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“A police officer in Philadelphia was shot multiple times late Thursday by an attacker who told authorities he had pledged loyalty to the Islamic State,” reports. “The officer survived the ‘unprovoked’ shooting and returned fire, hitting the attacker, who survived and was taken into custody, Richard Ross Jr., the city’s new police commissioner, said at a news conference. Ross said during a later news conference that the suspect confessed to the shooting and told detectives . . .

he did it “in the name of Islam.”

Police also said that the attacker told authorities he was pledging allegiance to the Islamic State, the militant group that has declared a caliphate in parts of Iraq and Syria.

The remainder of the Post article examines the incident from the police ambush perspective, completely ignoring the Islamic angle. The general pubic is not likely to share their lack of concern.

Philadelphia shooting gun (courtesy

While it’s only a matter of time before the civilian disarmament industrial complex demands to know where the shooter got his gat – Rush Limbaugh is reporting that the gun was stolen from the police in 2013 – anyone with half a brain knows that bad guys get guns. Period. Meanwhile, incidents like this are spurring gun sales to new heights. And rightly so.

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    • But he has super special training that mere mortals can’t get (in at least four hours from a competent instructor).

    • The idiot new mayor jumped out there and blamed it on too many guns on the street.
      Turns out the gun used was stolen two years ago from a Philadelphia policeman.
      On another note, the guy had his arms inside the police car in the photos and landed three out of thirteen shots. Thank god for the poor marksmanship.

    • I was in Fire/EMS and was going to be a medic on the local swat team. I went through the mini-boot camp that all prospect team members have to attend. Of those of us in the class, six were active duty cops. In the shooting sections of the class, I out shot all of the other prospects, including the cops. They were getting hammered by the DI’s because a Fire/EMS guy was kicking their butts, when they were the cops in the field carrying a gun.

      The only cops that were my equal were the other full time swat team members. And get this. In the shooting competitions I would participate in the private world, Three Gun Tactical, IPSC, IDPA and Action Pistol, etc, i would come in only in the top 50 percentile. Many of the shooters. as private citizens, were much better than me.

      So yeah, many cops, unless they were Swat, don’t even match the better of regular citizens in the shooting sports.

      • Yeah, you can see who participates in the games. I don’t know which one, but I bet serious bucks that traffic cop in Garland, TX, who took down the two guys with AKs there to kill all the cartoonists making fun of mohammed, was a serious gamer. If you did not get the photo coverage, you could see from the little evidence flags where his casings landed, he was advancing at a steady pace, firing steadily, stopped to reload and then continued. I am not a gamer, but I have seen enough videos to know that was something this guy did every weekend, for fun. Two suicidal killers determined to slaughter dozens, armed with (OMG!) assault weapons, and he stepped out of his car and shot them down like they were straw targets on a pistol range. I wish they had a video!

      • I think because it is a job, most cops don’t shoot at a range as much as most of us. A lot of us consider this a hobby.
        It’s like the local Landscaper that lives in a house with the worst landscaping.

    • I can agree with that call. Disarm the police! If we could just get that idea moving, the police would get on board and scuttle the whole movement.

    • Waiting for Obama and liberals to call this ‘workplace violence’ and then accuse everyone else of being racist.

    • Ummm, no, unlike the politically correct mind control robot on the video saying that true Islam had nothing to do with this man’s actions; Islam, by the actions of Muhammad, by any definition, a mass murdering religious psychopath; this man was simply emulating the founder of Islams actions.

      Islam is the only major religion, as a person becomes more devout, they become more homicidal.

      But you already knew that ROHC. You were just being ironic.

  1. Clearly the blame falls on Suburban America. Some more laws making it extra illegal to assault someone with a deadly weapon clearly need to be cut loose.

    • Lets not jump to conclusions, just yet. This could easily just be a misunderstanding – you know how bad men are when it comes to asking directions. /sarc

  2. So, the gun was stolen from a police officers’ home in 2013, passed through who knows how many hands and finally used by Muslim Terrorist. What does the newly minted Philly mayor (Jim Kenney) have to say about this?

    “There are just too many guns on the streets and I think our national government should do something about that.”

    Right on! Congress should pass a law making it illegal to steal guns from cops and use them in crimes! What’s that? It is already illegal to do that? Oh, well, we should expand background checks to include all gun thieves. Yeah, that will do it.

    • Here’s another quote from Mayor Kenney:
      “This is a criminal with a stolen gun who tried to kill one of our officers,” Kenney said at the same news conference. “This has nothing to do with being a Muslim or following the Muslim faith.”

      • What is it about Democrats that they cannot stop lying? It has got to be a disease or mental illness, because everyone in that party seems to lie habitually.

      • What is it with these democrat politicians?!?

        Shooter: I did it because of my Muslim faith and my devotion to the Islamic State.

        Prez/Progressive/Unknown democrat politician: All the facts are not in, but the one thing we know for certain is that this has nothing to do with Islam or the Muslim faith. We’re looking into reports that he may have listened to right wing talk radio.

      • “Here’s another quote from Mayor Kenney:
        “This is a criminal with a stolen gun who tried to kill one of our officers,” Kenney said at the same news conference. “This has nothing to do with being a Muslim or following the Muslim faith.””

      • This info appeared late in the Phila. news:

        “Federal authorities are also looking into two trips Archer made to the Middle East. In the fall of 2011, he traveled to Saudi Arabia for a pilgrimage to Mecca and stayed for several weeks, an FBI spokesman said. The next year, he went to Egypt for reasons that are unclear and spent several months there.

  3. Was the cop on the job? Yes. Then it’s workplace violence, not terrorism. Don’t take my word for it, just ask King Hussein.

  4. Neither the current POTUS nor the lamestream media will ever use the words “Islamic” and “terrorist” in the same sentence.

  5. From the pics I saw, the slime got right up to the window shooting and hit the cop only three times. Kudos to the cop to return fire after being shot. Get well soon.

    • He probably hit the officer’s vest a number of time. I’m sure the vest saved the officer’s life. Praying for the officer’s rapid recovery. Glad they caught the scumbag terrorist.

  6. Title made me do a double take: “Philadelphia Cop Shooter Is an Islamic Terrorist”. It sounds like the Cop is the shooter/terrorist. Maybe should read: “Islamic Terrorist shoots Philadelphia Cop”

  7. Let’s see.
    1. Villain says he pledged allegiance to ISIS
    2. Villain says he committed said crime in the name of Islam
    3. Villain probably shouted Allahu Akbar a few times as he committed this crime
    4. Villain was wearing Islamic garb at the time of the crime
    5. Villain made a cowardly and treacherous attack on an unsuspecting victim
    6. According the Washington Post, “the attacker told Philadelphia police officials he believes they enforce laws that are contrary to the Koran”.

    And somehow, it is breaking news that this crime appears to be an act of Islamic terrorism.

    Somehow it must be the fault of that evil black colored (Gen 2) Glock brand Glock pistol. Are the Gen 3 and 4 pistols still evil?

    No, it must have just been

  8. The frighteningly odd thing is that this story, and other like it, mark a critical divide in the U.S. and in the West.

    While much of the population (i) sees a member of the perpetually perpetrating class acting in allegiance with radical Islam, another part of the population (ii) sees “Nothing to do with Islam” and more reason for gun control.

    As one who sees another lawless Black thug acting out his antisocial rage while flying an Islamic flag, I am afraid that the divide is one of reason versus insanity.

  9. When Jim Kenney (D) was elected new mayor he rescinded his predecessors policy on illegal immigrants allowing Philadelphia to become a Sanctuary City again. He instructed the police to disregard notifying ICE on any illegals that were apprehended. And he jump onto the Obama bandwagon calling for more national gun laws today. The citizens of Philadelphia have only themselves to blame by electing him to office.

    • To win the Mayoral race in Philadelphia a white guy requires all the hispanic votes (there are many) and solid backing by the unions. Kenney followed exactly that formula. He is a hack, and makes no statement except it is calculated, true or false, to attract votes, holding his coalition together for a second term.

      The neighborhood in which the shooting took place, far southwest Phila. at 60th and
      Spruce Street, is very tough, very drug ridden. I would say (though not an expert) that it is one of the two or three highest violent crime rate areas of the city. I still drive through it occasionally as a short cut to facilities at the Univ of Pennsylvania.

  10. We are facing an increasing threat from the kind of terrorism that Israeli’s have faced since 1948. All you lovers of Palestinians and haters of Jews take note.

    • We are facing an increasing threat from the kind of terrorism that Israeli’s have faced since 1948. All you lovers of Palestinians and haters of Jews take note.

      American Jews vote 70-80% Democrat (only blacks have higher %), and have been in the vanguard of the open-borders movement for nearly a century. Israel won’t lift her little finger to help out the right in America (Bibi just gave the Donald a ration of shit recently, if you’ll remember).

      That the kind of notes we’re supposed to be taking?

  11. Islamic Terrorist uses Gun Stolen from Police to Ambush Police Officer.

    Now there is a proper headline. Not that you’ll ever see it used except for around here.

  12. It’s EXACTLY like September 11, 2001.

    Could have happened at any other time, on any other day, to anyone else


    [not that the near-silence from our republican representatives isn’t equally chilling]

  13. “Rush Limbaugh is reporting that the gun was stolen from the police in 2013”

    Philadelphia PD have confirmed this in a press conference.

  14. The democrats don’t know it but they make make the best promoters for gun sales.
    It the local police got the blue flue for a couple of weeks like the Baltimore or New York City police then maybe in time some of these mayors will change their attitude.

  15. Agh eerr – Mr. police chief…Sir, you may have not gotten the memo. IS is “at war” with the US and half of the Civilized world. Please take appropriate action and have a nice day.

  16. I watched the coverage intermittently. Seemed authorities were trying to do everything to find some way to prove that despite the suspect (?) claims, he really didn’t do it because….Islam.

    • That’s the funniest thing about this story. As someone posted above, the guy SAYS it was about Islam, and still the Proggie Pols say it was not about Islam.

      Ya just can’t make this stuff up…

      • I read 1984 in my youth and thought, “this is an absurd story, no way it could happen in real life.”

        About a year or so ago, I listened to it on Audiobook, having not read it again since my youth, and you know, it doesn’t seem so absurd anymore.

        • Orwell was projecting the outcome of the leftist/statist policies being implemented in his own country.

  17. I posted this on Facebook, and will be discussing it during briefing tonight with the graveyard shift:

    My thoughts and prayers go out to Officer Hartnett, who was ambushed and brutally shot multiple times while seated in his marked patrol car. Thankfully Officer Hartnett survived and was able to return fire, hit the suspect, and defend his life against this deadly threat. Officer Hartnett is currently recovering and will need multiple surgeries to treat his injuries.

    A couple of additional thoughts:

    1. Fast access to a firearm, and the skill and will to use a firearm saved Officer Harnett’s life.
    2. No gun control measure put forth by the President, or the upcoming California ammunition ban coming to the CA ballot would have prevented this brutal attack. The handgun used was stolen.
    3. The suspect pledged allegiance to Islam, and stated that the Officer represented a set of laws not recognized by the Koran regarding Sharia law.

    Stay frosty, my friends. And keep your powder dry.

  18. If this cop had been shot with a gun lost by a careless non-cop, I am pretty sure that the Philly cops would be making life miserable for that theft victim. But here the gun was stolen from (lost by?) a brother cop, so it’s all good.

  19. he seems to be wearing a lab coat of some sort. not good. wtf has he been doing in the lab? not saying he didn’t belong there but really what was he doing in there? we might wanna check that out.

  20. So maybe i didn’t grasp this one, please help me out?
    Was this guy a widow or an orphan?
    Obama said we shouldn’t be concerned about these people……right????

  21. If we added the no fly list to NICS his purchase or theft of a stolen handgun would have been prevented, right?

    • Not like they would “go bad.”

      Change out the internals and it’s a brand new gun, for all intents and purposes. Proabaly cheaper than buying new ones, at that.

  22. Day is almost over. Where is Obama to praise the cop for pursuing the shooter even after he had been shot several times and was still being shot at? Obama’s always there to stir up the masses when a cop shoots a black kid, but never when it’s the other way around.

  23. And if you or I were “ambushed” we would all be talking about situational awareness. I’m surprised they’re not calling this a “hate crime”. Yeah and even though homie claimed jihad-hood it may be he’s just your average angry,felonious black dude. I know I’ve met a bunch(especially at the gym). Hell a few of my “in-laws” are f###ed up nation of islam ex-cons…Hope the cop is OK.

  24. he did it “in the name of Islam.”
    Russian Intelligence Officer in 9th Company was right on when it came to Islam.

  25. Where is the president to speak out against this terrorist attack? He’s in the war room trying to spin it against the NRA and how his better background checks could have stopped this from happening.

  26. What a POS the chicken sh*t shooter is, run chickie run coward. Officer performs his duty even when seriously wounded, valor in the face of adversity.

  27. Why do you think the Democrats want to disarm us it’s so their Islamic brethren being poor misguided souls can ambush American people in the name of their God!
    This cop did his job, he nailed the shooter under the most adverse conditions a good example of Semper Paratus!
    Well done, God speed, Semper Fi,


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