

    • I’m pretty suspicious of how many of these are happening all at once. I get the copy cat syndrome, but still…

      • “If it looks like a duck, swims like a duck, and quacks like a duck, then it probably is a duck.”

    • Have been thinking the same thing!

      While several of these shootings look very suspcious compared to the “Official Narrative”, it is FACT that these scum elitists will exploit any and every tragedy that happens to further their agenda.

      “Never let a good crisis go to waste” –Rahm Emanuel

      And when a actual crisis doesn’t exist, create one via a False Flag Attack, a la Operation Gladio’s strategy of tension and internal subversion operations.

    • It is called a copy cat spat. One incident happens. If it fits the agenda, it gets drummed up 24/7 for weeks with the full knowledge that copy cats are directly proportional to media coverage. That is most likely the extent of the conspiracy.

      • Because we ALL know the government doesn’t stage incidents to advance its agenda. Thank god for that.

  7. Great so now shotguns are gonna be banned. They’re too powerful for civilians to have!! Now no gun owner is safe. Time to ralley is now and we need to educate people out there!

  8. Yeah, I don’t buy into the “disproportionate media coverage” as a reason for this one. From what I’ve read/seen so far, I agree with Inbox485. He did what he wanted to do, and then he was done.

  9. Also very interesting in this case will be if there are safe storage law violation charges. In the state of CA, if a gun owner fails to lock up firearms when they would reasonably expect minors to have access to them, and a minor uses the firearm in a crime, the owner bares criminal responsibility (over-simplified, but that is the gist of it).

  10. This is why I keep all of my guns in a safe. Let’ see how many times the narrative changes this time. Still. I can’t remember when any cause had such a series of conveniently timed incidents that reinforce their position.

  11. Why is it that before everyone of these shootings take place, these schools have “Active Shooter Drills”?

    Kern County schools prepared for shooter situation

    When I was growing up and going through the Public (Prison) Education System, there was no such thing as “Active Shooter Drills”. You had an occassional Gang Banger drive-by, not no massacres.

    The timing of this is ALL TOO CONVINEIENT!

    • When you were in school there probably weren’t GFSZ’s either. There have always been shootings at schools just as there has been violence everywhere since man ever was, but the run of mass shootings started when schools officially became gun free.

      I went to school with teachers old enough to remember having a revolver locked in their desk drawer. A shooting like this could still happen, but a mass shooting wouldn’t last 30 seconds.

      • In the REALLY old days teacher had the ability to physically discipline students and they were quite able to shame students infront of their peers. This hightened the likelyhood of any violent activity on the part of the student being directed at the adult in the class room, although through the shaming process students would also become violent towards their ‘keener’ peers outside of school and within.

        When the school becomes a war zone, it is probably good time to withdraw the underdeveloped and unequipped from the battlefield.

        My family acted too slowly in seeing the warning signs. Having personally attended an innercity public funded school within the UK I was made to suffer a stab wound, a knife attack off campus launched by another student belonging to the same school as myself. This was done while he was in company of others belonging to this innercity school. The attack itself was unprovoked and the Police work after the fact was ineffective in bringing the perpetrator to justice. This statistic I became, was one of the many near misses that is so often disregarded by the Home Office today while it searches like your respective services in the U.S.A for a means and legal authority to take away the tools used in these commitments to harm with fatal potential. That I am not a corpse means my personal opinion on handling these matters is flippantly disregarded by the powers that be, they instead as your equivalency shows a desire to provoke action only when they have a corpse to parade around. Its almost like an ‘I-Win’ card for the Left when these matters are up for debate. Call it the Jesus factor.

  12. Ban shotguns! No one needs these weapons of war (against deer) in our streets/woods! How many deer must die?!?!

    It probably had that evil pistol grip and shoulder thingy on it!

    • I get where you are going, but please remember that some little sh!t just wrecked and possibly ended somebody’s life. As the facts come out, I predict that this won’t be a good fit to the agenda, and will just be window dressing.

  13. Proof that shootings happen despite an AWB or proof that with an AWB the damage was substantially reduced?

    • So far it is proof that if somebody wishes one person harm, they will find a way. I’m unconvinced so far that there was more than a single target.

  14. I would suspect in light of recent events this maybe the act of a failing student who decided to engage in political science. Perhaps he fabricated the shotgun out of utility pipe and home made propellants.

    None the less, an A grade moron & also murderer has ruined the care free ways of others and forced a family in grief. This is one more indictment against gun free zones and that morbid fascination amongst politicians whom seek to entertain the notion of controlling a genie that has long since gone and escaped the confines of a shattered bottle.

    What a miserable spectacle, will the NRA send their very best hot rock juggling clown out to suffer salvo of rotten vegetables and slander?

  15. What the hell is wrong with people? Are people taking crazy pills today? Something bigger is going on here and it’s not because of guns.

  16. On a wholly personal note, the location of this incident weirded me out because before December, I didn’t even know that Taft CA existed. Then I bought two AR lowers from a great family-run gun store in Taft, and just weeks later, this happens.

    Purely coincidence, but just a tad creepy.

    • I wouldn’t read into it. After Newton, my grandmother of a bazillion years became slightly hysterical because she lived in Newton like a hundred years ago.

      • Oh, I know that. I was just indulging in a little superstitious paranoia. The moment has passed, back to rationality now.

  17. The live stream press conference from the local news is interesting.

    The local Sheriff just said the school normally has an armed resource officer on site, but that guard was “snowed in” and could not make it in today.
    They also said they believe that the student lives close and walked to the school.
    Maybe he knew the guard was not there today? Interesting.

    Also, someone in the local press said they have spoke with multiple parents and they all said the shooter was suspended last year because he had a “hit list”. Mental health anyone?

    • When the Police are made aware that life maybe endangered yet no evidence provides that a crime is being committed they are obliged to inform the intended targets and caution them, council them and engage with the person(s) and work out the best means of securing them.

      This is not a Mental Health issue, Mental Health is a trap door to hell that Tony Blair’s Government organised utilizing psychological social conditioning and punishments to control behavior. These came in the form of Anti.Social.Behavior.Orders (A.S.B.O) and were treated as criminal offenses despite the psychological basis for the policing of them.

  18. “… the shooter was suspended last year because he had a ‘hit list'”

    That cant be true because we handle our crimminals and broken children. We would never put a dangerous person in a school. The kid was normal, obviously the black, assault shotgun made him do it.

    *sarcasm off*

  19. What? You mean to tell me that someone who was prepared to commit murder wasn’t deterred by those nifty little signs and the associated risk of a fine or up to 5 years in prison? This is my shocked face 😐

  20. What if it turns out he used a .410 Judge or Governor to fire that birdshot? That would explain the peppering of birdshot and the very light wounding of the other kid. There would be a reason to ban shotguns, pistols, revolvers and everything. That legislator from Iowa would have to turn in his .410 and probably his .22LR.

  21. Living in CA, I was actually close to this. from what I’ve heard from an acquaintance that goes there, the shooter asked somebody in particular to step forward, and then shot him point-blank. he then fired a second shot at a different person and missed, and from what I’ve heard, the teacher managed to talk him into putting his gun down. This may not be completely accurate, just what I heard.

    • That is about what is being reported right now. This was garden variety homicide by a little turd that needs to be perma banned from society. It is only news because he used a gun at school.

  22. Hmmmmm…….just told my two sons today it would be remarkable if there were a school shooting involving a shotgun, then they could demonize shotguns. And so it comes to pass, tomorrow a dreaded semi-auto (or as the media calls it “automatic”) pistol, and voila! All guns are the devil!

  23. Not to mention an “unarmed” teacher talked him down.

    See? We don’t need armed teachers.

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