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“Eric Frein, the suspect in the deadly ambush of a Pennsylvania state trooper, has been taken into custody after a seven-week manhunt, the Pennsylvania State Police announced Thursday night.” Frein has been the object of a manhunt since the ambush shooting death of Pennsylvania State Trooper Byron Dickson and the wounding of another trooper on September 12. “A law enforcement source told Fox News U.S. Marshals arrested Frein after obtaining information that he was hiding in an airport hangar near Buck Hill, the same general area where they had been searching for him. They called him out and he surrendered without incident, the source said. He was armed but no shots were fired…. Frein has been charged with first-degree murder and various other offenses, including two counts of possession of weapons of mass destruction filed after police discovered the pipe bombs.”

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  1. I thought the whole cat and mouse chase was interesting. Sort of surprised he stayed in the search zone. Seems the cops were sort of slow in capturing him. I thought the Rook tracked vehicle they brought in was a joke.

  2. That’s it, I can’t take it anymore. The page long ads for who’s a bisexual, stupid trick pills for fatsos, and all the other idiotic stuff that adds an extra page is too much. This is supposed to be The Truth About Guns, not The Truth About Bisexual Fat Guys That Invest In Young Millionaires! If you get rid of it email me. For now you have lost a dedicated reader.

    • Only ad I see is KJW holding a rifle pushing a firearms festival. Someone should have told him about firefox w/Adblock Plus or Chrome with…. wait for it….Adblock Plus.

    • cash rules everything around me.

      hey, did i tell you about this new trick for PA drivers? click here>……

    • WonderJay, email me and I’ll let you in on this one weird trick that’ll teach you how to get rid of the ads. ROBERT DOES NOT WANT YOU TO KNOW THIS INFORMATION, SO FIND OUT BEFORE HE FINDS A WAY TO SHUT ME DOWN!!!

    • I just saw my high school prom picture in the “29 prom pics….” ad, ahhh the good ol days. Also I just learned 12 tricks to make women obsess over me (in addition to the 13 I’ve been employing for years mind you). Thanks to TTAG tomorrow I turn over a new leaf, Women will be falling at my feet. Who knows, the next ad I click just might make me a millionaire. I owe it all to you Robert! Maybe if I have any extra obsessive woman we can double date this weekend….who am I kidding, I have never had an extra woman. Thanks again Rob, I guess I’ll figure out some other way to repay you for all the new knowledge.
      P.s. I feel like we’re at the point where I can call you Rob, maybe its all the new ads you’ve imparted our way.

    • I don’t know if you’ll read this, but I recently had ads start showing up again. Re-installing adblock/adblock plus did nothing, but when I updated my browser, adblock worked again.

      TTAG: I realize that ads pay the bills, but they also lose viewers. I guess there’s a proper amount/type of ads that will be effective and bring revenue without losing viewers. FYI, what I experienced recently with the ads was highly frustrating. Other than visual distractions, the ads can slow old computers, obviously.

    • Personally I understand that you need to pay the bills. That is just common sense. I like the advertisement from lucky gunner, or Walter or really anything that is closely gun related then I am on board to view, click, and help pay the bills around here. But when it comes to the bi-sexual or who is gay I just may need to get one of those ad blockers the others are talking about. If if that happens I don’t think it helps TTAG pay the bills does it?

      • Google adapts ads after your search history… so regarding the bisexuals and stuff I will let you figure that one out.

    • Robert,

      For those that complain about ads, why not offer a subscription service – without ads?

      At the very least, it would force those that dislike ads to put their money where their mouth is.

      Personally, when I get something for free, I don’t look a gift horse in the mouth.


      • I am not sure why offering constructive criticism has to be considered bitching or complaining. My daughter has to write a speech for school for 4H, she chose guns as she is an aspiring competitive shooter. Her teacher said “No that is inappropriate” so my daughter asked if she can do her speech on 2nd amendment which then the teacher replied, “Yes but remember it has to be 4 minutes long.”

        I am not sure what is more appalling, the fact that the teacher thought the 2nd was something that would be hard to fill a 4 minute speech about or that you can’t discuss shooting in 4H which has several shooting programs.

        Anyway so as she prepares and does her research I told her to stop by TTAG to look up articles on the 2nd amendment and maybe even read some articles on countries that don’t have a 2A to give her ideas of talking points.

        Her being 12 and still very innocent the ads that say things like, “10 Celebs You’d Never Guess Went Full Frontal On Film” are things I don’t want her seeing, not that she is sheltered but more a family values things, I try to raise my kids as if we live in a world better than worrying about seeing celebrities junk.

        By no means am I using the “do it is for the kids” argument, and again I get that bills need to be paid which is why I tolerate the pop ups, the virus install attempts, and even that annoying audio player that plays while I am reading. I just have wonder if “Suppressing Celebs That Are Well Hung” is an ad that best represents TTAG. And if we didn’t voice our concerns, what some call bitching, I am sure we might still be getting those virus install attempts.

        • Fair enough – I hadn’t considered a younger audience here.

          Still, I like the idea of a pay for no ads option.


      • Exactly Ted. It’s free. Deal with it. Or not. Or start your own blog. My wife has a very successful decorative antique blog. Millions of view. Thousands of followers. And enormous headaches.

    • Robert, the most offensive ads I’ve ever seen here show up under the moniker “Content From Sponsors, by Taboola” – Taboola is one of the most vile ad sponsor & you’ll see other sites complaining to their ad providor to drop those ads. Perhaps you can make that step?

    • I personally don’t care, but what it does to is make the site look much more unprofessional and rather silly. It looks more like one of “those” websites like infowars or other sensationalist “alternative news” sites. For new readers it could be a turn off. Then again, so could the comments section of any article on here. I guess its just all a matter of who your main target audience is.

  3. It ended up, I would point out, just like that other massive thousand cop search, the one for the Boston Bomber: The final capture in each was brought about by an ‘ordinary citizen’ noticing the guy was in his (hanger, boat).

    I’m convinced these asses (Boston, Frein) just commit these hideous acts to blow state budgets. B1tches.

    • More like it’s the cops who want to blow their own budgets.

      That way, they can come hat-in-hand the next fiscal year saying…

      “see, we were over budget last year due to our massively inefficient use of resources on that manhunt….so what we want is a bigger budget so that when we go on a massively inefficient manhunt next year…we won’t be over budget”

      Repeat each year.

      Watch your budget grows.

      It’s like giving yourself a present from Santa Claus.

  4. I tolerated the ads on your site on my mobile but these new “news” ads are way too much. If it was some kind of ads I had any interest at all in I would not mind but these new ones are so annoying. Now I installed ad blocker on my android to kill all the ads. If you take them off I will in install the ad blocker once again.

    My personal little protest.

    Oh and I work in advertising so I understand the need but the new ones are too much in my opinion.

  5. I don’t get it. This guy shoots two police officers, then runs into the woods to hide for six weeks without conducting another attack or escaping the area. Then he gives up without firing a shot. What is he doing? He doesn’t appear to be motivated by ideology, what is the point? And how does he evade all of those police for six weeks in a reasonably small area? I realize the terrain is rugged but it sounds like he was contained and the police weren’t restrained by resources. I don’t get it.

        • No. That fact was in a big headline meant to sell newspapers, which they have to sell to sell ads.

          I can’t believe anybody is bothered by the ads. I never noticed them until the bitching started. They’re just there in case people have a problem focusing, and need to click on something.

          My favorite website claims its motto is “don’t be evil.” They specialize in push ads out. So it must not be evil, right?

    • He was found well over 20 miles from the original crime scene, and if you are not familiar with the terrain, it’s quite hilly and densely wooded. Remember it took YEARS to find the Atlanta Olympic bomber. I give all the law enforcement agencies involved credit for getting him this quick. And I am sure happy they got him, so that things here in the Poconos will return to normal. Folks around here are tired of helicopter fleets flying nightly patrols, tired of road blocks, check points, school closings, and local businesses being hurt by all of this.

  6. Pipe bombs are WMDs? Sh*t, my late father-in-law had his own little Manhattan Project going on in his backyard, then. And my wife knows very well how to make them, because he taught all of his kids. Back then, it was something fun to do with pieces of metal pipe and cans of black powder. These days, he probably would have been labeled a domestic terrorist and with ties to Al-Qaeda.

  7. Google, and install:Firefox, Adbock Plus, Ghostery.
    Read instructions, make selections on settings.

    No more ads.
    Takes about twice the time to hunt and peck this sentence.

    You’re welcome.

    • I personally prefer Chrome, Ghostery, and µBlock, but yeah. And if you do block ads, maybe kick TTAG a few bucks to keep the lights on.

  8. Murdering 2 cops is pretty messed up, but the amount of manpower allocated to this manhunt was staggering. It shows you that cops and citizens are not equal in the eyes of the authorities. I would like to think that this type of manpower would be mobilized if 2 members of my family were murdered.

  9. I thought for sure the cops were covering up something and he’d never be taken alive to hide something sinister the cops did… Now he’ll get his day in court to explain his side of things…perhaps I was wrong in my assumption.

  10. This whole thing seems really weird to me. If he had such a vindeta against cops, then why did he not kill more cops? Or go out in a “blaze of glory”? And the way the media sensationalized him has already made it impossible for him to get a fair trial. What about his motive? Flimsy at best.

    • Good questions. My thoughts were that he must have had a grudge with one or both of the particular cops he shot, though I guess that might have come out by now. Or maybe he just had a head full of bad wiring and he declared war on the closest authority figures he could find. Or because of the location in which he could disappear into the woods. It’s difficult to try to get into the head of someone like that. I’ll be interested to see more details as they come out.

      • I think that my major problem with the whole thing is the assumption by the media that it already knows the whole story just because it knows pieces. I agree that the details will tell more of the story.

  11. Well, shoot. Looks like they did detain the Frein.

    I hoped he would have made it out of the Poconos and escaped somewhere else, but now he’s just going to be another excuse for police militarization.


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