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Crack and guns (courets

“President Barack Obama announced on Wednesday that he is shortening prison sentences for 214 federal prisoners,” reports. “56 of whom have firearms related convictions on their records. The mass commutation is the largest ever issued in a single day U.S. history, the White House said in a press release.” Click here to read the doc, which describes the crimes committed.

The commutations all take effect December 1. On that date, the prison system will release all 214 federal prisoners named. The commutations are almost all related to offenders serving time for drug offenses. Dealing, not using. And some manufacturing, too. Not to mention Sharon Price, convicted of money laundering.

So the President who lobbies for universal gun registration (a.k.a., universal background checks) and an assault weapons ban and constantly decries the “gun violence epidemic” supposedly plaguing this nation is happy to set criminals convicted of firearms offenses free — because “victimless crime.” Felons in possession and all. Serial numbers filed off, too.

The press release offered no explanation for this decision.

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    • Toss me a bone. What does this mean? Did Obama even read the charges or did he just go with the suggestions/favors of trusted friends. Or perhaps he is having favors called in before he leaves office. We all know that favors are traded even when the favors have names and police records.

      God I love this country.

    • what really sucks is he will not pardon real people who had their lives ruined over a short barrel, or finding their grand fathers Maxim suppressor, or David Olofson (the man who had his semi auto misfire and his shit head friend turned him into the ATF (thanks alot fuck face, I hope burn in hell, traitor)) but no, we can not pardon good men who are ruined by bad, unjust, unconstitutional laws, no we need to pardon criminals, release them so they can burden the system and vote D in elections, and when they do not show up in numbers you need, just open the border, and import them via the immigration system…

      More proof leftist are the enemy and must be stopped.

      • This article pissed me off so much I was already working up one hell of a rant. But you pretty much hit it right on the head. Thanks man. You might have saved me from having a stroke.

    • I want to see 214 mug shots.

      And when you’re not watching the maggots will find the “error” on the paperwork. Change to NOVEMBER 1. dem be demtard voters.

    • I would certainly not call drug dealing a victimless crime. However, many of the people on the list were given life sentences. Not sure what they did prior to the conviction mentioned on the list, but Life seems awfully harsh for some/most of the offenses resulting in that charge. Doesn’t mean getting out this December makes sense though, either. And I’d certainly have to agree that there are other people rotting away in prison who really don’t deserve to be in there at all in the first place for any amount of time (aforementioned accidental NFA violations and other ‘strict liability’ law breaking without actual intent, etc).

  1. To Obama, gun control has nothing to do with guns. It has everything to do with controlling the citizenry so that he and his Marxist henchmen can achieve absolute power over us. This is just like Obamacare. It had nothing to with affordable health care. Frankly, I don’t think Obama gives a damn about anyone but himself, and perhaps, Valerie Jarrett. Obamacare was passed so that the Central Government could control the health care, or lack thereof, that each citizen received. Don’t expect the MSM to run with this story since their accomplices in Obama’s war on the Second Amendment.

  2. Well they’re just future Democrat voters. Nothing to see here-move along…Dead or alive you’re voting for D(with apologies to ROBOCOP).

  3. “…The press release offered no explanation for this decision…”

    I think the reasoning is obvious to anyone outside the liberal commie party.

  4. The optimist in me says “56 down, 6000 to go”.

    The realist in me says “So he kicked out 214 federal felony class drug dealers, and 56 of them had guns on them when arrested”.

  5. I’m certain the normal rate of recidivism somehow doesn’t apply to these perpetrators of GUN VIOLENCE. They have been made incapable of crime by their fairy godfather’s magic pen. Right?

  6. Why it’s almost as if the administration wants more gun crime or something…

    – Oooh, look! Plim Plardassikan is twizzlegerking!

  7. Part of me wonders why the media isn’t talking about this. This is huge. Gun crime being pardoned! They should be in hoplophobic rage.

    But then I remember.

  8. More than 10% of these (25 by my count) had offenses included ‘Felon in possession of a firearm’ (some of the 25 had multiple counts of this offense). One had an unregistered NFA item. One had an added count of bearing false witness to an FFL….

    • Local radio news said these were 200 drug convictions pardoned, were the gun charges in addition and incidental to the drug convictions?

      Were any of these gun convictions *only*?

      • Most/all appeared to be primarily drug dealing offenses, with 25 having ‘felon in possession of a firearm’ offenses attached.

        The War on Drugs has been a failure, no doubt. I’d prefer legalization and then taxation similar to alcohol.

        That being said, if you are a FELON, and your 2A RIGHTS have not been restored, then having a FIREARM is exactly who the left is screaming ‘should not have a gun’, and most would reasonably agree (so long as the courts have not restored your rights – a topic for another day; if they restore your right to vote, then your 2A rights should be restored as well, IMHO). Instead, it seems that those people can be pardoned by our Chief Executive.

        Remember, the 25 were prior felons – so that’s likely two drug dealer charges, and at least one illegal firearms possession. Yup, these sound like upstanding citizens ready for re-integration into society, demonstrably…

        The feds don’t have a 3 strikes law, do they?

  9. These commuted sentences were to make room for all the law abiding citizens who will inadvertently be charged with firearms violations once Hillary Clinton is President (shudder) and passes sweeping gun control reform.

    ughhh… my stomach hurts from all this nonsense, Pence just backed out and is endorsing Ryan, which is interesting in a festering wound kind of way.

    Another day, another load of crap from the Pres,.

    • This was my thought as well. The prisons are overcrowded, so let’s empty out some space for the newest crop of newly made felons, like that cop in San Francisco who is facing a felony assault weapons charge because his home-built did not have a bullet button. (I assume his service rifle that was in the trunk of his car didn’t either, and probably an “extended capacity mag” as well.) California’s prisons are at capacity (and that after releasing 35,000 prisoners), all of these AW crimes must be made federal violations.

  10. Hey, even a broken clock is right twice a day. Most of these people are non-violent drug offenders.

    End the drug war. Prohibition never works. Adults have the right to consume any substances they choose so long as they hurt no one else in the process.

    • I was pretty confused by the sturm und drang as well.

      Which is it guys? Constitutional carry? Or permitted by carry by only those on an approved list?

      • Guns are evil, YOU people are causing death everywhere for your desire to own guns
        –left side of mouth

        You had a little gun when you got accidentally caught with drugs? Well, I know you are a good person, so it’s all good, please carry on.
        –right side of mouth.

        This is an perfect example of the politicrats methodology: what I say is bad is only bad when it is the other side. (US “Conservative” & “Liberal” label subscribers(btw, does anyone else understand that these labels as used in the US only apply to Victorian social norms, and not government practicalities?)).

  11. It makes perfect sense. So-called “gun crime” is down, weakening the argument for gun control. So what to do? Get more people on the street who are likely to commit gun crimes to get the numbers back up. Of course you need to include a few people who don’t fit that profile so it’s not as obvious.

  12. Every single one involving firearms was either a crime committed alongside a drug trafficking or possession offense, or a felon-in-possession violation.

  13. Seeing as most of these are cocaine and methamphetamine related; WTF?!

    The war on marijuana is ridiculous but these drugs WILL destroy lives and people selling/manufacturing them should be in jail.

    And felon in possession of firearms is a whole other ball of wax….

  14. How many Black, Muslim & Black Muslim offenders did he release? Any MS13 or other Latinos? Probably not a Whitey amongst them. Bet your bottom dollar All these Felons are Multiple time offenders with The Most Violent & Anti-White & Anti-American views. But then that would mean that President Balack Islama Loves White people & America & Christians – Just Kidding! It must be HARD to be Only 1/2 White – what a Curse!

    • Why Must you Capitalize Almost all The Words in Your Sentences? it Makes You Look like a doofus.

      Yes I realize I’m pointing out something that really doesn’t matter. It just make gun owners look like inbred rednecks. Just like using libtard, Obummer, etc when referring to those that aren’t pro-gun.

  15. I don’t read so well, so I’m not sure what the article is about, but from the picture it looks like someone’s throwing a party. Woooooot!!!

  16. I’d like to see all presidents issue a lot more pardons and commutations. There are too many criminal laws, too many people in prison, sentences are too long, and the system has too many dishonest cops and prosecutors in it.

  17. I did an F3 on the article and the word “firearm” came up 78 times. I did not check each occurrence (because I have a life) but a quick scan would indicate that each time the word was used was for a “charge” . So it could be that 56 felons were charged with a total of 78 firearm offenses. I’m just sayin’.


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