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MSNBC anchor Rachel Maddow – the electronic equivalent of Febreeze for gun rights – revealed to TMZ she took her 15-year partner on a first date to a gun range. A few years ago, Ms. Maddow journeyed to the NRA convention to spew her anti-gun vitriol “from the belly of the beast.” I saw her there looking with [what I thought at the time was] disdain at a tricked-out AR-15. I now realize that Ms. Maddow is a closet gunnie. Setting aside the obvious hypocrisy of someone who lobbies for civilian disarmament recommending ballistic dating protocol, is it possible that the girl’s for the turning? And if she could respect Americans’ natural, civil and Constitutionally protected right to keep and bear arms, what would happen to the rest of her politics? The mind boggles.

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    • The picture shown on the clip before you click play doesn’t show up anywhere in the video. She isn’t even with a woman in the video. Its a photoshop. If you actually, you know, watched the video you would know that.

  1. “She’s” just doing a guy thing. I imagine in “her” lifetime “she’s” been picked on a bit. A “girl’s” got to protect “herself”…BTW is ms. Maddow a Swyer syndrome baby? Anyone?

    • What the hell are you babbling about? Do you think it’s clever to use scare quotes around the feminine articles because she’s gay?

      Wow, you’re so hip. What a really super cool bigot you are. You must be the pride and joy of your local hate group.

    • Agreed. Why should anyone care what Racial Madcow or any other ranting liberal bull dyke thinks? As for her interest in guns, it’s like Diane Feinstein’s:

      “Guns for me but not for thee, you rightwing racist sexist fascist bigoted homophobe!”

      • Hate to tell you Herb; but your demeaning and derogatory references to Rachel’s sexual orientation just show you to be as hateful, bigoted and just plain ignorant as any liberal progressive. I personally don’t want to become what we are fighting.

        “Guns for me but not for thee, you rightwing racist sexist fascist bigoted homophobe!” (See Herb: you were describing yourself)

        Just describe them factually; elistist, statist control freak, delusional, in denial, bigoted, hateful and ignorant.

        • Well…yeah…Herb went a bridge to far….but you got to admit if your young kid came up to you and asked …”Hey, dad what’s a bull dyke?” …you’re first gonna tell him that’s not nice language…but secondly you’ll pull Maddow’s pic up and say….well that thing is what people mean when they say bull dyke. Cmon, you know that’s true.

        • Thomas, lighten up, for God’s sake. If she’s out and proud of it, who are we to quibble?

    • Well, we can always hope so, but it will take a huge amount of courage for her to do that: the PC media crowd will turn on her like a pack of frenzied, hydrophobic teacup poodles. Any public endorsement of the right to keep and bear arms will pretty much end her career, no matter her liberal media creds. Look at the way Hollywood has attacked any of their own who dare to mention the 2nd amendment in a positive light.

      • I don’t think that’s true at all. There are plenty of liberal gun owners. If anything the right is the home of the rabid one-issue moron, not the left.

        You guys have a bunch of sore-assed freaks that act like their wives ran off with a liberal and they are still paying the bills from the divorce.

        • “rabid one-issue moron” describing your peeps to perfection Johnny boy. Abortion anyone?

        • Nice try at deflecting the issue by changing the subject, John, but you failed to address the fact that the Politically Correct media crowd does, in fact, savagely attack anyone (especially in the media) who does not follow the “guns are evil” script.

          And if the phrase “pack of frenzied, hydrophobic teacup poodles” offends you, feel free to substitute “callous idle self-important self-indulgent hard-hearted flap-mouthed foot-lickers”.

        • I used to be a liberal gun owner. Then I was forced to realize that that being a “gun owner” was a helluva lot more important than being “liberal,” so when the asshats that run this team made me choose between the two, I did. And I’ve voted Libertarian or Republican ever since.
          That’s why people have to be very careful about that whole “single issue” thing- You make them “with us or against us” moments, you might get more than you bargained for. In my case, they turned a fairly moderate, socially liberal, pro-gun guy into a very independent, self-sufficient, socially accepting but otherwise very conservative pro gun guy.
          All because some dipshit tried to tell me that my gun ownership kills first graders.

          As for Rachel, I don’t care for her reporting, or opinionating, or whatever the hell it is that she does, but I would gladly share the range with her and her partner. I might even share some .22, for the cause.

        • @John G., sore assed freaks? Nah, just liberty lovers that oppose leftist/Marxists/statists/godvernmentalists/totalitarians…in short, any “liberal” d-bagger.

    • “There are pro-gun democrats in this world”. Yeah, but the problem is they vote for democrats. You know, the party that hates guns.

        • @John G., no they don’t….the R’s love Americans. They just don’t care much for AmeriKans that would deprive us of our liberties…

        • Yeah Johnny, wasting your time here troll. The Daily Kos is chock full of leftist asshats who believe, like you, that the 2A is a privilege and not a right.

        • Now hold on there. I’ve seen plenty of evidence here that John G. is a bleeding leftist ulcer on a ton of issues, but little that he opposes gun rights in particular.

        • @SteveInCO, pro-2A folks don’t vote for apparatchiks of a Party that are bound and determined to deprive Americans of their RKBA.

  2. I didn’t know she liked shooting. Maybe she is one of those lefties who isn’t against guns, she’s just thinks guns are only for the government/corporate elite.

      • Many gun controllers are fine with the government having guns, and they don’t mind if the Hollywood or Wall Street mega-rich have armed body guards. They just don’t like that you and I have guns.

  3. The anti’s desperately want guns. They want to take guns from the masses and only let the elite, the powerful and those who support them own and carry guns. Look at the New York, California , Massachusetts and Delaware models being constructed. They are not banning guns. They are providing the state the ability to confiscate guns, controlling who gets gun permits and ensuring that the state guns magazine capacity is much greater than that of the citizens. Once they get the system in place they will reference the 2A as a Constitutional right and reference the state laws as defining a well regulated militia. Then they will be in full compliance with the 2A.

    • We all know that in fact the 2A is actually a collective right and that the 2A gives, soldiers, cops, and all government bureaucrats to have the right to unfettered access to any and all firearms.

  4. This is well known. She also thinks guns should stay at the gun range and you shouldn’t get to take them home with you. Though I bet she’s got them for personal security.

  5. I’ve noticed a lot of left leaning people have a different view on “protection against tyranny of the state” after participating in peaceful occupy wall street protests and subsequently having their faces bashed in by police stormtroopers.

  6. Is it really necessary to dog on the woman’s looks or sexuality? It cheapens our argument to resort to the same vitriol as the gun grabbers who speak with disdain of anyone who doesn’t live in one of the urban meccas. They’re making this an argument of ignorance versus enlightenment, and resorting to something as cheap as questioning her feminity doesn’t help matters.

  7. Breaking? Really? You are a little behind the curve on this one. While I am no fan of Maddow, she revealed several years ago that she shoots regularly at a gun range in Manhattan. She likes six-shooters.

  8. Theres a lotta negative jealous peeps from
    All walks of life that sit in front of their PC STUFFING twinkies with 64 OZ sodas. Truly you cant fix stupid

  9. So she’s being a hypocrite or she’s an elitist who believes she’s special and everyone else is a violent moron who can’t be trusted or, my personal bet, it was some ironic hipster date.

  10. Oh, people of that demographic can turn full 2A. Trust me on this one.

    I doubt it’ll happen while being otherwise gets her “real paid”, but it’s not an impossibility.

    A lot of talking heads hide behind position statements they don’t believe in, usually with the “excuse” that they’re “just an entertainer” and not a politician or journalist.

    Not saying Maddow does this, I have no idea, just saying that a cold day in hell is not required to turn a liberal lesbian city dweller to full 2A.

    Well on second thought , being a member of the “elite” may lessen that chance.

    (also, if dating someone almost identical to you — orientation and sexuality not withstanding — isn’t an indicator of possible narcissism, I don’t know what is.)

  11. If she and her partner (lets keep the derogatory language out of this) of 15 years had their first date at a shooting range and she still agitates for gun control I think it shows that some people may be willing to compromise themselves for advancement

  12. Maddow would probably be all for personal firearms ownership and concealed carry, had she been alive, adult, and out during the times in decades past, when gays were routinely beat, attacked, and victimized in public and in private. She’s fortunate enough to live in a time and era where her sexual orientation doesn’t automatically put her at high risk for violent physical assault – though I’m sure there are a few places in the country where she still could be chancing it to visit.

  13. This is old news. She has been with her partner for over 15 years. I heard Maddow interviewed years ago. She herself said that her partner is an avid shooter and gun rights supporter, and (I think) an NRA member. Go figure. Love is blind.

  14. This proves about as much as anti-gun pols staging photos with (what are very likely to be rented) guns to try and fail to appeal to us and the fence-riders, which is a whole lot of nothing.

    She is still in favor of gun control, after all, which is, always has been, and forever shall be a policy that (ironically for her and her partner) dis-empowers the LGBTQ community, that dis-empowers women, that dis-empowers racial minorities, that dis-empowers religious minorities, that dis-empowers the poor, that dis-empowers the elderly, that dis-empowers the physically and mentally infirm, and that dis-empowers the men that she ever so very clearly hates beyond all reason with a passion that burns hotter than a thousand Suns in every fiber of her despicable being.

    I still only rightly no-bill her as any paragon of righteousness whatsoever; she is not guilty of that charge.

  15. she just wanted to impress her Constructionist Lesbian B**** that she was a hard core Revolutionary Operator that was geared up to shoot the evil white males in their gonads upon Obama’s command

  16. Here you go- Rachel and partner Susan, whom she met doing odd jobs while studying for her doctorate. Wiki says their first date was an NRA event- “Ladies Day at the Range”.,,20358360,00.html
    May – December romance.

    I personally could care less about her sleeping arrangements.
    Or her fashion style.
    She is obviously a big role model for the LGBT crowd:

    I despise her political posturing on MSNBC, and the rank hypocrisy that styles the propaganda there as “news”, but then again, I dont watch it, nor do I support any product advertised there, and judging by MSNBC’s ratings falling off the cliff, most Americans dont either.

    If Rachel is an LBGT lefty coming around to 2A rights, that is a good sign.
    I suspect more gay people than we know are also 2A defenders, or coming to the realization they need to protect themselves, rather than trust the Progressive Left to do it for them.

    When seconds count, the police are only minutes away.

  17. Liberals aren’t against owning guns, just everyone else owning them. They themselves are usually tooled up and rationalize it by saying they are afraid of gun owners.


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