The NRA-ILA Executive Director Chris Cox at this year's Indy NRA Annual Meeting and Convention. Photo via NRA-ILA Facebook page.
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The New York Times reports that the National Rifle Association has suspended their number two man, Chris Cox.  The move follows a lawsuit filed against Oliver North, the former NRA president who reportedly tried to force NRA EVP Wayne LaPierre to step down.

Plenty of us know there has been some bad blood between LaPierre and Cox for some time. However, this move by LaPierre and his cadre will undoubtedly deepen the conflict within the organization’s headquarters and with its members. After all, Cox, Who heads the NRA-ILA didn’t buy ten $20,000 suits and bill them to the NRA.

Nor did he put up sorority girl interns in $4500 condos for their summer internships and bill it to the NRA.

From The New York Times.

The palace intrigue at the National Rifle Association deepened on Thursday as the gun group suspended its second-in-command and top lobbyist, accusing him of complicity in the recent failed coup against its chief executive, Wayne LaPierre.

The accusation came in a lawsuit filed Wednesday night in New York State Supreme Court against Oliver North, the N.R.A.’s former president, who led the attempt to oust Mr. LaPierre shortly before the group’s annual convention in April. The complaint provides fresh detail about the effort against Mr. LaPierre, but it is the involvement of the organization’s No. 2 official, Christopher, W. Cox, that will reverberate.

In the suit, the N.R.A. said that text messages and emails demonstrated that “another errant N.R.A. fiduciary, Chris Cox — once thought by some to be a likely successor for Mr. LaPierre — participated” in what was described as a conspiracy.

The court filing includes text exchanges in which Mr. Cox and a board member appear to be discussing an effort to oust Mr. LaPierre, though the full context is unclear. The N.R.A. is conducting an internal review of the matter, and a spokesman, Andrew Arulanandam, said on Thursday that Mr. Cox had “been placed on administrative leave.”

Mr. Cox, in a statement, said: “The allegations against me are offensive and patently false. For over 24 years I have been a loyal and effective leader in this organization. My efforts have always been focused on serving the members of the National Rifle Association, and I will continue to focus all of my energy on carrying out our core mission of defending the Second Amendment.”

The suit — the latest in a series of legal actions stemming from the gun group’s internal turmoil — is likely to send new shock waves through the N.R.A. While Mr. North served as president for just one year, Mr. Cox has worked for the N.R.A. since 1995 and led its lobbying arm since 2002. He has been a leading presence at the organization’s gatherings, reliably serving up red meat for the N.R.A.’s base.

It seems that instead of trying to let this matter calm down and leave the public eye, the leadership of the NRA doesn’t mind continuing to pour gasoline on this internal conflict.

Here’s the AP’s report on the Cox suspension and the lawsuit against North.

NEW YORK (AP) — The National Rifle Association has sued its former president, Oliver North, for what it called “conduct harmful to the NRA” as turmoil that was exposed publicly when North resigned two months ago continued Thursday when the organization also turned against its longtime chief lobbyist.

The lawsuit filed Wednesday in New York sought a judge’s declaration that the NRA isn’t required to pay North’s legal bills.

North stepped down from the post in April after serving for a year. The lawsuit said he “departed office after a widely publicized, failed coup attempt.”

The suit also accused top NRA official Chris W. Cox of conspiring with North to oust the organization’s chief executive, Wayne LaPierre.

The New York Times reported that the NRA has suspended Cox, who said the allegations were “offensive and patently false.”

A message left for North through his website wasn’t immediately returned. An NRA spokesman did not return multiple messages.

Cox has been the executive director of the NRA Institute for Legislative Action, the NRA’s political and lobbying arm, since 2002.

Its website boasts that Cox has “achieved some of its most significant political and legislative victories.”

Yet, the lawsuit said, “another errant NRA fiduciary, Chris Cox — once thought by some to be a likely successor for Mr. LaPierre — participated” in North’s conspiracy to enable the NRA’s longtime advertising agency, Ackerman McQueen Inc., which employed North, to gain control of its largest client.

“As became widely publicized, Mr. LaPierre prevailed — and the attempted coup by Ackerman, spearheaded by North, failed,” the lawsuit said.

“North has acted in the best interests of himself and Ackerman and at the expense of the interests of the NRA, engaged in conduct harmful to the NRA, and persistently failed to provide to the NRA important details related to his lucrative contract with Ackerman,” the lawsuit said.

Jennifer Baker, a spokeswoman for NRA’s lobbying arm who was quoted by the Times saying that “any notion Chris participated in a coup is absurd,” responded to a message seeking comment Thursday with an email saying she is not authorized to discuss personnel matters.

Last month, the NRA and Ackerman sued each other. The NRA said Ackerman had soiled its reputation and breached confidentiality agreements while Ackerman maintained the NRA had damaged its business.

North, 75, was a military aide to the National Security Council in the 1980s when his role arranging the secret sale of weapons to Iran and the diversion of the proceeds to the anti-communist Contra rebels in Nicaragua was revealed.

In 1989, he was convicted of obstructing Congress during its investigation, destroying government documents and accepting an illegal gratuity. Two years later, the convictions were reversed.

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  1. Not good optics with the Socialist Democratic Party attempting to bring Communism to the U.S.A.

    Regardless, I still do not trust LaPierre. In my personal opinion, he is too willing to engage in scorched earth tactics to further his personal agenda. I could be mistaken, but hold this opinion nonetheless.

    • And lobbyists are a different breed too. Gray area is their realm. Hate it, but it’s reality

    • As I remember, those same or similar charges were leveled at Wayne LaPierre during the battles that he eventually won to take over the helm of the NRA way back when – those darn near broke up the NRA if I remember correctly. In my mind, if LaPierre has been buying ten $20,000 suits and billing them to the NRA, and putting up sorority girl interns in $4500 condos for their summer internships and billing it to the NRA, it may be time for him, not Cox to go. I’ve been a life member for about 50 years, and we can’t afford lavish spending on that sort of crap when we have major legal battles to fight.

      • I was on the NRA Board when the pro-Wayne directors won a key election by 1 vote in Seattle. This disaster was FORESEEABLE then. The directors who lost were soon purged from the board and the coronation of the King Wayne proceeded.

      • I agree completely. If LaPierre is buying those expensive suits for himself and charging the NRA for them, as well as putting up the “ladies” in expensive digs like that, HE ought to be forced to pay for those things out of his own pocket and re-imburse the NRA for the expenses…than he needs to be terminated for mis-use of funds. I too, am a life member, although not yet for 50 years, but I’m headed in that direction.

    • Well, maybe they should have cleaned house back when the dems were too scared to come at them with an existential thread. LaPierre’s crap leadership is the entire reason we are in this position, because he enriched himself and reinforced his personal position, instead of leading initiatives to fight the machine of gun control. Too fucking bad; if we lose all our rights with the fall of the NRA, then we’ve lost them already regardless. If we don’t, then whatever comes back after the NRA will definitely be leaner, meaner, and much more competent in its mission. The NRA as it currently exists is a barrier to progress.

      • I dropped my membership back in the 70’s when that scumbag La Pierre made his idiot remarks about Police Officers. I just recently joined again hoping things would change but seems like I was right to drop out back then. If I live long enough for my membership to expire again I’m done with the NRA. No wonder I get calls every couple of days from them trying to get me to extend my membership or make a donation(HA!). They can’t keep up with La Pierre’s spending. He should be put on a limited budget yesterday. With the way they spending ” OUR” money there needs to be a revolt. I suppose that maybe North was on the right path and should still be there and Cox should be fully reinstated!

        • As I am sitting here reading your comment and drinking my morning coffee, the NRA called to renew my membership. They were calling me at least once a day for a while, so I let my membership lapse. Tired of their harassment. I was a member for about 10 years.

          • Same thing happened to me today. When I told the NRA rep that called, she became a first class lawyer ( like Perry Mason) defending King Wayne on every point that I made. For her as she stated (Mr. La Pier) has done no wrong since day 1.

    • Remember, if you ever run for office, do it as a democrat. They protect their own, they aren’t “vetted” by the press, and the media never prints bad stuff, or harasses friends and family (unless you insult them).

    • Don’t worry, tomorrow someone on the other side of US political theater will say something you all don’t like and you can indulge in some mindless tribalism. Focus on a scapegoat, in comfortable futility, instead of the things you could control yourselves if you weren’t spineless and negligent. You’re all entitled to have everyone agree with you right? Special little snowflakes.

    • Hold on guys, all that BS above is from the NYT paper. They are not pro NRA. And watch for the anti NRA people making comments here and trying to turn us believers against our NRA.

      • THIS time the NY Times ia both accurate and correct. The corruption and musmanagement has been going on THROUGHOUT Wayne’s decades as EVP.

        The Board has allowed him to believe he is a KING not merely a senior employee. If the public views Wayne AS the NRA, which it does, the fault lies with the Directors who engineered his Cotination in the late 1990s.

        • Well,OK, but I think getting rid of Wayne is a better choice than breaking up the whole friggen NRA.o

    • Well can’t say I’m disappointed I didn’t renew this year. My money will go to local organizations in my state until this gets cleaned up.

  2. NYT is still socialist drivel.

    “reliably serving up RED MEAT for NRA’s base…”?

  3. Well that’s one turd down. A bunch more to go. When Wayne and half of that crap board they have fall there may be hope for the NRA.

  4. Cox is, for the most part, one of the good guys at NRA. This looks like LaPierre trying to take out key people who aren’t in Wayne’s fan club.

    Good for Wayne. Bad for the NRA. Bad for NRA-ILA. Bad for POTG.

    • I concur. The NRA-ILA is the one entity to which I will contribute money, as it is an effective and active member of the fight against the attacks on our Second Amendment rights.

      • He wouldn’t have said that if Wayne didn’t want him to.
        One down, three to go (LaPierre, Hammer, Meadows)

        • There is no excuse. You take excuses that is what you’ll get while someone else does as they please at your expense.

        • It happened, that is all I care about. Even members don’t get a say in this, and we all have to live with it. Why is it up to me to be understanding of peoples’ problems, as told in a comment section by a third party? There’s probably nothing for you even to forgive, you probably want red-flag laws or don’t care.

      • So Chris Cox has now joined Wayne LaPierre’s team of Appeasers-of-the-Left at NRA only to then be double crossed. This video reminds me of British Prime Minister Neville Chamberlain’s appeasement of Adolph Hitler in the runup to WWII. A fat lot of good appeasement did for Chamberlain, and a fat lot of good it is now doing for Cox.

      • You ever consider maybe that video was made at the behest of Wayne? People have a way of letting their principles slide when their job is on the line. Perhaps Cox getting suspended means he’d had enough.

    • Good job on this article. You took note of the obvious attempt by the powers-that-be at NRA to shift the blame for their own actions off unto others that they’ve had grudges against for some time. It’s just SOP (Standard Operating Procedure). Many don’t notice these subtle details, that are so very telling about the attitudes of those taking such actions.

    • Not if N.R.A. members are dumb enough to keep LaPiere on the board and the N.R.A.’s financial books are accurate/available.


      • I’ll second that motion. Maybe we can take up a collection to get his caps lock unstuck?


      Sorry folks I had to do it.

  6. OK, I’m done.

    I’ll keep my NRA membership because some circumstances demand I do so.

    Cox was the only guy at NRA I had any kind of respect for, and I have been a regular contributor to NRA-ILA.

    No more.

        • I have the same respect for him as a disregarded douche bag,absolutely None At All,same goes for his boss Wayne LaPee.

        • Supporting “Red Flag” Laws has been the official NRA position for a while now — it is apparently part of the organization’s on-going shift from negotiating away gun rights under the guise of “compromise” to its new strategy of proposing and advocating infringements that it thinks will be popular and make the NRA look more “reasonable” (remember it was Wayne LaPierre who first seriously proposed a bump stock ban then went to meet privately with Trump to push for it when Congress failed to act on it.)

          With friends like the NRA, we don’t need enemies.

        • Green Mtn; I dunno about you, but I have plenty of respect for how nasty a discarded douche bag is…

        • M2AP,
          That’s not due process, or at least any version of due process America has recognized before. It is accusation and action, and all at the whim of the state.
          Note that the NRA recommendations allow, specifically, an entirely ex-parte hearing. Note it does not include any of the normal rules for the submission of evidence. Note that it allows ANYONE to make a claim, and does not allow the accused to refute those claims. Note that the accuser does not have to be named. There is no ability to confront your accuser, a pillar of the very concept of American due process.
          Without the ability to confront your accuser, the ability to call witnesses on your own behalf, the ability to cross examine witnesses and the ability to present and examine evidence, there is no due process.
          What the NRA is supporting is nothing more than a bureaucratic process that starts with a claim and ends with confiscation, with no say by the victim. That is fundamentally un-American.

      • There is nothing wrong with this risk protection laws as long as expeditious due process is included.

        • “There is nothing wrong with this risk protection laws as long as expeditious due process is included.”

          Aaahhhh. Therein lies the friction. Who gets to decide what “expeditious due proces” is? Where in the constitution, or the writing of the founders, do we find even a nano second of suspended rights based on the notion, “someone might do something”?

        • Well, compensating the flagged if their flagging gets overturned might speed things up and reduce false positives. Surely we can come up with a number. What’s the day-rate for armed personal security?

          I’m thinking the accuser, prosecution, n judge all pay up — triple damages, right?

        • Sam I Am, everytime a person has an involuntary court commitment for mental health issues, in PA a 302, they are evaluated and have hearing within 72 hrs.

          • “Sam I Am, everytime a person has an involuntary court commitment for mental health issues, in PA a 302, they are evaluated and have hearing within 72 hrs.”

            Such is not standard practice with Red Flags. Under that circumstance, a person is not considered mentally ill, and confined (voluntarily or involuntarily) but just possibly dangerous (who isn’t?). When the mentally ill are confined, there is no reason to confiscate guns prior to confinement. With protective orders, no crime has been committed (else the gun owner would be facing an arrest warrant), but “just in case” (pre-crime punishment), the guns are confiscated. Due process comes before relieving a person of liberty and property, not after.

            Oh yes, there are laws (administrative processes) where a person can be denied constitutional rights because a non-professional with a checklist determines another citizen is “incompetent”, then they are placed on a “prohibited person” list, and denied rights pending a hearing.

        • Completely and utterly unconstitutional. You can’t have red flag laws or anything similar with due process. The NRA says that’s what they want but it’s impossible.

          If you can prove someone is going to hurt someone you don’t need any type of red flag law. You can just arrest them or commit them. Due process red flag laws are a big fallacy.

          No one should ever be involuntarily committed unless you can prove they hurt someone or are going to. It’s a violation of basic rights.

          That is soviet union type of stuff and it all needs to go.

        • John E>,
          I have participated in involuntary commitment proceedings. The accused was notified of those proceedings and had a right to counsel. With ERPO’s, including the versions that the NRA has supported, the accused has no right to counsel, and no right to confront their accuser. In these cases “due process” is a sham trial, and the accused only finds out about it when his/her door gets kicked in.
          That’s not due process.

      • ” Why do you respect this? ”

        Well, I can respect Mr. Cox because I don’t respect you, so it’s not like I’m going to run short of respect.

  7. Very disappointed in the NRA for kicking Cox out. It’s going to mean a new chapter in the anger and frustration between NRA members. Sadly, too many think LaPierre walks on water. And others think the Cox is part of the problem when he’s not.

    Glad our resident troll nanashi can show up and pour some salt on everything.

    • The ranges don’t give a damn about your politics or the NRA’s anti-gun positions. All your club/range cares about is that the NRA offers them insurance at decent rates they can’t get elsewhere — and the NRA requires that ALL members of the club must be paid NRA members or the club can’t get the insurance deal.

      Of course, most clubs running ranges are older clubs that are still being run by Fudds so they don’t see anything wrong with the NRA supporting one infringement after another.

      • Sounds like European gun owners versus American gun owners. European ownership is about sport whereas American ownership is about protection.

        Never fall into the trap of calling a modern rifle a “sporting rifle.”

      • Yup, basically a series of mutually-beneficial kickbacks. A ‘racket’ if you want to be really jaded about it (it *is* insurance, after all, LOL). These ranges also often have trainers that get certed by paying money to the NRA, when then allows them to turn around & offer mandatory (courtesy of NRA lobbying) hunter & CHL courses for more money. The range can even receive money & benefits from the org if they bring in enough money/members/events. No conflicts, there, LOL.

  8. I can see why LaPierre is getting rid of his palace rivals – it’s a soviet-style purge. So too bad for Cox – he’ll have to go somewhere else, and I hope he lands in a place where he can do some good for POTG. We don’t need all this in-fighting weakening the NRA when NY State is trying to take the organization down and rabid anti-gunners are slavering to eat the remains. If this results in the NRA falling, who/what will take its place? The NRA isn’t perfect, but I’d rather see it remain than go down. It’ll be open season on POTG, because the Dems won’t defend us and neither, I fear, will the RINOs.

    • Who knows, maybe we’ll see Cox turn up with the GOA and give them some real teeth. That would put the fear of God into the leftist swamp dwellers.

    • All those pictures of Wayne & Cox & North from the NRAAM’s –people need to start photo-shopping those two out of them, like that picture of Stalin on the boat with Trotsky & the others

      And like Trosky; while LaPierre & Cox may now be ‘enemies,’ I sure wouldn’t want Cox on my team, either. He tolerated, aided, and abetted LaPierre’s restructuring of the NRA into his own private palace of sychophants from the very beginning. He isn’t absolved simply because he finally reaped the consequences sooner than the Top Man.

  9. Suspend,hell fire all of Negotiating Rights Away management starting with Wayne and his sycophant BOD,each and every one of them.

  10. LaPierre is next.
    As a lifetime member.
    The NRA wont see another dime of mine until hes gone too.

    • At the rate they’re going, LaPierre will be the one turning out the lights in NRA headquarters for the last time.

      • It’s only fitting. Maybe the 2nd last person can lock the door on the way out, and cram a penny in the doorjamb.

  11. Wayne is like Illinois Mike Madigan,been there a long time and knows where the bodies are buried. the only way to get him out is to shut off the money, that they understand. like I said before, not one more dollar till LaPierre is gone!

  12. “When you strike at a king, you must kill him.”

    — Ralph Waldo Emerson

    “So let it be written. So let it be done.”

    — Pharaoh Ramses (Yul Brenner)

  13. Excellent, while the media and Bloomberg gloat about the demise of the NRA they ignore the real change and threat to their agenda the GOA and Second Amendment Foundation. While the NRA loses money they gain in the donations as they have real civil suits in the courts to overturn new initiatives that were voted in states while Bloomberg and Dems are distracted.

    • All the Chicken Littles who fret that we will be naked & helpless without the NRA fail to realize this. The funny and beautiful thing about politics, is that when one side ‘loses’ or is even ‘destroyed’ …no one dies. You simply regroup as quickly as you can, and get right back to it (hopefully minus some incompetent leaders that caused the downfall). Thus, when your institutions are rotten and counter-productive, a scandal that demolishes them spectacularly can actually be a blessing –especially if it emboldens the opposition into ridiculous overreach (arguing to ban all semi-autos is well beyond that) and a false sense of security (making gun control your political party’s primary common thread, when it’s an issue that very little of the public actually cares about)

      A fierce new GOA taking an adamant stance against any & all new gun control, with a smaller but still couple-million base of ‘hardline’ supporters, would be a goddamn electoral force to be reckoned with. Would completely rout a DNC putsch to implement gun control, similar to the momentarily-stubborn NRA after Newtown humiliated Obama’s half-assed ambitions. Toss one or two significant SCOTUS rulings in our favor (yeah right), and we can set to incrementally prying the Democrat’s fingers off our fellow citizens’ throats.

  14. Yikes! I sorta liked Kyle(save yer trolling nanishi). All my dough is going to SAF,GSL and ISRA.

  15. Interesting we’re starting to see a purge. Curious to see what the fireworks from it are. Any chance Cox goes to another org?

  16. As a new gun owner who is not yet an NRA member but had been considering it, this causes me to back away completely. The NRA is a dumpster fire and I’m not giving my money to fuel it any further. I don’t see this chaos coming out of the GOA or local organizations. The GOA just won my money by default, along with any organization anywhere that brings credible lawsuits to overturn terrible laws. I can’t be the only new gun owner that thinks this way. The GOA is the future at the moment, the NRA is already dead, most people just don’t see it yet.

  17. This is all bullshit we should not be giving in to any further stipulations, regulations, or attacks in any shape or form against our second amendment rights

  18. Just pitched another desperate plea from Cox in the trash last night.

    LaPierre is starting to look like Erdogan.

  19. I was dreading that Wayne LaPierre would “step down” and install Cox as his Mini-Me as he has been aiming to for decades. Glad that’s not happening.

  20. Were the NRA to fully refund my life membership fee,I’d quit.I thought the Cincinnati revolt decades ago would have solved this.It hasn’t.NRA hasn’t helped upstate New York.I’ve been a member since 1973 but that may change.Sack LaPierre ad his cronies NOW.
    Quid pro quo

  21. La Pierre is in the NRA for La Pierre, not for the organization nor its members. He should had been fired long time ago. This is one more nail in the NAS’s coffin that came just in time for me to get out of the darn NRA. They have done me more harm that good.

  22. It’s just a vast conspiracy of meddlers up against LaPierre, and not the fact that he’s hated by (quite literally) just about everyone that pays the least bit of attention to him, pro-gun or anti-gun. Muh LaPierre dindu nuthin.

    Talk about a distraction; talk also about what an iron hand he must rule the org with to not have been forced out by now. Even after all the damage his bullshit has caused and continues to cause, he has enough pull to purge longtime allies without being swept out the door himself. Unbelievable, the NRA national office must truly be his own little unchallenged fiefdom. Incredible that an org that brings in so much money would have such centralized power & so little oversight.

  23. I look at everything that’s been going on, and while Cox is a swamp creature just like WLP (and one down means we’re one closer to getting the NRA back on track), all the internal commotion at NRA HQ makes this whole thing look like the dumpster fire that it is.

    I sure hope that this mess gets fixed, fast. If it does, I’ll come back to the NRA and get a new Life Membership to replace the one I rescinded over 10 years ago due to WLP’s antigun shenanigans disguised as pro-gun lobbying.

    WLP was once a Democrat operative… has anyone considered that he’s possibly a deep cover mole that’s enriched himself at NRA’s expense (literally), and tearing down the NRA from within? After all, the whole mess with AckMac, Carry Guard, etc. was all his idea.

  24. La Pierre’s “background checks for everyone”, so far as I know, never retracted or explained, finished him so far as I was concerned. Re another critic who, posted earlier, I too am a Life Member, and have been one since 1975.

  25. Cox has been a POS for al long time. This story comes from the NYT, which should immediately tell us it is suspect. Yea, I’ve had my difficulties with Cox going back many years when he supported giving drug dealers the money of NRA members and would never admit in this case the NRA was wrong. I don’t believe anything coming from the NYT, and I do believe Cox should go.

  26. I have always thought of Cox as a White Hat and LaPierre as Snidely Whiplash. But I take the reports coming from the Fake and Communist news sources with zero credibility. These outlets are operators for the Communists who have promised to sieze our arms, and who are fanning the flames of division within Members of the NRA. An election season is the wrong time for the NRA to self destruct. Especially a season where there is a wave of Communists who are drewling at the chance to strip Americans of their rights and freedoms. Never before have there been this magnitude of momentum to ban and sieze our lawfully posessed arms. The more division there is in the ranks of NRA members over these news reports, the weaker the NRA is perceived to be, which emboldens the Communists and the millions of junior Reds who fund the coffers of the enemy. Is this what LaPierre’s critics want ? Until there is a credible report of the inside story, by a credible person I will wait before deciding my course of action. I am a Life Member.

    • On target!

      If the NRA is actually a stealth gun control group like the false flag trolls on this site constantly claim, then why is the globalist corporate media so obsessed with destroying the NRA? Why is the NRA so constantly reviled and demonized by left wing (democrat) politicians and their media fluffers?

      Infighting over ideological purity is one of the structural flaws of the Left. Let’s not succumb to the same energy sucking, back biting, failure mode. Nothing wrong with criticizing NRA and forcing them to take a hard line stand. Let’s do that, absolutely. Deal with reality though, and not a trip down the rabbit hole.

      • They’re obsessed with destroying the NRA, but never mention LaPierre. Most of the time when the Democrats try to destroy something they go for the head

  27. The Progressives have been unable to bring the NRA down. Like our Republic it is crumpling from inside.

  28. If true this is coming to a head soon as it will be hard to explain what happened to a relatively young guy like Chris Cox, especially with everything else that has hit the fan. I am joining lots of others in sending all donations to other groups until this mess is cleared up to my satisfaction.

  29. I’m really hating this, as a gun owner, as a NRA life time member, as an American.

    I don’t like it, and I’m not sure about it, but it’s begun to look like the fight is now to see whether it’s the National Rifle Association or the Lapierre Rifle Association.

  30. This whole NRA fiasco reminds me of when Kim Jung Un took power in North Korea. He executed everyone he even remotely thought might be against him. Now the NRA under Wayne is on a witch hunt to strike fear into the remaining members who have any power and that message is “If you mess with Wayne” I will get rid of you. Wayne just might take down the NRA with him. But maybe that is his goal since he knows he is on his way out.

  31. Being a Life Member and having voting rights, I forthwith promise every sitting board member that I will not be voting for you in the next election. You all have put the Membership in the position it is now. I don’t care if you are the most hardcore supporter of 2a rights or LaPierre’s best buddy. Get off your collective asses and fix this mess or your replacement will. YOU are responsible for this mess by lack of leadership and WILL be replaced. Oh, and yes, NOT ANOTHER DIME until it’s fixed. That includes the half dozen or so memberships I give as gifts.

  32. I can just hear all the Fudds getting out their wallets to help old Wayne keep his seat.

  33. Current NRA member but not making any donations. May allow membership to lapse if there aren’t drastic leadership changes in the near future. I don’t need the NRA to tell me or others about my gun rights.

  34. LaPierre. figures the NRA is his baby and it owes him best to let him go and hires Coc back!

  35. All this NRA crap at a time the 2A community is under a massive attack. Wayne MUST GO, NOW. Till then, NOT one dime.

  36. I think the entire NRA board should go to jail. And there are some people on that board I really still like. But they are responsible for the money going down the toilet. Wasted on clothing purchases, vacations, and “love shack” rentals.

    I would like to see a detailed account of every board members NRA money uses. How much was given, for what, and for how long its been going on?

    And If the NRA was paying for your consensual sex activity, hotel rooms, food, gifts to your lover, I want to know that too.

    If the sexuallly liberated have any objections you let me know.

    • A full and intense investigation must be down of all board member, fire and imprison all found of wrong doing starting from the top.

  37. Last time I was called by an NRA fundraiser, he said, “… we need money because the democrats just banned bump stocks.” I explained to him that the democrats had nothing to do with banning bump stocks, but he said, “oh no, thats fake news from CNN.”

    At least respect my intelligence when asking me for money.

  38. Does the NRA board take a vote when they are going to sue a brother board member? How does this process get started?

  39. Maybe all of them are guilty of spending money for crap. However, if the NYT says the sky is blue, I’m walking outside to check for myself. They are some 2A-hating scumbag propagandists. They’ll print/post anything to cause problems for and among firearms owners.

  40. I am a long time NRA member, first joining in 1967 as a kid, shooting in a NRA Jr Rifle Club, and becoming a Life Member in the early 80’s. I am done. My money goes to the NAGR. Cox and North need to be back in, and Neal Knox should never have got the boot, behind Wayne’s power move. Write it down, the NRA goes down, and our gun rights are trashed, due to the shenanigans of Wayne Lapierre, who has distanced himself from the membership.

  41. the NRA is corrupt, and has been for a long time. I love guns, had to forestall my support of them in 2012 because this is the beginning of the end for that organization. They do little to protect gun rights, but instead, squander our hard-earned money through use of fear tactics.

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