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I wonder if the Senator has a post-shooting pro-assault weapons ban script pre-loaded on her Google glasses. “The weapon [used in Friday’s LAX shooting] is clearly designed not for general consumption,” California Democratic Sen. Dianne Feinstein said on CBS’ Face the Nation. “Would I do a bill? Sure, I would do a bill. I mean, I believe this down deep in my soul.” Soul food for thought: Senator Feinstein doesn’t think an assault weapon ban would pass. On the opposing side, I think, the chairman of the House Homeland Security Committee told CNN’s State of the Union “TSA officers are not armed. It’s the local police that provide perimeter security, and there’s little more of a soft target outside the checkpoint,” Texas Republican Rep. Mike McCaul pronounced. “I want to work with the director of TSA . . . to see if there’s something we can do better or differently.” No mention of allowing open carry in airports and on planes.

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      • I have a box of cigars and a fifth of bourbon tucked away to bring to the party when we line up to piss on her grave. Hell, if Obama had any sense, he would charge $100 per person for the privilege . . . . national debt problems would go away quickly

    • There are two, vote them out or take them out, both are constitutionally protected, and the later is the intent and purpose of the Second Amendment.

      • Take them out? Are you talking about assassination? Idiotic, or idiotically vague comments like that play right into the stereotype people like Mein Feinstein try to paint for us. You might as well be her cheerleader. And if something like that did happen she’d only become a martyr for her own movement and thus far more powerful than she is today.

        Oh, and assassination is in no way, shape or form protected by the constitution, nor the does the security of a free state or the people’s right to keep and bear arms have anything to do with removing from office public officials that we don’t like.

        I don’t like Senator Feinstein at all, but I hate vitriolic rhetoric, particularly when it comes from the side that I want to win.

      • Eventually infirmity will do the job. After all, there are just so many Depends you can put on a chair before you either fall off the pile or poke through the ceiling.

        And as far as her quote “I mean, I believe this down deep in my soul,” I firmly believe she sold her soul a LONG time ago. As in Colonial times. Just sayin’…

    • You could try tossing her gigantic pearl necklace off a tall building. She’s bound to dive after it–I’ve never seen her without it..

  1. ““The weapon [used in Friday’s LAX shooting] is clearly designed not for general consumption.”

    No, that’s not clear at all. How do you draw that conclusion? That’s like saying that the car used to break a bunch of traffic laws is clearly not designed for general consumption. Once you’ve decided to break the laws, what difference does it make if you’re in a Ford or a Ferrari?

    • This is the same hag who wants to curtail the First Amendment by creating a legal definition of what a “legitimate” “journalist” is. ….

      • Not to mention being a strong supporter of the NSA, the Patriot act and every foreign adventure in warfare we’ve had while she’s been in office. She is literally the worst in a group of generally despicable people from every angle of civil rights and liberties.

    • The most popular rifle in America isn’t “made for general consumption????”

      Try to intellectually reconcile that statement. Then again… don’t. Not possible.

      • She used the name MP to elicit its purpose is “only” for military and police use, though its created to target but not limited to that specific group. I suppose that she figured that the uninformed population finally knows that AR stands for Armalite Rifle, not assault rifle. She probably also assumed that because the name is different, the public will believe that it is a select fire rifle with no legitimate purpose in the hands of a civilian.

  2. Which is funny, because it is already illegal to bring a loaded rifle into the airport. And I’m sure that the magazines he used were not pre-ban. And I would put money on the fact that the bullet button was swapped out. And its illegal to kill people!

    So why does Fienstein think that another law will stop people like this? It won’t. The only thing that would have stopped this was an armed citizen. We are our own first responders.

    • It could be argued that if we play out the armed citizen hypothesis, the armed police serve as proxies for the same in said model.
      Once he declared himself a threat, he was quickly neutralized. If there were no others with guns in the terminal, we’d be looking at a very different casualty count.

      • You really can’t call the police a proxy. The police are not going to charge in blindly. It is going to take time for communication and organization. The police do not consider what is behind the target when stopping an active shooter. If the police shoot a law abiding citizen or nine it’s better than allowing the active shooter to continue. I would rather take my chanced with the armed citizen.

    • Armed TSA agents would of at least had a fighting chance against this criminal. They made the TSA wait for help to arrive while some wacko is shooting up the place.

      • I am deeply sorry for the guy that was killed, and any TSA agent that was injured, but the last thing I want to do is grant that agency more power. I’m generally okay with almost anyone carrying almost anywhere, but one of the rare situations where I don’t is law enforcement officials in situations where regular civilians aren’t allowed to.

      • From what I’ve seen of the TSA “officers” around the country, the very last thing I would do for everyone’s (including their) safety and security is to give them bullets.

    • With great relief, this stopped at one person killed. Sadly, it wasn’t the shooter that started it.

      What stopped it, another defending others. With a gun.

  3. Feinkenstein has canned material ready for any shooting incident. She’s so predictable it’s pathetic. So is the media-I’m sure she was one of the first calls the producers of the Sunday shows made.

  4. Great! Now I just can’t wait to hear what Nancy Pelosi has to say!

    Please, glorious overlords, tell me what I feel about this tragedy!

    • Heck, they probably have a generic Feinstein interview or two already in the can, ready to cue up at a moment’s notice.

  5. How about TSA stops grabbing crotches in the name of security. Next they can stop recruiting with bus shelter ads and pizza box ads. Really, the TSA is full of high functioning retards.

    • The guy who died from this was from some Central American country. Tells you something about who’s volunteering for the TSA.

    • I don’t mind getting felt up by some chubby TSA chick, as long as she buys me a drink and tells me I’m handsome. Hey, a guy likes a little sweet talk, y’know?

      Think of the process as a whole new take on speed dating.

      • Interesting… Hey Ralph why not hit up the asian massage joints then?? I mean the girls are sometimes prettier and they don’t know much about our culture so you could tell her anything and get away with it.

  6. Didn’t the Dempublicans allegedly “shelve” their efforts at passing more egregious violations of our Second Amendment rights gun control bills for the remainder of 2013?

    Oh, wait. Wait just a minute, here. I forgot. They’re going to wave the bloody shirt/backpack/bib and stand on the corpses of the victims while they’re still warm and bleeding on the floor to stump for more bullshit that they and all of their sycophantic sheep know won’t work, just so they can sleep better at night.

    How in the flying fuck did he even get a rifle past all that “perimeter security” anyway? What’s next? Metal detectors at the damned front doors?

    Wait.. better not give them any more “bright” ideas! D’oh!

    • “How in the flying fuck did he even get a rifle past all that “perimeter security” anyway? ”

      He put a few rounds center of mass into the unarmed guy who constituted that “perimeter security”.

  7. At any moment… Mother Nature will finally find her and on that day my heart will @$#%&&* break and bleed for her.

    Would she say the same if the weapon was a mini-14?………Actually, I have no doubt she would.

  8. Damn if Feinstein was a mechanic she’d single handedly keep both the Bondo and Duck tape industries in business for a long long time…

  9. Would she do a bill? I’d be surprised if she didn’t do a Bill, given Bill’s taste in Buffalo cows (Janet, Hillary, Lewinsky).

  10. According to the Senator, since the gun was called an “M&P” (Military and Police) it is therefor not for “general consumption”. Does that mean that any item used by or designed for military and police should be banned? Police use revolvers at times as back-ups, does she want to ban those? Should Ford Crown Victorias or Dodge Chargers be banned since police often use them as squad cars? How about Hummers? They are used and designed for the military.

    I do not know about you, but I do not trust any politician who wants the ONLY people to be armed to be the police and military and not the citizens. The last time I checked, free nations all have guns on their borders pointing out and nations with populations who are slaves all have guns on their borders but they are pointed in.

    • Only the AM General Hummers were designed for the army H2 and H3s I would try takin through a mud puddle they were built just to give cidiots somethin to put 26s on.

  11. Hmmm, three people were killed in three separate hit and run vehicle incidents in New York City yesterday, including one where a guy drove a minivan into a crowd in an attempt to kill the owner of a liquor store who refused to sell him booze.
    I call for an immediate ban on assault cars!

    • Cars with high capacity engines and non NERF material bumpers with the roof thingy that goes up and those hood shrouds.

    • The liberals always say “if it could save just one life”.

      Well, if that is the case, we need to ban swimming pools, cars, airplanes, vending machines, ladders, hammers, knives, lawn mowers, roofs, rocks, sushi, electricity, prescription drugs, ropes, fists, hands, feet etc. All these items have killed people in the past year. Some were murdered, and some by accident. However, if it is “for the children” or to “save just one life”, then they should all be banned.

  12. California Democratic Sen. Dianne Feinstein said on CBS’ Face the Nation. “Would I do a bill? Sure, I would do a bill. I mean, I believe this down deep in my soul.”

    Lying bitch, she doesn’t have a soul. I heard she sold it to the Devil to stay in power.

  13. It is OK. Ms. Feinstein has called WOLF so many times now that people are just ignoring her. Even Mr. Obama had very little to say. Let her rant and rave and wave her hands. I for one did not hear her calling from the “bully pulpit”. I am guessing they will not give her the mics anymore.

  14. Talk about hypocrisy, The old witch knows she has no soul, throw a bucket of water on her and watch her melt and prove the point………

  15. The more she cries wolf, the less people will listen to her. If she insists on being a one trick pony, all the better for us.

  16. Feinstein has produced another well stated fallacious argument for her Californian flock. Smith & Wesson M&P does stand for military and police – however it was always for the commercial market as well. I mean… There is the M&P 22 and M&P 15 – 22 chambered in 22LR. Are those intended for police too? Just because it says M&P doesn’t mean it is just for military and police. Feinstein would like you to believe all guns are for military and police. Come on – every rifle S&W makes is an M&P. S&W has put an M&P in front of almost all the guns they make.

  17. The best thing about her is that she is nearing the end of her career.
    She is thinking about her legacy, of which she will have none.
    No big gun control legacy for you madam.

    • How so? I heard somewhere she was planning to retire, but I’m not sure. If she does, I won’t miss that creepy, nefarious grin.

  18. Gun free zone at work again! Really scared Mr.Ciancia enough maybe we will find out he was mentally ill,but that won’t get legislation passed to redo the Patient Privacy Act to be able to send information to NICS if a subject has any problems.Alot of this is government crap,about the anti-government information,I believe it was planted in an effort to sway people’s opinion about it, and to paint the picture that anyone that speaks out against the government or does not care for what the government is doing might cause another situation like this,so the government is using this as a scare tactic for furthering there tyrannical agenda.Be prepared and ready.Keep your powder dry.

  19. Feinstein is 80? Some of that fine non Obamacare needs to be used to evaluate this woman. I bet the results would be interesting.

  20. Now, of course the NWO-Reptilian-UFO creeps will crawl out of the woodwork and suck up what they can because they can. I’m starting to really like the meaning of the song Survivalism by Nine Inch Nails.

    • You don’t believe this and every other bad thing that ever happens is the work of a convoluted conspiracy theory with zero actual evidence to back it up? Sheeple! Drone! CIA plant!

      • Sorry, I read your comment wrong and was about to tell you to shove it, but I see you’re just kidding. My bad. 🙂

  21. “Now it’s going to be interesting to see whether this weapon was outlawed in California, and if it was purchased in California.”

    WOW, you have got to be kidding me.

    Either Feinstein’s age is showing and she’s beginning to experience dementia or having trouble remembering things, or she is actually unaware that all AR-15 variants are heavily regulated IN HER OWN STATE BY HER OWN LAWS.

  22. Well she finally got it right.

    Instead of blaming some nebulous corporate gun lobby/conspiracy for why gun bans are DOA she’s FINALLY acknowledged that it is the “gun owners and gun people” that don’t want her garbage!

    That’s right, civil servant. Do what we say.


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