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“A man jogging alongside a Mississippi highway was abducted and beaten by three African-American men allegedly in retaliation of the George Zimmerman verdict,” reports.” Meanwhile, reports that “Baltimore police say they are investigating a witness account that a group of black youths beat a Hispanic man near Patterson Park Sunday while saying, ‘This is for Trayvon.’ A witness posted the account on a community Facebook page, and police confirmed they are looking into whether the suspects’ reaction to the verdict in the Florida trial of George Zimmerman played a part in the incident. A police report on the beating does not mention the alleged comments. Sgt. Eric Kowalczyk, a police spokesman, declined to go into further detail.” [h/t Kirk]

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    • Man bites dog. ALL problems seem to stem from the 4% of the population that comprises the group known as ‘young black/negro males’. Between 90 and 95% of the murder rate on this group is committed by……other ‘young black/negro males’. Yet the libtard (democrat) controlled media continue to push this as a white/black problem.

    • yes, I’d much rather be abducted and beaten by some black thugs than attacked by a 40 yr old women on a stage with security…

    • Of course. This has been about NOTHING but igniting racial tensions, black-on-white, FROM THE GET-GO. Hispanics better watch out – Sharpton and Jackson and the media have declared THEM white people, too!

      As usual, Black Americans come out the losers, because they are outnumbered by Hispanics, and now might have natural allies in white people!

      NICE GOIN’, you racist pinheads!

        • Craig, the 4473 was changed in Fall of last year. Before, box 10 asked for “race.” Now there’s a 10a and 10b, asking for race and ethnicity, so that if you check hispanic/latino you also have to check white. This is new.

        • Cameron Diaz and Charlie Sheen are supposedly of a different race (Hispanic)? It is all a joke.

        • I’ve heard that Charlie Sheen has a brother or half-brother named, of all things, Emilio Estevez.

        • The strange American notion that “Hispanic/Latino” actually constitutes a race has been ridiculed for a long time now, and for a good reason. That form was long overdue for amending.

          Now, how about dropping the ‘race’ qualifier altogether? What purpose does it serve?

    • 70% of ‘black’ Americans are part European, 21% of ‘white’ Americans have African blood, and Latinos can be any race. So why do idiots like Obama and Beyonce want to stir this pot?

    • Hopefully, more patriots (like GZ….the ‘creepy cracker’) will defend themselves and send more thugs and gang bangers to join the Skittle eater in Hell.

  1. Childish tantrums with dangerous results. Lets throw a fit if we don’t get our way. Reminds me of the 95 Cracker Riots after OJ was found Not Guilty, Oh wait…

  2. Like this one. Oh. Wait. The attacker was White and the victim was Black. Just a “lone nut” or “tax protester”. Nothing to see here. It doesn’t fit The Narrative of the Screaming Hordes of Murderous Jungle Savages.

    • So… One incident goes the other way and we are supposed to ignore the near riots in downtown LA, Chicago, and NYC? Really? I think it’s about time to close out the White Guilt account. My family were still effectively slaves long after the US Civil War, you don’t see me complaining about “oppression” or “injustice” despite being an immigrant who came here legally, had to wait ’till his 18th birthday to get his citizenship, served in the US millitary… Why should I be associated with the crimes of a tiny portion of people in a tiny spec of the world centuries before I was born? Why am I being lumped in with people who, culturally, could not be more different from me simply because I’m not Black, Asian, or Latino?

      • And where are the Negro Hordes rioting that made the Right pee its pants in terror two days ago?


        One peaceful sit-in that briefly blocked traffic. A bunch of demonstrations where the only violence was on the part of the police.

        Those pictures of Negroes burning cars and buildings? It turned out to be a traffic accident in Canada.

        Face it, a lot of you guys where begging, praying for the Darkies to riot because it would validate your fears. It hasn’t happened, but anytime there’s a possible crime which might involve a Black and a White person for the next ten years you’re going to quake in your socks, buy another thousand over-priced rounds and scream “Zimmerman! They’re coming to get me because of Zimmerman!”

        • Actually, I didn’t take a poll, but I really think most of us here thought the expectations (or fears) of riots were dramatically overblown. I know I did. I expected minor civil disobedience here and there (which we’ve seen), nonviolent protests, probably organized by churches (which we’ve seen), and occasional incidents of individualized violence (which we’ve seen). But not full scale riots.

        • Nuran, your white guilt bank account is full of cash. Many here predicted little to no rioting, simply demonstrations fueled by the wealthiest of the black poverty pimps.

        • Who was petrified? I think at my street is were they realize they made a wrong turn!!!

        • I don’t worry about them coming to get me… I just make sure I have everything I need to make field expedient claymores… You know… For duck hunting.

        • Nuran, they are too busy shooting other young black negroes to notice what’s going on in the news.
          Rim shot…BA DA BUM!

        • “Face it, a lot of you guys…” …I don’t even want to retype the rest of it. Easy with the projectile slander, unless you can provide the posts to back it up. And you haven’t.

          About the lack of riots? This isn’t over, not for a race-hustling, poverty pimping, social justice agitator like Al Sharpton. He has plans for 100 rallies for Trayvon in 100 cities across the nation. Eric Holder says the DoJ is going to look into any civil right violations by GZ. They already did one, last year, and said that there was no racial component to the shooting of TM, so they packed up and went back to D.C.

          Predicting riots based on past behavior, is not hoping for riots, it’s called qualitative theory, or qualitative method. Look it up. The liberals are big fans of this sort of socialist tinkering of why people do what they do, and how can they change them.

          And one more thing. What Al Sharpton; the Martin family, and the folks in the liberal cesspool we call the MS-media hope you never hear about, is what was found on Trayvon’s phone, and why they didn’t want any of it to show up in open court. Did you hear about the photos of underage nude girls found on Trayvon’s phone? No? Well neither did I until just today. WTF? Oh ya, we’re talking multiple felonies apparently.
          This is who the angry black mob wants to hoist on their shoulders as an image to rally around, or assault white people for, or feel entitled to riot for?

  3. Sounds like an *actual* hate crime. That being said, crimes should not face any different consideration because of the motivation…”Crimes is crimes”. Seems to me every murder is a hate crime — obviously the one who committed the crime hated the other guy. It doesn’t matter why.

    • Not after the DOJ speaks to the mayor, who speaks to the police chief, who speaks to the perp. Hate crime? Moi?????
      Then follows the sound of a large sum exchanging hands.

    • Yes, the whole concept of “hate crime” is Orwellian and has no place in a just society. Of course, we aren’t a just society.

  4. I’ll admit that this makes me a bit uneasy, because George Zimmerman and I could have been separated at birth. Well, there’s nothing to do but be ready and aware.

  5. Heh, all the chalkies living anywhere that’s less than 80% white had better hope they know some Korean shopkeepers on their block, or else they’re in for some serious bongo parties.

    I know a couple of guys who lived in SA & Rhodesia, and if their experience means anything it’s only gonna get worse for whitey.

    • I dont need a korean shopkeeper to help me, got plenty to take care of myself. And the darkies wonder why they have such a bad rep. If they want to be looked at as violent, uneducated morons, then dont act like violent uneducated morons.

  6. all in all, (race aside), I think the most unsettling point is that all these people in the street protesting really dont’ understand the legal system, and want to change it with violence and whatnot, and don’t really have a clue as to how the system works.

    for example, i would think that maybe 5% of protesters have actually written to their representative about how they feel.

    violence is not the answer here.

    • How many have been through how many trials, and STILL don’t understand the criminal justice system?

    • Paine: Yes. I haven’t had anyone bring up the Zimmerman verdict who turns out, in discussion, to have heard the evidence, followed the timeline of the calls, read the relevant laws, or stopped to wonder why Zimmerman had all the injuries, and didn’t end up shooting until the nearby witness on his deck, Good, announced that he was going inside to call 911, rather than come and help Zimmerman get away from the pounding. As for questioning the gun or self-defense laws: If either of these were followed by the gang-bangers, it might make a difference. A legitimate case of self-defense is hardly an argument against the tool by which it was effected.

  7. I was strongly for civil rights in the era, the early sixties, and I still retain much of it. But I have many a pause for doubt when black teenagers several years older than I walked 5 or 6 abreast and forced me off the sidewalk. It happened, many, many times. “I stood up for THIS?”

    • So being forced off the sidewalk makes you feel bad about the end of church firebombings, murdered activists, and peaceful protesters being attacked with fire hoses and police dogs?

      Some straight arrow of progress, huh? Sorry but I think you have forgotten what was at stake for a moment.

      Definitely black America has some ground to cover, Bill Cosby would agree with you there. But mentioning some people walking five abreast (which, by the way, I’ve seen many white kids doing too, because when you’re young the whole world revolves around you) in the same breath seems really out there.

    • William Burke,

      Months ago, I read similar bitter comments by a white British man who was a liberal-political activist in the ’60s. He now deeply regrets supporting diversity and immigration as he sees what it has done to the UK.

      • Another view is that Margaret Thatcher and her political heirs wrecked the U.K. But always popular to blame the brown people. “That bloody curry has brought us to our knees….”

        • Now your going overseas looking for racism, spewing your anti-capitalist hate?
          Where’s my can of Troll Be Gone?

        • Ensitue, have we discussed capitalism? And who’s a Troll? Is everyone expressing an opinion different from yours a troll? I mean, really, I’m expressing my opinions, you’re attacking them. Fair enough, public forum and all. But you should try expressing your own opinions, in a form that is not an attack on other people.

          I’m not too interested in discussing “Jews and Israel” with you, but thanks.

        • Thatcher was a great lady. Others have brought the ‘turd world’ to the U.K.
          Democratic Socialists and Communists.

    • William, is it not amazing what has happened to liberalism from the early sixties until today? They called it ‘the Great Society’. Might as well have named it the Cambodian ‘Year Zero’.

  8. Most unfortunate these victims were not armed and prepared to defend themselves, like Mr. Zimmerman was.

    I once read something to the effect of, “Never trust stupid people in large groups.”

    This is why.

  9. I wasn’t raised to be a racist, but those gangstas and black supremacists are doing their level best to change my mind on that.

    • Even a polite “Is that tone necessary?” when talking about Sharpton or even any anti-GZ protester makes one an instant Klan member it seems.

    • They’re gonna have to come and get mine. I’m old enough to stand up for this, and too old to run!

    • All the more reason to carry any time you leave the house. Then of course, with the rise in increased attacks by blacks, more blacks will be shot in self defense and the media will spin those as “racist white people murdering blacks” and the cycle will go on. It’s absolutely ridiculous that Americans let the black community get away with this behavior.

      • Now is definitely a time to start thinking about that, even though I live in a paler part of the country.

    • The reduced mag cap desire is a ‘Big Gov’ statist control fetish, not a reduced gun crime wet dream (even though that’s been cut in half in the last few decades).
      Liberalism is a mental disorder.

  10. Go ahead. Break it. BREAK this effing society. See who comes up on the short end of the stick. Stupid is as stupid does.

    • I have never been so happy in my life to have two large apartment communities that are majority Hispanic within 200 yards of my Condo complex. I am sure many of my neighbors would be willing to vote from the rooftops with me if things really fell apart.

      The sad part of all of this is that a few innocents will be beaten and die worst case but most of the damage will be done to the African American community just like during the 1960’s race riots and the L.A. riots.

      • Agree strongly with your second paragraph. Look at the areas of riots in LA, Newark NJ, Detroit and South Bronx. They have not recovered in almost 50 years now. And it will indeed be the hard working store keepers who will loose everything. Any idea of violence will only get folks killed and lives ruined. Pure madness.

        • The South Bronx is coming up. I’m noticing a lot more middle class white people moving in. The main problem here, as with the rest of the country, is these youths.

  11. A couple of thug attacks and you guys are all jumping on the KKK bandwagon? C’mon, you’re better that that. Or not.

    • It is not “KKK” to say that the media ignores black on white crime and that the justice department refuses to even acknowledge black on white hate crimes. Its fact; holder has as much said so.

      How many of these attackers will be captured? How many will be charged with hate crimes. If George Zimmerman had been found guilty and you have groups of white youths attacking blacks for the color of their skin it would be the top story on every major media outlet until the cows come home.

    • +1

      I’m glad this Zimmerman thing is finally over. Getting tired of the Stormfront-esque attitudes poppin’ up in the comments.

    • Ralph, with an attitude like that, I can only hope that in a few days Rob will be posting a story about how a bunch of rabid black teens put you in the hospital. Then we’ll see how many excuses you want to make for a bunch of racists scumbags.

    • Oh the KKK would hate me just as much as they hate them… (I’m not nearly “white” enough for them.) But I’m not exactly in a hurry to trade one bunch of racist douchbags for another. As far as I am concerned, they deserve each other.

      • Just a thought – do these hate mongers/faux privilege pushers really think an application from GZ would be accepted by the KKK or other white supremacist groups?

        The problem here is that we have an element within the USA who for several generations live to be offended – and have been coddled by MSM and others. And yes, these two groups deserve each other.

    • They’ve just never been a dark beige man walking through Southey.

      Given that our AG announced publicly that civil rights enforcement is a one-way street, and that ‘hate’ only means ‘hate of a minority,’ I don’t think it’s surprising that many feel uncomfortable, and lack a fancy rhetoric to nuance their public expressions. When one trial isn’t enough, but only for a certain racial profile, nerves become frayed, no?

      • Ralph is a TTAG writer. He in fact wrote half of the articles on Zimmerman for this blog. Why don’t you go back to your Muslim child sex slave ring (your wording) or wherever you came from. You are making the rest of us look like racists and we don’t’ want to be affiliated with you. Ralph has already left this article to you wolves. I’m going to go ahead and leave too – let you guys to finish up chewing on this dead carcass. Have fun.

    • I don’t know what Ralph is talking about, who he is talking about, or what his statement even means – but I Agree!

  12. The not so funny thing is my former home town of Gainesville Florida had no less than THREE racially motivated attacks in the immediate aftermath of the Treyvon shooting. So far no suspects have been arrested, three people were beaten. In one case the victim was actually chasing a purse snatcher who had robbed an African American woman, when a group of African American men decided to attack him while yelling “Treyvon”.

    The level of racial hate among certain minority groups in this country is honestly frightening. My people were not even in this country yet when the supposed injustices of slavery were committed; I have no beef with anyone over the color of their skin yet many in these so called minority communities would have a beef with my simply because I am a white male or feel I somehow owe them something. I call Bollox on that.

    I urge all white Americans to arm themselves, because the media won’t side with you, the Justice Department won’t protect you and the local police can’t protect you.

    Terrible crimes went unpunished against African Americans in the 60’s and before but since then things have swung the other way and now the mere mention of the epidemic of black on white crime brands you a racist.

    • Here is another dude from the Deep South with similar sentiments regarding race relations down here. The white guilt bank down here doesn’t have as nearly high a balance as those in the Northeast and California. With good reason.

  13. Beating a person because of his race is a Federal Civil Rights violation. I hope our AG will take a hard look at these cases.

  14. It’s a good thing there were multiple attacks or else they wouldn’t have qualified as plural.

    I hate to pooh-pooh bad behavior by anybody, but this is a far cry from the widespread rioting many people on this site were predicting immediately after the outcome. I don’t care if you like black Americans or not, but you have to admit this is an improvement over the Watts riots.

  15. So this is new in Baltimore? Nope – black on white assaults and flash mobs are NORMAL. Been going on for YEARS!

  16. I wonder if this would be “Good and Substantial Cause” for MD to issue me my CHL.

    Doubt it, the taxes aren’t high enough for Owe’Malley’s liking and I would probably need a YouTube video of me getting my ass beat before the go “Mmmm….maybe.”

  17. According to Eric Holder, Hate Crimes can only be considered when the victim is from a minority group that have historically been attacked because they belong to such a group. It does not matter if a group of black American youth attack and yell racial insults at a white man as they attack him. However, if they attacked a white gay man and included white and gay insults the attackers could be prosecuted for attacking a gay man.

  18. I’ve heard a little bit of pushback against the steady stream of racism here, and that’s encouraging, but I’ll agree with Ralph that the overall tone is pretty f***ing ugly. Quoting Ralph:

    “A couple of thug attacks and you guys are all jumping on the KKK bandwagon? C’mon, you’re better that that. Or not.”

    All this talk about White Guilt, I got yer “White Guilt” right here. At issue is the way our entire “justice system” works. It worked for George Zimmerman because he had a high-powered pro-bono legal team. I’m not disputing the result, but that’s the reality. If GZ had not become a celebrity, he may well have gone down.

    It’s typical that people on both sides of the issue have gone all-in on the result of this case, although this should not be a definitive case about the right to self-defense, or the plight of black kids in America. This was a f***-up situation that went horribly wrong. Why, as an advocate for the right to armed self defense, should I think GZ is some sort of hero? Or that Treyvon Martin was Public Enemy Number One? I’d like to think, if it came down to it, I, and most people who carry, would do better.

    I’ll quote “Pat:”

    “Hopefully, more patriots (like GZ….the ‘creepy cracker’) will defend themselves and send more thugs and gang bangers to join the Skittle eater in Hell.”

    Seems Pat thinks killing black kids who smoke dope and act tough on Twitter is a Good Thing. Also, they go to Hell.

    Look, I spent my adolescent years being picked on because I’m white. I went to inner city schools in Houston. I got mildly beaten a few times, and a couple of my friends got really messed up (like, hospital and dental visits) in anti-white, racially motivated attacks, by both Chicanos and Blacks. At the same time, some Chicano and Black kids became lifelong friends. I’ve got no patience for PC touchy-feely bullshit about this stuff. I also spent a lot of time in Lufkin, TX, where the N-word was still in daily usage among whites in the late 1980s (Hell, maybe it still is). This is about an hour away from Jasper, where James Byrd was murdered in 1998 in a notorious racially motivated incident.

    We can do better. Or maybe not.

    • “Seems Pat thinks killing black kids who smoke dope and act tough on Twitter is a Good Thing. Also, they go to Hell.”

      Do you honestly believe that narrative?

      It’s real simple – nobody has the right, no matter how offended – to punch someone in the face and break their nose unless they are prepared to face the consequences – black or white.

      Parents need to teach their kids about “sticks and stones” and that it isn’t OK to put your damned hands on someone because your feelings are hurt.

      • Unlike me, you were there at the time and know exactly what happened, so I can’t argue. Again, I’m not disputing the verdict.

        Did I mention that I’m not disputing the verdict?

        I’m disputing the response, and the apparent glee that a kid is dead.

        • Ensitue, obviously, like every decent American, I support child sex slavery, especially if it’s Muslim in nature.

          Post order seems a little weird here, but if you’re trying to make a point, please make it.

          When did you stop beating your wife?

        • I agree. I never celebrated Trayvon’s death. It is a tragedy what happened. Neither one are heroes – Martin or Zimmerman, people shouldn’t make them out to be something they are not. And I agree with Ralph – People are focusing quite a bit on race rather than the criminal element. These “racial” thug attacks seem to mostly come from the criminal element within the African american populace – not from the entire populace themselves. People should spend more time explaining the justification of Zimmerman’s verdict of not-guilty due to lack of evidence and how our judicial system based on innocent until proven guilty is the better system rather than the “white guilt bank account.”

      • I agree with all this:

        It’s real simple – nobody has the right, no matter how offended – to punch someone in the face and break their nose unless they are prepared to face the consequences – black or white.

        Parents need to teach their kids about “sticks and stones” and that it isn’t OK to put your damned hands on someone because your feelings are hurt.

        People need to learn to keep their hands off each other. Period.

    • Incidents like this bring the racists out of the woodwork. And always there is the pushback you noticed, although not every comment gets addressed. Eventually, things calm down. Solely based on whether I recognize the names, I think most of them don’t stick around; or else they post under pseudonyms.

      Maybe there has been a slight accretion of regulars with ugly attitudes over the past few months, but I suppose that is to be expected as the readership increases.

    • NCG, if they lay hands on people like they did GZ, they get the ‘lead Skittle’.
      You see this as racism because your a libtard (democrat).
      Taste the rainbow.
      Wise up.

      • I agree, but it works both ways. Any person of any race shouldn’t be laying their hands on any other person – or they could get the “lead skittle” as you have worded it.

    • Thats not what Pat said.

      I’ve gotten into digital slap matches with Pat before, but that is bullshit NCG. I agree with Pat in this instance. You twisted his words rather harshly. I disrespect you very much because that is the kind of bullshit word games being played right now to label the opposition as racist.

      Trayvon Martin was a piece of work and so was Zimmerman. The problem is that this “child/baby” learned a very hard lesson (keep your dick beaters off of another person) and payed the ultimate price for it. Thats mother nature. She’s a bitch that way. Life isn’t fair and it sure isn’t all vasoline and talcum powder.

      I don’t think of Zimmerman as a hero, but think he overcame unsurmountable odds against a media that already convicted him, hollywood that holds significant leverage due to bread and circuses, the public opinion of a very vocal minority, professional athletes that have demonstrated gargantuan ignorance about the rule of law, and a president that got involved when he should have kept his dumbass mouth shut (hmmm….it seems to be a pattern of behavior with him).

      So, in a nut shell, knock it off.

      I hope Al Sharpton and the charlatans of MSNBC are reincarnated as carp because they are scum sucking bottom feeders.

      • To Pat and WLCE:

        Read over what I wrote, and you’re right, I did, in my fervor, say

        “Seems Pat thinks killing black kids who smoke dope and act tough on Twitter is a Good Thing. Also, they go to Hell.”

        I was putting words in his mouth, something best avoided in a debate – mea culpa.

        I still object to the characterization of GZ as a Patriot or Hero, and TM a thug and gang-banger. It’s no different than what the other side does – GZ racist vigilante, TM innocent child. I also think it’s wrong for Pat to hope for more killing of kids, even if they are “thugs.” I can think of kids I knew that seemed destined for prison or an early grave who are now productive family men. I think the preconception that people who look a certain way are “thugs,” or “racists,” for that matter is dangerous, especially for a person who has chosen to arm himself.

        Finally, Pat, what’s with the “libtard?” Serious, you can make your point without calling names, it undermines your credibility. You’re right, I am a registered Democrat, mostly because I live in Portland, OR, where the Democratic Primary IS the election. And I disagree with the Repubs about just about everything except gun rights.

        • Again, you mischaracterized what Pat said.

          You can weasel your way out of it, or at least, try, but I disrespect you for it and disrespect you for trying to insult my intelligence.

          I dont believe George Zimmerman is a patriot or that Martin was a thug, so Pat and I may have differing opinions there.

          I dont hope for more killing of “kid” thugs, but if they are committing violent crimes, then yes, I hope justice is adequately served, even if it involves a shooting. Justice in a society is more important that people’s delicate sensibilities.

          Yeah I dont agree with the libtard labels either. Socially, i am left leaning, and have long championed addressing the causes of all violence rather than blaming tools and infringing upon other people’s rights.

          America has a serious problem in the African American community. I mean a serious problem. Unfortunately, the politically correct media refuses to address this and so do the politicians. Because of their apathy and empty promises, they have blood on their hands.

        • Pat has a really hard time typing any comment without using the word libtard somewhere in it. His usage rate is probably above 75%.

        • WLCE, I’m not trying to weasel. Please explain to me what Pat was really saying. Better still, Pat could explain that. I do think Pat is a straight-up racist, based on his many posts here. If I’m wrong, I’m willing to be corrected. You clearly disrespect me for a lot of reasons, and that’s your right, but I certainly never tried to insult your intelligence. FWIW, I don’t disrespect you. I will take the liberty of quoting you:

          “America has a serious problem in the African American community. I mean a serious problem. Unfortunately, the politically correct media refuses to address this and so do the politicians. Because of their apathy and empty promises, they have blood on their hands.”

          I absolutely agree with your statement.

          I will also argue that our criminal “justice” system targets non-white people, especially blacks, disproportionately. There are all kinds of stats to back me up, from arrests, NYC stop and frisk, death penalty cases, etc. I don’t buy into the notion that anti-black racism is over in America, and that conservative white guys are the new “victim class.” We should care about justice for everyone, not just those people in our tribe.


        • 75%…sounds a bit low, I shall have to work to raise that figure. If ya vote libtard (democrat), ya vote anti-gun. It really is as simple as that (especially after newtown and the second cumming of Barry Obummer). Though the GOP is not immune, the Libtards (democrats) have swallowed the ‘Big Gov’ statist cult of victimhood and redistribution, hook, line, and sinker (the black community is hopelessly consumed by this death cult).
          NCG, these really are not children (as the libtard controlled media would have you believe by pushing the ages into the mid-twenties), but utterly destroyed vessels of a failed libtard theology begun in the mid-sixties. GZ has only acted patriotically in response to the libtard onslaught. Martin was just a troubled kid with anger control issues who brought a knuckle sandwich to a lead buffet. WLCE, we tickled more than slapped.
          Even as we speak, the libtrards are fighting like hell to remove us from our abilities to keep them (and the GOP) in check, as well as defend ourselves (firearms).
          I do think that people who properly defend themselves from evil are doing their patriotic duty and that the only people who have and are dealing the race card (from the bottom of the deck) are the libtards.

        • NCG, racism is believing that ALL of a particular race is somehow inferior and believe in separation. I think there are few of them that believe this (white AND black), and they are rightly marginalized. I would have voted for Condie Rice, for instance. If I view a particular race (which libtards FORCE me to do) in a negative light, then it is the policies and behaviors that make it so. The criminal justice system targets the black community for a statistical reason (unless you propose a dragnet on Utah churches on Sunday morning to go after elderly Mormon women).
          Straight-up racist…wise up, you silly weasel.

        • Thanks for responding, Pat. I think we can disagree with full information now.

          First off, whatever your view, I would suggest a lot of skepticism about partisan politics. A lot of people are freaked out about Obama, sometimes with good reason (his actions on the 4th amendment would make Dick Cheney blush). Some people are just freaked out because he’s black, sort of. However, the President is elected by a very few people in swing states. Because of the Electoral College, a President can win the election with less that half of the popular vote (ala G.W. Bush, allegations of cheating and Supreme Court coup aside). I live in Oregon, so it doesn’t matter who I vote for for President. Likewise, congressional districts are gerrymandered all to Hell, so most votes don’t matter. The Senate (both parties) is bought and paid for by Wall Street. I do call my reps on a regular basis to politely let them know what I think, about guns and a lot of other stuff. We all should do that, at least. Can’t hurt.

          It’s weird that you like Condie Rice, who to me absolutely represents the authoritarian national-security-corporate-industrial complex. Chevron named a tanker after her (before she was famous). I think she’s scary as Hell. Seriously, she is not friend of Freedom. I hope she just keeps cashing in on the speaking fees and leaves us alone.

          Finally, I quote you:

          “If I view a particular race (which libtards FORCE me to do) in a negative light, then it is the policies and behaviors that make it so. The criminal justice system targets the black community for a statistical reason (unless you propose a dragnet on Utah churches on Sunday morning to go after elderly Mormon women).”

          Not sure how “libtards” (such a tiresome term) are forcing you to do anything. Seems to me you do whatever you want, as you should. Freedom and shit. More importantly, I absolutely disagree that the criminal justice system targets the black community for a statistical reason. Tons of research and statistics agree with me. Tons of anecdotal evidence says the same thing. Cops target black people more than white people, even though both groups commit crimes at roughly the same rate. Don’t even get me started on how the death penalty is applied.

          I still say Peace, and I look forward to a healthy debate. I think we both love Freedom.

        • I would vote for Rice only as lesser of two evils in the general election, as we are a two party system (only way to change is from within one of the parties) and would have picked other candidates first. Electoral college should be done on a state percentage basis, so you get the regional impact of each state and a more accurate population vote total. It would be crazy to just have a national population vote total as the few populous regions would bogart the election.
          Obummer is worse that Carter. While I hate corrupt CEOs and banksters, I despise Big Gov statists far more (not only can they steal from you, but they can send you to jail or kill you). While I understand that the criminal justice system is broken, I think that the black population brings most of the misery on themselves….BECAUSE THEY HAVE THE MOST POWER TO CHANGE THE SYSTEM, from within, than any other group. It is blacks that kill other blacks, not fat, Hispanic watchmen they should fear. I think weed should be legal but understand that a lot of people in jail belong there (which is why the crime rate has gone down by half in the last twenty years).

  19. This type of sensationalist coverage… These comments, they scare the shit out of me. I can’t help but feel that the flames are being stoked by RF, just as they are by CNN, MSNBC, and Sharpton. It’s like you want riots, like you want to put your SCAR16 to good use… I love this site, and often the commentary found within. This type of coverage, though, fuels the fires, and the fear, hate, and misinformation of the types that insist the Petit home invasion was commited by black people (forgive the run-on sentence). Spin is easy on the web, and you have a great influence… That influence seems to be fanning the fires of fear and hatred at the moment. We are all on the same team here (save for Fuds)… I’m not ignoring truths about things that have occurred, I’m simply saying that this coverage reminds me more of the fear mongering BS of a site like Infowars, a site often bashed on these pages.

    • But what about the Black Nazi Stalinist Muslims?

      I agree, this is shameful shit. And totally divorced from the actual threats that gun advocates face.

      I’m more interested in freedom, than guns, though I do enjoy guns, and the freedom to own them. We have to do better than this.

      Maybe we can blame women now? Crazy bitches, anyone? Oh, been tried. Sorry.

  20. this attack was so VERY STEREOTYPICAL of the situation….cause you all know that violence solves problems

  21. It’s a vicious cycle. Hispanic guy kills black guy. Black people assault whites and hispanics in retaliation. Whites and hispanics arm themselves for protection. A black person will be killed in self-defense by white or hispanic. Rinse and repeat. As trite as it sounds, why can’t we all just get along?

  22. I dont see it as a young black male problem, it is a young person problem, all colors. Modern parenting is not working, we are churning out More worthless, entitled little brats every day, and all they do is blame the schools. It isnt the schools job to raise your little brat, its the parents. If Tm’s parents had raised him right and been more involved he might have had a better attitude and there would not have been a problem. But when you are taught that you are owed something and not to take any crap from no cracker then stuff like this happens.

    • Very, very true.

      New agers and liberals can argue all they want about families and the breakup of the traditional family, but they are idiotic for ignoring the implications of it.

      Single parent families are not whole families. They never, ever will be.

      Anybody who thinks they are just as good has blood on their hands as far as im concerned.


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